tagErotic HorrorChanging Ch. 01

Changing Ch. 01


"I'll take the Caesar salad please." Joy rolled her eyes at her best friend in the lunch line as she placed her order. "And a bagel too please."

"I'll take a ham and cheese sandwich and a soda please." Francine looked at her with one of those looks of hers, that 'Do you know an animal died for that sandwich?" look. Knowing damn well that Joy would make fun of her she didn't say anything though. The two of them sat at their favorite table outside on the balcony next to the railing for lunch, the same table they had shared for the last four years ever since they had met. The table overlooked the city from the fifth floor of the high-rise they both worked in. Although they worked for different high-tech firms they always managed to take lunch at the same time and so they always met here to talk about the world and whatever may have them interested at the time.

"You know, I don't get you." Joy said as Francine lit up a cigarette.

"What?" Francine asked.

"You're a vegetarian, work-out like crazy and can name every carcinogen that every fast food-restaurant laces its French fries with and yet you smoke?"

"Me? What about you miss six figure salary and moonlighter as a stripper every weekend?"

"Shhh, you want someone here to hear you? I strip cause its fun and I love the attention, not for the money what's your excuse?"

Francine blew out a long breath of smoke over the railing. "Who wants to live forever?" Joy just laughed.

"To not living forever!" she held up her bottle of juice in a toast. Francine clanked her bottle against Joy's and repeated the toast. The rest of the lunch was spent talking about the latest celebrity trash and the same three stories they had about their own encounters with fame that both of them had memorized. When all was said and done, Francine mashed out her cigarette, the two tossed their garbage and went to their separate offices.

Joy was an executive at her firm which meant she no longer really did what she was originally hired to do, program computers, now she just used them, forgot how they ran most of the time and made sure no one else did. She wondered if her popularity in the office was due to her long legs and short skirts, her smile which could light up a room or so she was told or the fact that she never got upset with anyone. She was usually so easy going it took a lot to get her upset but it did happen once in a while. Normally it had to be Jason, the one clod in the office that insisted on asking her to fuck him every day and not take no for an answer. Joy usually responded by making his life a living hell as best she could but he seemed to enjoy it, it didn't stop him one bit.

"Hey sexy..."

"Fuck off Jason." Joy responded as she walked by his cubicle on the way to her office, she didn't even look in his direction.

"Awww come on, please?" he pleaded to deaf ears. Joy just walked into her office and went over the performance assessments that she had been trying to get through for the last two days. She was almost done yesterday but something always happened, something like Jerry bursting in without knocking to announce that the system had been infected with another virus.

"Shit not again, who opened it this time?"

"We don't know, we think it was one of those auto-execute types."

"Is it one that the programs know about or is it new?"

"We're running the scans but I think it's new."

"Alright then just go through the files and see if you can figure it out the hard way, I'll tell Nikko."

"Right boss."

"And quit calling me boss." Joy walked into her former lover's office and down her nose at him with that coy look that always got him horny. He was on the phone and barely acknowledged her presence, something that always got her horny.

"I know we got infected with a new virus, I'm informing the head office now."

"People need to quit opening their e-mail attachments that come from unknown sources."

"I'll write another memo." Nikko responded sarcastically.

"It won't do any good. I think we should offer to have me strip for the male workers that don't open their e-mails."

"That won't do any good either, they've undressed you with their eyes too many times."

"Good point, I'm going to get those assessments done."

"No problem I'll take care of this one."

"Do me a favor and let me get these assessments done before you give me any more tasks, I've only got until tomorrow."


Joy walked back to her cubicle with a bit more bounce to her step than she'd previously had. She didn't know what it was about Nikko that got her energized, its not like he was all that attractive there was just something about him. Joy sat down in her office again and began reviewing files of the employees in her office. She had most of them done and was looking forward to finishing this last batch so that she could get to the next menial paperwork task that loomed over the horizon. She wasn't sure what is was about this new position but it just wasn't her, she lacked the enthusiasm that she had once brought to the company and just didn't look forward to coming to work anymore. That more than anything was why she danced at Grinder's Friday and Saturday nights, it was a break in the routine. Which reminded her, tonight was Friday and the day she would finally meet the stranger Heaven had been bragging about for so long. Not only that but she would also finally get wear her newest really awesome corset on stage with her matching garters. The thought of all the horny guys in the club rushing the stage while she wore that made her wet right there in the office and also made the assessments take the rest of the day.

Off work at five meant she had one hour exactly to go home, get her outfits, change into one of them and fly over to Grinders to be the first of the new shift change to dance on stage. She had complained to her boss that making her the first to dance wasn't fair because unlike most of the other girls she had a day job that didn't let her off until five. Unfortunately, she was always scheduled first and this night was no exception, poor Devon was trapped on stage dancing an extra song waiting for Joy to fly through the front door and jump up onto the stage. It was too early for the club to be crowded so she used one of the empty chairs at the stage to launch herself onto Devon.

"Sorry I'm late, again."

Devon laughed softly. "If this is my reward then be late every night I'm the last set."

Joy kissed the lesbian deeply much to the delight of the crowd who whooped and hollered at the display. "You're a doll, put my pack in my locker please, it should be open I don't leave anything in it."

"No problem love." Joy danced the rest of that song and the two she would normally have danced anyway while the other dancers filtered in and out. It was a pretty smooth changing of the guard she thought, normally three or four dancers were late but tonight only she was and only barely at that. After her last song she gathered up her pile of one-dollar bills and walked naked into the back room leaving the stage empty and the crowd waiting for the next dancer. The DJ started his rant about how the night shift was now in effect and the night was just getting started. Joy ignored it and walked up to her favorite spot in front of the mirror to redo her makeup now smeared from her mad dash to the club and dance on stage.

"Where's Heaven?" she asked Devon who hadn't left yet.

"Dunno she never showed up."

"Are you filling in for her?" Joy asked worried.

"Yep." Devon was pissed Joy could tell, she was just staring at the mirror not really paying attention to anything other than not getting into a fight with someone. Joy grabbed the pile of bills she had just collected and gave them to her.

"Congratulations, you're making double time tonight whatever I make is yours."

Devon looked at her in shock. "Are you serious?" she whispered.

"Yeah just don't tell anyone, you've earned it I think."

"But what about you?"

"You've seen my car." Joy whispered to Devon so no one else could hear. "Do you honestly think I need the money?"

"I love you." Devon sighed trying to hide her tears.

"I love you too."

Joy finally put on the corset and stockings about eleven that night. It had been pretty dead up until ten so she decided to wait until the crowd made it worthwhile. Heaven was still a no-show but some dark mysterious stranger had walked up to the stage and Joy was certain this was the guy she had been talking about, he fit the description perfectly. She danced with the corset on and a skimpy g-string that barely covered her love-mound that she had shaved especially for tonight. The corset was so stiff and laced so tight that she couldn't do any of the high-energy dance moves that she was known for so she picked a slow song and did her best to move slowly and seductively. Half way through the first set she unlaced the top strings of her corset and let her huge tits fall out of the top and by the time the song ended she had wrapped her g-string around some lucky guy's head. During the second song she unlaced the corset entirely and finished completely nude rubbing her cleavage against another guy's face. When the song finally finished she crawled around the stage collecting the dollars and saying thank you to the gathered crowd, when she got to the dark man though she paused to ask for a private dance.

"Is Heaven here tonight?" he asked instead of answering.

"No she didn't show up tonight, I don't know where she is. Are you her friend Dale?"

"Yes." He said somberly. He looked like his favorite puppy had just died.

"Heaven's talked so much about you, I've been eager to meet you, I'll be down in just a sec so we can talk ok?"

"Ok." He said looking surprised. Joy hurried to the back and slipped Devon all her bills, she hadn't counted them but there were at least two tens and some fives in the two handfuls. She pulled on a lace teddy and a thong and without checking her makeup dashed back onto the dance floor. The next dancer was already done with her first song and dancing through the second, Joy looked and found Dale sitting at one of the booths way in the back all alone. He was about as far from the stage as he could get and not even looking at the mirrors to see who was dancing on it. Joy slid into the seat next to him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

"Hi I'm Firehawk. You having fun tonight?" she beamed her brightest smile hoping to cheer him up, depressed customers didn't pay much and she had another dancer to make money for.

"Its nice to meet you, Heaven has mentioned you once or twice but I've never seen you dance before."

"I only dance on Fridays and Saturdays, makes it hard to catch me." Being a shameless flirt she ran her fingernails up and down the side of his neck and teased his earlobe, her efforts were rewarded with a smile and a soft moan. Despite herself Joy smiled. "Do you only get dances from Heaven?"

"Yes, I almost feel I'd be cheating on her if I didn't." he chuckled softly. "Its stupid I know."

"Don't worry, I hear that a lot all dancers have their favorites. So how about it, you want a private dance or do you want to talk some more?"

"I would like a dance yes." He looked at her for the first time since she sat next to him.

"Awesome, its forty dollars a song just tell me when you want to finish and you can pay me after." Joy stood up beaming a bright red smile at him and took him by his hand to a corridor off to the side of the main stage. Other customers and dancers were filing in and out of the small rooms on either side. Joy picked one that was empty and stood outside the door waiting for him to enter. As he walked past he brushed his hand across her thigh making her tingle and forming goose bumps.

"Tease." She whispered after the door was closed. The music was being piped in through a speaker near the ceiling and was about halfway through the song.

"Ok, I'm not going to be a bitch and dance half a song and make you pay for it so lets just chat it up a minute. How long have you been coming here?" Joy wrapped her arm around his shoulder and pressed her body against his as tight as she could for comfort making sure to rub one of her tits against his arm. The treatment was arousing him and forming a bulge in his pants.

"About a year or so, I only come in occasionally."

"Wow, I've been her for three years and I've never seen you before, you must not make it in very often."

"My wife..." he trailed off and Joy changed the subject quickly.

"How did you know Heaven?"

"We were having an affair."

"Whoops, bad choice of questions." Joy forced a laugh. "I'm not going to go there."

"That's ok, you didn't know." The song ended and Joy slipped out of her teddy and onto his lap.

"I'm just going to dance until you tell me to stop and don't worry, no one can see us so keep it in your pants and only use your hands and we'll be alright."

"I thought I was only allowed to touch your ass and non-privates?"

"So I'm easy." Joy danced three songs for him before he decided to stop, his hands felt like silk along her skin and his touch lit her up like a match. He had caressed and massaged her tits a way that no one ever had, even Devon who was a hard-core lesbian. Fortunately he never reached between her legs for he would have felt how soaked her panties were. When she was done she kissed him gently on the cheek and gave him a big hug before leaving him on the floor. She had about fifteen minutes until her next set which wasn't enough time to get a good run of private dances going and she needed to cool off anyway so she headed for the back room teddy in hand only g-string for clothes. A couple of customers saw her and gaped at her as she walked past, she smiled brightly and waved as she walked by. When she walked in she saw Heaven curled up on the couch crying, her arms had been cut badly and she was hiding her face, paramedics were already there trying to patch her up but she wasn't being very cooperative. Suddenly very self-conscious Joy held her teddy over her tits to hide them from the display and walked around the group to talk to one of the other dancers about what was going on.

"Hey Asia, what happened here?" she asked her prior arousal now completely forgotten.

"She was fucking that guy, the one you got a dance with and his wife tried to kill her."

Joy's jaw dropped and she ran outside to the floor, dropped her teddy and overlooked the fact that all she was wearing was a thong and tried to find Dale. He was nowhere to be found, she ran back inside to talk to Asia again.

"He's gone I hope she doesn't try to kill him too." Joy plopped down in the chair no longer caring who saw her mostly naked body, pulling off her thong she ignored what was going on and got ready for her next dance set. The rest of the night went without incident but Joy was too worried about the wife showing up and trying to hack the shit out of her. It showed in her dances, many of the customers asked if she was ok and the amount of money she was getting dropped dramatically, when the club finally closed she was grateful to leave. Hanging out in the back room nude she took deep breaths trying to ground herself, it was a ritual she did every time she left and no one bothered her, by the time she was done she and Devon were the only two left, as usual.

"Are you ok?" Devon asked her.

"No, I'm scared. If that bitch of a murderer is that fucking crazy my ass may be next."

Devon laughed. "Don't worry about that, his wife was arrested and is rotting away in the clink without bail, she won't bother anyone."

"Thank the God and Goddess." Joy breathed a big sigh of relief. "C'mon I'll take you home." At four in the morning the city was devoid of life so just for fun Joy decided not to dress and walked from the club to her car naked. Devon shook her head the whole way out to the parking lot.

"Hang on a second." Devon stopped Joy short of the car and grabbed her tits squeezing them and licking her nipples.

"Mmmmm, baby you sure do know how to show a girl a good time." Pulling off her own clothes Devon went back to sucking on Joy's tits and rubbing her body against Joy's. Joy wrapped her fingers in the other dancer's hair and moaned loudly closing her eyes and rolling her head around her shoulders as Devon sucked and tongued her nipples to pertness. Devon stopped after a minute or so and stood up to wrap Joy in a passionate embrace.

"Mike's watching." She said before kissing Joy deeply.

"Let him watch." Joy replied between kisses.

"I hate being watched." Devon pulled away and gathered up her clothes before walking to the passenger door.

"Bitch." Joy winked at her.

"Slut." Devon responded.






"Flatterer." Devon said before climbing in. Joy smiled broadly and climbed behind the wheel of her Dodge Viper RT-10. Devon lived a few miles away so in all too short a time Joy had dropped her girlfriend off and was heading home. Before getting back onto the freeway though a Mercedes Benz SL 500 had pulled alongside her at a red light at the freeway on ramp and revved its engine. Its windows were tinted so she couldn't see inside but hers were tinted also so her would-be challenger couldn't see her either. She smiled wickedly, unlike the Mercedes her Viper wasn't stock, a new stand-alone engine management system and titanium mandrel-bent exhaust were two of her long list of modifications that she had installed to increase the power output of the monster roadster. She revved her engine responding to the challenge and took off when the light turned green to blast down the freeway hitting sixty in just under four seconds and one hundred a few scant seconds later. The 500 tried to keep up and did a good job of it through first and second gears but once she had shifted into third the massive V-10 kicked in all the power she had given it and the SL 500 fell into the distance unable to keep up.

Hitting the flashers she let off the gas and let the car coast down to freeway speeds. The Mercedes pulled up behind her and shadowed her as she drove along, she decided to meet this mystery driver so she pulled off the freeway and parked in a closed gas station waiting for him to climb out of the car. She cracked the window and waited inside the car wanting to surprise hmi with her still nude body. A tall muscular man climbed out of the Mercedes wearing what looked like workout clothes, he was pale and had hair dyed white with his black roots showing. He walked up to the window and looked through the crack, although he was obviously about to say something when he saw her, his words caught in his throat. She rolled the window down all the way so he could see her in all her glory.

"Nice car." She said smiling broadly.

"Nice tits." He responded.

"Flirt. So what brings a guy like you in a $90,000+ sports car out on a night like this wearing work out clothes? Just get done at the gym?"

"Yeah, what's your excuse?"

"I just got off of work at Grinder's."

"What?" he stood up straight surprised. "No fucking way."

She laughed at the disbelief in his voice and on his face. "For real, I'm a stripper. I wanted to have some late-night fun."

"Bullshit, no stripper drives a Viper."

"I have a day job you know." She cocked her head to one side and rested it on her hand. "How did a jock get an AMG? You play for the NFL?"

"Pro hockey actually. Took me three seasons to save up for this. No bullshit, you're a stripper?" he was still in shock.

"Come by the club tomorrow night and see for yourself, ask for Firehawk." She held out her hand to wave good-bye as she turned the engine back on when she felt him grab it and bite her wrist.

"Ow." She burst out startled at the bite. "I think." She sat there staring at him sucking on her wrist and watching her blood dribble down his chin onto the ground, it didn't hurt at all, actually it felt good. He looked up still holding her hand and talked through two blood stained fangs.

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