tagErotic HorrorChanging Ch. 03

Changing Ch. 03


Darius peeked out the window of his apartment and tried to ignore the burning of the sunlight against his skin. Soon, the sun would go down and he could hunt, hopefully finding new prey. His latest catch was exquisite but even she felt somewhat lacking, he needed a new victim.

"You going out to find your new slut again?" Whisper, his wife had snuck up behind him without him noticing. He had no idea how she managed to do that, he thought after all these centuries that he knew all the tricks but apparently not.

"My new wife you mean?"

"Oh yeah, you dumped me, sorry I forgot." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"I figured your last session with me would be a final reminder."

Despite herself, Whisper smiled, she enjoyed being tortured to death and had the scars to prove it. She wasn't one of his kind yet and he had married her originally planning on changing her but had changed his mind, if he did that then she would have no further need for him, he didn't like that idea.

"Well strangling me to death is what I call foreplay, you should know that after ninety-four years." Whisper crossed her arms across her chest. "Till death do us part darling."

"You died, therefore we part." Darius noticed that the sun had finally dropped below the skyline and turned to leave. Whisper watched him go with hatred in her eyes.

"Ninety-four years." She hissed after he had closed the door. Whisper walked over to the phone and dialed a number she had memorized at the strip club. One of the patrons had taken an interest in her and she was not about to go without just because Darius had grown tired of her.

A female voice answered on the other end. "Hello?"

"Hello, is Jake there?" she asked casually.

"Yes he is, may I ask who's calling?"

"His new girlfriend." The woman on the other end chuckled slightly.

"Here he is."

"My new girlfriend?" he asked sounding confused. Whisper sat down in an easy chair.

"Don't tell me you forgot about me already, we met at the club last night after my asshole husband ditched me for some stripper."

"Oh yeah, I remember you now, punk girl with the pink ponytail. What's up?"

"He just left for some ho-bag and I'm eager for some revenge, come on over." She gave him directions and hung up the phone. Walking into her bedroom she opened up the closet and pulled out what she was going to wear for her new fuck-buddy. She didn't bother dolling herself up, just painted on some pink eyeliner and brushed herself up with sparkles, strapped on some thigh-high boots, a latex mini and attached a pair of nipple clamps to her tits. The sting of the crushing pressure instantly made her pussy wet and she hoped inwardly that Jake would hurry over. She put on a loose fitting pink tank top and sat on the couch waiting for her lover to arrive.

She thought back to the day she and Darius had first met, after her first husband had died. It had been during World War One, she had married her love and he went off to war, like so many others he never returned and she was heart broken. A few days after his death a stranger came to call offering her the love she had lost, lonely she accepted without question, a choice she had lived and died regretting.

A knock came to the door and Whisper focused her concentration for a moment at whom it might be. In her mind's eye she could see Jake standing at the door wearing a leather jacket and jeans, the jacket was open revealing the fact that he wasn't wearing a shirt. Focusing her concentration differently she asked him to come mentally. In his mind he had heard her shout through the door for him to come in, that the door was unlocked so he did.

"What took you so long?" Whisper asked from the couch as he entered the room.

"Hit a few red lights on the way over, got all dolled up I see."

"Hardly, but I did make and extra effort just for you." She lifted the shirt to reveal her bare breasts and the nipple clamps attached to them.

"Nice, I like." He walked over to where she sat on the couch and grabbed the chain between the two clamps stretching her tits out as far as the flesh would allow. The stabbing pain intensified ten fold as he pulled on her clamps. She sucked in her breath and arched her back as he pulled her to her feet resisting only as much as she dared to keep her nipples from being ripped free of her body. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back trying to resist the urge to bite into the flesh of his neck and kill him right then and there. He let go of the clamps and held onto her shoulders.

"Tease." She tried to catch her breath. "You like pain?"

"Yes ma'am." He said staring straight up, she still had a hold of his hair.

"Good, you're going to love this." Whisper pulled off his jacket and raked her nails along his back. He cried out from the pain and kissed her passionately running his nails down her back as they kissed. She clutched his hair and pulled on it while digging her fingertips into one shoulder and running her other hand down his torso into his pants to stroke his hard cock.

"Fuck foreplay, just fuck me." She demanded. He pushed her back onto the couch and she landed with her legs spread displaying her bare pussy for him to see, he went down on her while he took off his jeans and his shoes, she moaned and writhed in pleasure as he licked her pussy and flicked his tongue around her clit. Once his pants and shoes were free of his body he kneeled in front of her as she guided his cock into her dripping hot sex, it entered easily from her wetness and he began pumping her slowly building up a rhythm and gaining speed steadily. Her mind went wild from desire as he fucked her, she spread her legs s far as she could and grabbed her ankles so he could penetrate deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her moans grew in volume and intensity as he picked up momentum her ecstasy reaching a fever pitch, she wasn't sure how much longer she cold last he was fucking her so good.

"Come in my pussy! Fill me with your hot load!" she was breathless about to loose control of herself.

"Yes ma'am, Yes MA'AM!" he shouted as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could.

"I'm…going…to…come!" she shouted as her orgasm rocked her body filling her every pore with sexual energy, she came long and screamed with each wave of pleasure that passed through her body. He came in the middle of her orgasm filling her pussy with his hot jizz, just as she'd ordered. He was obedient she had to give him that, she decided not to kill him, yet.

"Ok, I'm done with you, go home."

"Huh? You don't want to enjoy the afterglow?" he asked hurt.

"Sorry, I need to see someone for dinner."

Joy sat on her couch at home alone confused and afraid. She was still in shock from the weekend unable to cope with what had happened to her. Devon had been in and out of her apartment trying to console her to little success. Joy watched the sun fall towards the horizon out her kitchen window and felt dread well up inside her. He would come back for her, she was sure of that, two nights in a row he had somehow entered her mind and raped and murdered her by drinking her blood dry. She couldn't explain why but she was certain that the "dreams" had not been dreams, had been very much real and she was now a walking corpse or about to be one.

She walked around the house aimlessly trying to gather her thoughts. Her hair was a mess her makeup smeared and streaked from crying all night and day and she stunk having not bothered to bathe in the last two days. The club had let her go home after the attack and she called in sick to work at the high-tech firm she worked for. Devon had gone to her boss to explain what had happened over the weekend and he extended her vacation by one week so she could recover. Although she had no income at the moment she was certain her sizable savings could easily cover any expenses.

Sitting down on the couch again she stared off into space trying to make sense of what was happening to her. In the last attack she hadn't woken up before dying, she actually had felt her life leave her before Devon had woken her up. In the first attack she had snapped herself out of it just before dying from lack of blood. He had come to the club to finish her off she was sure but how had he replaced the young man she was supposed to be dancing for? She had not imagined the whole thing, she couldn't have, one minute he was Robert, the next minute he was Darius just long enough to seduce her and kill her before running off to parts unknown without anyone being the wiser.

So was she dead or was she alive? Her heartbeat, she was breathing and she still got hungry and needed sleep so she figured she had somehow survived the attack. Or had actually come back to life after dying although how was a mystery to her. She felt the need to tell someone, to report Darius for what he had done but how did she report this guy for murder if she was still walking and talking? Not only that but as far as the only witness knew she had simply fallen into some weird kind of trance for a minute, maybe two. The whole attack seemed to last much longer though, maybe she had somehow hallucinated it?

Her mind reeling she stood up and walked back into the kitchen to look out the window, the last rays of the setting sun had just disappeared below the horizon raising the fear in her heart. She had to do something to protect herself but what? How did you keep out someone who could invade your very mind?

She grabbed her head and began to cry again, slouching onto the floor she curled up into the fetal position and cried until her eyes burned from her rubbing the tears out of them. She was helpless and could nothing about it, not now that the sun had fallen from the sky, her only net of safety was now completely gone.

Joy looked at the gathering stars and the darkening sky. Bright orange colors shown from the clouds painting a beautiful skyline over the sunset. Shadows grew in height to eventually engulf the entire city in darkness, a protective blanket for her killer to wander free through, inexorably making his way towards her house. She tried to rack her brain and think of some way to protect herself from this Darius. What could she do? How could she think him out of her mind? How could she fight against that trance he held her in so well that she enjoyed dying? She could think of no answers and as the last rays of sunlight dissipated into complete nightfall her fear grew into panic. If she stayed here she would be easy prey but how could she run from him, he could attack her without even being in the same room, would it matter if she ran? Could distance keep her safe? What about her bride to be, Devon? He knew about her, would she be next if Joy got away? Yes, he already said so. He also mentioned that Joy herself was changing into one of him, a vampire. Another killer to stalk the night and torture helpless victims like she was being tortured right now.

That more than anything was what bothered her about the whole exchange. Was it too late for her? Was she going to become a brutal killer like Darius was? If so Devon was probably better off if Joy ran away to never return, otherwise she might become Joy's first victim. The first of how many, and how would her disposition change if she was to become a vampire? Would she become heartless and cruel? Would she stop caring about human life and kill indiscriminately as if she was swatting flys? She couldn't bear the thought of loosing her humanity or compassion to this creature, if Darius was turning her into one of him and he was right she was doomed to a life of death.

Joy looked around the apartment and noticed for the first time that it was completely dark she hadn't turned any of the lights on while the sun was setting. Still crouched on the kitchen floor she simply curled up tighter resting her head on the tips of her knees and wrapped her tear soaked robe around her otherwise naked body. She was too terrified to think much less get up and turn on the lights in the house. Not like it would do any good, man-made light did nothing to vampires so why bother? She might not even see him coming and therefore, not even know she had died this time. She wondered about her changing though, it might explain the new sensitivity to sunlight and the comment Heaven had made about her being pale. She had once had a light tan all over her body. Not dark but definitely not pale, at the time she simply figured she had lost what little tan she had from the chill of winter but now she began to think again. If she really was becoming a vampire that would definitely be one symptom of her body dying.

She stood up and looked out the window into the night wondering where he was, if he was jacking off to the memories of killing her or if he had found a new victim, his work done on her. If so she had some measure of relief from him, but not what was to become of her, it was all too frightening for her to think about. And what about the pink haired girl he had entered the club with? She had obviously not liked Joy on sight and seemed even more upset after the attack although that could have been because of what Darius had done to her instead of anything about her specifically. He had dumped her for Joy after all so she could totally understand why the pink girl was so upset.

She stood up and dropped the robe from her body walking over to a full-length mirror. Turning on a hall light she examined her nude body carefully. She was awfully pale but otherwise had retained her athletic form gained from years in the gym working out with Francine. She checked her neck and shoulder for any signs of wounds but saw only smooth milky skin, no scarring, no marks, nothing. She walked over to the bathroom and washed her face trying to get the ruined makeup off. Not because she cared about her appearance she simply needed something to do, Devon had to work at the club that night and Francine was out of town with her husband so she was alone again that night. Because of that she was caught completely by surprise when someone knocked on the door.

Joy froze water dripping from her face into the sink, after a couple of minutes whoever was at the door knocked again. It isn't Darius she thought to herself, he never knocked, why should he, he could enter her very mind? Slowly she put on her robe and by the third knock had answered the door, the pink haired girl stood on the other side smiling warmly, genuinely.

"I'm sorry about the other night, I wasn't mad at you, I was just mad."

"You." Joy whispered, frozen in fear.

"Jesus, he did a number on you didn't he?" she said, examining Joy through the crack in the door.

"What do you want?" Joy was about to slam the door and call the cops, for all the good it would have done.

"I want to talk." She answered quietly.

"I don't believe you."

"If you close that door on me I will leave and never return. If you invite me in I will not harm you in any way, you have my word, I only want to tell you what's been happening to you."

Joy considered for a moment the girl's offer. She had given Joy her word that she would not be harmed if she invited the girl in, normally that would have been good enough for her but things were not normal at the time.

"What about Darius?" Joy asked, still quaking in fear.

"He can't harm you while I'm here. Do you want to know the truth? What's really happening to your body?"

Joy thought for a moment longer and then stepped back to let the pink haired girl in. After she walked in Joy closed the door believing she had just closed the door on her life and opened the door to her new future as a vampire.

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