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Changing Room


The changing rooms are new, it’s a while since I’ve been to this leisure complex and I’m well impressed. They’re unisex, just rows of cubicles next to rows of lockers.

Once I’m changed and in my cozzie I stash my bag in a locker and turn the key, looking round, and as I do so the cubicle door next to me opens and I look at you and smile.

I walk to the shower and stand under it stretching my arms up, laughing with the tingle of the hot water on my body; again you’re next to me in the shower. Out of the corner of my eye I watch the rivulets of water course down your muscles. Casually I walk past you into the pool and climb down the steps.

I’m holding onto the wall when there’s a huge splash and you’ve done a great flash dive by the side of me, making me cough and gulp water. Unimpressed I move away and start swimming my lengths, and I see you zooming up and down the pool like a torpedo in Speedos. You’re still at it by the time I’ve finished and I make my way over to the steps; we narrowly avoid bumping as you perform a flash tumble turn and stop, smiling at me.

Mmm, I think, nice smile. You ask me whether I’ve finished and I tell you nearly, you say you only have a few left to do and you’ll catch me inside. I smile and agree politely and head for the shower. When I’m showered I’m putting my bag in the cubicle, when I turn round to close the door you’re standing in the frame.

I look at you confused, as you slip in with me and lock the door. You hold a finger to my lips and tell me not to make a sound or they’ll throw us both out. I’m so stunned that it does not occur to me to disagree.

“I saw you watching me showering” you say.

“And what were you watching then?”

“Your breasts.”

This time it’s your honesty that stuns me into silence.

Slowly you reach out and brush one of my nipples, not that they could have got any firmer. “So, how wet are you now?”

“Too wet.”

In response you pick up my towel and gently dry my arms, the combination of tenderness and the invasion of privacy is spinning my head.

“Close your eyes.”

Why am I obeying you? Jeez.

There’s a rustling noise then as I open my eyes to check what you’re doing you’re fixing a leather shoelace from one of my boots round a wrist. I try to pull away but all that swimming has built up your muscles and you’re yanking me over to the bench for me to stretch up to the cage over the cubicle, the one that’s designed to keep out perverts, and you’re looping it over before tying round my other wrist. I’m begging you to untie me but you just look at me, tell me you’ve got to finish your lengths, and walk out the cubicle. I gape at the closed door, but then it opens.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back for you…”

It's hard to know how long I'm in there, with one foot on the ground, the other braced against the door, stopping it from swinging open. Once the door moves and I strain desperately against it, fortunately the handle's released and the swimmer moves away.

It moves again and I push even harder, but you call "Let me in" and I release it. It swings wide open and you stand in the doorway.

I glare and look anxiously at the door.

You smirk and swagger in with your sports bag. Slowly you close the door and lock it. I breathe out.

"Enjoy your swim?" I ask.

You nod and say mildly "Yes thanks."

SLAP! Your towel stings off my legs. "Sarcasm is a very bad habit."

"No! Really?"


We laugh.




"Because I felt like it."

I look down at the red marks on my legs and ass, then back up at you, you take his trunks off and he's naked in front of me. Not bad, I think, not bad at all.

You reach inside your sports bag and pull out a bottle of water. You take a long swig and offer it to me. I take some too, then it's empty.

"Thirsty?" you ask.

"No, fine thanks."

SLAP! "Wrong."

Yes, a wee bit."

You take the empty bottle. A small smile curves the outside of your lips and my stomach spasms. “Nervous?”

“Erm, yes.”

“Trust me. You don’t even know what we’re going to do.”


“Well, I’m going to help you to do it.”

Uhhhh no, not that, gross. But my expression must show because you’re laughing now.

“That’s right, clever girl. Now stand still, only move for me when you’re told.”

Softly you part my legs, one hand firm on each inner thigh. I swallow and look away, trying unsuccessfully not to let you arouse me any further. Now your thumbs are moving higher and higher, sliding inside of my swimming costume, moving to one side and exploring me so that I let out a long shuddering gasp. Instantly one of your thumbs is on my mouth, and you’re shushing me, giving me a watchful, warning look. I nod, eyes wild. Instead of moving your thumb back down below you slide it to the outside of my mouth, I turn and take it, melting inside and closing my eyes. When I re-open them I see your cock is twitching and I smirk.

SLAP! “Don’t get smug. I’m in charge here, remember?”

I nod.

Thumb still in my mouth, exploring my mouth, the other holding me so I’m quivering at your touch. But it’s not your thumb but your finger that you slide in, tickling me so that I’m moist, so fucking moist for you. Then both hands are off me; you laugh at the disappointment and frustration in my eyes, and take your bottle. It’s cold against me and slowly you press it tight.

“Go on.”

Deep breath, eyes down now, squirming.

“Go ON!”

Eyes shocked, looking up at you again.

“Fucking do it! And if you make any drips you won’t like it”

Nodding. Eyes down in embarrassment. Doing what I’m told. It’s very strange, the only time with you I’ve been self-conscious. The bottle fills quarter-full before I stop.

As I close my eyes from the humiliation I feel the bottle gently removed.


“No thanks.”

“No no, I insist.”

I look at you with a hatred that makes you laugh. You lift it to my mouth, but I turn my head and it trickles down my chin. My skin prickles at the look in your eyes as you suck in air. Slowly, deliberately, you pour some on the changing room floor tiles. You close the bottle and place it gently down. Then you’re up beside me untying my wrists; I gasp and rub the marks as the blood flows back before you’re pushing me roughly down on my hands and knees on the floor.

“Lick it up, bitch.”

I kneel, spread my legs, and lean forward, pretending to lick, but you push my face down into it so that I gasp and rub my eyes.

“You think I’m blind? Or just fucking stupid?”

Shaking my head. Kneeling still, licking for real this time, and you stand silently watching me for a minute. Then you’re walking round the back of me and pulling off my cozzie, making me undress while still licking.

We’re both naked as beasts, and I spread my legs further apart for you as you climb in close. You rub your cock up and down between my cunt and my ass, and I lift my cheeks, moaning softly as you push deep inside, and despite your warnings squealing as I feel a finger deep inside my ass. It’s hard to brace myself on the wet floor, and soon my face is covered in little marks from the bumps on the tiles. It feels good, so good that I don’t want you ever to stop, but I know that if you keep playing with my ass like that I’m not gonna last very long and there’s no way I can stay silent for you. Your thrusts get harder and harder and you take out your finger so you can hold my thighs tight as you thrust deep, your balls swinging against me so I wriggle with delight, as you pump me faster and faster until with one big thrust you’re almost lifting me over the floor as you’re spurting hot and deep in your bitch as I’m fumbling wildly so I don’t skid all over the floor.

Suddenly you’re out of me and I curl up on the tiles hugging my knees. You hand me my costume and I put it on, deciding it’s time for a shower. When I return you’re gone, and all I have to show for it are sore wrists, a dazed feeling, a faceful of marks and thighs full of red fingermarks.

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