tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChanges Ch. 07

Changes Ch. 07


We danced like that for quite a while, slowly, relaxed against one another while the music went on at the perfect volume. It didn't even seem like the old dilapidated trailer, or anywhere else for that matter, just an unlikely place with music in a vast, dark universe where two unlikely personalities danced to it, simply living one another's company.

I finally put my hands inside her long, lacy gown, around to her back and down over her ass, caressing slowly, affectionately. She took a slow, deep breath through her nose and sighed it out, pressing closer.

"Take my panties off.", she whispered in my ear.

I put my hands inside the waistband of her boy cuts, ran them around, feeling her up and playing at slowly pushing them down while she ground a little harder into my erection. She exhaled sharply as they were finally pushed down from her hips and over her thighs. With a little wiggle from her, they dropped to the floor, after which she moved back a little, just far enough to start unbuttoning my shirt.

"Why don't you take your pants off?", she suggested in a quiet voice.

Before I knew it, all I had on was the undershirt as we danced closely again, her hands underneath it, mine rubbing her back and ass with my hardened cock trapped between us and experiencing every movement to the melodic, soft music.

"I have this little thing about a man wearing only an undershirt. But you do it much better than-,... than a lot of guys could."

"How's that?" I asked, briefly rubbing the back of her neck.

"You have a beautiful body."

" ... Oh. I do?"


"Well,... Thanks. But, can a man's body be described as beautiful? Should it-?"

She kissed me like we kissed before. I returned it, forgetting all about my question. Her hand was at the back of my head now, and our soft kisses became more passionate and urgent, sucking on each other's tongues while she ground against me all the harder.

When she started making low, dirty moaning sounds, I separated myself and picked her up off her feet. She continued kissing me, straining in my arms with hers around my neck as I carried her into our bedroom. Laying her down on the bed, I crawled over top of her on my hands and knees, turned on beyond all belief and about to lock lips with her again when she stopped me.

"Camera.", she reminded with a guilty little smile.

"Oh, no, you're kidding!" I complained.

"It'll only take a second, bring it in on the tri-pod and set it up at the foot of the bed."

"Dammit!" I hissed, hopping off her and hurrying out to the front room.

I hastily set the thing up while she smiled at me, playing with her breasts and waiting patiently.

"I like the camera." she said with a naughty grin as I crawled back over top of her.

"I kinda got that, yeah." I said softly, smiling as I began playing with her nipples through the lace, kneading and pinching, rolling and tugging.

"Mmmm. Ohhh, baby, yesss."

She reached down and between us, taking my cock in her hands and pumping it, arching her back and pushing her excited breasts up as she squirmed beneath me. In answer, I gently pulled the top of her deep purple gown open, letting her tits out for me to play with as she pumped me harder.

After a minute, she pulled my mouth from her nipples and directed it to her face, pressing down on the small of my back. Our lips touched again as her silent communication was received. I slid myself into her hot and ready canal like she was made specifically for me and the feeling was incredible. I took my time, grinding her slow and passionately with my hands under her back, kissing her neck as her head tilted, moaning long, soft sounds of pleasure.

Sometimes I would stay inside, pressing and moving around, but always moving, always experiencing the wet friction between our sensitive organs, trembling at the perfection of everything in those minutes as she undulated beneath me.

I was sucking on her earlobe, listening to her soft sounds of pleasure, when I realized I was making them too, that I had completely given myself over to her without even noticing, as if I had real feelings for her. Did I? Or was it only that Heather seemed somehow so natural to me, despite the circumstances, our personalities and aims?

And what about her? She caressed my sides and back as though I were a lover, not just a sex partner. I couldn't remember any woman responding to me like this before and I couldn't remember ever feeling this way during sex before, either. In fact, we weren't having sex; we were making love. And it was so beautiful and so perfect between us.

Her little cries built in intensity and volume until she was yelping a long, slow built orgasm, her ankles linked at the small of my back, hands gripping my shoulders, jerking spasmodically into me and cumming her usual torrent. Her pussy clamped itself around my already over excited cock and brought me to my own orgasm, making me jerk a little roughly into her pelvis in half controlled convulsions, much like her. I grunted softly each time I pumped a shot inside of her and, overall, it was an experience that blew my mind. Afterwards, as I lay on top of her, I again wondered if I wasn't actually growing serious feelings for Heather.

The thought was startling for a few reasons. First, I'd only known her a week, second, she wanted to stay and I wanted to go, third, I didn't have the kind of money she looked for in a man. Yet, since our little conversation while dancing, I no longer beheld her as a gold digging, opportunistic parasite, rather just another soul who ran, looking for her place and doing what she had to do just to get to the end of a day. I understood her in a way at that point, I suppose you could say. However, that didn't solve the three problems that any feelings for her presented.

I was kissing her face all over, slowly, softly, in the act of putting these thoughts out of my mind so I could just enjoy the moment for a change, when she responded, running her long nails through my hair and fixing me with one of her unreadable expressions.

"I've never had that before." she said, her voice still small and a little shaky. "I've never been,... treated like that in bed before. You made love to me."

"Yeah,... well, it just,... sorta happened."

She smiled a little and replied, "Thank you. I mean it, I'll never forget that. I mean, what we did earlier was great, but I wasn't expecting something so beautiful and perfect. I'll never forget this."

"Ye- Uh, actually, I've never,... actually experienced anything like that before, either. Heather,..."


"You know I like you, even though we argue, but I think I like you a lot more than,... I don't know how much. I don't mean to fuck your head up with that, now of all times, and you know that-"

"I know how you feel about me. You might act like a jerk at times, but you actually carried all that stuff in for me tonight just because I asked you to, and you never say anything really mean, even when we're arguing. And now, this. It's okay, though, I- I feel the same way. I'm really glad that it was you in this whole thing, if that makes any sense."

"Yeah, it does. It's the same for me."

"This is alright, David, even if it's,... don't analyze it, just take this good feeling."

I smiled understandingly as I worried about the future outcome of following that piece of advice.

She pulled me closer and whispered, "Go shut the camera off."

----- ----- ----- -----

She was back in her excitingly skimpy maid's uniform the next day, peering through the window of the garage at the finished 'contraption', as she called it, loaded and pointed at an old half sheet of drywall I'd propped up at the edge of the yard. A long cord ran from its electronic check valve to the trigger button in my hand within the relative safety of the garage.

"You ready?" I asked, grinning to my left at her.

Yes." she said, tapping her toe, completely skeptical of the possibility of even a dangerous explosion, let alone a successful firing test.

"Okay, on three. One,... two,... three."

I pressed the button and the sound of three hundred lbs. of compressed air propelling a ten mm. steel ball bearing at high velocity reached us through the window glass as the contraption jolted a little. From the edge of the yard, there was a satisfying "Plap! sound as the bearing punched through the drywall.

"Oh my god, it worked!" she said, really looking now.

I laughed and ran outside, telling her to stay there. I checked the contraption and everything seemed to be in order, including the aim, more or less. It was clear that I'd have to think of a better anchoring method, but the mechanism itself had worked and I was elated.

I jogged back inside with a face splitting grin, grabbing up the remote trigger again.

"Now watch this." I said excitedly.

I pressed the button repeatedly and the contraption fired repeatedly, just as it should while we watched a dotted line appear on the drywall as each shot knocked the contraption's aim off further, until it started firing into the woods.

"Oh my god, is that ever cool!", Heather yelled, jumping up and down and clapping, breasts bouncing seductively as her left nipple worked its way half out. "Can I do the button!?"

"Wait till I get a different target out there." I said, stepping quickly to the back of the shop. "I got an old Caprice hood here, we'll see if it'll penetrate-"

"No, the abandoned section of the house!" Heather suggested.

"I like your thinking, blondie."

"I want you to take me back there, I wanna see it. I keep thinking there's some mystery or-"

The phone rang.

----- ----- ----- -----

"You can't do that!" Heather claimed, fixing me with a defiant expression as we got to Dagmar's door, trying to keep her voice down as I checked Rolex time and positioned myself for my little punctuality game.

"You don't know what in hell you're doing." I maintained. "I knew it was a mistake and then you proved it."

"I can drive!"

"You hit every damned pot hole and sunken manhole cover on the way. You even nailed a curb, you can't drive."

"I've had my license for longer than you!"

"What difference does that make!?" I asked, once again losing patience with her lack of reasoning skills.

"It means that I have more experience than you do! I know better than to go wildly swerving to avoid-!"

"You don't know shit behind the wheel, and I'm the one who's responsible to Mistress for scuffed sidewalls and ground up rim beads!"

"Keep your voice down!" she hissed angrily. "And how dare you! You, who almost got us killed on the way back from-!"

"Fuck!" I swore, looking back at the Rolex.

(knock - knock!)

"You fuckin' distracted me! We're almost twenty seconds late now! Fuck!" I snapped in half panic.

"What in hell are you talking about, twenty seconds!? If you weren't always pickling your brain with-!"

The door opened suddenly, and we both immediately turned away from one another to face Dagmar, pasting toothy smiles on and greeting in harmony, "Hello, Mistress."

She stared at us as our eyes rolled uncomfortably at one another. She was wearing that snug fitting, dark casual wear, the black leggings and a dark red, button up sweater. Her hair was half up and she was stunning, as always.

"You're twenty seconds late." she informed us, obviously unimpressed.

"My fault, Mistress." I said, for whatever reason.

"That surprises me. You've always been perfectly on time before."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Come in."

I appraised my new roomy, frowning at her long sleeved, white blouse, buttoned to her neck and a short black skirt with black stockings and shoes. We looked like the Bobsey twins, as I wore a white button up shirt with the black dress pants.

Of course, we were both wearing our accursed collars, as well. I was quite relieved to not get an erection when I put it on in the parking lot below, slapping Heather's 'helping' hand away irritably.

"I see you remembered your collars. Nice fit. You both look very nice in them. Did you remember the video?"

"Yes, Mistress." Heather said, hoisting her black satin purse with Dagmar's rose symbol embroidered in red.

"Good girl. Take your shoes off and come in."

She was making a drink as we entered her front room, her back to us at the bar.

"How are you two getting along?" she asked, not looking around at us."

"Better, Mistress." Heather answered as she stood with her hands clasped on her purse in front of her, watching Dagmar.


"We're making an effort." I said.

"Would that be the effort I saw through the peephole?"

She finished making her drink and sat with it on a tall barstool type chair, legs crossed, heel hooked on the lower cross support.

"Go there, to the couch." she instructed, gesturing with her hand. "It's where my camera is pointed. Don't bother looking around for it, you won't see it. Boy! I said don't-!" Oh, forget it!"

We stepped inside her large horseshoe sectional, Heather looking around herself nervously as I waited for the worst. It was never the expected with Dagmar, after all.

"I've been thinking about you two and why you don't get along and I have some ideas that may put an end to it. You see, I think it's simple pride and jealousy. Each of you thinks you're better than the other in some way, but I assure you both that I do not play favourites and that I do care equally for each of you. I hope you care about me in some way and I intend that you will, more and more so as time goes by."

She paused here to sip her drink with a smile before saying, "Girl, I know what a spoiled brat you are. Don't look at me that way, you are and I know how you antagonize the boy. Have you been remembering to not where clothes?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did you remind him that he could use you at his will?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"And you've been fucking each night for the camera?"

"Uhh, something sort of came up two nights ago, but we doubled up last night to make up for it." Heather reported with a hopeful smile.

"What came up?"

"We were arguing." I said.

It wasn't exactly a lie, more like an additional truth.

"That doesn't surprise me."

"But we really are getting along better, Mistress." Heather claimed. "Once you watch our video, I think you'll see that."

"That would be nice but, still, there's the bickering. Boy, did you have her suck your cock again?"

"Yes.", I replied.

"Did you make her swallow?"

"Umm, no, Mistress."

"Perhaps you should have. Girl, have you ever done that?"

Heather shook her head and said uncertainly, "No, Mistress, but-"

"I'm willing to bet you've never had a face full of cum before you met him, either, have you?"

She shook her head, saying, "No, Mistress."

"But you enjoyed it."

"Yes, I,... did it again.", Heather answered, a little red faced.

"Did what again?"

" ... I sucked his cock and jerked him off in my face."

Now I was hard.

"And you loved it, didn't you, little one?", Dagmar teased.

She stared at me, nodding her head slightly.

"Well, you've certainly gotten a rise out of him. Open his fly and put your hand in his pants. Play with his cock. Boy, put your hand under her skirt and play with her pussy. Don't look at me like that, you two are going to learn how to fully appreciate one another."

We moved closer and her trembling fingers fumbled with my fly as my hand touched her inner thigh, making her draw in a sharp, almost silent breath. It was different in this place, with Dagmar and her hidden cam and we avoided each other's eyes when she slipped her hand inside my pants, grabbing my stiff member. I put my hand between her legs, lifting her skirt with my other one and checking out her crisp, white panties. She found a halting rhythm with her hand as I rubbed her crotch and we both started breathing heavier.

"Spread your legs, girl. Oh, yes. That's very nice. You look so good with your nice clothes and collars. Just keep playing with each other while we chat, okay?"

"Uh-h!, yes, Mistress.", Heather agreed, beginning to lean her upper body toward me while sticking her arse out, arching her back.

"Are you enjoying yourself, girl?"

"Ohh. Yes."

"Are you uncomfortable about that?"

"H-! A little."

"That will change. You're going to take a lot of cum tonight, girl. I hope you brought an appetite."

"Uhn! Oh, Mistress!, she moaned, either liking or dreading the idea, I couldn't tell which as I was doing some moaning of my own.

I put my hand right down the front of her now wet panties and inserted a finger between her soaked lips immediately, making her shudder and fall against me a little as her eyelids fluttered.

"Oh! Uuuuhhhhh!!"

"That's right, boy. Make her feel it. Make her cum."

I glanced up to see Dagmar with her legs spread, her hand between them, softly, slowly stroking herself as she directed us.

"Ohhh, god!" I breathed into Heather's ear as she played with my super sensitive cockhead.

"Nnnaaaaa! Oooooohh! Ma- ... Make you,... cum!", she whined softly.

"What's he doing to you, girl?" Dagmar sleazed in a heavy tone.

"Ooooh! He's- Ahhhh! Fingering my pussy!"

"You like it."

"Ooooh, yeah!"

"You're a very bad girl, aren't you?"

"Noooo, Mistress! OH! I'm a gooooood girl!"

"Good girl? How can you be a good girl while this man, who you've only just met less than a week ago, has his hands down your little white panties, fingerfucking you while you enjoy it? I assume you're enjoying that cock too, aren't you?"

"Uuuuooohh, god! Ohhhhh, my god! Yeeess!"

"And you a married woman. What have you got to say for yourself?"

"Ohhhhh! OH! OH! Oh, Mistress,...!"


"I'M CUMMING! OH, MISTRESS, I'M,... AUUUUGGHH!! Ohhhh, god, aaaahhh!!" she squealed in that unique way she had that was part wail and all good.

The pretty, blonde trophy wife of Bryan Chalmers writhed against me, never stopping her attentions on my stiff rod as she clung to me with her other arm around my back, knees pressed together and trapping my hand between her thighs as she doubled over just a little, eyes squinted shut.

"Oh, so nice! Bravo, little ones, bravo!" Dagmar heartily approved, squeezing her own plump pussy. "But don't let him cum yet, girl." she warned.

I groaned out my frustration as Heather's hand slowed. I was so close.

"Take your panties off and get on the sectional, on your knees and stick that arse in the air for him, girl. Hop to it like a good pet, now."

Heather removed her hand from my pants and made her way to the couch, lowering her soaked underwear with her hands and a few jerky wiggles. She looked back uncertainly.

"On your knees, facing the back of the couch." the Domina encouraged. "Arch your back and pull your skirt up. Show us that nice ass and pussy."

She got on as told, arched her back and, while looking back at us, slowly pulled up her skirt. It was a nice ass and pussy, alright, but I already knew that.

"Spread your legs more. Like a slut. There, that's better. Now play with your clit while we watch. ... Mmm,... boy, take your pants off and play with yourself."

I did as directed, taking myself in hand self consciously, but enjoying my own touch as I watched the moaning Heather buck and grind against her own fingers.

"Girl, lick your pussy juice off your fingers. Oh yeeesss, you're so lovely. Both of you,... Oh, fuck!"

Heather had gone back to her clit, also fingering herself as I stroked my own cock. All three of us were masturbating together, watching one another and really enjoying it.

"Ohh, god!" I groaned, getting very close again.

"Boy, I want you to stick your cock in the girl. Shove it right up her wet pussy and fuck her like we know she wants it. Fuck her hard, like the slut she is."

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