tagBDSMChapter 01: My Pets Predicament

Chapter 01: My Pets Predicament


***Authors note: This is a fictional story, that happened to be influenced by a coworker and one of my dreams. Also may publish the rest of the series if this one goes over well. Comments are welcome!***

Chapter 1: My Pets Predicament

I have her tied to the bed, whimpering and begging, to have more. More of anything. More of my touch, more vibrations, more contact; anything so that she would be pushed over that glorious edge, into orgasmic bliss. The question is, would I allow her the sweet release? Or would I let the torment of pleasure keep her on edge? Well I guess in order to find that out we have to go back a little to how this all began...

I do have a name, but we are just going to call me Master, or Sir. I accept either, my name may be revealed later. She also has a name (which will also be revealed later), but we are going to just call her Pet. Only Pet. That's how I refer to her for the sake of this story right now. I own a modest studio apartment. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen with a bar, and a nice living room. The master bedroom is strictly off limits unless I give my explicit permission. It is always locked and I have the only key -- well a spare key is locked away and secured in my safe for emergencies.

Anyway, I usually cook myself and rarely have guests over, at least during the day, that is. Perks of being pseudo-single I guess. Rent isn't terrible, and the only real thing I need is fantastic internet. So I upgraded my network to handle my self-installed security and surveillance system; and my gaming habits. I have a decent job as well. I work as a mid-level corporate manager for an online retailer with a nearby facility. I have plans to start my own company, but that's after I finish my masters and pay off all my college debt (which will only amount to about $25,000 total).

I met her while I was out picking up some things I needed at a nearby -- let's say -- adult store. She looked like she was getting a new "toy" and was checking out some other things (collars, restraints, etc...).

Me: "Hi, strange to see others in here, especially at this time of day."

Her: "Hello, yeah, I don't get here that much and was in the area. So I decided to stop by and I just couldn't resist."

She was cute. Slightly taller than me, had nice tits (yes I took a glance at them), nice ass too, beautiful face (especially her eyes, cause I look at those too); so anyway I decided to be a little bold.

Me: "If you'd like, I can buy a couple things for you, including that vibrator you're holding." She looked a little skeptical and cautious.

She replied, with a bit of sarcasm, "Oh yeah? I bet there are strings attached, huh? I mean, you seem nice and all, but no one is that nice, and I've been burned more than once."

I shook my head and smiled. I grabbed one of the collars and took her vibrator before she could protest. I paid the cashier and wrote my name and number down on the back of the receipt.

I came back and told her "I am just a nice guy, all I want is one date. You call me. If you choose not to, than that is okay, but I can show you a great time."

With that I handed her the bag with her stuff and left to grab a sub and head back to work. After all, we only get a half hour lunch break.

That happened on Tuesday, it is now Friday. A few boring days have passed. Same monotonous routine. Go to work, yell at people for not doing things correctly (or just being lazy) and going home. Making myself dinner, throwing on the TV to stream my Spotify to while I play some games until midnight or later. Then I go to sleep only to do it all over again. Today, however, was different. I was on my lunch break, later than normal, and I noticed that I had a voicemail.

Her: "Hey, I can't believe I am doing this right now. We just met the other day, but something about you is intriguing. And you offered to take me out. I just got out of work and figured I would call you before I change my mind. How about we meet somewhere tomorrow night, call me back with a place and time. Alright, have a good day!"

Well this just made my day. I was happy and excited to hear back from her. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work and yell at more people for fucking up my network at the office.

After finishing up fixing what others had messed up, I got home and ordered pizza, I was too lazy to care about cooking dinner. I stripped and changed into just a white T-shirt and basketball shorts. Turned on the TV and connected my laptop. Time to watch some porn while I waited for my pizza, after all, they said it was going to be a little while due to a busy night. Before I got too far along with porn escapades, I remembered I had to call her back. She actually answered:

Her: "Hello"

Me: "Hey, I got your message."

Her: "Oh, Hey! Awesome. Where do you want to meet up for this date?"

Me: "How about the restaurant down the street from where we first met?"

Her: "I love that place! What time?"

Me: "Any, when's best for you?"

Her: "How about 5pm?

Me: "Works for me. I'll see you then!"

Her: "Yup! I'll talk to you later, Bye."


I was so excited that I forgot about watching porn before it was too late and the pizza had arrived. I quick turned off my TV and paid the pizza guy. I ate pizza and gamed the rest of the night. So long that, I, in-fact, fell asleep at my computer.

I woke up the next day with raging morning wood. So I decided to finish my porn escapade. I decided that I needed to watch more girls being tied up and forced to beg for more as they were cruelly tormented. I so wanted to have a pet of my own. I sifted through a few videos and finally found a perfect one. A girl, about 5' 3" with firm tits and a toned body, was tied spread-eagle to a bed. She was blindfolded and gagged. She could barely move. Her cruel master had a vibrator resting just above her clit, brushing against her pelvis, but held in place by straps. No matter how much she struggled, it would not budge to touch her clit. He also was using one finger to tease her nipples by drawing circles around them and never touching the pointed peaks.

This went on for about 30 minutes before her master let her cum, but he didn't just let her cum. Oh no. He made her cum. Over and over. She screamed through the gag as her back arched as much as it could. He moved the straps so they held the vibrator against her clit as he pinched and pulled her nipples. This kept her in a state of orgasmic bliss for 10 minutes. The video ended and I realized that I had made a mess all over my clothes. I threw them in my hamper and hopped in the shower to cool off.

It was late, I had slept in after a busy work week. I got a bit dressed up. Nice pants, a polo, and nice shoes. I walked over to the restaurant and immediately saw her. She was wearing a beautiful aqua-blue summer dress that showed off just a hint of cleavage and her nice legs. She waved at me and we went in and got a table.

We ordered an appetizer. I got a drink. She said she did not want anything to drink, and just took a water. By the time we ordered our entrees, I was a little buzzed, but not enough to affect my judgement or concentration on our conversation. We talked and got to know each other. She was a little squirmy in her seat, but I did not think much of it. We ordered dessert and by this time she was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it home. I opted to drink water with her and we ate dessert. The check came and she insisted to pay her half. I did not let her, and took care of the entire bill, including the tip. I did not mind, it's the kind of guy I am.

Her: "Thank you for dinner. I actually had a great time."

Me: "You are very welcome."

Her: getting a little more fidgety. "Will you be okay going back to your apartment?"

Me: "I'll be fine." Almost trips on...Air?!?

Her: "Let me walk you home. You said you were only a couple blocks away, and you have a guest room, if I remember what you said correctly?"

Me: "Yes, to both. I'll let you walk me home, but only cause you're so nice and beautiful."

I admit, I was feeling it a little. Both the buzz and for her. I was a little more out-of-it than I would've liked to admit, and I completely forgot that I never shut anything down cause I kind of rushed out of the house. She walked me home and we got in my apartment. I ran to the bathroom to pee and she used the guest room. I completely forgot to ask her if she had overnight stuff, but then I remembered that she said that she did in her purse, for unexpected situations.

I don't remember falling asleep, but I must've cause I woke up to hear heavy breathing coming from the living room. It was pitch black outside and I was still in my nice clothes. I got up quietly and changed into comfy clothes. I snuck into the living room and couldn't believe what I saw.

I was embarrassed that I had left my porn open on my computer and left the TV on. She was watching the same one that I watched earlier. She was moving a small bullet vibrator over her clit and moving the vibrator I bought her in and out of herself. She was completely naked, and just as the girl orgasmed on the screen, she orgasmed on my couch. She started to open her eyes and glanced in my direction with her eyes half open. I quickly retreated to my room and pounded one out to relieve the tension and hoped to fall back asleep. Which I eventually did.

It was about 10 AM when I woke up. It was silent and I felt alone. I got up and washed my face to wake up fully. I walked into the guest room and she was not there. I glanced around my living room and remembered the events of the night before. There was some eggs and bacon sitting out for me with a note.

"Thanks for the great night and the place to stay. I made you breakfast, and ate some myself. Sorry I had to leave early to get home and get some errands done." Hmmmm...It doesn't seem like she noticed me last night. Oh well...

I ate and had another uneventful day. I decided to check my security cameras. I did notice that I got the entire show on camera and had a perfect, full-body view of her as she played with her clit and tits. What I didn't notice was that she was also wearing the collar. I started getting another hard-on. I figured it wouldn't hurt, so as I watched her I got myself off and eventually came as she orgasmed. This time I was prepared with tissues to catch the mess.

I decided to text her. "Hey, thanks for walking me home. Delicious breakfast, glad I had you stay over after all. Also, thank you for the show last night." I did not receive a reply back. I waited and waited as I cleaned up the apartment. Still no reply. It was bed time, so I went to sleep. Woke up and showered. Still nothing. I was a little disappointed, but it was Monday. I was more worried about the chaos I was about to walk into at work.

Days went by and I still hadn't heard from her. I gave her some space and got a little worried that I pushed too much. I became discouraged as Friday came around and I still hadn't even gotten an angry message from her. As I walked in the door Friday with my Chinese takeout dinner, I received a message. "I would like to stop by and talk about some things in person." It was from her. I replied "I just got home, come by whenever."

I paced my apartment as I ate, waiting for the buzz of the front door. After what seemed like hours (was really only 10 minutes) I heard the buzz. I let her in the building and then opened my door so she could walk right in. She walked in and I couldn't help but stare. She was wearing shorts that clung to her ass and a V-neck t-shirt. I was instantly turned on.

Her: "So you saw me last weekend, you know, watching what you had open?"

Me: I just shook my head yes.

Her: "Did you like what you saw?"

Me: I just shook my head again, afraid to open my mouth.

Her: "Well, I kind of enjoy kinky stuff. During our date, I dared myself to wear a vibrator all night. Then, I couldn't resist walking you home. To feel the exquisite pleasure of being stimulated without you knowing. To be kept at the edge for a little longer. When you finally passed out I saw what you were watching. I couldn't hold back. I had to masturbate. When I finished I saw you standing there. I was so embarrassed, but I was also a little turned on knowing you watched me. Knowing that you are into this stuff." She paused.

Me: "I did enjoy it very much. In-fact, I have fantasized about tormenting a girl like that for a while now, and I have the right 'toys' to do the job."

Her: She fell silent and blushed a little. Then she said "Show me, I want to see them."

So I did. I took her into the master bedroom and opened one of my cabinet drawers with everything from vibrators to nipple clamps to restraints, and anything in-between. She started fidgeting a little and blushed more. She then smirked and started to strip. It's weird. I just met her and she's already willing to test out my kinks. I grabbed her wrists, and, on a hunch, I pinned her to the wall and kissed her neck. She just moaned and pressed against me. I then yanked off her shirt and shorts roughly and pushed her onto the bed. Little did she know, I had restraints attached to all four bed posts. She was surprised and a little anxious. But she let me put her wrists and ankles in the cuffs.

Me: "From now, until you say the safe word. You are my Pet and I am your Master. Got it?"

Her: "Y-Yes, Sir. What is the safe word, sir?"

Me: I was a little surprised at her compliance, but it pleased me. "It is Pineapple."

Her: "O-okay. Sir, May I make a request?"

Me: "What is it Pet?"

Her: "No gags, Sir. Please?"

Me: "Granted, Pet. Now let the fun begin."

With that I began to tease her nipples with my fingers. I kissed and nipped her neck and collarbone lightly. She was breathing heavily and moaning softly. I let one finger glide up and down her inner thighs and just brush, ever-so-lightly, over her pussy and clit. Hearing her moan and seeing her arch into my touch made my cock hard. I wanted to face fuck her, and then fuck fuck her. But that was to wait.

`I got up and grabbed my wand vibrator. I got the harness and adjusted it to hold the vibrator just above her clit and pussy. I turned it on low and she instantly arched her back. Trying to get contact with it. But she couldn't. It was out of her reach. I continued to tease her nipples as I put a collar on her with nipple clamps on it. I sucked her nipples until they were hard, little, nubs. I put the clamps on them and she gasped.

I have her right where I want her. Bound, moaning, and being given pleasure without the chance of release...yet. Man I can be evil.

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