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Changing Places


"Come on, let's make a run for it," John yelled over the downpour of rain to his wife, Debbie. John had taken his wife golfing for the first time and now they were caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. After the next rumble, lightning flashed only a second later.

"Shit," Debbie yelped, grabbing his hand so he could help pull her along.

Soaking wet the young married couple headed toward the closest covering which was still fifty or so yards away. The next crash hit somewhere behind them and caused their hair to stand on end.

John and Debbie dove to the ground, sliding across the wet grass into a gully. John ended up on top of his wife, her legs spread on either side of him. Despite the circumstances, John couldn't help but get a hard on. As far as he was concerned, his wife was as hot as they got. She had big, natural 34D tits that were mashed against his chest, a slim waist, and firm, tight ass that stuck out just right. He referred to her as ‘bubble butt' all the time. John was a sucker for brunettes with dark brown eyes and he felt he was the luckiest man in the world to have married Debbie.

"Come on babe, let's fuck," he said, lifting up her little skirt and working a finger inside her panties.

"Are you crazy, John?" she screamed over the driving rain, "we're gonna get struck by lightening and you wanna screw?"

He grinned as he worked his finger into her wet opening. John knew if, he worked on her clit for just a few seconds she'd give in. Sure enough, after mild resistance, she began getting wet and then spread her legs for him. John quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his stiff dick out. With a little maneuvering he was able to position himself over her pussy and plunge in.

Debbie dug her fingers into his shoulders as her husband thrust in and out of her cunt. Pelting rain stung her face as she was on the brink of orgasm. John gave one last thrust and grunted in unison with Debbie's crying out... which abruptly changed to a scream as the flashing light and ear-splitting sound of thunder crashed into them.

* * *

"I think he's coming out of it," a female voice said, while a rhythmic beeping from somewhere.

Debbie heard the voice and felt reassured that John was okay. Her eyes flickered and then she was staring up at a woman in white.

"Where am I?" she moaned. "It's going to be all right," she replied sweetly, "you and your wife were struck by lightening."

"Is she talking to me?" Debbie thought. "What does she mean, me and my wife?"

"We've got your wife here in the same room with you, you're both lucky to be alive."

Debbie turned her head slightly to look over at the bed next to her and saw herself before passing out.

* * *

Debbie woke early the next morning thinking to herself, that's the weirdest dream I've ever had. I wonder if I almost died and saw myself lying in my own bed?


She heard her voice, but she hadn't said anything. Looking in the direction that the voice had come from her eyes widened and she tried to scream, but no noise came out.

"Just calm down Debbie. This is going to take some time to understand, but I think I've got it figured out."

Debbie was staring at herself in the other bed, trying to understand how someone could look so much like her.

"Debbie, it's me John."

"No way," Debbie said, but instead of sounding high and light, her voice came out much deeper. "What the hell's wrong with me," she said again in an equally masculine voice.

"Debbie, we've switched places. I don't know how it happened. All I can figure is that it had something to do with the lightening strike while we were making love on the golf course. The strike while we were both in the middle of cumming."

Debbie looked at her hands for the first time. They had hair on them and were masculine.

"Here" her look a like said to her, handing her a mirror.

Debbie looked into it and her husband John was in the reflection. She reached up and touched her face... scrunched it up, and then pinched herself. "Oww," it was definitely her. She looked back at her body in the bed next to her. "John? Is that really you?"

"Yep... I know it's impossible and I've been thinking it through for hours now, but some how we've changed bodies."

"What the hell are we gonna do?" Debbie asked.

"Well, I think we're going to be okay physically... I mean, beyond the switch. I've come to the conclusion that I don't think we should tell anyone. It's just too weird... no one will believe us and they'll probably just send us to a mental ward."

"You don't think we'll stay like this forever do you?" Debbie asked.

"It's hard to say. I hope not, but I know we're better off trying to figure it out on our own... at least at first. We can always try to get help later," John said confidently.

Debbie sat up and then rolled her legs over the side of the bed to get up.

"What're doing?" John asked.

"I've gotta pee."

John looked on with amusement as Debbie made her way into the bathroom and began to close the door.

"I hope you know how to use that thing," he laughed.

Debbie pulled the hospital gown aside and looked down at the penis hanging down between her legs. This is so strange, she thought, all this stuff instead of being flat. Reaching down she awkwardly pinched the penis between her finger and thumb and tried to aim. The piss came roaring out and splattered off the side of the toilet.

"Shit," Debbie cried out. She heard John snicker on the other side of the door.

* * *

They both slept like babies for almost 18 hours straight after arriving at home. Both of their offices had been notified about the incident and cards and flowers had arrived on the hour. John and Debbie were going to have a week off to recuperate, but then it was going to be back to work as usual or in this case unusual.

John examined himself in the bathroom mirror while Debbie continued to sleep. The soft curves, breasts sticking out of his chest and hair minus a penis were such an odd sight. Reaching up, he grabbed his firm, big breasts in his now much smaller hands. "Mmmmm..." he heard himself moan. He made slow circular motions, squeezing hard, then soft, and finally pinching his nipples and tugging slightly. Oh, that feels so good, he thought. I guess I can do this as much as I want now, he laughed to himself.

He leaned up against the sink and spread his legs. Sticking a finger into his cunt, he could feel how slick and wet he was. He pulled it out a little and found his clit. Electricity seemed to shoot through his legs as he began rubbing furiously. Then he stopped and jammed first one, then two, then three fingers into himself. The sound of his cunt squishing masked the door opening.

"Hey... take it easy on my pussy!"

"I can't help it," John said, slowing down but still running his fingers in and out of his cunt. "You look like you're enjoying it anyway," he added, glancing down at her groin.

Debbie looked down at the hard-on protruding from her boxers. "Geeezzz..." she sighed, then a thought occurred to her, why not... he always gets to be in charge, now I can take the lead.

Debbie walked over and took her husband by the hand. He resisted at first. "What are you doing?" But then Debbie grabbed him around the waist, lifted him up and carried him into the bedroom.

"I can't believe how strong I am now," Debbie said. "Which means of course that you're weak like me, I mean... how I was."

Debbie dropped him on the bed in a flop and gave her first command. "Spread your legs John, I'm gonna let you see what it's like to be fucked good and hard."

At first, John didn't know what to think of the predicament, it was all happening so fast, but the further it went the more he grew into the role. Hell... I've always wanted her to be on top... this isn't the way I had expected it, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. He laid back and spread his legs wide. "Give it to me, honey!"

Debbie got between her husbands legs and reached down to position her cock at the opening of his pussy. She rubbed it up and down to coat it with his juices then looked in amazement at the purple head and hardness sticking out from her. It almost hurt and she knew from the way her husband went at her when they had sex that, that was the only way for relief. Grabbing his hips she drove her own forward and watched as her cock slid into his pussy. Both of them moaned together.

John grunted as Debbie thrust into him. He felt himself opening up and the thickness entering. His senses seemed so alive and he thrust back at her.

Debbie had never felt such power before as she thrust in and out of her husband. "How's it feel, John?" she called out as she slammed into him so her balls slapped against his ass. She could sense that she was about to cum and didn't want it to happen too quickly, so she pulled out and pinched her cock while staring at the yawning pussy she had just exited.

"Flip over, John," she ordered, pulling at his hips.

John, quickly did as he was told and stuck his ass up in the air. "You're gonna take me doggy-style, honey? Pretty kinky," he said in her high voice.

Debbie grabbed his hips and pulled him to the edge of the bed, then while standing up positioned her cock and jabbed it into him.

"Oww! Take it easy, babe," John said, trying to pull away from her a little.

Debbie smiled to herself. "It hurts a little doesn't it John?"

To John it felt like someone was cramming something up into his stomach. He felt her balls slapping into his ass with each thrust and his tits swayed back and forth across the front of him. Then abruptly she pulled out just as he was approaching an orgasm.

"Hey, what's up, Deb?"

"You know how you always wanted to fuck me up the ass, John? I thought I'd let you see how it feels."

"No, wait," he said nervously, "I was just kidding hon." John tried to pull away, but Debbie was too strong for him now. He tried to tighten his sphincter as the blunt head of her dick poked at the entrance to his virgin ass.

"I hope I don't hurt myself too much for when we change back," Debbie said, wondering about the effects they would have on each other's bodies in this changed state. She pulled back on his hips hard while pushing ahead as fast as she could. The head of her cock poked in and John squealed, but after that the rest of her shaft followed right in. She pushed in until her balls were crammed up into the crack of his ass and then reached around and grabbed his tits. "How's it feel, honey?"

"Uhh... full... ohhhhhh," he moaned, trying to wriggle free.

Debbie continued the anal assault for a few minutes and then plopped out and flipped him over to finish up in his pussy. It only took a few more minutes of thrusting until they both came. The sounds of passion filled the air like in the past, but this time they were from a husband and wife experiencing sensations for the very first time... the multiple female orgasms and the power of the male orgasm.

The next few days were filled with mind-bending sex, but also a few practical matters were in order. With no switch back in sight, both John and Debbie realized that they'd have to start living each other's lives. Debbie was teaching John about how to wear a skirt, panty hose, and make-up. She was getting the most fun out of trying to teach him to walk in heals. John on the other hand was trying to explain male mannerisms and the basics of the sports he was involved with. The last day was spent on relationships and how they were going to handle them.

"Remember John, Mister Healey is my boss, he's around 65 years old and has a real temper. Bill is the head of sales and tries to flirt with me all the time. He'd love to get in my... well now your pants, but I rarely give him the time of day. Erika is my best friend at work and also in the marketing department with me... er... you. Anyway, we go to lunch a lot together and workout three days a week after work. She's not married, but has a boyfriend, Brad who is a real hunk... are you getting all this?"

"Shit, honey, that's a lot to remember. I think I've got it."

"Okay then, how about you?" she asked.

John filled her in on his day. "Jane's my secretary, you've talked with her on the phone before. Brian is another VP that I hang out with at the coffee pot and play racquetball with at lunch. He's pretty crass sometimes and pretty much plays the field with the ladies. He's got a huge dick you can't help but notice in the shower room, but don't let him catch you staring, he'll think your gay."

"Is that it?" Debbie asked when he hesitated.

"Mmm... well, there is Georgia."


"Yeah, she's a secretary for the CFO, a guy named Harold, real nerd. She's a stacked blond who's given me the once over a few times. Nothing serious, but you may want to keep on the lookout for her."

* * *

The next morning, John and Debbie got ready, Debbie in one of John's typical navy blue suits and John in Debbie's black skirt with a silky yellow top. Both tried to remain calm on the outside, but their stomach's were churning and left them with little appetite.

"I packed your duffle bag with my usual stuff for racquetball," John said. "If you're having a lot of trouble with the game then fake an ankle sprain and call it a day. Brian is a sucker for the juice bar and given a good excuse will take you up on it."

"Got it," Debbie said, "I think you're gonna love wearing the leotard I packed you." She tried to giggle, but it didn't come out right with John's deeper voice.

"Don't let Brian hear you doing that, he'll wonder what the hell's wrong with you," John chastised her.

"Cell phones on!" John said. "Call if you have an emergency and need help with anything at work. Believe me, I'll be calling you."

The couple walked out the door together and any of there neighbors wouldn't have thought a thing was amiss. John walked over to his wife's red BMW and threw his purse on the passenger seat. He slid in awkwardly to accommodate his skirt and heard Debbie laugh.

Debbie hopped into John's navigator, tossing his duffle bag on the floor next to her. This should be an adventure, she thought. I hope to hell, he doesn't ruin my reputation at work.

The two took off down the street; it was 7:30 a.m., within 12 hours, their lives were going to be changed forever...

John and Debbie both had the same thought while driving each other's cars to work. ‘Please let me get through the day without an incident.' At first changing bodies had seemed like a dream, but as the days passed by, realty set in. They didn't know how long this would last... weeks...years... forever?

As John walked through the parking lot to the office he felt naked. In reality, there was no way someone could tell that he wasn't Debbie. In actuality, he was. It was only their minds that had changed places.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. "Hey, Debbie, what's the big deal blowing me off." Turning around slightly he was face to face with a gorgeous blond. ‘Must be Erika,' he hoped.

"Uhh... sorry, I guess my mind was somewhere else."

"I'll say, I called your name three times."

‘Shit,' he thought, ‘I've got to remember to listen for Debbie's name.'

They walked through the front doors together and were greeted with a friendly voice.

"Heyyyyy ladies... good morning!"

"Good morning, Bill," Erika replied. John noticed that she winked.

"Good morning, Bill," John copied, without the wink.

Continuing towards his office, Debbie had told him where to go; John heard a gruff voice bellow over the office intercom. "There will be a meeting of all VPs, Directors, and Assistant Directors in the conference room in ten-minutes."

‘That must be, Mister Healey,' John thought, while setting down his purse and briefcase. He made a quick beeline for the bathroom to check himself out one more time before the meeting. Once inside, he did a quick once over, ‘okay...lipstick looks good, hairs okay, no wrinkles, man my breasts look great in this tight sweater.' John felt himself getting moist between his legs looking at himself. ‘This is weird, I'd have a hard-on with my own body looking at Debbie and now I'm getting wet looking at myself.'

John tried to stay discreet in the meeting, that was until Mister Healey began giving out assignments. "Bill... I want you and Debbie to work together on the McGlaughlin project. It's a big revenue generator for the firm, but I know the two of you can pull it off."

John looked over at Bill, who had a little smirk on his face. Before he could look away, Bill winked at him. ‘Shit.'

* * *

Debbie's day seemed to start off much better. She got to her office without any trouble and her secretary Jane seemed to be all business. She brought in her coffee, phone messages and an outline of the day's activities, and then left the office to go out to her cubicle.

Debbie took a sip of the hot coffee and looked around the room. It was odd seeing a picture of herself on the desk. She began opening drawers to see what John kept in them and after poking around for a few minutes was surprised to find an adult magazine at the back of one of the drawers. She opened it up and saw that the recurring theme was two men having sex with one woman. ‘Uh... that looks painful,' she thought.

"We still on for lunch?"

The voice startled her and she quickly shoved the magazine back into the drawer. "Er...uh.."

"Remember? Raquetball... I'm gonna kick your ass!"

It was Brian, John's best friend at work. "Oh, yeah, sorry Brian," Debbie said, recovery quickly, "I had a few things on my mind."

"Better get out of that daze quick or I'm really gonna smoke ya'. See you at twelve sharp."

Brian headed out the door while Debbie's heart raced.

* * *

John couldn't believe his luck. Bill looked like a major male chauvinist pig and he was sure that the guy would be hitting on him. He looked down and his chest and could see his nipples poking out through the thin material on his blouse. ‘Shit, I can't believe how easy Debbie's nipple's get hard. I'm going to have to talk to her about that.'

Knock, knock

John looked up to see Bill poking his head in her office.

"Ready to get to work?" Bill asked, with a big used car salesman smile. "Just give me a few minutes and I'll meet you in your office," John replied.

"Right," Bill said with a wink.

‘What the hell,' John thought, ‘maybe I can have some fun with this loser and get him off my...er, Debbie's back at the same time.'

He looked down at his blouse and undid another button so some cleavage was showing. Then he practiced crossing and uncrossing his legs a few times so that he could flash his panties. ‘This should be fun,' he thought, getting up and heading towards Bill's office.

John plopped himself in a chair, right in front of Bill's desk, "ready," he smiled, noting that he was perfectly positioned for Bill to see up his skirt.

Bill actually tried to start in a professional manner talking about the project. As he droned on and on, John crossed and uncrossed his legs, letting his already short black skirt, ride higher and higher on his slim, firm legs. John noticed that Bill continued to sneak peaks between his legs. ‘Now's my chance to up the ante,' John thought.

He waited a few more seconds then dropped the pen he was taking notes with. Without even looking up, John leaned way over to pick it up. He knew he was giving Bill an ample look at his exposed breasts.

Bill cleared his through in obvious discomfort. "Why don't you come around the desk here so we can look at this diagram together," Bill asked.

John scooted the chair around the desk and put it as close as he could to Bill's. As Bill continued explaining the project, John began leaning closer and closer until his hard nipples were brushing up against Bill's arm.

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