tagNovels and NovellasChanges Ch. 04

Changes Ch. 04


"Now, Keith, I'm going to take your gag off. In fact I'm going to take everyone' gag off. Remember, now that the collars are designed to correct bad behavior, so it really would be better if everyone kept their mouth shut, unless I ask you a direct question. Oh, and I do so insist that each answer be completely truthful, and end with either a Sir or Doctor." The gags were removed, and immediately Keith and Robert shouted out, which brought instantaneous electric shocks from the collars.

"Now, as I was about to ask; Keith, you see your lovely wife so well displayed here before you, and right up until I had to remind you to keep quiet, all three of you guys pricks were standing at attention. Now, tell me, when was the last time you got that ridiculously small, sorry excuse for a penis, up into your wife's wet hot pussy?"

"The damn Hell.." well that's all Keith got out before he was once again zapped. I could not see him, as his chair was staring at my prominently displayed ass and pussy, but I heard a gasp and the sound of his body slumping in his chair.

"Now, once more, Keith, I really don't have a lot of patience. When was the last time you ran that pathetic little underdeveloped penis up into your lovely wife's hot pussy?"

"The night before we got kidnapped,, dammit!" Z-A-P! once again his collar shocked.

"Now, please try to rephrase that response appropriately!"

"The night before we got kidnapped, Sir."

"See there, Keith, it's not so very hard to do things correctly! And doing things like you should will sometimes get you a reward. Now, since each of you will enter into your treatments this very evening, and since, dear Keith, this will be your very last opportunity to ever get that pathetic little thing you call a dick up into a woman's pussy again, I'm going to let you up so that you can come up and fuck your dear wife one last time! Oh how generous I am tonight!"

The assistants released him and brought him up behind me. Because of all the torment and ridicule, Keith was apparently no longer sprouting a hard-on because...

"Oh look, the little dickie isn't hard anymore. Well, let's see if we can fix it. Put him down on his knees, and let him lick up some of her juices that are flowing down her legs."

Sure enough, I quickly felt Keith's tongue and mouth licking and lapping at my exposed pussy. I don't know how I could be as excited as I was. Never would I have imagined being naked and allowing Keith to do such things in front of our children. But my body was denying my brains demand for respectability, and responding to my husband's tongue just as if we were alone in bed behind closed doors. Keith had always been a very accomplished pussy licker, and if truth be told, I could actually have a real orgasm from his oral ministrations. In our 22 years of marriage I quite frankly had never achieved a real, true orgasm from being fucked by him. His dick was small, and I never got the satisfaction I knew I needed from it. I never complained though. I had accumulated a rather diverse collection of large plastic phalluses' and dildoes to help me out over the years. I never let him know.

Too soon, however, his oral attentions to my dripping honey pot came to an end, and I soon felt his woefully small but now hard cock entering my wet gaping pussy. He began to rock himself into me, pressing his cock as far as he could up into my open pussy. I guess his tongue had gotten me farther along than I had thought, because it felt good, very, very good. It felt better and better with each stroke. I really could not remember any time when his pushing his small cock up into my pussy felt so good. I don't know how he kept it in me, I was absolutely flowing with juices, literally running out my gaping love hole, and running down the insides of both legs. He had me moaning with lustful, randy feeling in no time at all. Now Keith had never lasted more than about three or four minutes when he pumped his dick up into me, but this time he was lasting longer than ever. I was panting my lust, trying my best to keep from screaming out to tell him to ram into me harder. I knew I was not supposed to talk, and damn was it hard. I needed to tell him to fuck me, H-A-R-D. I needed a bigger, harder longer, thicker rod of man meat to take me and make me cum. Then I felt him cum. He shot about three spurts up into me and that was all. I damn near cried. I needed a real fuck, and I needed it bad now. Tears of need were rolling down my cheeks. Damn him and his little prick! Damn! Here I was, clamped down, not even able to reach back and finish myself off with my hand and fingers! Now what was I going to do? All thoughts of what kind of display I was giving my own children were long gone. I needed MORE!

Dr. Campbell released the pressure on my aching nipples and removed the tubes that had sucked them all this time. But then he attached the larger full breast cups and turned the suction on, drawing the entire breast out and down. The feeling was entirely different, yet incredibly arousing. My breasts are not large, 36B, but this device made it feel as if someone had taken the entire breast into their mouth and was suckling the entire thing, drawing not just nipple but the entire breast out away from my chest further and further. It felt very painfully erotic. Hard to describe. There was a type of pain there, but it was translating itself into pulses and throbs of need, and rushing straight to my clit and pussy. I definitely needed a lot more pussy attention than what I had just gotten.

They had apparently taken Keith away and put him back into his chair. Dr. Campbell was now right in front of me, looking into my face.

"Why whatever could be wrong Alice? Your dear husband just got finished giving you his manly, husbandly male affections, and you're panting like you haven't had a man in a year! One of the assistants had moved up behind him, but my field of vision was blocked by the doctor's body.

I didn't know that another of the assistants had moved up behind me, and in fact had brought out his 10" long, 5" thick cock. All I could see was the white lab coat of Dr. Campbell.

"Well, Alice, tell me, what do you want?" And with that he took a single step to the side, exposing, right in front of my eyes the exposed 9" penis belonging to one of the assistants. Without thinking I immediately let my tongue slip out and licked my lips, and I growled "Y-E-S!" as my mouth watered staring at the hard thick cock staring me in the face.

No sooner had the word left my moth than I felt one cock ram into my dripping pussy with such force that it rocked my whole body forward slightly. My mouth opened to gasp in utter surprise, which gave the assistant in front of me the motive to move his big cock up and into my open mouth. Damn it felt good. I hadn't had this much real man meat in me EVER. I lost all semblance of modesty or decorum, forgetting completely about my children and my husband there watching. All I was thinking about was cock, and how wonderful my wet wide stretched and now completely and marvelously full pussy felt. I had done my fair share of cock sucking in high school years ago, but since then Keith's tiny dick was the only one I had had in my mouth, and I was out of practice. I began choking before I remembered to check my gag reflex and let that monster down my throat. I was in cum slut heaven. I no longer cared; all I wanted was hard forceful raw sex.

Somewhere through the fog of such sexual lust, I heard Dr. Campbell order both my daughters as well as my husband and son to keep their eyes open and watch their mother and wife take cock like the whore I was about to become. He told them that the injections I had received brought about a highly increased desire for sex, increased sexual reactions and feelings and greatly increased sensations. In short, the drugs were causing my slutty behavior, but that with continued treatments, I would be this horny and act like this all the time.

The two assistants kept pounding their massive cocks into me, and I was enjoying every hard thrust they gave me. The one fucking my face had taken his hands and placed them on the sides of my head, grabbing fistfuls of my shoulder length brown hair. He was pistoning his cock into my mouth and down my open and accepting throat in perfect tempo with the one brutalizing my sopping wet pussy. That monster was ramming into me harder and deeper than I had ever been filled and quite frankly, I loved every single bone pounding plunge. It hurt like hell when he had so suddenly simply thrust that monster into me with no warning. It felt as if he had ripped me in two. The first several thrusts hurt as badly as birth pains, but then the pain turned pleasurable and with each new body slamming thrust, wave after wave of tingles shot throughout my entire body. His ball sac hit with each thrust in such a way that it moved against my swollen clit and sent lightning bolts of pleasure from my curled toes all the way up to my brain, which was so overloaded with the sensations that nothing else in all the universe made a damn bit of sense right then. I was headed straight for the biggest, wildest orgasm of my entire life, and nothing was going to keep me from it.

Suddenly the cock ramming down my throat stopped and began jerking, shooting jet after jet of cum down my throat. Then the cock pounding my swollen pussy began firing its load of spunk deep into my gushing pussy, and I exploded. The intensity of that orgasm just simply cannot be described or explained. Unless you have had an orgasm like it, you just can't begin to comprehend what it felt like. I slumped in my bindings, and drifted off into nirvana. I don't know how long the blissful euphoric numbness lasted. The next thing I knew, Keith had been brought back, and was being made to clean up the mess that was literally pouring out of my gaping pussy. My vaginal muscles were still spasaming expelling glob after glob of that bulls spunk, now mixed with my own juices and not a small amount of blood from the brutalizing my vagina had endured. I was sore for several days from that ordeal, but damn it was the best fucking I had ever had up to that point in my life.

After I recovered a little I was released from the device and returned to my chair. It was only then that I noticed the tears running down Keith's face. The shame and humiliation flooded over me, and I also broke down into tears. I suddenly realized how shocking it must have been for Keith, as well as our children to see me not only being used like I had been, but to be so obviously enjoying it. I couldn't look them in the face. I had disgraced myself and insulted Keith too much.

But the evening's activities were far from being over. That detestable device had been removed, but another device was being brought into place. This device was being lowered from the ceiling, and at first I couldn't begin to imagine what it was, or was to be used for. I didn't have long to wonder.

"Well, that was quite a demonstration Alice! Thank you for giving us such a good showing of how my 'Fuckem Suckem Milking Machine' is used. Now, I have a real good feeling that Alice's sex show left someone else in a very aroused state, didn't it April?"

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