tagBDSMChanging Spaces - Exploiting Amy Lynn Ch. 02

Changing Spaces - Exploiting Amy Lynn Ch. 02


Highly readable account of a pixie-ish home decorating diva who, along with a woman carpenter friend works to satisfy her master, the narrator. M/f+, BDSM, lingerie, toys, consensual, exploit, humiliation, reluctant. Girl on Girl.

(A little bit of spoof here of home decorating shows that ran in early 2000's... )


About 30 minutes later, I started downstairs again. Gagged moans of protest had drifted up the stairs from the TV. As I stepped downstairs, I caught the scent of dripping pussy.

Mindy was flushed red from the throat up, and groaned at me, trying to communicate around the thick rubber cock in her mouth and throat. In response, I massaged her tits through her sheer nylon top and black bra. I ran hands all over her body, as she closed her eyes to my touch. Her thighs were slick with juice, and I got my fingers good and wet before visiting Amy Lynn.

She too was wild with frustration. I smeared my wife's pussy juices over Amy Lynn's tits, and then plastic tape gag, so she could enjoy the full aroma. On the TV, a brunette and redhead were hogtied side-by-side, straining at their ropes. It had a maddening effect on Amy Lynn.

With a marker, I wrote on her bare thigh, starting high on her thigh and writing sideways down to her knee: "D-R-I-P-P-I-N-G". On her T-shirt at the belly, I wrote: "P-U-S-S-Y L-I-C-K-E-R". If this bitch wanted humiliation, I was going to accommodate her.

My wife's protests drew my attention and I unbuckled her pecker gag and withdrew it, a long string of saliva accompanying it. "Master, may I please have some water?" I held the cup for her to refresh herself.

"Master, how may I pleasure you? I want to pleasure you sir. I can't take much more of this." She flexed gloved fingers, trying to move her arms under the coils and coils of white rope. I agreed it was about time for her to relieve me, as my cock was straining to the bursting.

I undid the strapping and ropes, pausing only to snap the chrome handcuffs on, capturing her wrists in front of her. I helped my unsteady slave to her feet.

"Now slave, I don't want to forget our guest. You haven't forgotten her, now have you?" I asked. Mindy's broad mouth smiled. In response to my question, Amy Lynn had not managed to achieve orgasm.

I directed Mindy to take the pecker gag over to her friend, and thread one strap through the leather panty waistband. The rubber cock hung off Amy Lynn's waist, dangling just inches from her pussy mound. Amy Lynn looked almost delirious with frustration as the bulbous head swayed so close to her vagina.

On screen, the brunette and redhead had been retied face to face, each with wrists tied in front of them, around the torso of her partner. They wore a double ball gag, which made it seem as if they were kissing. I took the inspiration.

"Now I want you to get in close to this slave, rubbing your breasts against hers. And with your hands in front of you as they are, I'm sure Amy Lynn would appreciate a tug on that crotch rope."

Mindy complied, pressing herself against our new slave, running her hands over the leather panty, working the crotch rope deep into Amy Lynn's slit. Mindy kissed her friend's face, panted in her ear and whispered foul things to her. I lifted her skirt for a better view of my wife's ass. Here's the two of them together:

Mindy backed away and I gave her the marker pen. She knelt and with cuffed hands wrote on the T-shirt: "H-O-R-N-Y B-I-T-C-H."

I lifted the T-shirt over Amy Lynn's breasts and unhooked the leather bra. I massaged her breasts roughly. From her gasps, Amy Lynn welcomed the attention. I arranged the bra cups out of the way, pulled the shirt back down. Mindy had fetched the scissors. I pulled the material away from our slave's erect nipple and with a careful snip, cut the thin cotton material. It sprang back into place, Amy Lynn's tits and areola poking through the material. "For all the world to see," I said, as she blushed even darker. A second or two later and both tits were on display. Amy Lynn watched her own form in the mirror.

Mindy had been rubbing her own clit furiously through the short dress and I acknowledged she needed relief. "Get me a wide scarf, slave." Mindy flew to the toy drawer and brought back the requested article. I held it up to Amy Lynn, and despite her protesting moans, covered her eyes and head with several windings, then tied off the blindfold.

I bent Mindy over the arm of the chair in which she had been tied, not realizing that she could smell her own wetness in its seat. As she leaned forward on her elbows, wrists cuffed in front of her, I easily entered her from behind. I pumped her at a slow, luxurious pace. I could see the tied beauties on the TV, then look over at my newfound bound slave on the wall. And watch my sex slave throw her head from side to side, panting and talking filth. Amy Lynn could hear the two of us fucking, could hear the gagged moans and protests from the TV. She writhed in her bondage, desperate for relief.

And then Mindy came. She was very vocal about it, groaning, pleading, gasping. And that sensation, coupled with the visual spectacle before me, caused my cock to pulse and shoot wads of cum into my slave's hot snatch.

Slave Mindy and I collapsed on the futon sofa and I uncuffed her wrists. We cuddled in post-coital bliss while Amy Lynn stood before us, all but stamping her feet in frustration. Mindy and I whispered privately and intimately, too softly for Amy Lynn to hear.

Then Mindy went clumping up the stairs in her heels. I recoiled rope and put away the belts. When I heard the shower start upstairs, I took a soft leather whip from the drawer. Without warning I flicked Amy Lynn's thighs, breasts, and stomach. She wailed in surprise at the unexpected assault. I could see that each caress with my whip drove her more horny .

I unhooked her collar from the ring, then loosened the leather collar and removed it. I unhooked her ankles from the spreader bar and rehooked her ankles together. I restarted the cassette in the VCR and set the volume just loud enough for Amy Lynn to hear. Then I too, left her, chained to the wall in our dark basement.


A while later we both went back downstairs. Slave Amy Lynn had slumped in her bonds, her dark hair cascading over her face. She wearily raised her head as we approached, and we both saw at once that she had been crying. Clear mucus ran across her "cunt" tape gag, and mascara streaks had run from under the silken blindfold and dried on her cheeks.

For a moment I thought, damn, I had gone too far. I looked at my wife. She grinned manically and held up a palm. High Five!

Mindy took the marker pen and wrote something new on the T-shirt, across our slave's ribcage.

We unhooked each cuff and slowly lowered Amy Lynn's exhausted arms. Each taking a side, we dragged her from the wall, and laid her on the carpet, her ankles still chained together. Mindy situated the girl's head in her lap, and wiped her still-covered face with a damp washcloth as I vigorously rubbed life into our slave's arms.

"You've served well, Slave Amy. For a treat, I brought down your new mistress, Mistress Mindy."

"Shush, just rest for a moment, baby. Catch your breath. Unless you want to stop?" her mistress asked. A few moments ticked by. Amy Lynn tugged a hand loose from my rubbing and touched the spot on her shirt where Mindy had last written. "Do you want to know what that says?" Mistress asked.

A nod.

I responded. "It says FUCK TOY."

Amy Lynn gave a girlish giggle behind her heavy gag, then reached up and awkwardly stroked my wife's face. Clearly, she wasn't ready to give in.

I said, "I know. Let's take this one to the club. Like that last girl." Amy Lynn stiffened as we talked.

"Oh, that curly redhead. What was her name? Laura, maybe," Mindy responded. She wiped her charge's throat with the cloth. "That was a heavy scene, too much for this baby girl. It's only her first night."

"O.K., but maybe she'd enjoy the story." I explained how the girl Laura had been used in much the same manner as Amy Lynn. We had first violated her at home, then clad her in an indecent shirt with foul promises written on it. She was chained, thrown a long coat over her and taken to an s/m club. We had chained her by the collar to a pole, and throughout the night men and women both had fondled her, licked her, even probed her with sweaty digits. As I shared the gruesome details, Amy Lynn's nipples hardened anew.

"No, I have plans for this little twat," Mistress Mindy said. "There's a dark desolate road that I want to set her on, and make her walk a mile to us, hands behind her, tits freezing through that shirt." Amy Lynn squealed in alarm at the prospect. "Get the blue tape."

I retrieved some spongy sport tape from the play drawer as Mindy worked loose the blindfold knot. "Now, keep your eyes shut so I can clean some of that goo away." Mindy wiped at the girl's mascara stained features. "Now." I started wrapping the sports tape around her head, but Mindy took over the chore herself. "You do it too tight."

"What's too tight for you might be just right for this slave," I told her. I smoothed out the dirty scarf, and with the blindfold job done, we flipped Amy Lynn onto her stomach, drawing arms behind her, and I wrapped her wrists in the stained scarf, knotting it several times. Mindy meanwhile replaced the ankle cuffs with wind after wind of rope. Then she roped the girl's knees together, passing ropes around, between, and seemingly every which way. Houdini couldn't have gotten loose.

We worked together to stand her, and by her posture, Amy Lynn was puzzled as ever. With a quick motion, I squatted and pulled her over my shoulder. She squealed, more helpless than ever, ass in the air, bound arms flailing behind her. Mindy gave her a swift slap on the ass and ordered her to be quiet. Then another slap for good measure.

We slowly went up the stairs. I passed through the kitchen, through the connecting door to the garage and laid my burden in the back of our SUV. Mindy was right there with more ropes, and we tied our prisoner in a loose ball tie, securing the rope through anchors in the car floor. Amy Lynn protested as best she could, wailing behind the sodden gag, but really - who was in charge here?

We arranged a blanket over her and slammed the car door shut. Mindy had collected the girl's coat and handbag, and gave me a kiss before opening the garage door and darting out. I started the SUV, pulled out of the garage, pushed the automatic button to close the door and started out.

It was a short enough drive, and Amy Lynn was surprisingly quiet. Although I'm certain her pulse was pounding in her chest and ears. Presently, I brought the SUV to a stop, waited a few moments with the radio blaring loudly, then shut off the car and got out.

Together we opened the SUV door, pulled the blanket from our parcel and began undoing the few fastenings that held her in the car. This time I lifted her in my arms, and like a bridegroom, carried her over the threshold, down a hallway, and deposited her onto a bed.

Invisible to our slave, Mindy had driven Amy Lynn's car to her home, used the garage opener to let me pull in with the SUV, then shut us all in. As much as we could, we gave Amy Lynn no clue as to where she was.

We removed enough rope to get at those sodden leather panties. I shucked them off. Mindy meanwhile rifled through drawers and came back with new pink panties and the girl's personal vibrator. She shook the batteries out of it onto the floor. "No more than we want her to have," she whispered cruelly.

I worked the fake cock up into the girl's sopping pussy, enjoying her high pitched squeal. Then we pulled panties up to held it in place. The base stuck out obscenely in the fresh underwear, but it would serve. I rewrapped her legs together.

Mindy meanwhile had found some pantyhose tights. She pulled them down over the girl's head, completely masking her features. Then we ran ropes across her back, shoulders and legs, cinching her up into a severe ball tie. Last, we wrote once more, this time on her back: PUSSY SLAVE.

We left her in the bedroom, shutting the door firmly. Then we hung the leather panties off her back porch doorknob and left the outdoor light on. Mindy had that morning phoned the ex-girlfriend Gen and explained how Amy Lynn was desperate for reconciliation. She had promised Amy Lynn would be waiting for her that night with a great surprise. And then we went home.


About 5 days later Mindy called me at work to say Amy Lynn and Gen had visited her at home, delivering an enormous gift basket. "She also brought back all of our things: the scarf, rope, my, err... intimates. All freshly laundered and straightened out. Amy Lynn said she had enjoyed the best time. Gen said it was a great night, unwrapping her present. Amy Lynn said she was frightened beyond belief when Gen lay hands on her. Oh, but there was one thing..."

"What's that?"

"She wanted to keep a souvenir. Gen and Amy Lynn both, they love her in that shirt."

# # #

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