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Chapel In The Forest


Margaret Wallace was your average, everyday housewife. She was born and raised in Queens, NY. She got married right out of high school at the age of 19 to her high school sweetheart, David. They were perfect for each other. They actually waited until their wedding night before they had sex. They were two young kids who basically did what they were told to do by their parents. Margaret was a sweet, young woman who was always willing to help out a person in need.

David worked for his father in the family business. His father owned a Deli in Queens and was planning to retire soon. He was going to hand over the Deli to David and move to Florida. The Deli was in a good location and did a lot of business. With a little help from David's father, they were able to purchase a small home in Westchester County, NY. David's Father wanted them to stay in Queens, close to the store. But the young couple decided that they wanted get out of Queens. They wanted to move to upper Westchester and start a family. They were tired of living in the city. They were fed up with the noise, the crime, and the hustle and bustle of living in the city.

They loved their new home. They lived on a 3-acre plot that was surrounded by woods. Their closest neighbor was about 300 yards away. They loved the peace and quiet that living north of NYC afforded them. Even David's father who was against them moving to Westchester County loved the house. He loved the peace and quiet. He loved nighttime the most. It was unlike living in a city where you heard cars going by honking, people yelling at each other, kids playing loud music as they drove by your house at all times of the night. The sound of crickets rubbing their wings at night was the only sound they ever heard.

Margaret worked three days a week at the Deli with her husband and the rest of the week she went to Westchester Community College in Valhalla. She wanted to become a nurse because she loved helping people in need. In Margaret's eyes, she had a perfect life. She had a husband who loved her and a nice home where she planned to raise their children.

They ran into their neighbors one day while they were out shopping in town. They talked for a while to the older couple. It was close to noon so they all decided to have lunch together. The Johnston's had lived in their house for around 15 years. The ladies were chatting about where to shop and stuff and the men where talking about their commutes to work. Mrs. Johnston abruptly stopped talking when she heard her husband say,

“ Have you guys been down to the lake yet?”

David looked confused, He hadn't seen any lake and wasn't sure what Mr. Johnston was talking about.

“ What lake?” David replied which got Margaret's attention.

"The one behind our houses…. It’s about a half a mile through the woods…It actually belongs to the people who live on the other side of the lake. There's a huge mansion on the other side of the lake and the lake belongs to them."

Margaret was very interested in what Mr. Johnston was saying. Mrs. Johnston had a terrified look on her face. She sat in silence while her husband described the lake to the young couple.

Mrs. Johnston finally couldn't take it anymore and she interrupted her husband,

" Honey you shouldn't tell them about that evil place."

Mr. Johnston started laughing and then looked over at the young couple that looked confused.

"Don't pay attention to my wife. She thinks the woods are haunted."

He then continued,

" About half way to the lake there's and old tiny broken down abandon Chapel. From the looks of it…its probably 200 years old…its nothing but a bunch of old rotting logs and rocks now."

Mrs. Johnston felt a little embarrassed as her husband spoke. Her husband then told the young couple how one day he was in the house and heard his wife screaming. He ran to the back of the house to see his wife come running out of the woods with her dress torn and screaming that some one was chasing her. When he looked into the woods all he saw was a bunch of rabbits.

Mr. Johnston broke out into laughter and the young couple laughed with him. But Mrs. Johnston remained silent.

" Ha…Ha…very funny…. You'll stay away from that lake! There is something evil in those woods and it isn't a bunch of rabbits."

After lunch, the two couples split up and went their separate ways. Margaret was excited; she couldn't stop thinking about the lake and the woods. She asked her husband if he wanted to check it out when they got home. He told her that they had a lot to do and by the time they got home it would be dark. He told his pretty wife that he would take her to the lake next Saturday. Margaret was disappointed. She didn't want to shop any more. She wanted to go and explore what was behind her home with her husband. All this time she thought there was nothing but forest back there. Not only did she want to see the lake, she also wanted to see the ruins of the old chapel.

Her husband always left for work very early in the morning. Even when she didn't go to Queens with him, she would get up with him at 4 am in the morning and have coffee with him. Just before he walked out of the house her husband turned to her and said,

“ Hey you be a good girl and stay out of the woods...I don't want that gang of killer rabbits to hurt you.”

“ Ha…very funny,” Margaret said back to her husband.

After her husband left for work Margaret tried to go back to sleep but she couldn't. She was still thinking about the conversation from the previous day with the older couple from down the road. She couldn't understand why Mrs. Johnston was so scared of the woods. She started laughing thinking about Mrs. Johnston running out of the woods while being chased by a bunch of little rabbits.

Margaret got out of bed around 8 am and did some chores around the house. By 9:30 she was done. She kept looking out of her kitchen window toward the thick forest. The curiosity of what laid on the other side of the woods was killing her. That's when she made up her mind that she was going to check it out for herself. The thought of going into the woods alone excited her. She had never done anything like this before. She thought to herself how she has never done anything on her own. Her entire life she had always been surrounded by people. She thought this would be a great time for her to try something out on her own. She soon felt silly talking to herself about what she should or shouldn't do. She was 25 years old and had never really done anything that excited her this much.

She remembered Mr. Johnston saying that half way between their homes was a path that she could follow into the woods. She threw on an old short dress that she would wear around the house. She figured she would make a day of it. She went into her garage and got an old book bag that she had. She made herself a sandwich and packed a few bottles of water in her bag. Her husband would not be home until around 7pm. She knew she would be back long before he got home so there was no reason to leave a note or anything like that. Plus he never called home while he was working because he was just too busy.

That morning Margaret left her home for the first time in her life not knowing where she was actually going. This also excited her because she had always felt that her entire life has been on a schedule. She'd never gone some place that she didn't know where it was exactly. She grabbed her bag and set forth on her little adventure. Back in Queens, she wouldn't dare go any place alone. But she felt safe and comfortable in her new environment. The plush soft grass of Northern Westchester County replaced the concrete she had walked on all her life.

She walked about a hundred yards past her home until she came upon the path that was leading to the forest. As she walked into the forest, she felt confident. She felt good that she was finally doing something on her own, even though it was just a little hike through a forest. After walking about 200 feet the path slowly started to disappear. But the forest wasn't that dense and she could see clearly. The only sounds she heard were her footsteps crushing small branches. Occasionally she would hear the sounds of small little animal scurrying about.

Margaret walked through the woods. She heard a branch break and it startled her. She quickly turned around and saw a small little kitten. She wasn't sure what to make of it. She started to wonder how the little kitten got into the woods. She put her bag down and started walking toward the kitten. When she stepped on a branch the kitten got spooked and hid under a log.

“ Don't be afraid little kitty…I'm not going to hurt you.”

Margaret loved cats, but her husband was allergic to them so when she moved she had to give her cat to her cousin. She bent over the log to try and see if she could retrieve the poor little animal, who she was sure was lost and hungry. She was so focused on helping out the kitten that she didn't pay any attention to the sounds of branches breaking behind her.

Out of nowhere she felt a hard tug on her hair and her head was yanked straight up. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw what had grabbed her. It was a big white man with a beard. Immediately she was terrified. She was about to scream, but the man quickly pulled out a switchblade and pressed the cold steal blade against her chin.

“ Don't make a fucking sound…. you make one sound and Ill kill you and bury your fucking body in these woods.”

The man spoke slowly in a low throaty voice. The man’s words sent chills through Margaret's bones. It happened so fast. One minute she was trying to rescue a little kitten, and the next minute she had a knife under her throat. She tried to make sense of what was going on. But she couldn't. The only thing that was making sense to her was the blade that was on her chin.

“ Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my woods.”?

Margaret didn't know what to do or what to say.

“ I'm talking to you lady…who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my fucking woods?” Repeated the strange man.

“ I'm ….I'm Margaret I…I…I…live over there…I…didn't know these were your woods…please let me go…please don't hurt me,” she begged the strange man holding the knife under her throat.

The man started laughing, Margaret was confused and scared she could feel her knees getting weak. Thoughts of this man slicing her throat and burying her body in the woods filled her mind. Then he spoke to her,

“ Hi Margaret, my name is Chapel and this is my fucking forest…and I don't like or appreciate cunts like you trespassing on my fucking property.”

“ Please Mister…I'm sorry…I didn't know this was your property…I'm sorry sir…please let me go!” She said, as the tears began to well up in her eyes.

Chapel was looking over and admiring Margaret's body. Margaret was a well-built woman. She wasn't thin but she definitely wasn't fat. Margaret felt like she was going to pass out. She bent down slightly and placed her hand on the log to keep from falling down, almost forgetting about the knife that was pressed firmly against her neck. When she bent over, Chapel immediately noticed what a nice thick ass she had. Immediately his cock started to get hard.

He placed his free hand just under the hem of her dress against her soft fleshy thighs. Her skin felt soft and her thighs felt warm against his cold hand. He started working his hands up her warm quivering thighs enjoying the feel of her soft skin. Margaret was in such a state of confusion that she didn't even realize that the man was working his hand up under her skirt.

“ No…Stop. Please…. NO!! …. Don't!” She screamed.

" Hey…Shut The Fuck Up!!!…I'm not going to tell you again bitch."

Margaret was shaking. The only man that had ever touched any part of her body was her husband. New thoughts entered Margaret's mind. Thoughts of being raped started to grip her mind. She has never even kissed another man. Even though she was married, sex was never a big part of the relationship that she shared with her husband.

Margaret didn't know what to do she was confused and consumed with fear. Chapel was enjoying the control he had over Margaret. He told her to stand still while he slowly lifted Margaret's dress above her hips.

“ Agggghhhhh,” he exhaled when he saw Margaret's thick pale white ass cheeks. What he loved most was the black thong that she was wearing. Chapel was in the zone now and there was no turning back for him. Her soft sexy ass cheek was just begging to be fucked in his eyes.

Margaret, on the other hand, was still terrified and started wondering if she would live to see her husband and her family again. She could feel the cool fall air on her ass cheeks. Then she felt a cold clammy hand start to gently stroke her ass cheeks. Margaret knew she had a thick ass. She had tried all kinds of diets and all kinds of exercise to make her hips and ass smaller. But no matter how much weight she lost, her ass and hips remained the same. She could hear Chapels breathing increase as he massaged her ass cheeks. He palmed each ass cheek while he held the knife at her throat.

" Your ass is beautiful Margaret…Its so soft and meaty…Have you ever been fucked in your ass?"

He asked softly as he pressed his finger against the tiny piece of material that separated him from her pussy. He used his middle finger and lightly stroked her pussy mound. He could feel the temperature rising between Margaret's thick white thighs.

"No…No sir…I'm a married woman…. Please stop…please let me go… I promise I wont say anything to anyone!"

As Margaret spoke, she could feel Chapels finger slowly stroke her pussy mound. She could feel her pussy starting to get moist. She was embarrassed, and confused.

“How could my pussy be responding to this?” she thought to herself.

Chapel told her not to move. Then he used his left leg to kick her left leg to the side, spreading her legs. Margaret instinctively closed her legs.

" Bitch …I'm not fucking playing with you…spread your fucking legs!"

Chapel kicked her leg over and this time Margaret didn't move. Chapel had full access to her panty-covered pussy. He loved how the material felt against her meaty pussy mound. Margaret stood still while Chapel massaged her pussy. Chapel moaned and breathed heavily while he pressed his finger against her moistened pussy lips. Margaret started to pray silently to herself. She asked God, why was he letting this happen to her? She begged God to make the man go away.

Her prayers were not answered. Her God couldn't see her in the middle of the forest. She knew that her God had abandoned her when she felt a finger slide into her pussy.

“ NO!!!!!” she screamed as she felt a finger, which didn't belong to her husband slide deep into her body.

Chapel pushed the blade of the knife against her throat really hard as Margaret started to squirm around trying to get his finger out of her cunt.

“ Go ahead Bitch, keep fucking moving!…. You're gonna cut your own self!…Go ahead I don't give a fuck if you cut yourself …It would be a shame if you just bled to death right hear. Trust me… I'm not going to call 911...and nobody is going to come to your rescue.”

Margaret knew that he was telling the truth. She immediately stopped moving.

" Good…. That's a good girl…Just relax…Margaret…Ill only hurt you if you make me mad…Now stop fucking crying."

Margaret started sobbing. She could feel Chapel twisting and turning his finger around in her cunt. His thick finger explored parts of her pussy that no man has ever touched. She felt so violated and helpless. But what really made her sick was what she started feeling deep within her cunt. Margaret had always had trouble getting wet. When she first started having sex with her husband she used to cry out in pain. It wasn't that her husband had a large cock. Her pussy just didn't produce enough fluid. While Chapel rammed his finger in and out of her cunt she realized that her pussy juices were flowing. She was embarrassed and ashamed that her body was responding to a man that was raping her pussy with just his fingers.

Margaret gasped when the strange man found her clit. He placed his finger firmly on her little bud. Her body shuddered and her knees collapsed when she felt a rumble from deep within her pussy. Chapel used his strength and her pussy mound to lift her back up to her feet. It excited him to make his intruders cum. He laughed out load, his voice echoed through the forest, while he gently rubbed her wet clit.

" You like that…huh…. I knew I could find your spot."

Margaret tried to catch her breath but she couldn't. Each time he brushed his finger over her clit, her breath just expelled from her body.

" You're a nasty little bitch…. your pussy is dripping…your husband must be a pathetic man…Ill bet he never made you cum before."

Chapel loved every minute of this. He humped and twisted his finger deep into her cunt. He paid careful attention to her clit. He noticed that he got the best response from her when he firmly stroked the left side of her clit. Margaret was about to explode and she didn't even know it.

She screamed, her ass and hips swung from side to side as she was hit with a powerful orgasm. She screamed as waves of pure pleasure took over her body as though she was possessed. Chapel continued his assault on her clit.

“ Cum Bitch!…. Cum you nasty fucking whore…that's it… let it out!”

Chapel loved watching Margaret cum…He was amazed by her reaction to his finger. Her pussy walls collapsed around his finger. Her juices had ran down his finger and started to form a little puddle in his palm. Margaret couldn't take it anymore.

" Stop…please stop!…. Don't do this to me…I…I…can't…do this…I'm a married woman…no more… please no more!"

She could barely get the words out of her mouth. She didn't even know what was happening to her body. She could feel her own fluids running down her inner thighs.

" Its my turn baby…lets see if you can suck cock."

Chapel pulled Margaret to her feet by her hair, awakening her up out of her orgasmic trance. He kept the knife to her throat as he spun her around. Chapel was wearing an old Adidas sweat suit. He quickly pulled his pant down with one hand. Margaret thought about making a run for it but was quickly pushed down to her knees.

Chapel sat down on the log with his sweat pants around his ankles. Margaret stared at the strange cock. Margaret had never sucked a cock before. She thought that sucking on a man’s cock was disgusting and swore she would never do it. His cock looked different then her husbands. It was shorter then her husbands cock but it was a lot thicker.

Chapel grabbed Margaret by the back of her head and pulled her toward his cock. Immediately Margaret could smell the stench that was coming from between Chapels legs. She looked at Chapels flaccid cock and hairy balls with disgust and hatred. As she stared at the strange smelly cock she thought about her husband. She asked herself, why she didn't she just listen to him? She wished she could have been patient. She wished she was with her husband. She wished this was just a bad dream and she would soon wake up.

" Lets go Margie…I don't have all fucking day…. come…get my cock nice and hard baby."

Margaret started crying. Only her husband called her Margie. He would call her by that name when they made love.

“ Please mister…I'm begging please don't make me do this…Please. Sir…I've never done that before!” she said, sobbing like a little girl.

" What…. you mean to tell me that you don't even suck your husbands cock?"

“ No. Sir…. we don't do that.” She replied.

" Well today is your lucky day, Margie, Not only am I going to teach you how to suck cock, but I'm going to make you an expert cock sucker…Don't worry Margie…you'll learn how to suck cock….or YOU WILL DIE!"

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