tagNonHumanChanged Ch. 05

Changed Ch. 05


The drive over to her shop was one of the tensest situations she'd ever been in. No words were spoken and she was basically plastered to the car door. Being enclosed in such a small space with such a very large man was suffocating. Theo was having the exact same problem. Her scent had filled the car and his wolf was basically rolling around like a cat with catnip. Every muscle in his body was straining and he had to shift his leg so Karen wouldn't see the effect she was having on him.

When they finally pulled up and parked in front of her shop, Karen bolted out of the car. However, in her haste to get out, she managed to trip over herself, landing hard on the side walk. Theo got out to help, but she popped up before he reached her.

"I'm fine!" she said, her voice taking on a slight shrillness as she brushed herself off. She turned quickly and went to open the shop, fumbling with the keys briefly.

Theo chuckled softly, shaking his head as he followed the flustered woman inside. He watched in awe as the tension seemed to melt out of her shoulders as she inhaled deeply. She turned to him, with a smile, which quickly slid off of her face, and she worried her bottom lip, which in turn made his pants grow uncomfortably tight.

"I guess you can use my office to hang out in," she said hesitantly, before gaining some of her fire back "but No Snooping!" she finished hotly.

Theo simply nodded, though he knew that there was no way he was going to be able to control himself given a chance to find out more about her. As she led him to the office, she pointed out different things such as the small kitchenette and bathroom. Theo just nodded absently, not paying attention to anything other than the hypnotizing sway of her hips. He swallowed hard when she looked back at him seductively.

"Are you even paying attention?" she asked softly

"Aye," he responded deeply, "Though not to what you're saying."

Karen glared at him before rolling her eyes "Pig." she said.

"Dog." he responded quickly "I prefer dog."

Her eyes widened in surprise slightly, before she recovered quickly "As you wish," she quipped before turning back around, patting her thigh softly "Come on doggy!"

Theo barked out a laugh and shook his head again before following her the rest of the way to her office.

"You don't have to stay in the office, all I ask is that you leave me alone while I work," Karen said as she gestured him into her small, messy office.

Theo simply nodded as he entered the cramped room and sat down in her chair. As Karen started to walk away, Theo called to her "One more thing,"

She stuck her head back into the doorway "What?"

"You're not going to come back and shoot me are you?" he asked with his crooked grin.

Karen shot him a saccharine smile. "Only if you bother me, or if I catch you snooping." she said sweetly.

Theo's laughter chased her down the hall back to her work station and she couldn't help but smile.

Well, shit. She thought, I might just start to like him.

Soon Karen lost herself in her work as she cut, prepared and soldered piece after piece into the image of the wolf that she had drawn. She chuckled as she remembered pull the gun on him and his shocked expression, making her think of her dad. Yet, as she looked down at the drawing that now had a wolf's head in beautiful, swirly grey glass, she couldn't help but think of how her life had changed. As she stared at the wolf, she also caught herself wondering what Theo looked like in his wolf form. Chuckling to herself about her wild thoughts, she continued to work, eventually all thoughts ceased and she focused on the glass.

Theo forced himself to wait about 30 minutes before he started to snooping through her office. At first he was cautious, worried that she could hear the shuffling of papers as he went through the piles on her desk. He had found mostly bills, receipts and other things relation to the business on the desk, so deciding to be bolder, he started to go through the drawers on the desk. The top drawer had little bits and bobbles in it, and the second had more business paperwork.

"Jackpot." he whispered when he opened the third drawer. Inside were tons of pictures, notes, doodles and letters. Finally he would be able to learn a little about the tiny woman who had turned his life upside down. He glanced through some of the letters, most of which were between her and her dad when she was a child. They showed intense pride, determination and nerves of steel as she recounted whatever adventure she was on at the time. They also revealed that much of her knowledge of fighting came from actual masters from whatever martial art she was studying at the time. The drive and encouragement from her father also explained why she was so wary. It also explained why she pulled a gun on him, he realized with a chuckle. Moving on from the letters, he turned to the little notes she seemed to have wrote to herself. Some were shopping lists and to do lists, while other were records of training/ Theo couldn't help but be impressed with the incredible regiment the tiny woman could put herself through.

No wonder she could take down Night Fairies he thought, she might even give me a run for my money.

He set aside the notes and finally turned to the pictures. The first were of her and Josh doing various things. Theo was shocked at the intense feeling of jealousy that reared its ugly head at the sight of one picture where Karen was sleeping peacefully curled around Josh as he gave the camera a 'what can you do' look. Shaking his head, he set aside those pictures and picked up a picture set into a glass frame. The frame was handmade out of stained glass and it was obvious that this was one of her first pieces she'd ever made. The picture inside was of her and her dad when she was small. Her dad had her on his shoulders as they both laughed at something. Theo smiled at the picture, and turned the frame over to see what year the picture was taken. She was only 5 in the picture. He chuckled to himself and looked at the adorable girl his woman once was. Deciding that enough was enough, he went to put everything back in the drawers.

Fate however, had different plans. As he went to place the picture frame back in the drawer, it slipped from his hand and shattered on the floor.

"Fuck!" he whispered fiercely as he quickly bent to retrieve the pieces.

"What are you doing?" Karen's icy voice bit out.

Theo froze and slowly looks up. He flinched slightly at the utter rage and hate he saw in her eyes.

"I come up to see if you wanted to grab a bite to eat, try and be cordial, 'Give him a chance Karen, he's a good guy'" she ended in a mocking tone of Becca's voice.

She glared harder at him and for the first time in his life Theo stuttered.

"I-I-I-... uh..." He stammered, as he realized just how bad he messed up.

He straightened up slowly, as she approached him like a predator. His wolf perked up at the threat, meeting her aggressiveness with its own. Once she reached the mess, she knelt down and swiftly retrieve the picture from the shards of glass. She turned it over and for a moment there was such a sadness in her eyes that Theo sucked in a sharp breath. He reached out to comfort her, but she shot to her feet and jabbed in him the chest with her finger.

"HOW DARE YOU!" she screamed at him "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Her fist made contact with his jaw before he even realized what was happening.

"You hit me!" he said incredulously, as he blocked the next blow by grabbing her wrist, his own anger rising. However, he missed the next blow as her knee came up and landed a hard hit on his thigh.

"Son of a... "He hissed as he quickly caught her other wrist as it came flying towards his cheek. His anger flared brightly and before she knew what had happened, she was pinned against the wall, arms stretched above her head

"Enough, Lass," he growled in a thick brogue, his eyes a brilliant glow. "I know you're new to being in a pack of werewolves, but let me make something very clear. I am the second highest ranking wolf, and hitting me is a threat to my position and my wolf. Now, I'm going to let this go since you didn't know, but it would be very wise to never do that again."

Slowly he released her hands and stepped back, only to be struck again by a right hook to the jaw. His growl was ferocious and he bodily slammed her back against the wall in the same position.

"Are ye fuckin' daft, Lass?" he shook her slightly.

All Karen could do was growl back at him. Her anger was a living thing and nothing she did could temper it. She struggled against his grip, throwing her body against his. Theo groaned quietly, closing his eyes and pressing harder against her as her pelvis made contact with his. His breathing turned heavy, her scent flooding his sense. He opened his eyes and had the anger shocked out of him by a soft blue glow that emanated from her tattoo and now blue eyes. Still she struggled,

"Let me go!" she shrieked, in an almost panicked tone.

Theo leaned his entire frame against hers, stopping and movement from her. He ignored how perfectly his large body fit against her small one. Concentrating on the fact that she had to calm down or things were going to get really bad really fast.

"Shh Shh," he said softly against her ear "Donna fight me lass, ya need to calm down."

Karen growled and tried to buck against him, shock flaring in her eyes when she felt the massive member that ground against her pelvis. Theo groaned again and pushed back against her, his member rubbing against her stomach.

"Lass," he bit out "If you donna calm down, yer mark is gonna grow." He swallowed hard "You know what happens when it grows."

He smirked down at her, reminding her that he had heard everything the last time it had happened. She bared her teeth back as him, his smirk both exciting her and enraging her.

"You're a bast... uhhhhnn." Her curse died on her lips as the pleasure pain came rushing in. She immediately rolled her hips into the large mass, arching her back off the wall, practically panting with need.

"Och, lass," Theo groaned as he pushed into her hips. His small bit of entertainment dying as he realized he was stuck in this mess too. "I'm not strong enough to stop. You've riled my wolf up too much."

She either didn't hear him, or ignored him as her hips started the age old rhythm, rubbing herself against him.

"Karen, Please, I won't stop..." you'll hate me forever, he finished the thought in his head. Suddenly, time seemed to stop and Theo found himself in a dark room.

"What the?" he starts, as a vision swims before him.

Letting out a harsh breath, his jaw dropped and his loin hardened even more. Standing in front of him was Karen, but different. She was dressed in a completely sheer drape of fabric that wasn't fashioned into anything type of clothing. Beneath that, a tattoo glowed a soft blue over her entire body, and her glowing blue eyes pierced into him unblinking.

"I'm sorry to have interrupted," she said in a seductive voice "But I needed to make a few things clear to you. Karen will never hate you. She may be upset, angry, confused, and hurt, but she will never hate you. The only way she will hate you is if you don't help her. Theo, you MUST help her. You are part of the reason she got this emotional, this will be her first trial through emotion. She cannot make it on her you. You must help her past this trial."

As she spoke, she slowly approached him until she was within touching distance. Slowly, she reached out and gently ran a hand down his chest, practically purring, a sound that shot straight to Theo's already molten core.

"She has chosen well in you. Just as your wolf has chosen well in her. You must take care of her. "She turned to leave, but Theo gently caught her arm.

"Wait!" she said breathlessly "Who are you?"

She laughed a tinkling laugh that had a dark, seductive undertone to it. "I am to Karen and your wolf is to you"

"You're her Spyrim half?" Theo said mystified as she nodded.

"She has not yet met me, though with your help she will soon. It will take time, patience and stamina" her eyes glittered mischievously as she eyed his massive bulge. "But we will become one just as you and your wolf are. She needs a guiding hand, help her..." she ended softly and dissolved into thin air.

Theo was suddenly back in Karen's office, his breathing heavy. Karen kept up the hypnotizing rhythm on his shaft. Their eyes met, his glowing gold and hers glowing blue.

"Please," she whispered breathlessly.

"Fuck!" Theo cursed harshly.

He dropped her arms, and grabbed her thighs in one smooth motion, picking her up and pressing her back into the wall, his member now cradled between her legs. Karen cried out at the contact and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in closer.

"Oh God!" she moaned as the heat from his member melted into her.

Theo quickly silenced her with a brutal claiming kiss. They both moaned at the contact and taking advantage of her open mouth, he quickly sweeps his tongue against hers. As his tongue moved against hers, she came. Theo growled, and pushed against her even harder, loving the way her legs spasmed around his waist. Karen was seeing stars as she flew apart for him. She gasped and whimpered in his ear as he blazed a trail of scorching kisses down her neck to her collar bone. In this position, his strong neck was to close for her to not taste. Slowly she slid her tongue from his collar to his ear, loving the strong male taste of him.

Theo grunted and groaned, his fingers curling into a bruising grip on her butt as he bit down softly where he neck met her shoulder. Karen called out his name as she came again. She spasmed against him as he held her close. Suddenly, he was wearing too many clothes for her needs. She started to frantically tug at his shirt, sliding her hands underneath to feel his sculpted abs.

"Och, Sweet." He whispered against her and he pressed himself into her again "I love the feel of your hands on me"

Karen sighed and rolled her hips to meet his. "Touch me too?" she asked softly.

"Always!" he groaned as he ripped the front of her jeans open. Karen squealed, thought it quickly morphed into a moan as Theo stroked her through her silk panties.

"Silk?" he asked, bring his head back to gaze into her lust filled eyes.

She nodded and blushed "I like to wear lingerie," she said sheepishly "It makes me feel pretty."

Theo let out a strangled sound, "Strip." he commanded and he set her down, holding her in place with and hand planted on the wall on either side of her.

She blushed harder, and slowly removed her old t-shirt and the ripped jeans. Underneath her clothes, she wore a light pink, silk and lace, bra and thong set, complete with a garter belt hooked to two bands of lace that were around her thighs. Karen's blush grew under his heated stare, but she didn't hide herself.

"Under everything?" he croaked out as he gently ran his over one of the lace bra cups.

"Mmhmm" Karen moaned and she arched her back into his touch.

"Even when you spar with Becca?"

"Yes." she moaned out, as he gently tweaked a lace clad nipple.

"Och Lass, yer gonna kill me." he growled as he stared at the sight before him.

"Theo," she pleaded "I need more."

Before she could even blink, she was pressed back against the wall. He gazed at the tattoo, now fully visible as it glowed, swirled and slowly spread out across more of her creamy skin. Struck by inspiration, he gently traced one of the swirls on her shoulder with his tongue.

"OH GOD!" She screamed as she went completely stiff, her breath stopping in her throat.

Thinking it had hurt her, he stopped and she relaxed again, panting slightly.

"I'm sorry lass, did it hurt?" he asked as he gently kissed her.

"No," she said breaking the kiss, looking at him confused "It was just a really intense feeling, I can't describe it."

"Really?" he asked mischievously and he wiggled his eyebrows at her

"Oh Theo, please Don't... Ahhh..." her sentence ended in a shout as he tongued her mark again. She went completely stiff again, her eyes rolling back and soft moans fell from her lips in time with his licks.

Karen panted as he continued to lave her shoulder and neck with his tongue. She grasped his shoulders, digging her fingernails into his muscles. The pain broke his tedious hold on his restraint. Growling, he cupped her sex slipping one finger around her thong. In one swift motion, he ripped the flimsy, damp material from her. He kept up the torment on her mark, as her cries rose in pitch and her fingers dug more into his shoulders. She cried out and she came hard around his finger when he gently brushed her clit. Still Theo continued to lick, immediately throwing her back over the edge, giving her another powerful orgasm.

"Oh god," she panted "Please Theo!" she met his eyes, both full of hunger "More..." she moaned.

"Yes!" he hissed as he released himself from the confines of his pants. He grabbed both of her hips, leaving bruises, and he gently slid her along his shaft.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed throwing her head to the side, granting him more access to her tattoo. "Take me!"

"Oh God baby." he ground out "I will, but cum for me again, I want you to cum again."

He continued to slide her over his cock, slowing down, getting ready to enter her when she came. He bit down on her shoulder, gently scraping his teeth over the tattoo.

The sensation was so great, Karen completely frozen, eyes rolled back, mouth agape.

One heartbeat.

Two heartbeats.

Suddenly a low wail escaped her as she shattered in the most powerful orgasm of her life. Liquid gushed from her entrance, coating Theo's member and soaking the front of his pants, with more flowing with each convulsion.

"Mine." he growled softly as he went to enter her. He barely got into position to thrust into her clenching tunnel when he hit the barrier.

"Oh shit!" Theo cursed as he used every single ounce of willpower to freeze, to prevent any damage to the thin veil of skin.

Karen's eye flew open. Gone was the soft blue glow, the need, the pleasure that had filled them since the beginning. In their place was realization, fear, and embarrassment.

"Fuck!" Theo cursed again, as he gently set the little female down and back up a step, his member hanging in the air between them. "I'm so sorry. I- I-I-I I didn't know. God, Karen I'm sorry!"

Karen just looked around quickly, like she was waking up from a dream. She let out a small squeak, spared him a tiny glance, scooped up her clothes and dashed out of the room.

"Fuck!" Theo said again "Fuck!" he said louder as he fell into the chair.

He leaned back and threw an arm over his eyes, not even bothering to put his throbbing cock away. He stayed that way for a while, berating himself for pushing her too far.

Now she'll never let us get close to her, he said dejectedly to his wolf, who just cocked his head at him and wagged his tail slightly.

Yeah, I know what I said, but, you were right, something about her... it's different. His wolf chuffed at him and wagged his tail harder

Too bad I fucked everything up, his wolf let out a soft whine, and wrapped himself around his human half.

Theo was brought back to the office by Karen, who was trying to sneak back in.

Interesting. He thought as he remained completely still. His breath caught and he jerked slightly as she placed a hand on his knee and knelt in front of him.

"What are you doing lass?" He asked huskily and peeked out from under his arm. The way she was staring at his member made it jerk and grow rock hard, making his breath catch.

She licked her lips, worried the bottom one for a second, licked them again and in a sheepish voice answered. "Making us even."

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