tagMind ControlChanged Redux Pt. 01

Changed Redux Pt. 01


Authors Note: This story depicts graphic lesbian sex and mind control. All character are fictitious and over the age of 21.

Back in 2004, I did something truly terrifying. I pushed the Literotica 'Submit' button and for the first time put something I created up for public consumption. Anyone who has ever spent many, many hours creating something from nothing can tell you it's not an endeavor to be undertaken lightly. Public ridicule of something you pour your heart and soul into can be exquisitely painful. If you want proof of this just look at how many would be authors only ever submit one story then give up.

My first submission was Changed and it was submitted in four chapters under cheerful_deviant, my previous pen name. I ended the series at the 4th chapter though I probably could have done a lot more. It was my first attempt at writing and like many other first time authors, I wrote the story in first person, a style I have since largely moved past. Recently I decided to go back and reread some of my old works. In doing so was a little surprised at how much my style has changed in the last decade. While I enjoyed revisiting my old characters, I began to think I could do better by them now with a decade more life and writing experience under my belt. So, mostly as a personal challenge to myself, I decided to revisit one of my old stories and see if I could do better. This story is the result, or the first part of it anyway. At first I had no intention of submitting it but after some introspection I decided to upload it for your enjoyment. It is not an exact copy but rather a re-imagining of the story, following the same characters and the same basic plot but hopefully a bit deeper and more evolved.

For those of you that have read my other works, you will know that I tend to be fairly wordy. If you're just looking for a quick sex scene or two, this may not be your cup of tea. Also, as with all my stories, it is strictly lesbian. I believe there is something incredibly sensual and beautiful about love between women and I enjoy writing about it. Sorry boys.

As always, a heartfelt thank you to all the readers and especially those that take the time to vote and leave feedback. Please remember that I, like all the other authors on this site are not professional writers. We create these stories in our free time for your enjoyment. We get no reward for all the time and effort beyond the feedback we receive from all of you.

Having said all that, I hope you enjoy my words.


* * *

Prologue ~ The Engineer

Rain drops pattered steadily on the windshield as Mary Calise sat in the front seat of her Subaru, studying the dark gray overcast with resignation.

"Well, this is going to suck." She muttered to herself as she pulled the door handle and stepped out into the steady, cold, New England, spring rain. She put on her hardhat which she hoped would give her at least some measure of protection from the murk but after walking only a few yards, the water was already dripping off the helmet and down the back of her neck. She sighed and kept walking. "Last day." She muttered to herself as she passed through the ancient chain link fence that surrounded the old shipyard complex. "It's Friday. It's a long weekend. Last day, last stop." She muttered, thinking about three days of not having to do... well, this.

Built during the height of World War II, the huge sprawling shipyard had once bustled with activity. Thousands of men and women had been employed here, building the iconic Liberty Ships that had transported everything form Sherman tanks to Hershey Bars across the world's oceans. But now over eight decades later, it was nothing but a vast collection of broken asphalt, decaying machinery, rusting building and weeds. Mary thought it was definitely the creepiest place she had ever had to work and dreaded her monthly tips here to take ground water samples.

Normally she enjoyed her work as an environmental engineer. She liked seeing different projects and traveling all around, seeing different parts of the Northeastern US and even into Canada. She liked meeting new people and working on solutions to numerous different environmental problems. More than anything, she liked how her job kept her out of the office about eighty percent of the time. But today, she thought to herself, the office was sounding mighty fine.

Her boot slipped in a muddy patch of the battered old roadway and she stumbled, nearly dropped her toolkit as she scrambled trying to regain her balance. In the process, her hard hat fell off her head and landed with a hollow splat in the mud.

"Fuck." She muttered under her breath as she bent down to pick it up. Cradling the toolkit under one arm, she wiped off the muck with a gloved hand, trying hard not to think about how many contaminants might be in the mud. Earlier in the century, environmental protection hadn't even really been thought of yet and all sorts of contaminates were used in manufacturing. Lead, mercury, asbestos and cyanide were used and dumped regularly. Not to mention solvents, petroleum products and even radioactive materials. Big industrial facilities like this, particularly government owned ones, could have a veritable cocktail of hazardous waste in the soil, slowly mixing and spreading over the decades. Plopping the helmet back on her head, she resumed her trudge through the murk.

Two hours later she was taking a water sample from the last monitoring well on her list. The rain had only gotten worse while she was away from her car and was now a steady deluge. Mary was soaked to her skin despite her raingear and she was totally, completely and thoroughly miserable in every possible way.

The last well was on the side of a small drainage ditch beside an ancient gantry crane that looked to Mary like the skeleton of some giant, prehistoric giraffe. The faded paint had likely once been blue but was now so chipped and covered in rust stains as to be almost completely unrecognizable. Old rusting cables and wires hung from everywhere and the entire structure creaked ominously with every gust of wind. She told herself that the thing had been standing there for eighty years and that the likelihood of it falling down at the exact moment she was standing under it was ridiculously small, but it still didn't make her feel all that much better.

Fifteen minutes passed as she took her last sample and the storm had increased its fury to the point that she was now beginning to get seriously nervous about the long trek back to her car. The wind was screaming through the crane overhead and bits of trash were swirling around her as the rain slashed her face. She had just closed the well cover and screwed the cover onto the last sample bottle when something white, cold and wet blew into her face. She let out a startled scream and took an instinctive step back before she realized that it was only an old plastic shopping bag but it was too late. Her foot had slipped off the edge of the embankment and she tumbled backwards down the slope. Rolling over several times on the quick trip down, she landed face down in a garbage strewn drainage swale that was full of muddy, brownish, evil looking runoff. She sat up spluttering and gasping for breath while frantically wiping the muck from her face. Scrambling back to the slippery bank she dropped to her hands and knees and spit repeatedly trying to get the foul ooze out of her mouth.

After several seconds of spitting and quietly cursing to herself, the shock started to wear off and she realized that her arm was killing her and that her side didn't feel too good either. Looking herself over she didn't see any blood but thought she probably had a whole collection of new bruises to show for her clumsiness.

"Well, that was fun." She muttered then cursed quietly before spitting one more time. As she was looking down she noticed something gleaming in the muck between her hands. A bit of something silver gleamed dully in the fading grey light of the late afternoon. Scooping up a handful of the brown ooze, Mary squeezed away the mud and was left holding a large, silver ring with some kind of engraving around the outside. The slashing rain ran in rivulets down her arms and helped to wash way the grime till Mary could see that the engraving was actually an eight pointed star.

"Looks old." She said to no one in particular. In reply, a flash of lightening lit the shipyard, throwing wild shadows around the deep, narrow gully. Only a few heartbeats later, thunder boomed around her, the noise rattling the old buildings and echoing off into the distance.

"Time to go." She said, slipping the ring onto her pants pocket before scrambling up the embankment, grabbing her equipment and starting off for the shelter her distant car.

* * *

Chapter One ~ The Sorceress

The door to her Subaru closed with a solid thump as Mary bumped it closed with her hip while trying to balance several bags at once. She could have just made a second trip but more than anything at that moment she just wanted to get from her car to her condo in only one trip to avoid getting soaked by the rain yet again.

The six hour drive back to her rented condo on Cape Cod in Massachusetts from Maine had been made even more miserable than usual by the seemingly endless, driving rain. After over a week of almost nonstop rain she was beginning to think that soon all of New England would simply float away or perhaps just turn to mud and wash out to sea. According to her phone, the forecast for the weekend was finally for some sun. She hoped it was right.

Looking around the dark parking lot she noted that the blue Volkswagen GTI owned by her roommate Julia was missing. Julia managed a local watersport and surf shop in town and with spring coming on, she was busy gearing up for the start of the new season. Realizing that Julia wasn't home made Mary both a little sad and also a little bit relieved. It would have been nice to be greeted by a smiling face after a completely miserable day, but peace and quiet would be nice as well and she would get precious little of that once the bubbly and ever loquacious Julia got home.

Stumbling up the front steps and somehow managing not to drop anything while unlocking the door, she got everything into the front room and dropped it all on the floor in a pile, nearly knocking over one of Julia's surfboards which was precariously balanced against the wall. Catching the board with one hand and cursing under breath, Mary wondered for the hundredth time why her roommate really needed four different surfboards. It wasn't like their small condo had a lot of space to spare. Righting the board, she looked down at the pile of dirty tools, soggy clothes and muddy boots for several moments before deciding she would just leave them there to dry out and deal with it all in the morning. A hot shower was most definitely the first order of business right now.

Walking into the bathroom she flipped on the heater and turned on the faucet. As the water started to flow the thought struck her that a bath actually sounded much better than a shower and she reached down to flip the stopper closed. Once the tub was full she stripped off her dirty clothes and threw them in the far corner. Something hit the tile floor with a metallic clink causing her to pause and turn back to the dirty clothes. She picked up the dirty jeans and then the still damp shirt but didn't see anything that would have made a noise. She was just putting everything back when she saw the silver ring she had picked up earlier lying on the floor next to her shoes. She picked up and set it on the corner of the sink before turning and slipping into the steaming water.

She sighed happily as the heat soaked into her bones and started to wash away what felt like countless layers of grime. Lying in the comforting liquid warmth, Mary let her mind drift for a time from her job to thoughts of her upcoming vacation to her last boyfriend whom she had dumped a few weeks ago after catching him shopping around on Tinder. What an asshole he had been.

Eventually her mind came back to the present and she glanced over at the ring beside the sink. Stretching over and picking it up she again noticed the eight pointed star engraving. Looking closer she now saw that the entire ring was engraved in intricate, interlocking geometric patterns with many smaller version of the star woven into the pattern. The more she looked the more she realized both how incredibly intricate the pattern was and how worn it all was. She began to wonder how old the ring really was. Was this something lost by one of the workmen at the shipyard back during the war or was it maybe even older than that?

Actually, the more she looked at it, the more she realized it didn't really even look like a ring that would be worn on a finger. It was far too large even for most men. And it wasn't flattened on the inside like a ring normally was. It was round in cross section. Looking at it she was reminded of something but couldn't quite place it. After a few moments of twirling the ring in her fingers it came to her. It looked almost exactly like one of the steel rings that were used on an antique carousel she had ridden as a child. Every trip around you would grab a ring, hoping to get the brass ring that would earn you a free ride. But most of the rings were just steel and they looked almost exactly like the one she was now holding. Well, except for the engraving of course, she told herself.

Turning it around and around in her fingers she saw that even the inside of the ring was engraved in the same geometric pattern. As she looked she began to feel an odd, almost distant sensation in her head. Somewhat like being lightheaded but not quite. It was more subtle than that, more... more... something. Without thinking, she held to ring closer to study the markings better. The room around her faded and the markings started crawling around the ring as if alive. A part of Mary's mind knew she should be frightened or at least startled by this but she kept watching the tiny, intricate likes and grooves, whorls and stars, crawl around the ring. The miniature stars twirled and pulsed, the lines wriggled and danced in a pattern that seemed both random and orderly. Mary's eye's locked onto the largest star and her mind began to fall into it's spinning depths...

There was an audible snap and Mary blinked her eyes, startled. Looking around in confusion she almost dropped the ring in the tub. Fumbling with wet hands, she managed to catch it then held it up again. What the hell had just happened? She shook her head trying to clear the fuzziness. Had those engravings in the ring really been moving? She looked at them again and it all looked just as it did when she first picked the ring from the mud. Nothing moving, just an old ring. It even looked to be about her size. Hadn't the ring been bigger before? Apparently not, ring's don't just change size on their own. She looked again at the engraved, eight pointed star and purely because it seemed the thing to do, she slipped the ring onto the thumb of her left hand.

As soon as the ring was fully on, it shrank down in size, fitting it self snuggly around her thumb. Mary twitched in surprise but before she could even make a move to try and remove the ring, there was a tremendous thump that reverberated around the room and made the whole condo shudder. The water in the tub jumped and splashed out across the floor and the bottles of shampoo, bars of soap, razors and the like that had been sitting around the tub went flying about the room. The light over the mirror popped in a flash of sparks and the room was plunged into darkness.

Mary gasped and she fell back into the sloshing water as the breath was knocked from her by the impact. She lay there dazed for several moments trying to catch her wind as everything around her went silent. The bathroom heater had stopped running and even the rain outside seemed to have stopped. The only noise was the quiet sloshing of water in the tub and her own ragged breathing.

Slowly, she raised her left hand and felt for the ring. It was still there, now fitted tight to her skin. Cautiously, she tried to pull the ring off. When it didn't move she tried harder. Nothing. It was stuck fast. And now she began to notice something new, the ring was getting warm. No, not just warm, hot! She could actually see it now in the darkness, the engraved lines were beginning to glow with a warm, orange light. Frantically, she yanked at the ring but it was too tight and her wet hands couldn't get a grip.

The ring was burning hot now, the glow turning from orange to yellow and getting brighter. She gripped it again to try one last desperate pull but paused. The sensation was changing, the burning pain was cooling, turning into a icy, tingling numbness that was spreading through her hand and quickly up her arm. The light was white now and bright enough to light the small room like a sunny day. Mary couldn't even look directly at it now. The tingling numbness was spreading quickly down the length of her body. When the tingling climbed her neck and head, she was overcome almost instantly with a heavy, leaden stupor. The panic slipped from her mind as she sank deeply into the tub, completely exhausted and unable to move. The hand wearing the ring fell onto her chest, the thumb bearing the ring nestled between her breasts. Her breathing slowed, her heart slowed, her thoughts came slower... slower.... slower... she slept.

Some time later, Mary slowly came back to the world. Lying in the water which was going cold, only barely conscious, Mary distantly though she could now hear something new. A whispering of sound, almost like singing or maybe chanting. After another span of time, maybe seconds, maybe days, Mary's numb mind couldn't tell, the sound resolved into the sound a singing, a woman singing. The tune was simple and repetitive but the words were foreign to Mary. But the more she listened to them, the more they started to make a kind of sense. It wasn't like she could understand the language now, it was that the words were slowly changing to English. Then the simple chant stopped.

Mary tried to look around to see where the sound was coming from but couldn't move her head. Even rolling her eyes around the room took a supreme effort. The room was empty.

"Who..." she mumbled to the empty room.

"Yes, my Lord?" The words, feminine but with a strange accent echoed oddly in her ears. It almost sounded as if the words were spoken directly in her head. It took Mary's fogged mind to come around to the fact that she was naked in the tub and that she wasn't alone. A thrill of shock brought Mary back a little more into herself and she tried again. "Who.... are... you?" Taking a breath she added, "Where are... you?"

There was a long pause, then, "I am here with you, I am the ring on your finger my... Lord? Wait, are you female?" The voice was definitely not in the room Mary could now tell, it was speaking directly into her thoughts. The voice was in her head.

Mary looked down at the ring on her thumb, sitting between her breasts and before she could answer the voice in her head apparently answered it's own question, "You are female! I can see you are! Oh no, no, no... this is all wrong. The ring. The magic! Oh, I need to stop this now..."

"Stop what?" Mary managed to mumble. "Who are you? Are you the, in the, uh, part of the ring?" She stammered. Her mouth seemed to be working better but her mind was still sluggish. She was only now really coming to grips with the idea that she was talking to some... entity, that was somehow attached to the ring stuck on her thumb. At least she thought so. She also wondered if maybe this was all some kind of dream or something. Maybe she had fallen in the tub and hit her head? Was she hallucinating? Maybe it was some hazardous chemical she got exposed to at work?

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