Changes Ch. 02


My hands raced forward to his crotch to find his exposed penis. It felt wonderful in my hands. It was hard. I could feel his pulse in it. As I leaned forward to put it in my mouth, I remembered.

"Please Mister James. May I please suck your beautiful cock?"

His response was a chuckle. Then I felt him guide my head down until the head of his cock was in my throat.

I spent the next measureless time period in heaven. I felt my breasts touching him. They were still hot from the cropping. My ass burned from his spanking. I ground my cunt into his boot, feeling it massage my cunt. I worshiped his cock with my mouth. I did everything I could to bring him pleasure. Finally, I felt that tightening in his balls that warned me. He groaned quietly and came in my mouth. I had a shuddering orgasm that was triggered by his. I continued to suck and lick his softening dick until he finally lifted my head off of him.

He stood me up. Then I heard him stand. I wanted his touch, harsh or soft. My body cried for his touch. He moved away from me. As his footsteps receded, he spoke over his shoulder.

"You don't need much more discipline, I think. Next visit, we will see how much of a total sexual slut you can be. We will have to really stretch your boundaries. I'll be in touch. Wait here for Carmelita."

I stood in the darkness feeling my body: the burning sting from the crop, the drying wetness between my legs, the wonderful taste and smell of his orgasm in my mouth. It was so good and right. It was also so shameful and wrong. What would my husband say if he saw me like this?

Carmelita led me upstairs to a bathroom and removed the blindfold. She pointed to the towels and washcloths and left the room. I used the toilet, cleaned up, and rinsed my face and mouth. She seemed to know when I was done because she came back in the room without knocking just as I finished.

She took a small tin from the medicine closet and opened the lid. There was a yellow ointment inside. She proceeded to rub this soothing balm over my breasts and ass. She worked it in while being careful not to cause me any pain or discomfort. It cooled the burn and the skin looked a little less red almost immediately. I was still sexually charged as she did this. It felt very sensual to have this small dark woman massaging my breasts and ass.

Once I was fully rubbed down with the stuff, she put the lid back and led me to the parlor. She pointed at my clothes and left the room. This was the same room as before. I stood in here and had a furious internal debate. Now the room was the same, but I was different. It made the room feel different, alien. The whole world was changed, or at least my perspective on it had changed.

Carmelita returned when I was dressed and walked me to the door. Before she opened it she handed me two items, the tin of balm for my crop marks, and a parchment envelope addressed to me.

I eased myself into the car and held the envelope in shaky hands. As I drove home I decided that tomorrow would be soon enough to find out what Mister James had in store for me.

It was late when I got home. Thankfully Matt was still at the library. I changed into flannel pajama tops and panties that hid the even red strips on my ass. When Matt came in, I could barely look him in the eye. I felt as if my lust for Mister James was still written all over my face. I half expected Matt to start questioning me about it.

Fortunately for me, he never noticed anything amiss. He was so lost in the intellectual world of his studies that he couldn't see that I was lost in the physical and emotional world of my submission.

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Just another skank gash "justifying" her cheating with any old stupid, tired excuse and argument about being superior to the rest of society. If she's that superior and gets to choose her own "morality",more...

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another cocksucking WIMP posting dumb cuck SHIT.

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