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At the end of the divorce proceedings, I ended up with the house which, at least, saved me from having to move. But we went our separate ways and, after six rather rancorous years, that was a relief.

There was only one thing I missed about my former wife, that was her sex drive. She was the horniest woman I'd ever known, so I went from sex every day, even if we were pissed at each other, to, well...none, nada, zip. Oh, unless I provided it myself.

Sure, I did some of the bar and club stuff but that never seemed satisfactory and even the dating websites didn't seem to be that great. Maybe I wasn't working them right, I don't know.

But, I did keep myself busy for several years after we split by converting the basement into a rental, even with it's own back entrance. There was one from inside the house, of course, it had been, after all, the basement but I got it pretty much completed even with a bathroom with a shower.

Then I set out to find a tenant and thought before I post it on that famous 'List' everyone uses, I'd post it on the bulletin board at the grocery store I frequented.

The reason for converting the basement was twofold: some extra income and, well, I'd planned on trying to work it so I rented to a single woman, someone who might work out to be a 'tenant with benefits.' I'm sure you understand.

The posting brought me three calls the first weekend it was up. The first two were both guys and I showed them through asking each about drinking, problems with the police, drug use, basically trying to come across as a hard-ass landlord.

The third caller was a woman, Amy Landis, and after she asked a few questions, she wanted to come look it over. She said she could be here in about thirty minutes, so I told her to come on.

Well, the upshot was that the price was right, the apartment was convenient to her work, clean and new and I'd rolled in the utilities with the monthly rental, including cable which I could split off my own so it really didn't cost me anything extra. That clenched the deal on her part.

For my part, well, she was maybe twenty-five to thirty and very pretty with short blond hair and a very nice body. She was a little young, after all, I was forty-two, but, hey, she looked great.

She especially liked the location and the way I'd done the remodeling, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and she saw the quality of the work I'd done. She also like the secluded back yard as well.

She told me she had been temporarily staying with a girlfriend after moving out of her former boyfriend's house and she signed a year's lease that day. The next weekend a truck came and she moved in.

I did see her at times but it was always briefly until one Saturday afternoon, she was sunning herself out back. I had taken my kitchen trash out after I'd seen her from the kitchen window, that gave me an excuse to see her up close in the bright pink bikini.

"Hi, Amy, nice day, huh? Looks like you're enjoying it."

"Oh, not for much longer, I tend to get too dark if I tan too much."

"Well, you look fine to me," I said, not wanting to be too forward. But I also was admiring what I saw.

"I was wondering if you'd like to come up for supper later. I'm doing a steak and baked potatoes and a salad, typical guy food, if that's all right?"

"Oh, that's very nice, Lew, um, but I'm kind of just not quite ready for men-friends yet," and that was that. We chatted for a few minutes more as I took in her lovely body and I went up and jacked-off. It was looking like that would continue to be the sex I enjoyed.

At least I had my computer and I had all the adult channels on my cable system. So, I could take care of my urges as I watched porn online or on the TV.

I tried to keep pretty quiet because there wasn't any insulation between the first floor and the ceiling of Amy's apartment, just empty space mostly and I knew she also tried to be a good tenant.

But, one Friday night after I'd turned off the TV, I heard what sounded like television and as I listened, there wasn't a lot of dialogue other than grunts and moans. I know enough to have a pretty good idea what Amy might have been watching, so I turned the set back on, keeping the sound volume low until I could match what I saw on my TV with what I heard from hers.

As I cycled through the adult offerings, there it was, a scene with two women pleasuring themselves out by a swimming pool. But, with the sound low, I could tell that some of the moans were not scripted, some were coming from downstairs. Amy was masturbating while watching the girls on the television.

Well, I lost no time in pulling my pants and briefs off and joining my new tenant in some vigorous self-pleasure.

I had the set muted so I could hear Amy and she was groaning and being fairly quiet about it but I think she probably thought I was already upstairs in bed, two floors away from her masturbating. I heard her climax, even though she tried to keep it muffled, and thought that she was through.

But, she kept going, I kept hearing her own groans and moans so I carefully got up, trying not to squeak any floorboards, and got to the basement door which I eased open a bit so I could hear her better.

"Uuh, mmm, oh, yes, yes," I heard from below.

As I crouched there, I stroked myself and ended up ejaculating just about when Amy had her next, and final, orgasm. I don't know about her but mine was terrific, she provided just the right added spice.

The whole experience left me horny all the next day as it kept reentering my mind and when I got home, I went up to change. The sun was still bright so, hoping that Amy might be sunning herself out back, I slid open the door and stepped out on the deck overlooking the backyard.

Yes, there she was, laying on a blanket, wearing a brief bikini. We made a bit of smalltalk about the weather and such and I came back in hatching a little plot for later.

Around ten or so, I muted the television and listened by the basement door. I did see light under the door, so I went and turned up the volume on the same channel she'd been watching, making it loud enough so I was pretty sure she could hear it.

I stripped down and got my bottle of lube and began watching the action between two guys and a gal with each of them plugging one end of her. I started adding some of my own sounds as well, giving some moans and groans to add to the video's.

After a few minutes, I quietly moved to the stairwell and could begin hearing some sounds from downstairs as well.

I leaned in closer and could hear her soft moans along with a muffled buzzing sound that I just knew had to be a vibrator.

I was now making a pretty good amount of noise, she had to know what I was doing, there was just no way she couldn't. Soon, I could hear that there was no sound from downstairs except for her own masturbating, it seemed that she had the sound muted and was now listening just to me.

I kept my orgasm under control, backing off each time I got close, I had to do that over and over but I was certainly no longer quiet, she knew and heard everything I was now doing and I wanted it to last as long as I could make it.

I heard her have at least three orgasms, maybe even four. This was a very sexed-up woman, that was for sure.

She now knew I was masturbating to one of the adult channels and, of course, I knew she was as well. What I didn't know for certain was whether she knew I was listening to her.

When I finally allowed my orgasm happen, I let it be known with loud groans and rocking back and forth on the floor making creaking noises she must have heard. After, I leaned up against the wall and listened to her, still going, having one last climax, a really loud one that I felt sure she meant for me to hear.

The next morning, Saturday, I got up and had breakfast, then shaved and showered and went out to do my weekly grocery shopping and errands.

When I got back, I looked out from the deck and there she was basking in the sun in a bikini I hadn't seen before.

I made a little noise and she sat up and looked up and said, "Good morning, Lew, how are you today?"

"Fine, Amy, nice sun, huh?"

"Oh, wonderful. So, how was your evening last night?"

I really wasn't expecting her to bring up any mention of that but when she did, I replied, "Oh, beautiful, really nice, how was yours?"

"Oh, quite lovely, I hope to have many more just like it."

"Well, enjoy the sun," I told her and went in and gathered up my laundry to do.

That evening, around ten, I tuned in an adult channel showing a foursome, two men, two women, and stripped naked to enjoy it. I did just what I did the night before, making sure she could hear both the movie and my masturbating and soon I could hear her as well.

She seemed to be able to have three, often four, orgasms in a row, it's so lucky how women can do that, and I always tried to hold back until she seemed close to her third.

This went on basically every night of the week with us both masturbating together but apart from one another.

Chapter 2

Then, on Friday, I had just changed into shorts and a teeshirt and stepped out onto my deck to see the sun dropping over the trees when she drove up and got out. She walked toward her door and looked up to say hello.

"Would you like to come up, I was just about to open a bottle of wine and I've got a steak that would easily feed two?"

"Oh, that's nice, Lew, but, well, I'll pass, thanks."

"Well, in that case, maybe I'll just go and watch some TV," I said with a big grin, "If we watched it together, we could save on electricity, what do you think?"

At least it got a laugh as she hesitated, then said, "Um, well, if you'd want to come down and watch it at my place, maybe we could save some electricity. Come after supper, say about eight?" she ended with a broad smile as my heart did a flip thinking that tonight I might just see her naked and watch her masturbate.

It was painful almost to wait until five minutes after eight to knock on the basement door.

"It's unlocked, come on down, Lew," I heard from below.

I had stayed just as I was earlier, in a polo shirt and shorts and was soon standing in the living space in front of the sofa. Amy was wearing a robe so I was now virtually certain that we both had the same thing on our minds.

Then, seeing the bottle of lube in her hand, I knew I'd struck the jackpot or, maybe the 'jack-off pot.'

She sat down on the sofa, put the lube between us and clicked on the television and began scrolling down to what seemed to be our favorite channel.

"Here's the channel, wanna start first?" she asked.

I pulled off my shirt and lowered my shorts to the floor. I'd skipped wearing briefs so was now naked. My cock was still somewhat soft as it was our first time together and I was rather nervous.

I dribbled some lube and began as she watched me. The television was on but I was getting the sense that the two of us were going to be the evening's primary entertainment.

On the television, there was some kind of sex party going on, an orgy, supposedly of college kids, though it really looked like a porn film with actors if one wanted to call them that.

I was stroking my glistening cock, watching her watching me, when she opened her robe and pulled her arms out of it and leaned back spreading her legs open. She looked at me, smiling as she clicked-on the vibrator and rubbed the tip up and down her cleft.

She was beautiful. Slender and trim, her breasts were nice and firm, standing up, crowned with small, erect nipples in the palest pink imaginable. Her other hand reached up to pinch one as she massaged her labia.

I picked up the lube and offered it to her as she said, "No, thanks, Lew, I'm plenty wet already," as I watched the probe part her lips and move inside.

She was perfectly shaved and not at all shy about her body. She even shifted some so I could see better between her legs. And she smiled at me as she did it, this was getting even better than I'd hoped.

She next moved her other hand down and with her fingers spread some of her juices upward over her clit then began pressing the vibrator's clit head down.

"Oh, so good, oooh, is this good for you, Lew?" she moaned.

"Yeah, great, you're really helping, I've never felt harder."

"You're a pretty big guy, Lew, let go for a minute so I can see," she asked coyly.

I didn't mind letting go right then so I could kind of cool off a bit, after all, I didn't want the evening to end too soon.

We both went along, slowly building to a climax and every time she would tilt the clit head down, she would moan some more, closing her eyes, enjoying it so much.

"This is much nicer doing it this way, Amy," I said softly as I moved my fist up and down.

"Yes, it was fun when we were doing it in our own places and listening to each other but this, well, this is lots more erotic. I don't know about you, Lew, but I haven't been this hot and turned-on in, oh, a long, long time. It really feels good."

"Oh, it sure does, Amy, seeing you like this is better than any adult channel or Playboy magazine or anything I've ever seen on my computer."

"It is, isn't it? I can't believe how hot this is and we haven't even touched each other."

That was true and I didn't want to push anything, either. I knew she had been pretty gun-shy about any new involvement with men and this was much farther than I'd thought we would ever be involved, I was so happy with this that I didn't want to take any risk of screwing it up.

She continued with the vibrator, I'd never noticed until being with her now, that it slightly changed it's buzzing note when she put it in further each time. The whole area around her pussy was wet and gleaming as she slowly moved the toy in and out, tilting it to press on her clit every once in a while.

"Oh, this is so good, yah, really good," she cooed as she ran the wand in and out as she smiled at me. We were now pretty comfortable with each other which was what I'd hoped for when she invited me down.

"Are you getting close, Lew? I am and I love to see a guy cum, it's so cool. I still remember the time in high school when I was with four guys and they were doing it. I showed them my boobs to help them along. Pretty slutty, huh?"

"Oh, I don't think so, you were just helping the cause, that's all."

"It was funny, there was cum everywhere, they did it twice for me. Young guys could do this, I guess."

"Yeah, I remember those days. I am pretty close if you want us to finish up," I told her.

"Mmm, this is nice, do you think you can go a while longer?"

"I will if you will, Amy," I told her.

"Okay, how about we aim for nine-fifteen, think you can do that?"

It was nine when she asked. Have you ever tried to extend your masturbation another fifteen minutes? It's not impossible but it sure takes concentration and determination.

"Yeah, sure, nine-fifteen. Then the cum flies."

"Mmm, can't wait. I can't believe we're doing this. Did you hear me first or did I hear you first, do you think?" she asked me.

"I think I might have heard you first."

"I could never keep quiet when it was a good one. I guess you know that by now, huh?"

She continued sliding the vibrator wand in and out of her, pressing the small tip down every once in a while, closing her eyes when she did.

Soon it was ten after nine and I had to stop moving my hand I was so close. She saw and asked, "Are you that near, you have to stop?"

"Yeah, right there."

"I'm not far, either, but I can hold off five more minutes, can you?"

"Yes, but I'm really ready for it to happen. This is even more erotic than I'd thought it would be."

"It is, isn't it? I never thought it would be this hot and we still haven't even touched each other, kind of amazing, huh?" she replied.

I knew better than to suggest we start touching, I was going to let her set the pace, after all, she'd made it pretty clear that she was recovering from a failed relationship and, on top of that, I was older, I was jacking-off when she was just being born. So, maybe she didn't really have any plans for me other than what we were already doing.

I could be happy with that, after all, it was so much better than sitting upstairs doing it myself.

Then, as the minute hand clicked onto the fifteen minute mark, she began stroking the wand and rubbing over he clit faster, making little moans as she did.

Suddenly her legs shot up and her head was thrown back with a look of great pain as her body jerked and spasmed.

"OH, OH, UUH, UUH, uh," she cried out as her face relaxed into the most beatific look of pure joy and ecstasy. It was, perhaps, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, certainly the most powerful woman's orgasm I'd ever seen.

Her eyes opened and she looked at me as I stroked tightly bringing myself into a fantastic climax, my cum spurting up over and over as I was washed over with a wonderful, strong orgasm. It was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had, certainly the strongest.

"That looked great, was it?" she asked and I rather breathlessly told her it was, indeed.

"Oh, Amy, it was incredible, maybe the best I've ever had and yours, well, it was the strongest orgasm, the most beautiful one, I've ever seen."

"Well, you're gonna see a lot more of them," she murmured as she began again with the vibrator while I sat back watching her pleasure her lovely body.

Chapter 3

She went on for over another hour pleasuring herself. I did some stroking myself which felt pretty good but couldn't manage another cum.

I'd never seen a woman have as many orgasms as Amy had that night, there were nine in all and they were all powerful.

Finally, she just collapsed back and let out a long sigh.

"Oh, Lew, I am just wiped-out. Whew. This has been incredible, unbelievable. I hope it's been just as good for you."

"I only got off once but it was one of the best I've ever had, thanks, in large, to the sexy stimulus that I had at hand. There must be millions of men who would be envious of me. You're lots better than the first Playboy I was able to sneak up to my room."

"Oh, come on, Lew, I've seen those girls, that's nice of you to say but, well, they're all about ten years younger than I am."

"Well, honestly, part of it is that they're not really here and you are, of course. Alive and in color as they used to say on television."

"It does add a lot being together where you can see each other. It was fun when I was down here and you were up there but this, of course, is lots more sexy and erotic."

"Oh, it is, indeed," I told her. I was also curious about one other thing, "Do you usually have orgasms like that, one after the other, so many?"

"Aren't I lucky? Oh, I found that out a long time ago. I began thinking it was just how girls were. Then, I was at a sleepover with four other girls and we all decided to get ourselves off and I just went on and on. They were all pretty amazed and I felt like Queen of the Cum. That's what they nicknamed me, The Queen of the Cum."

"Queen of the Cum. Well, that's quite an interesting title. Probably not something you would put on your resume or your FaceBook page."

She laughed and said, "No, hardly. But it was fun having such a distinct difference with my friends. They were really envious."

"I am, too, Amy. I'd love to be able to get off so many times like that. It must be wonderful to get those feelings over and over like that."

"It is. I've always been thankful that I'm that way with it. Orgasms just keep coming as long as I keep trying. I even knew a girl in college who told me that she'd never had an orgasm, not a single one. Then, her boyfriend and three of his friends changed that one weekend, oh, did they ever. It was all she talked about after that."

We chatted a while longer, we were amazingly comfortable in our nudity together and finally we decided to call it a night and we both stood up, looking at each other and, quite wordlessly, stepped toward one another and kissed goodnight.

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