tagMind ControlChanged Redux Pt. 06

Changed Redux Pt. 06


Author's Note:

This story depicts graphic lesbian sex and mind control. All characters in this story are over the age of 18. If you are in a location where this style of writing is prohibited or if this isn't your cup of tea, I suggest you click the back button now.

Once again I would like to thank all the loyal readers who have waited so patiently for this next chapter to finally arrive. My humble apologies for how long it has taken. My life has made a few... ahem... changes, in the last year and the time I have available for writing has decreased rather substantially. Aside from that, I tend to be a somewhat methodical writer. Knocking out 30,000 words can be a time consuming endeavor even for a prolific writer, never mind a slow one.

As always, a very special thank you again to all those who read, vote and leave feedback. Hearing from you means the world to me and I truly appreciated it all.

Finally, please try and remember as you read any story on this site that the writers here on Literotica, are not professional writers. Likely many, if not most, were not English, Writing or Literature Majors in college. I am actually an Engineer and did quite poorly in grammar and writing classes when I was younger and it's only been through years of practice and reading that I have managed to make myself into a marginal, though hopefully still improving, author. So please try not to judge too harshly those that give freely of their time and effort with nothing really to gain except for a few votes and an occasional comment.

Having said my piece, I hope you'll enjoy my words.

~ CD


Mary's eyes snapped open for an instant before fluttering and rolling up as the hot rush of orgasm surged through her veins. She let out a stifled groan and sagged back into her pillows, letting the pleasure take her for a few moments.

Once she came back down and the heat began to fade, her thoughts slipped back to the dream that had driven her to this unexpected climax. She had been lying on the beach, tangled in a delicious sixty-nine with the young mother that she had seen at the gas station a few weeks ago, back when she was still just figuring out her new powers. With a little help for Mary's newly raging libido and her newfound ability to manipulate people, she had made the unsuspecting woman share a steamy mutual public masturbation session. The encounter, though brief, had been pretty kinky and especially erotic, at least Mary thought so. So far, she still had no idea what the other woman really thought.

Mary guessed however, that the woman likely enjoyed the session at least as much as she had. In fact, thanks to the magic, she probably enjoyed it more. Maybe even a lot more. With her still tenuous control of the magic at the time, Mary was pretty sure that she had altered the woman's sexual orientation at least enough for the woman to be interested in her. She wasn't sure if it applied to all women or just her or even if the effect was temporary or not. Although after becoming more experienced with the ring, Mary thought now that the changes likely permanent.

Which meant there was probably a young mother out there somewhere who was potentially infatuated with Mary but had no idea who she was since Mary never told her and the woman was likely a freshly minted lesbian. The idea of it sent a thrill of excitement through Mary that started in her clit and shot through her entire body. Immediately on the heels of that thrill was a wave of embarrassment that she was so excited by something like that. Dear Goddess she was turning into such a pervert.

She sat up slightly and looked down at her girlfriend, Julia, who was lying asleep between her legs. The smaller girl was on her side, hugging one of Mary's thighs while resting her head on her lower belly. Carefully so as not to wake her, Mary gently stroked Julia's lustrous, silky black hair and marveled at how beautiful she was and how it took so long for her to really appreciate it.

Well, she thought, I wasn't a lesbian before the magic changed me.

That was true. Before putting on the ring, Mary had never really had any serious thoughts about her own sex. But once she put on the ring that all changed and now she couldn't imagine going back. The idea of being with a man now did absolutely nothing for her. In fact, just the thought of it kind of repulsed her.

Guess it's a good thing I didn't have a boyfriend when I put this on. She thought, fiddling with the ring as she smirked. That would have been awkward.

Her thoughts turned back to the young mother at the gas station and after a few moments hesitation she reached to the night stand and picked up her phone. Scrolling through the contacts she found what she was looking for.

Kristy. She didn't even know the woman's last name. Only her first name that she had quickly scrawled on a piece of scrap paper along with her phone number before driving away.

Mary's finger hovered over the text icon. Should she contact her? She held the phone for a few seconds while gently stroking Julia's hair before finally putting it back down.

Maybe tomorrow. She thought, closing her eyes and slipping back to sleep, fantasies about Kristy joining her and Julia floating through her mind while her afterglow continued to simmering in her veins.

* * *

Part One ~ The girl from the gas station

The heavy box dropped onto the shelf with a muffled thud as Kristy Vanders stepped back with a sigh of relief. Stocking the shelves was by far one of her least favorite activities at her current job. Things like brass water valves and copper pipe fittings tended to be heavy, at least when you were talking about a box containing fifty of them, and putting them onto the higher shelves was a challenge for someone as short as her. Brushing the dust from her hands, she headed back towards the front of the stock room and the customer counter beyond.

"Did you get all that shipment put away already?" Asked Arthur Boyer, or Artie as everyone called him, owner of Artie's Plumbing Supply.

"Yeah, just put the last box of half inch ball valves on the shelf." Kristy said as she reached the counter.

"Kid, you don't need to put the whole shipment away in twenty minutes. Take a breath sometime for cripes sake." Said the older man.

"I'd just rather get it over with." Kristy said, wiggling the grimy mouse on the computer to wake the system up. After a moment the aging CRT screen came slowly back to life displaying the inventory tracking program. She pulled up a battered stool whose griminess nicely matched that of the mouse, sat down and started entering stock numbers from the shipping paperwork.

"Well you sure do know how to work, I'll give you that." He started to get up from the other stool at the far end of the counter but stopped halfway up and made a quick, startled sounding inhalation of breath.

Kristy looked over with a bit of concern at what had sounded a little too much like a gasp of pain.

She had been working for Artie for about nine months now and had come to regard him as almost a surrogate father, or more accurately, a grandfather. He was a warm, kind hearted, elderly man with what had to be about the friendliest disposition she had ever encountered. In all the time she had known him she had never, not once, heard him utter a single unkind remark about anyone or to anyone. Not once.

Several months ago, just a short time after Kristy had started, a particularly unruly and unreasonable customer had been in the shop. Artie had been dealing with him and not Kristy and she recalled how amazed she was at how calmly he replied to every one of the disgruntled customer's comments, remarks and eventually insults. When the asshole had finally walked out the door all Artie had to say when he turned to Kristy was "Well, I hope he has a better day tomorrow." And that was it.

Kristy had been almost floored by this reaction and said, "How can you just sit there and let him yell at you like that? Insult you? Swear at you? And then say you hope he has a better day tomorrow? Why?"

Artie just shrugged and said, "What good will swearing back do? It's not going to change him and it won't help me. If anything it will just make him more bitter. If I insult him, I allowed him to bring me down to his level. I'm letting him control me and take me somewhere I don't like going. Personally, I would prefer to try to bring him up to my level than to have him drag me down to his."

That response, delivered in his casual, almost folksy, matter-of-fact manner had touched Kristy. There was a wisdom there that she though was now largely absent in the modern world. Over the following weeks Kristy began to see it wasn't just hollow words, it was how the man really lived. Unfailingly kind and respectful, always courteous, always forgiving. He was just... nice.

Kristy also began to notice something else about Artie the longer she was around him. He was always in a good mood. Always.

Kristy had spent so much time lately being bitter and feeling sorry for herself at her current situation that finding someone who was so unfailingly cheerful was a actually irritating at first but as time passed his demeanor began to affect her. It was almost impossible to be cross at Artie for more than a few minutes at most. His unflaggingly friendly personality simply didn't give Kristy's negative thoughts anything to bite into and they just kind of slipped away.

To her own surprise, Kristy had begun to find over the last few months she had actually begun to act and think more like her perpetually cheerful boss. Not totally, that was for sure. She still had her regular bouts of road rage and swearing matches with the store's antiquated computer system. But by and large, she had begun to think, act and generally be, more positive.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Artie making another sucking sound as he stood up again.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm just old." He said.

"You're only sixty-two. That's not old." She said.

He chuckled. "Well, if it's not old, then it's at least knocking on old's front door." Then he sobered a little. "It just seems like lately my age is catching up with me fast."

Unfortunately, that was also something that Kristy had seen with her own eyes. When she had started here Artie had been a spry and energetic man who worked ten hours a day with no complaints. Now, in just the last couple months he had come to a point where he had to sit down and rest after fifteen minutes of standing. It worried her.

"When was the last time you went to a doctor?" She asked.

"The Doc? Oh, I don't know, a few years ago I suppose." He replied.

"Call him and make an appointment, you need to go." She said.


She raised one eyebrow and stared him down. "Call him."

"You ordering me to?"

She smirked, "If I ask you nicely, you'll say you don't need to go." She pointed at him, "So yes, I'm ordering you. Call him, now."

Artie dropped back onto the stool with a sigh, "I hate to admit it, but I think you're right."

* * *

"Goodnight Gramma." Kristy said as she headed up the stairs with her not quite one year old daughter, Nola, cradled in one arm. Thankfully, Nola had turned into a good sleeper, at least in the last few months, and now rarely woke Kristy up in the middle of the night for a snack. For the first few months Nola had been waking up what seemed like every fifteen or twenty minutes. Kristy had been wondering at the time if she would ever get a full nights sleep ever again. Luckily she had, eventually. She laid Nola in her crib, made sure the sound machine and the monitor were on and carefully tiptoed out of the room.

Once she concluded her nightly routine in the bathroom, she entered her own room and closed the door. After a moment of hesitation, she pushed the lock button. Her grandmother's bedroom was on the ground floor and with her arthritis, she rarely came up to the second floor anymore but there was always a chance. Kristy definitely didn't want the elderly woman walking in on a scene like the ones that had been happening in this room most nights over the last few weeks. She felt her nipples stiffen and her sex getting wet just at the thought of it.

It had been a few weeks since Kristy had her first encounter with her mystery woman at a local gas station one night. During that encounter some kind of impulse had come over her and she had masturbated herself to a fantastic climax right in front of her. She had left her name and number before hurriedly taking off in embarrassment. Then a few weeks later, after not hearing from the woman at all but still fantasizing about her constantly, she had finally run into her. Well, kind of ran into her. Kristy had at least seen her although the woman never saw Kristy in return. At the time, the woman was at a local park along with several other women who were all tangled in a pretty kinky, very sexy and also quite public, sapphic orgy in a picnic area down by the river.

After watching the show for a while Kristy had snuck quietly back to the parking lot. As luck would have it, Kristy had spotted the business card of her mystery woman sitting on the dashboard of her truck in the parking lot. Mary Calise. Now Kristy had a name for the fantasies, and also a phone number.

Later that same night, Kristy had been lying in her bed trying to figure out what was happening to her as a seemingly endless chain of shattering orgasms crashed down upon her. At the time it had seemed like she would barely come down off one climax before another would sweep her back up. After an hour or so she had thought she was approaching the ragged edge of her endurance as well as her sanity when she had appeared.

Kristy's breathing hitched and her eyes slid closed as she recalled that night. Hovering over Kristy in the darkness of her room had been the most exotic being she had ever laid her eyes on. She was breathtakingly beautiful with dark, umber skin and long, flowing hair so dark it seemed to absorb what little light was in the room. Her eyes were those of a cat, brilliant yellow-green that appeared glow in the dim light with long, slitted, vertical pupils. But more exotic than that had been her body. Three pairs of arms had sprouted from her shoulders matched by three pairs of heavy breasts on her chest.

Somewhere in the back of Kristy's mind was a half remembered image of some ancient Goddess that looked somewhat similar, though not exactly the same. Shiva...Kali...something like that?

Whatever her name, the apparition had been dressed only in a skimpy purple gown of some kind that barely covered her but was so sheer as to be completely transparent. Around her neck, arms, legs, fingers and waist had been dozens and dozens of gold necklaces, chains, rings and bracelets that shimmered in the dark, clinking musically together with her every move. Huge golden hoops dangled from her ears and a delicate golden circlet graced her brow, just visible under her thick mane of hair.

"Who are you?" Kristy had eventually managed to ask between gasping moans. Her eyes greedily drinking in the exotic form floating over her even as her conscious mind shrank away from it in fear.

"I am Kazorra Dar Nok, Empress of the Third Realm, Ruler of Earthly Delights, Guardian of all things beautiful, enjoyable, delicious... sensual... pleasurable. I am the Goddess of Lust."

The voice had been deliciously thick and sweet, rich with the promise of all the pleasures of the flesh, an eternity of endless nights of rapture and endless days of debauchery. The voice slid easily into the deepest, most secret recess of Kristy's mind, burrowing deep into the depths of her soul and planting seeds of ancient primal, earthly, carnal desires.

Kristy's mind reeled, barely able to comprehend what was happening even as her sex responded.

More thoughts and images slipped into her mind, sliding down into her soul to join the seeds that had been planted.

The Goddess of Lust.


Wetness flooded Kristy's sex and her nipples stiffened to hard little points.


A goddess... beauty... pleasure... lust...

A goddess must be worshiped. A goddess must be served.

Kristy gasped as her core contracted almost painfully.

A goddess.

My Goddess.

"Yesss." Kristy breathed as rapture took her.

Kristy shook her head, trying to clear the memory. It had been a couple weeks since that night and still just the thought of it effected her almost instantly. She tried to ignore the heavy, wet, throbbing heat between her thighs. The memory of that night was still incredibly sharp and vivid in her mind but even so it was still hard to accept that it had been real. Had she really been visited by some kind of goddess. Had an actual goddess seduced her and had she actually pledged her life to her?

Kristy both thrilled and quailed at the thought of it.

Since that first night, the Goddess hadn't returned to her in that same manner, only in Kristy's dreams. She awoke every morning soaked in sweat, dripping between her legs while her whole body sang with the afterglow from countless climaxes.

She only partially recalled the dreams but the parts she did remember were nothing but an seemingly endless orgy of sapphic debauchery and lust.

Kristy still felt that somehow this desire for women was new for her, that somehow something inside her had changed but how and when it had happened she wasn't exactly sure. However, at this point Kristy had pretty much given up wondering what had changed in her that made her now desire women and just started to accept it. Pretty much. She liked girls, this was who she was. Maybe always had been? Maybe?

Pushing the confused memories from her thoughts for the night, she climbed into her bed, set her alarm and after a slight hesitation, clicked off the light. The room was plunged into darkness as she pulled up the blanket and settled in. After a few minutes her breathing settled down and her eyes became accustomed to the darkness. She tried to fall asleep but apprehension... anticipation? Something... was keeping her up. Thoughts of the rapture that sleep and the subsequent dreams would undoubtedly bring floated through her mind. Her nipples became stiff while her sex got wetter and wetter.

Unable to resist the urge, she allowed her hand to drift downward to glide over the front of her panties. The thin cotton did little to cover her mount and even that minimal contact made her twitch. Biting her lower lip, she spread her legs and slid her hand under the fabric. Slowly, she pushed her way farther down, feeling the shape of her mons, the smooth skin that gave way to the curly, soft hairs. The way the rounded mound curved down to the folds of her sex, the outer lips already wet and swollen with her need. She hissed as her exploring finger glided over the wet, pliable skin to the hood protecting her...

"Aaah." She gasped and her whole body jerked at the first contact with her clit. Dear Goddess she was sensitive tonight. Her breathing was rapidly turning to panting as her finger went to work on the sensitive nub. Withing minutes she was moaning and gasping as fire flowed through her veins. She felt the tingling tightness in her breasts increasing with her passions and knew that in addition to the soaking wetness seeping from between her legs, a lot more wetness was coming as her breasts started to let down. Another ripple of pleasure rolled through her as she slipped her fingers into her depths then out again to circle her clit before plunging them deep inside herself again.

Her body writhed with the sensations and she felt her shirt sticking to her chest as her milk, dripping from her nipples, soaked her thin tee shirt. The knowledge of this only served to fire her lust more and she groaned.

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