I attend university in the city which requires me to go in five days a week. I catch the train with a friend and we both go in early in the morning. Poh is her name and she is a small Asian girl with a stunning body. Her legs are scalped and her behind is amazing. We get the train in early from spring through to late autumn. We do this as we both love to run. Being in the city, we are lucky as the botanical gardens are near our campus.

My class in dominated by girls as I study event management. The girls in my class, some are extremely hot while others are not. In particular there is Ashlea. She is a small blond who is very athletic, loves to go out and drink and is extremely cute. All of the boys in the class wish they could get in bed with her. I get along with her great as when I first started university I had a girl and as such I told Ashlea she was a nice girl but I had someone. I think it was this that made all of the girls around me thinks I am ok to talk to.

It is only a small campus and as such everyone knows everyone. The office girls are Chantalle and Laura. Laura is a blond who loves her high heels, not too much on her chest and her tight business pants. Chantalle on the other hand is a smaller girl who is heavier on her chest while she too loves the high heels but has a little more of a behind, more like something to hold onto.

It was a summer morning and Poh had decided to go in a different direction to me which I didn't mind as she usually did this. I had done my lap around the gardens and decided I would go back to the campus through a couple of the main streets as I liked to look at the business women in the business skirts or pants and their behinds. I am not sure how it happened but I soon found myself liking a woman with a nice bum and great legs over a girl with a chest.

This run back I saw a couple of girls up ahead talking and they all were nice so I made my direction their direction. Taking it easy as a cool down they turned off a street before the campus.

As I walked into the campus, I saw a couple of extra cars in the car park. One of them was Chantalle's as Fridays was her day to open up. But I also noticed the head of school's Jag in her spot too. Her name is Jenny; we could call her by her first name as we were a small school/campus.

I walked past the gym to see jenny working out. She was in some small shorts which showed off her nice legs and I watched her do some squats to check out her behind. Very nice indeed for a woman of forty something.

I headed into the showers where I noticed one of the showers was in use. Not paying too much attention I jumped in the shower and washed up. I dried myself off and noticed the other person was out too slowly opened the door and dried my hair. Since I knew I was in the males toilet, when I saw Chantalle standing in front of my in nothing but a red lacy thong, you could imagine the surprise I got.

"Hi" was all I said and it made Chantalle jump like crazy as she didn't expect such a deep males voice.

"What are you doing in here?" she said as she turned around and not covering up her chest but instead putting her hands on her hips.

"Well I could ask you the same thing as this is the male change rooms!" I said looking down at her breasts. They were nice and admittedly I had imagined what they would be like and they exceeded my expectations.

Chantalle glanced down and just looked at me. "Well that's a dumb mistake of me isn't it!" She smiled as she looked at me.

I wondered why she was smiling but then she looked down and my crutch and I followed suit. I was supporting a half wood which was growing. I smiled at her and without filtering my thoughts said "Well you get that when you see a fine body like yours!"

Stunned I had just said that I stood there. Still with a massive smile on her face Chantalle said "Well that is a rather large... and I am proud I can do that to you!" Now with some confidence behind me I said "well you can do some more if you would like?"

At first I thought I may have said something wrong as Chantalle looked away and reached for her matching red bra. As she put in on she faced away from me. I thought to myself 'yeah real smooth dickhead!' as my cock was now really thick and hard. I continued to look over at Chantalle fine ass which the red lacy material disappeared between.

As Chantalle pulled up her skirt I noticed her glance around and sneak another look at my hard cock. Chantalle quickly turned away and looked at her watch as I caught her looking while I pulled on my jocks.

"Well...if the offer is still out?" was all I heard and Chantalle was in my face and massaging my cock in her hand. I smiled at her and said "The offer remains open for you whenever you want it!"

We kissed and our lips dance to allow our tongues to do the same in her mouth. I let my hands explore her waist and groped her skirt covered behind which I knew had some very sexy red lacy in it.

While we kissed Chantalle reached in to pull out my extremely hard cock and stroke it. Feeling her skin with sticking to my cock she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth.

At first all she could manage was the head of my cock for her small mouth. "Mmm...its big! Biggest I have seen! I like it!" she said between kissing the shaft of my cock which ended with Chantalle taking my balls into her mouth and licking them.

She then returned back up to the head where she sucked and stroked my cock. She was good at this even if it was the biggest she had seen. I had had girls in the past who wouldn't even think of sucking my cock just because of the thickness. My cock is average in length but actually rather thick than anything else.

I couldn't help it but Chantalle was good and I soon soft grunts were escaping my control. "That's good!" I said as I looked down to see Chantalle smile back up at me. It was now that I realized that she was only using one hand as her other hand was massaging her pussy.

"Would you like some help down there?" I offered up.

"Mmm...that would be nice!" Chantalle said as she looked around and found the wooden bench; "Lay down on the bench!"

I did as I was told. Chantalle stared at me as she hitched her skirt up around her waist, pulled her red lacy panties aside and eased herself onto my face while she continued to suck my cook.

I started off slowly licking her bald pussy and soon added a finger into her wet pussy. Soon after that I added an extra finger and then she orgasmed while my fingers were buried deep into her hot pussy and my tongue flickered over her rose bud! I liked her pussy clean.

We both stood up and Chantalle went to drop to her knees again but I stood her. Spun her around and placed one of her feet on the bench and pushed my hard cock into her very wet pussy from behind her.

"Mmm...take it easy...your quiet big...bigger than I have had in me before!" She moaned as she said. I did as she asked and before long I had stretched her pussy to take my entire cock.

"Yeah!! Stretch me out!" She said as I pulled her ass checks apart so I could see my cock disappear into her pussy. I picked up my rhythm and you could hear my balls slapping against her. I could feel Chantalle was playing with her pussy as she orgasmed a second time with my cock deep inside her.

After she had recovered a bit a pick up the pace and started to really force my cock into her stretched pussy! After a couple of minutes Chantalle was on her way to orgasm for her third time when she whispered. "Oh yeah! Drop your load in my wet pussy James! I want to feel your hot sticky seed inside me! Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh!"

With Chantalle's words of motivation, I dropped my hot load of seed deep into her warm and soaking wet pussy; Chantalle orgasmed with me as she muffled her noises with her towel.

Chantalle fixed herself up while I had another shower. When I got out of the shower Chantalle had left. As I went to get dressed I noticed that Chantalle had left me a surprise. Tucked in my bag was her red lacy thong and my underwear was missing.

That day I saw Chantalle in the hallways a few times and I noticed she had a big smile on her face.

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