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Chantz and Brittany's Toy


This is a continuation of Being Brittany's Bitch. Please read that first in order to get a feel for the whole story.


I had just been delivered back to Brittany and Chantz by my former wife dressed (technically) in an open, low cut, white blouse, short black skirt, and 6 inch black platform heels. My mussed hair and glasses were stained with my own cum from getting pile driven with a big black cock by my wife, and my ass was red and sore from the slapping it had taken while she was ramming me doggy style.

"Looks like sissy had a good time," remarked Chantz. "Let's get you cleaned up and to bed, you have a long day of work ahead of you tomorrow." With that, she dragged me by the leash to the bathtub, stripped me naked, and said, "You have 15 minutes, you better be clean." The thought of escape crossed my mind, but where was I going with these huge tits, little dick, and most importantly, no clothes? Besides, I was exhausted from all the fucking and I knew they would just find me anyway. I was trapped.

Chantz came back 15 minutes later, slipped a ball gag in my mouth, cuffed my hands behind me, and snapped a collar and leash around my neck. She dragged me into her bedroom, and tied the leash to the end of the bed, so that I was bent at the waist facing the headboard, with my face resting on the rail. I heard her behind me, and then I felt a cool liquid on my ass. I looked back over shoulder as best I could, and saw her as she approached me with the biggest butt plug I had ever seen. "You're lucky I'm in such a charitable mood, bitch," she snarled. "I'm letting you have some lube." With that, she rammed the big black cock home, making sure to pull it out a bit, then ram it back in to the hilt a few times, before leaving it buried in my ass, and sliding a pair of black thong underwear up my legs. "That ought to hold it for the night."Trust me, you'll thank me for this tomorrow," she said. With that, she tied the leash to the bottom rail so I could curl up in a ball on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I had just gotten to sleep, which isn't easy with your hands cuffed behind you and a big plug stuck in your ass, when I was slapped awake by Chantz. "Wake up, bitch, it's time to go." She uncuffed my hands, and threw me into my secretary outfit with the tight, white, low cut blouse, the black skirt, and black heels, threw my hair into a bun and put the glasses on my face. She dragged me out to the car, and threw on the floor in the backseat, making sure to grind the plug deeper into my ass as she did so. "Slut, you've missed a lot of work lately, we want to make sure that that's not causing any problems," Chantz said.

A few minutes later, we pulled up to my office, and she dragged me inside. "I'm going to leave you here tonight so you can get some work done. Also, we have a big presentation tomorrow, so this way you'll be here and ready bright and early and we don't have to worry about you making us late," she said. She then lead me to my desk, cuffed my hands in front of me, and took off. "See you tomorrow, bitch boy," she scoffed.

"Chantz noooo," I grunted behind the gag, but it was no use. I minced my way over to the door and locked it behind her, and then I went back to my desk and attempted to get something done. I was typing away, when I heard a jingle in the lock. "Oh shit, maintenance," I thought.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" said the portly janitor as he walked into the office. "Looks like someone is somewhere she doesn't belong." With that, he strode over to my desk, bent me over it, and lifted up my skirt. "This is gonna be easier than I thought," he laughed, as he removed the rod that was impaling my ass. He then reached into the desk drawer, brought out a pair of nipple clamps, lifted my blouse and attached them to my nipples. Those nipple clamps were never there before. I also saw a red light go on in the corner of the room, and realized that this was all being recorded. I had been set up in the worst way.

I heard his pants unzip, as he grabbed a hold of the leash. I braced myself for the worst. I felt pressure on my asshole, and I heard a pop as the head of his cock sunk into my backdoor. "I screamed into the gag. Oddly enough, though, his cock was cold, and rubbery. I looked back over my shoulder and watched as my assailant continued to ream my ass with what seemed like at least nine inches of man meat. "Oh yeah, you little bitch," he growled. "My job isn't all that great, but man, it does have its perks from time to time," he said, as he slapped my ass and continued to hammer away at my already sore and stretched back hole. He reached over and started to tug at the nipple clamps which caused me to scream into the gag. "HAHAHA. I love hearing bitches scream," he laughed. After fucking me for what seemed like an eternity, he hit a button on the remote and the red light turned off. "That will make one hell of a video," he said.

With that, he pulled out of my ass, and slapped me a few times with his cock. I thought it was odd that he stopped before he came, but I wasn't complaining. I had just been fucked in the ass by a man; at least he hadn't drenched me in cum as well. Then he stepped in front of me, and for the first time, I saw the cock that had just been ripping me open. I was right, it was about nine inches, and it was also black rubber. Something wasn't right here. "Man, Brittany and Chantz were right, you are a nice little piece of ass," he said in woman's voice. "The look on your face when you thought you were getting fucked by a man was priceless, poor baby," she laughed as she unzipped her industrial jumpsuit uniform to reveal a 36GG-23-36 figure. She also pulled off her beard and took off her hat, to reveal gorgeous brunette trusses. It was none other than Mistress Evolin Pierce.

"As far as the camera is concerned, you did just get fucked by a man, but it's no difference to me," she said. "However, the night is young, and I'm still not satisfied. All you bitches think porn is easy, I'm gonna see how well you hold up. She pulled me by the leash to the front of the desk, as she sat down on it, with her legs spread. One sharp tug on the chain to my nipple clamps had me screaming in pain, and also brought my head down to cock level. "Suck me, bitch," she demanded, as she loosened the gag, grabbed me by the ears, and forced me onto her cock. Here I was, in my office, attempting to keep my balance on 6 inch heels, with my hands cuffed behind me while I was bent over at the waist with my huge tits swaying in front of me, being force fed a cock that would never come. This could go on all night. "Oh, is the little bitch getting tired?" she cooed. "It's not as easy as the girls make it look, is it?" she said, as she continued to gag me.

Just then my phone rang. "Hello? Yes, he's rather indisposed at the moment," she laughed. Oh, hi Brittany. Yes, he's giving me head. He's pretty good, you taught him well. Oh ok, I'll let him get some rest then. Yes, I have the presentation materials, and he will be ready." "Ok baby, here's the drill. We need you fresh for your presentation tomorrow, so I'm going to let you get some sleep." She thankfully let go of my ears and removed the nipple clamps, but popped the gag back into my mouth, and let me curl up in a ball on the floor.

I was awakened by the sun coming in through my office windows, and I panicked. I heard my secretary page me, "Mr. Smith, the presenter is here to meet with you." I scrambled to my desk, and managed to hit the button to buzz her in. Chantz and Brittany strutted into my office, both very professionally dressed. Chantz was in a smart business suit, with knee length skirt and 2 inch heels, while Brittany was dressed as a man, in a sharp three piece suit with wingtips, and a short, dark man's wig.

"Ok bitch, here's what's going to happen," said Chantz. "I am giving a speech on sexual harassment in the workplace, and you and Brittany will be in a skit. You will play the part of the recent college graduate, who attended an all-girls private school, and it is her first day on the job. Of course you will dress the part. Brittany will play the pig of a boss who makes advances on you. That's all you need to know, the rest will come naturally."

Brittany reached into her bag and started pulling clothes out of her bag, as Chantz uncuffed me, and stripped me naked. The first item was a low cut, white, half sweater, which barely covered my tits. Of course I did not get a bra. Next, they pulled a pair of white thong underwear up my legs, and slid on short pleated skirt, that barely covered my ass. White thigh highs and white six inch platforms completed the look. "Ok, sissy, it's show time," said Chantz. I followed them out of my office and into the auditorium, where everyone was already seated.

"Can I have everyone's attention please?" Chantz said into the microphone. "Today we will be talking about sexual harassment in the workplace. Now I know this is not everyone's favorite topic, so I have decided to make my talk more of a skit, which I think everyone will enjoy. Assisting me today will be Brittany and Brad. Brittany has just arrived for her first day on the job, fresh out of college. Brad is her boss. Without further ado, I present, Brittany and Brad." The lights dimmed and came back up with Brittany sitting at a replica of Brad's desk with the nameplate that read "Brad Smith."

"Do come in here, Brittany," Brittany (now Brad) said. I minced into the office on her high heels, in the short skirt and half sweater, as some catcalls were heard from the audience. "Get her, Brad," one man shouted. "Good morning, honey," Brittany said as she raised an eyebrow. :"This must be your first day. Let me tell you, I've heard a lot of good things about you. They say you're a real go getter, with a lot of potential. I'll be honest with you. I'm your boss, so the only way to the top is through me, get my drift?" Now there are a few different paths you can take to get there. There's the first route. It's long, it's tough and frankly very few people make it. By the time they do, it's time to retire. The other way is to work closely with me, if you know what I mean? You seem like the type that would want to work closely with me, am I right?"

"Yes sir," I replied in the most girlish voice I could muster.

"That's what I thought. The first thing I think you should do is take off your underwear and hand them to me. That's good," she said as she took me over her lap and stuffed the thong into my mouth. She gave me a few swats on the ass as I yelled into the gag. "This way involves some pain and sacrifice as well," she said. "Now I think you should kneel on the floor." She pushed me down to my knees and moved her desk chair so that the audience could see what was going on. Then she unzipped her pants, and shoved a realistic flesh colored cock into my mouth. "Do a good job, and you might get a raise," she said, as she leaned back and put her hands behind her head. I leaned back on my heels and stroked her shaft as I buried it in my mouth. I felt the eyes of the onlookers burning into the back of me, as I continued to service her shaft.

"Does this go on in your workplace?" Chantz asked the crowd. "If you're honest you will say, yes, because you know it does. Let's see what happens as the scene continues."

"That was fantastic, baby, but I think you can do more to really get ahead here," Brittany said, as she lifted me up by the shoulders, turned me sideways and sat me on the desk. "We won't need that anymore," she said, as she pulled my sweater over my head, baring my tits for all to see. She then grabbed me by the neck and eased me down onto my back on top of the desk, so that my legs were hanging off the end. "You are really going to enjoy this, sweetheart," she stated, as she grabbed my legs and threw them over her shoulders and jammed her cock into me.

"Yeow!" I screamed. "Oh baby, give it to me, give it to me."

"That's right; all you bitches just love my cock, don't you?" Brittany snarled, as she reached over and hit the intercom button.

"Oh yes, give it to me, I love your cock," I screamed over the intercom, as she continued to pummel my ass and maul my tits.

At this point, I lifted my head and saw as the audience looked on in stunned silence. "This is what goes on in the corporate world today, and I don't see anything being done about it," Chantz said. "Well, that's about to change. Do you remember that asshole Brad that you haven't seen in awhile?" There were nods amongst the crowd. "Was this a pretty accurate portrayal of him?" Again, she got more agreement from the crowd, while Brittany continued to ram me, my tits flopping everywhere, and the desk beginning to shake. "Face it; he was an asshole to the men, a blatant and unapologetic womanizer, who took liberties with the women here, as well as frequently cheated on his wife. He did all this with no repercussions...until now."

Brittany then pulled off her wig and let her blonde hair down. She withdrew from my ass, ripped off her suit, and lifted me to my feet. She took me by the hand to the edge of the stage and the lights came up. She flipped up my skirt and the audience gasped as my little cock was revealed. Brittany then put her hands on her hips and said, "For those of you who don't know me, I am Brittany Andrews. This is Brad," as she pointed to my cock. "This is what happens when you don't respect women, isn't that right sissy?"

"Yes mistress," I muttered. The crowd sat in stunned silence, and then they broke into a thunderous ovation, as Brittany pulled me back down to my knees.

"This is how it's going to be from now on," Chantz said. "No more of these bullshit lawsuits. We're taking this show on the road. Men who run afoul of us will end up like this little bitch. That concludes our meeting today. I hope this has been helpful. Ladies, feel free to stick around afterward as there will be an after party in Brad's office tonight for anyone who feels that a little personal retribution is in order." With that, Brittany gagged, cuffed, collared and leashed me, and led me to my office. It was going to be a long night.

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