tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChanges Ch. 08

Changes Ch. 08


Heather's bed shaking sobs woke me up.

I opened my eyes slowly, only the ghost of a headache at the back of my skull, thanks to the three Tylenol I insisted we each consume after the cab dropped us off at our place around four AM the night before.

At first, we just staggered to the couch and collapsed there, drunk, used up and mostly inert, laughing and good heartedly teasing one another about what happened, still getting off in our heads, as our bodies were spent.

Then we both hopped into the shower, cleaning ourselves of everyone else and suddenly seeing one another for who we were again. Our mutual, carefree spirits slumped to nervous smiles, refusing to meet the others eyes in the refreshingly hot, streaming water.

Recall of these events and the preceding ones at The Velvet Entry made my eyes bug out. My heart sped up and I blushed ashamedly in the dark and gloomy bedroom. I turned over in the bed, raised myself so I could see the clock radio over her shoulder. Nine forty-three AM. That explained why I was still a little buzzed. Edging closer to Heather, whose back was to me, legs drawn up in the fetal position, I spooned her, putting my arm around her middle. I understood her feelings completely. How could I have enjoyed that? How could I have done those things with all those total strangers and love it? What was wrong with my head?

"Don't touch me.", Heather toned in a low voice that never asked to live as she took my arm off her.

"Heather,... I- I'm sorr-"

"I'm a dirty little slut. Just like she says. How could she have known that about me when even I didn't?" she asked, cutting off my apologies.

"Sweets, no. Don't say that, it's not true." I said as I put my arm back around her, even holding it there when she tried to remove it again. "We didn't have a choice. If we did, we would have walked outta there right at the start."

"You don't understand,... I- I enjoyed it. What am I becoming?"

"No, don't think like that. I enjoyed it, too. We were plied with booze and given a way to satisfy ourselves like that with no inhibitions,... It wasn't your fault and you can't see it like that."

"You're a man, it's not the same for you." she sniffled, her quiet sobs having mostly subsided. "You don't understand."

"You're wrong. I didn't want that and,... Heather I was used just like you were. You don't know how I felt when Tesh started with you. I wanted to kill him, I still do. It's not your fault, sweets. I know it hurts and I know,..."

I couldn't go on, instead I pulled her even closer, hoping a little time would ease both our hurt.

Mercifully, she fell asleep a while later, at that point hugging my arm to her chest like a child with a teddy bear during a lightning storm. I wasn't far behind and, the next time we awoke, it was just past noon.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I insisted she wear clothes that day, that I'd take the responsibility myself, one way or another, if she got caught. I didn't want her running around in her lingerie, feeling like a cheap piece of meat for me; it wouldn't do her mindset any good at all. She smiled thankfully and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before she went to get dressed after another round of ardent scrubbing in the shower together.

Sitting across from one another at the kitchen table, we stared at the tabletop between us in silence, drinking our coffee, mine spiked. I realized that I hadn't even gotten to the bottle the day before until we met up with Dagmar. I was enjoying myself with Heather all day and never even thought about it.

"Um, do you remember when you warned me about her, asked me to think about the things you told me?", Heather asked, not looking up, wearing a pair of white dress pants and a pink blouse, her own clothes from her previous home.

"Uh huh." I replied, also not looking up.

"Well, I didn't. Seemed like there wasn't time, or something, but I wish I had. I wish I listened closer to you. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it. Like I said, there was nothing you could have done."

"I'm really ashamed of myself, David. I don't know how you can even look at me."

"Yeah, I'm just as ashamed, believe me. The things that went through my mind last night, about,... Shit!"

I was suddenly recalling how it turned me on to see her with her beautiful blonde hair slick with cum and stuck to her cheek. I hated myself.

"Heather, I,... I'm so sorry. I want you to know,... Oh, fuck."

" ... Hm. Yesterday, I was so excited to get back here with you so we could play with your contraption, but now,... It's like she took everything out of me. I don't want to do anything and I don't see how I can ever feel any better."

A tear leaked down each cheek, racing for her jaw line. A moment later, I was fairly shocked to find that my own eyes were watering, mostly in sympathy of how she felt and how I seemed so powerless to fix it for her. Just as shocking was a sudden, silent vow that nothing like this would happen to my only real friend ever again.

After some moments, I spoke.

"Have you ever wondered if there've been others?"

" ... Wh-what? Others?" she sniffed.

"Yes. I mean, did Dagmar just suddenly start taking over people's lives this spring, or have there been others? And if there have been,..."

"What happened to them?" Heather finished, her cheeks stained with her fresh tears.

"Yeah. Ever wonder that?"

"Now I am. ... David,... I asked you something when we first met, and you wouldn't answer. I wanted to know what she had on you, remember?"

I nodded.

"Well, would you please tell me now? It's important. I don't know why, but it would mean a lot to hear it."

I nodded again and promptly told her about the chance meeting between Kelly Preston and the mysterious, red Mustang that late evening, about the meeting with Dagmar in her office the next day and finally about what happened when I tried to tip off the Police.

"Oh my God." she toned, looking at me as the part about the Police sunk in. "Who is she, that she can,...?"

We were looking one another in the eye now, the open discourse of our true, shared predicament circumventing our mutual shame to a fair degree.



"Well,... I want you to know that, even though I have these weird feelings for her, despite how much I hate her right now for what she did, I won't hesitate to bolt if I get the chance. I'm not afraid. You can count on that, Heather. You can count on me."

She showed a somewhat beleaguered smile and reached her arms across the table at me, palms up and open. I did the same thing, both of us looking each other in the eyes as I took her hands in mine.

"Thank you." she said. "And I understand your feelings for her, I share them, as fucked up as that is. But, I want you to know that you can count on me, too. Umm, if it comes to that, I like riding in your car. I can pack light. Okay?"

My smile became more confident, as did hers, and I replied, "That's what I had in mind."

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Later, Heather and I had actually been putting the events of the night before out of our heads with the escapism of my sci-fi movies and the help of the bottle in the freezer, when we heard a car drive in. It was a large, tuned engine and it had to be Dagmar.

"That's her, isn't it?" Heather asked, leaping up and quickly removing her pants, revealing that she wore no underwear.

"I think so, yeah."

A car door slammed outside and I heard quick steps heading for the back porch on the hard packed gravel outside.

"Definitely her.", I said with a grim voice. "Fuck, I don't know if I can hack this."

"I know." she said. "Why couldn't she just leave us alone for a while?" she complained bitterly, having quickly removed her blouse, stuffing both articles behind the couch and throwing herself down as her tits bobbed in her nice white bra. "How am I supposed to smile at her when I feel like this?"

Dagmar stormed through the door, not even bothering to shut it behind her, with an expression that could only be described as, 'livid'. She wore a pair of snug fitting, black, pinstriped dress pants and a black, short sleeved blouse with white polka dots. A sort of large, hanging bowtie made of the same material hung down over her chest and I was irritated with myself for noting how good she looked in polka dots.

She came to a stop, there in the middle of the living room, glaring down at us.

"Well, I'm glad to see you two are just lying around without a fuckin care!" she spat.

We only looked back at her as we slowly got up.

We each greeted her properly. (and warily)

"Oh fuck off, you,... Fuuuck!"

"Mistress, what's wrong?" Heather timidly asked.

"Wrong!?" Dagmar raged as I watched her getting ever more worked up. "Why nothing's wrong, pet!", she viciously snapped.

Oh, something was wrong alright, and I had a feeling that this wasn't going to be a very enjoyable visit at all. Not that any of her visits were.

"Only that I'm fucked! I'm fucked! Look at what happened, look at what I fuckin' did!" she yelled at us, her palms out as though pleading us to understand, even as her tone threatened that we'd better.

"Mistress, if you'd-"

"Shut uuup! You little fuck! This is all your fault!!" she charged, suddenly pointing at me, spittle popping from her mouth at impressive velocities. You! You and your,... fucking way you are! You made me soft!"

"What?" I asked, not believing I was hearing this.

"Don't take that tone with me! You have no idea what I've been going through all fuckin' day! Do you realize that I've ruined my reputation? I've turned myself into nothing more than a common old slapper, haven't I!? That's how they'll look at me now and how in hell am I supposed to look anyone in the eye now!!?" she shrilled, tears coming from her eyes.

"Mistress, he didn't do any-"

"Shut uuuupp! Was I speaking to youuu!!?

She was going nuclear.

"Mistress, please try to settle down." I respectfully implored her, "We understand how you feel, all day we-"

She grabbed me by the shirt and slapped me hard. She kept slapping me, beating with her palm more than whipping with her fingers. I backed off, putting up my hands to ward her off, but it was useless; she was out of control now and right on top of me.

"You understand!!?" she demanded. "What do you understand, you insignificant, submissive FUCKIN' WORRRRRMM!!? (SLAP!!) I'M FUCKIN RUINED! (SLAP!!) MY NAME IS A JOKE NOW AND IT'S YOUR FAULT!! (SLAPP!!) FUUUUUCK!!" (SLAPP!!)

"Mistress, please stop!" Heather begged, quite alarmed now.

She wasn't the only one. Dagmar was being completely unreasonable and wasn't leaving us any way to satisfy her. Also, she was really starting to piss me off, because those slaps hurt a lot more than a little.

She let me go and made a grab for Heather, the blonde leaping back and tripping over the couch behind us, ending up sitting in it, but out of Dagmar's reach. That, however, was only a temporary condition as Dagmar began to move in on her anyway.

"Hey!" I barked, bringing her to a complete stop. "I said settle down!"

She slowly straightened again and turned to look at me, every one of her muscles trembling.

"What?" she asked menacingly. "I beg your god damned pardon, boy?"

I stood straight and tall, showing resolve in my expression and tone when I replied quietly, but firmly.

"You're upset. So are we and for the very same reason. We didn't ask-"

"That's right! You didn't ask! So what?" Have you forgotten what this is all about, boy!? I own you, remember? You ask nothing, you say nothing and you ARE nothing!!"

She came at me again, quickly, and this time cocking her fist. While noting Heather making a run for the bedroom behind Dagmar's back, I deflected her punch surprisingly easily (I somehow expected her to be like Wonder Woman) and bashed the side of her face with my palm as she'd done to me. It took her by complete surprise and she staggered to the side, almost falling.

"Youuuu,... struck me!!", she seethed, disbelievingly, now in a blacker rage than I could ever imagine.

She came at me again, this time with real menace in her eyes, so I did it again, putting my shoulder into it and, this time, knocking her to the floor. She kind of sat there on the outside of her thigh, knees bent, palms flat on the floor and looking up at me, plenty of fight still in her eyes. She got up, coming at me again and I kept slapping her hard until she stopped trying and was lying full length on her front, me standing over her, breathing hard more from the emotional intensity than my exertion.

"I said settle the FUCK DOWN!!" I reminded her.

I had no idea what I was doing, what I would do, or how this would all turn out, other than that I'd had it with Dagmar Alejandro and her warped out, freakish ways of making my life the ever evolving, nightmarish stress trip it had become.

The beaten brunette slowly peeled her upper body from the floor and my heart broke a little at the expression I saw in her face, despite my extreme anger with her at the time, but it didn't stop me from grabbing two handfuls of the front of her polka dot blouse and roughly hauling her up to face me, nose to nose with all of my strength. The blouse shredded and I must have had some bra too, because both her tits came spilling out, the black lace cups torn from each other and hanging to the sides.

"Nooooooo!", She wailed, looking in my eyes, clearly frightened and probably thinking about what happened to Mistress Crush and all the bragging she did about what it took to handle a 'wilder'.

"You did it to yourself!" I yelled in her face. "And you did it to us too! You had control, you were the one calling the shots, you are the one who betrayed us and allowed all those strangers to use us, and you are the one who freely accepted the invitation to join in with your perverted little fuckin' three ring circus, inviting your spectators to join too! Your fault! Not mine!"

"I had too much to drink!" she wailed again in her defense, fists doubled and resting on my chest. "I got carried away, it's not my fault and you enjoyed it! Both of you did, I was there, I remember!"

"For god sakes, listen to yourself! You did those things because you wanted to! All of it!"


"Yes! And ya know why!? Because you're stuck in your stupid, Dominant lifestyle bullshit scene, exactly what you've accused others of doing! You liked them cumming in your face, you liked being handled by all those strange men, you want to be used like any woman, but you're just too fuckin' high minded to allow for it!"

She shook her head, denying this even as she dared to mull it over.

"No!? 'Suck his cock for me! Make him cum in your face for me! Fuck her up the ass for me! The list goes on and on, Dagmar, do I gotta continue!?"

"I,...! No! That's not,... not true!"

"You loved it! You loved when they came in your face! Didn't you!?"

"Yes, but-!"

"You're using us so you can stay respectable in your own mind! You're getting off vicariously through us, ruining our fuckin' lives if need be, all so you can convince yourself you're too good to want the things you do! So you make us do them and humiliate us for it, like you're humiliated that you're the one who actually craves it! Fuckin' coward!"

"Nooooo, you're a filthy liar!"
Dagmar cried, quite literally.

"No, he's not." Heather said, standing at my side now without me noticing her return in my focus on Dagmar. "He hit the nail right on the head, that's exactly what you've been doing."

"I saved you two!"

"You're blackmailing David! How is that saving him? You know he didn't kill Kelly Preston, you just collected enough evidence at the scene so you could make it look like he did! He's innocent of any wrong doing at all, except to your overblown ego, and look how miserable you've made him! What have you got to say for yourself!? Heather demanded.

"Because,... I did it because,... I wanted him!" she whined. "I just wanted him, so I did what had to be done because I was lonely, okay!?"

"You wanted a toy!" Heather accused.

"No! I only wanted someone who could be what I needed him to be!"

"Like you needed me to be your dirty girl!? Your slut!? For you!?"

"Nooo, it's not like that!"

"Let's just see about that." Heather snapped. "You're not drunk now, so let's just see what it is like for you! Bring her over here!"

She walked briskly over to the kitchen table, looking back expectantly at me. Some of my anger was gone now, due to the way Heather had turned on. I remembered her telling me that she wasn't born yesterday as I hustled Dagmar along in her wake, more of her blouse shredding in the trip, her polka dot bowtie hanging over her bare, swaying boobs.

"What's going on?" Dagmar asked nervously, starting to fight me again.

I grabbed her by the arms and, after a brief struggle, got her to the table in the kitchen.

"H-hey, what's going on?"

Heather grinned wickedly, saying, "I told you, Mistress, we're gonna see what it's like with you."

She grabbed a tea towel that was hanging on the refrigerator door and climbed up on the table while I, grinning back at her now, dropped my pants, allowing my rapidly hardening prick to get free.

Before she could say anything to this, I spun her around and shoved her face down over the table, straight into Heather, who grabbed her wrists and quickly looped the tea towel around them.

"Hey!" Dagmar yelled as I tore the back of her dress pants open."

"Boy, stop!" she tried. (unbelievably)

Heather finished a fast knot, convincing me she must have been in the Girl Guides, or something, and yanked the disadvantaged brunette towards her, between her spread legs.

"We'll start with you sucking my pussy,... for me."

"Pet, I've always been good to you! Help me and you won't regre- Uhhh!!", she grunted, jerking violently backward. "No, stop it boy! Stop! Pet, please!", she finished as I tore her black panties from her body and out the hole I made in the back of her pants with both my hands.

"I said, suck my pussy, Mistress." Heather reminded, yanking her forward again by the towel wrapped around her wrists and sliding forward.

She let go with one hand and grabbed a handful of black hair at the back of her Mistress's head, shoving her face into her snatch.

"Lick me. Make me cum all over your beautiful face. You know you want me to."


"Yeah, she's wet." I said, receiving an angry sound from between Heather's legs in reply.

I unceremoniously shoved my full length straight into her, ramming her through the hole in her pants, roughly driving her pelvis against the edge of the weighted table in the process.

"AHHHHHH!! OH-HHH!!" Dagmar protested before Heather could drive her face back into her pussy.

I immediately started slamming her hard and deep, making her scream disjointedly into Heather, but I didn't relent. I treated her with no regard whatsoever and enjoyed it quite a bit, not even caring what her retribution would be. Heather certainly wasn't worried.

"C'mon, suck it! Lick my clit and suck like you taught me, I don't want your half measures!"

I had her by the hips and was enjoying the pace, the act, her desperate, halting howls of protest. Kicking her feet further apart, I took a better, deeper angle, grabbing her by the back of her ruined shirt and bra strap, hauling her into me with each thrust as Heather joyfully and shamelessly ground her pussy into her face. Suddenly, she stopped and raised Dagmar's head by a fistful of hair.

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