tagErotic HorrorChanging Ch. 02

Changing Ch. 02


Joy knocked on the door to her girlfriend's apartment and waited patiently for her to open the door. The sign on the front door normally said "Clothing optional beyond this point" but the word "optional" had masking tape over it and written in felt pen instead was the word "forbidden." This was actually the rule of the house, anyone who was invited over was informed in advance that all clothing was to be removed upon entry, most assumed it was because of wild sex orgies or that the occupants were addicted to seeing naked bodies to fantasize and masturbate about. The real truth was that Devon and her roommate were naturalists and enjoyed being naked more than being clothed and since their home was their sanctum they chose for it to be a private nudist colony.

Devon opened the door in a robe and Joy slid inside promptly removing her top and shorts so that her better half could hang the robe up next to the door where it hung so that passer-by would not see naked bodies and possibly be offended whenever they opened the door. Devon's roommate was nowhere to be seen so Joy inquired why before sitting down on the couch.

"He got called into work today." Devon sat next to her and lit a cigarette, breathing in the smoke and letting it out in one long breath. "So what's up, you sounded freaked over the phone?"

"I met this guy last night." Joy stopped, unsure about how to continue, she looked at the floor feeling ashamed all of a sudden.

"So?" Devon looked confused. "You're free to fuck all the cock you want you know that. Just knock it off when we get married is all."

"I know, it's not that..." Joy couldn't bring herself to explain.

"Joy, what's wrong? You are seriously freaked out I can tell."

"I had a dream that this guy I raced against was a vampire and he followed me home to rape me and kill me." She blurted it out so fast Devon obviously didn't catch it all so Joy explained in detail the race and what happened after she got home.

"That's the weird part, I don't remember much of it but I don't remember ever lying down to sleep either, it's like my dream erased part of my memory and replaced it."

"Sounds pretty vivid too, definitely one freaky fucking dream. No wonder you're so bent out of shape." Devon took a drag on her smoke before continuing. "What do you remember about it?"

"I felt myself dying." Joy finally looked back at her partner. "It felt so real I woke up screaming. I thought I was dead."

"Dying? Wow, it's said that if you ever died in your dream you would die in real life too. What did that feel like?"

"It was like, slipping away. I could myself shutting down, I got cold, by limbs went numb and my eyesight and hearing gradually faded until I was almost deaf and blind. It was at the moment that I thought I had died when I woke up."

Devon and Joy just sat on the couch for a long time without saying anything to each other. They shifted uncomfortably and occasionally stared at each other. Devon finished her cigarette and mashed it out in a nearby ashtray.

"Thankfully it was just a dream." Devon broke the silence finally.

"Yeah, you hungry?" Joy finally asked.

"Nah I just ate."

"I'm going to grab some grub before going to work. Need a ride?" Joy stood and went to gather her clothes.

"Sure, wait up." They went to Joy's house first so she could gather her outfits for the club that night and put on her underwear. After that they went to a fast food place to get some food. They didn't talk much and Devon noticed that something was wrong with Joy's skin.

"You're getting red." She pointed out after they sat down. Joy looked at her arm and saw that a minor sunburn had formed.

"Well it's hotter than hell out there, guess I need to start wearing sunscreen again."

"Its not that hot Joy, its only the mid seventies."

"Come on you know how my skin is, I always burn easily its all that time I spend indoors."

"Yeah but its never been this bad, you should have it checked out."

"Ok I will, as soon as my vacation starts." Joy was worried about her skin though she hadn't been in the sun that long and she had never burned this easily before, maybe the stress from work? She couldn't see how.

"You're taking a vacation? I didn't know about that, when?" Joy cursed herself for letting her surprise slip out.

"Yeah, next week, I arranged for you and me to have one week all to ourselves to have fun, frolic and be crazy in Puerto Rico."

Devon yelped in delight and hugged Joy so tight Joy thought she was going to suffocate. Devon had always wanted to visit the Caribbean and now she was going to get her chance. For the rest of the hour and a half they had until they had to work at the club Devon didn't talk about anything else. She must have brought up five times about how she wanted to go snorkeling nude and see the famous Barracuda that sometimes swam up to tourists. On the way to Grinder's, Joy stopped and grabbed some sunscreen, it helped her skin heal up some and she didn't feel as hot as she had before.

When they arrived they saw Heaven walking the floor serving drinks. She was wearing a long skirt and long-sleeved shirt trying to hide the bandages that showed at the end of the sleeves. Her shirt was low-cut though showing what meager breasts she had. Joy walked up to Heaven to see how she was.

"How you feeling sweetie? You sure you're ok to work?"

"I'll be fine, just some surface cuts, didn't even need stitches. Mostly freaked out really but that murdering bitch is in jail so I feel safe." She walked over to the bar and ordered drinks for a couple of customers. "Are you ok Joy? You look awfully pale."

"I'm alright, had a freaky dream last night left me pretty rattled."

"All this horseshit going on it's a surprise we're getting any sleep at all." Devon chimed in. She gave Heaven a hug and wished her well before Heaven walked into the crowd to serve her customer's drinks. "Good kid, never should have happened to her."

"Bad things happen to good people unfortunately. Come on lets get ready to hit the stage." Joy spent less than thirty minutes getting her makeup and hair done up for her first set at six-thirty. She did have help though Devon danced the first song and then ran into the back to help Joy with her hair, naked she fixed Joy's hair up in an elaborate bun while Joy finished her makeup. Joy finally slid into a very tight evening gown that she normally wore for company functions and strapped on her favorite high heels.

Walking out onto the stage she kept her eyes closed and rubbed her body suggestively, the crowd seemed to grow quiet so that all she could really hear was the music. She counted her steps and stopped perfectly at the end of the stage before squatting in front of a young man who's jaw hung open looking up at her. She smiled warmly and danced in a crouch at the end of the stage moving from one guy to the next and then the next working her way back down to the opposite end of the stage mostly lying down and sliding out of her dress. Like two mountains on her chest her saline enhanced tits stuck straight up into the air as she arched her back and then laid back down flat again. Her nipples were erect and only added to the effect.

She kept her movements slow and tried to be more seductive than wild and crazy as she usually was. Although that wasn't normally her style it seemed to fit her mood at the moment. Tip money piled high in several spots on either side of the stage as she stood up and let the gown fall to her ankles, stepping from the garment and walking nude back towards the youth at the head of the stage she thought she spotted a familiar person sitting at a nearby table and made a mental note of where it was and to check him out later. She was more focused on the young man at her feet at the moment.

Spreading her legs to flash her crotch she crouched in front of him and pushed her tits together rubbing them and licking one of her nipples. As the song ended she grabbed the handrail and pushed her massive chest into his face, smacking them back and forth against his cheeks. His breath was hot and moist against her skin and almost felt like it burned. As the song finished smiled broadly, blew him a kiss and collected her bills. The crowd erupted in applause and some of the men at the stage even stood up. She was surprised at the reaction, she couldn't remember ever having a crowd get as excited as this for her. She must have put on a hell of a show.

She walked into the back room and counted her tips, over one hundred dollars had been given to her by the crowd. Pretty good considering the stage was half-empty.

"Wow, quite a hall." A dancer named Princess was staring her cash pile as if it were pure gold.

"Hey, leave some for the rest of us!" another dancer joked.

"Yeah we po'." Said Ashley, one of Joy's best friends at the club. She was a tiny Asian woman who barely hit five feet tall, quite a contrast to Joy's height of six feet two inches.

"Don't be hogging all the rich guys for yourself." Ashley wrapped her arm around Joy's shoulder and sat in her lap. "Oh Devon, I'm stealing your girlfriend!"

"If you want her that bad, you can have her!"

"Hey!" Joy turned to her lover. "I'm going to remember that!" Devon stuck out her tongue at Joy while Ashley stood up and gathered her clothing to leave.

"You two go ahead and fight over me, I'll date whoever wins."

"Damn, I'm sleeping alone again tonight." Devon snapped her fingers in mock disappointment.

"Oh please." Joy shook her head laughing and pulled out the share of money she had to give to the DJ. She also strapped on a string bikini top and pulled on a thong to walk the floor and try to scare up a few dances, by the way the crowd reacted to her dancing though she doubted that she would have to ask very many guys.

As she walked up to the DJ to hand in his share of her tips she looked back to the table she had made a mental note of and froze. Sitting next to a tall woman with a long pink ponytail was the man she had raced against the previous night. She could only stare at where he sat in fear, he wasn't looking in her direction and had a drink in front of him that seemed to be occupying his attention at the moment. The woman had no hair on her head except for where her ponytail was tied at the top near the back. She was wearing all black and had a couple of piercings in her face, one in her lip and one in her eyebrow. She looked bored and he looked to the stage waiting for the next dancer.

"Hey, are you ok? You look like you just saw a ghost?" Damien, the DJ was tugging on her arm trying to get her attention.

"I think I just did, excuse me." She boldly walked up to the man and stood next to his table waiting for him to notice her. It didn't take long.

"Holy shit, you do work here." He said in genuine surprise. She only smiled warmly and held her arms out to her sides briefly.

"This is her?" the pink haired woman asked incredulous. "I've seen better boob jobs on plastic dolls." She stood up and angrily walked out of the club.

"Sorry, she just wanted to know who I'd dumped her for."

"Not me, I'm engaged." Joy crossed her arms in front of her chest suddenly irritated by the last comment. "Who are you?"

He held out his hand for her to shake, she took it and let go. "Darius, nice to meet you, again."

"Same, I think. Did you really dump her for me?"

"Wow you don't fuck around do you?"


"Yes I did really dump her for you, you look so much better than her don't you think?"

"No." angry, Joy turned and walked away from him.

"Hey! Aren't you going to ask me for a dance?" he stood up disappointed.

"Mmmmmm, fuck off." Joy walked around the floor and asked the youth at the head of the stage instead. He eagerly said yes and took her outstretched hand.

"This way please." She walked him over to her favorite private booth thankfully it was unoccupied at the moment. Opening the door she motioned for him to sit down on the loveseat that was inside the private room. She leaned against the wall opposite him and waited for the song to end.

"Ever been here before?" she asked.

"Nope." He sat smiling like a Cheshire cat and bouncing from anticipation.

"Ok, its forty dollars a dance and you pay me when we're all done. I'm just going to dance for you until you tell me to stop ok?"

"So what do we do back here?" he looked around as if he was trying to catch someone spying on them.

"Don't worry the room's private, no one monitors us. We do whatever I let you do." Joy looked up at the speaker waiting for the next song to play, when she looked back she jumped in shock, Darius was sitting where the young man had just been.

"I don't think so." He stood up and walked over to her, somehow he had caught her in that same trance he had used the last time he raped her, her mind screamed at her to run but she simply couldn't bring herself to, her body wouldn't obey any of her mental commands and no matter how badly she wanted to she just couldn't reach for the handle of the door to escape.

"I didn't dump my pushy girlfriend to be pushed around by you." He leaned in close and nibbled on her neck with only his teeth, she didn't feel the fangs, yet. "You've changed quickly, won't be long now and your fiancée will he history."

"You leave her alone or I swear to God."

"You'll what? You'll be one of us before you know it, hell you'll probably get her long before I do." He bit her neck with his fangs and she felt the now all too familiar piercing of her skin followed by waves of ecstasy and passion. She creamed her thong and grabbed his hair sucking in her breath as he drank her blood. Again some of it spilled from his mouth and ran traces down her shoulder and in between her tits. Her mind fought against the overwhelming lust that had now taken over her senses but to no avail, soon she was completely taken by desire for this man, she pulled his head from her neck and kissed him passionately tasting her blood in his mouth.

He pulled off her costume and stripped out of his own clothes before kissing her again, the open wound in Joy's neck spilled blood down the front of her body at a prodigious rate but she just ignored it. The taste of her own blood had erupted a passion inside her body that she had never felt before and she wanted to fuck him right then and there, grabbing his rock-hard cock she guided it to her dripping pussy only to have him stop her.

"Not yet." He grabbed her head and made her kneel before him stuffing his cock into her mouth. She opened wide and wrapped her lips around his shaft sucking him off while he held onto her hair. He fucked her face and forced his cock far enough down her throat to make her gag and cough. Her blood continued to pour from her neck in an unstoppable flow tracing rivers down her torso and dripping from her bald pussy to form a puddle on the floor between her legs. He held her hair tightly as she teased the head of his cock with her tongue before he shoved it deep into her throat and fucked her mouth until she gagged and coughed again. The loss of blood was beginning to make her feel light-headed.

"Please fuck me, please before I die again." She begged him. He picked her up under her shoulders and slammed her up against the wall, she wrapped her legs around his body and he placed the head of his cock against her pussy lips teasing her.

"Tell me you want it, tell me how badly you want me to fuck you." He hissed in her ear. He held her so close that their bodies rubbed together and Joy's blood smeared all over the both of them.

"I want it so bad, I want it more than anything, please fuck me till I die." Her vision was becoming blurred and her limbs became cold as she felt her life slipping away from her.

He pushed his cock into her pussy with enough force to lift her a few inches into the air before catching her and riding her hard and fast. She moaned loudly with each thrust and thrashed about in his grasp lost in her passion, she could feel her orgasm growing as her body failed her. He held on tight and fucked her harder and faster with each stroke of his cock. Sucking on the bite he had made earlier his moans and grunts were muffled in her neck. Her vision went completely black and her hearing had almost completely failed, her strength was totally gone and she could no longer move her own limbs but her lust was the most intense it had ever been in her life. How fitting that she would feel it at the end of her life and she would slip into death without even getting her own orgasm.

"Joy, JOY SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!" Devon was shaking Joy furiously trying to get her to wake up. Joy startled out of her trance and thrashed about wildly for a few seconds before settling down and collecting her thoughts.

"What? Where is Darius?" she asked through a fog. Devon just looked at her confused.

"Darius? You were dancing for Robert here."

"Yeah you fell catatonic and shit, I got freaked out and ran for help."

Joy looked from Devon to Robert and around at a few on-lookers who were obviously very worried about her. One of them was the pink haired girl she had seen with Darius earlier, unlike everyone else though she looked pissed.

"Who's Darius?" Devon asked.

"You're never going to believe me." Joy curled into the fetal position and began to cry. "He found me again, he killed me again."

Everyone around Joy just stared at her in shock.

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