tagNovels and NovellasChanges Ch. 02

Changes Ch. 02


Next he walked over to Keith. "You know, Keith, you're not a very big man, in fact your no taller than a lot of women. I've always been quite curious about why we have Hermaphrodites, and no other mixtures of three chromosomal types in the human race. Well, through my research I hope to correct that little problem. But I also need to see if we can convert a genetically X-Y male into a true, genetically correct X-Y-X Hermaphrodite clinically, and without invasive and only partially successful surgery. Your transformation will take a little longer than most of the others, but hopefully it will take place jut like all the test animals and the computer simulations suggest it will. Over the next six months, you should be seeing some very dramatic changes. Somewhere along the way we will probably need to change your name, to say Karen." And with that he gave a great big laugh as he rammed the needle into Keith's arm and injected him.

The third needle was for Allen. "Now Allen, you obviously take after your father size wise at least, and so your transformation will be a lot like his, only more so. I decided along the way, what if we could completely get rid of all the surgery needed to accomplish the sex reassignments that so many people want all over the world. What if, by the injection of just the right hormones, and other biologically altered enzymes, catalysts and "triggers" if you will, we could actually take a genetically true X-Y male and convert him into a truly genetically correct, undetectable X-X female, without the need for a single surgery. Imagine the potential profits that could make! Well, here's to the proof. Your treatment will involve probably 10 to 30 more injections, a little radiation, and a lot of time, but somewhere in the vicinity of a year or so, I think we will see an all new Allie, or maybe Allie-Mae!"

The fourth hypo was for Robert. "Well, Robert, here I'm dealing with a whole different blood line, but that really doesn't make any difference. I can already see that you are much more the man than either one of those other two little dicked wimps. Well, you are now well on your way to becoming the first ever real life Superman. If we can have the two sexed X-Y-X Hermaphrodites, then why can't we have the three chromosome X-Y-Y super enhanced males. Your injection should produce a much stronger, larger and more viral male body than normal. You are right now about 6'2" tall, and sport a better than average 7 ½ " cock. The treatment you will receive should produce about a 6-8" height growth, increased strength and about a doubling in both length and thickness of your male organ. You will be the best hung male around! We may have a little problem teaching women how to accommodate you, but I'm sure that can be handled. All in good time, all in good time."

Now, before we get to April and Amy, I am going to have to do a little additional "research" that I'm sure you might find "arousing". Amy, our records show that you are still a virgin. Oh how I do hope you still are! Are you? Well, no matter, we shall take a little of our time to make sure."

As he was talking, our two rows of seats began moving back from one another, pulling apart about four feet wider than before. A device that was obviously a type of doctor's examination table, complete with the ever dreaded 'stirrups' was brought in and placed between the two rows of chairs. There were now four large male assistants in the room, all dressed in the white lab coats.

"Amy, let's start with you." With that two of the assistants removed her from her chair and bodily picked her up and laid her down on the exam table. Although she struggled wildly, it didn't take them any time at all to strap he down. The table had straps which went across her waist, secured each arm straight down each side of the table, and straps at each ankle, knee and across each thigh. As soon as she was secured, Dr. Campbell brought out a remote control, and her legs began spreading even wider apart. As soon as he had her spread as wide as he wanted, a stool was brought to him and he sat down between Amy's obscenely splayed legs. He reached into a drawer and brought out the most massive examination speculum I have ever seen. The lights in the room dimmed considerably, and as he placed the instrument at the entrance to her vagina, a picture flickered into being on the far wall, which was smooth white like the entire room. The examination speculum he was using was a lighted camera speculum that projected the interior of Amy's spread open vagina for everyone to see. There, in vivid color on that far wall was Amy's most private of all body part, her intact hymen.

"Ah...yes, just as I hoped! A good, fully intact hymen. Oh what a wonderful experiment this will be. Now, Amy, sorry to have to surprise you, but after all that is why we have you strapped sown so. This is going to hurt quite a bit, but it won't last long." I tried to scream as I saw him put the long hypodermic needle into her spread open vagina, and then as it's tip entered the tissue just at the side of her hymen, pushing in about a quarter inch. Dr. Campbell injected a rather large amount of fluid, then withdrew the needle, and then removed the speculum. Tears were rolling down the side of Amy's face, both I am sure from the pain and the utter embarrassment of being so outrageously displayed in front of both family and strangers.

"Amy, your injections, yes, there will be three more, will hopefully accomplish several things. First, every male out there dreams of being the one to first ram his cock into a virgin's pussy. Well, if everything goes as projected, you, my dear, will become the world's first ever Perpetual Virgin. Every time some dastardly male rams his hard cruel cock up into your sweet virgin pussy and rips your dearly prized hymen to shreds, well, S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E, it will grow right back, given about six to eight hours. The only problems we foresee is that the longer it goes between times you get it ripped open, the thicker and denser it tends to grow, making it harder and a lot more painful to have it ripped through the next time. The obvious solution, however, is that all you will need to do to avoid undue discomfort from intercourse, is to have your newly re-grown hymen plundered very frequently, say about once every eight to twelve hours. Hopefully, some of the additional compounds in the injections will also increase your desire to have sex, so you also should become a most insatiable nymphomaniac, like your mother is sure to become."

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