tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCharisma & Tiffany Ch. 01

Charisma & Tiffany Ch. 01

byCal Y. Pygia©

As a beautiful shemale, Tiffany De Vine had had a lot of superb lovers, both male and female, but she couldn't get Charisma off her mind. She'd met the sorceress when she'd bought one of the brassieres that Charisma had designed. Actually, as she found out later, it was the only brassiere that Charisma had ever designed. It was, Tiffany supposed, a sort of bait, and it had done its work; it had caught Tiffany as surely as any lure had ever caught a fish. Charisma had placed it for sale in a boutique that both shemales and genetic girls frequented, and it had been Tiffany's good fortune to have been the one who'd bought the item. The bra had promised "cleavage enhancement," and it had delivered. Delighted with the garment, Tiffany had made a point of locating the company that made the bra, only to discover that Charisma was a woman, not a company, and, more than a woman, the seamstress was a sorceress as well.

Tiffany had also discovered that the bra she'd purchased was magic. Simply by her having worn it, the piece of clothing had increased the shemale's breast size from that of a "B" cup to that of a "C" cup. As rewards for the sexual favors that Tiffany had provided to Charisma, the sorceress had awarded the shemale an enchanted corset that had flattened her tummy, narrowed her waist, and slimmed her hips and a pair of heels that had shrunk her size eight feet to size five. The sex they'd enjoyed together had been the most intense and passionate that Tiffany had ever had. Using her magic, Charisma had transformed herself into a shemale and Tiffany into a total woman, replacing (temporarily, thank God) Tiffany's cock and balls with labia, a clitoris, and a vagina. After fucking Tiffany with a huge penis that branched into a larger cock for her newly formed cunt and a smaller prick for her asshole, Charisma had given Tiffany the corset. To earn the shoes, Tiffany had performed cunnilingus on the sorceress--with her tongue the size of a boa constrictor, courtesy, once again, of Charisma's magic.

As a parting gift, Charisma had presented Tiffany with a locket on a fine gold chain. Inside, facing one another, were nude portraits of the two friends and lovers. Since then, Tiffany couldn't stop thinking of Charisma--which, unknown to the naïve Tiffany, had, of course, been Charisma's whole point in giving the necklace to the shemale. The locket, like the brassiere, the corset, and the shoes, was magic. Once she'd worn the enchanted necklace, Tiffany's heart belonged wholly and forever to Charisma only. The shemale might entertain lusts for other women and for men, but her soul would eternally belong to Charisma, and Tiffany would be able to enjoy other lovers only if Charisma allowed it--which was always a possibility. After all, the sorceress enjoyed a ménage a trios on occasion, sometimes with another woman as the third party and sometimes with a man filling out the threesome. Charisma's sexual interests were nothing if not eclectic, as she'd already shown Tiffany.

A dozen times today, Tiffany had toyed with the idea of telephoning the sorceress, recalling Charisma's soft lips, tender touch, and burning kisses. Each time, she'd returned her cell phone to her purse. She didn't want to impose on her newfound friend. Besides, Tiffany believed in playing the field. She wasn't ready to settle down. Moreover, although she occasionally liked to be with women, Tiffany preferred men. When she did decide to settle down, it would be with a boyfriend, not with a woman. Still, until then, she mused, thinking of Charisma, sex with the sorceress was better any unlike any sex she'd ever had in her life and would likely be superior to and different from any she ever could have. Maybe she would give Charisma a call, after all. What could it hurt?

Taking the cell phone from her purse, she flipped the front cover open and made the call. "Hi, Charisma. It's Tiffany. Do you mind if I come over?"

A moment later, the sorceress' sultry voice greeted her: "I was wondering when you'd call."

Twenty minutes later, the sorceress and the shemale were together once again.

Five minutes after that, they were naked. They'd climbed aboard Charisma's huge four-poster bed, which was bigger than two king-size beds, with a mattress more than two-feet deep and fitted with satin sheets that felt cool and amazingly sheer to their naked flesh.

Charisma's hands squeezed Tiffany's breasts. "They're as lovely as ever," the sorceress complimented her guest.

"Thanks to you."

Charisma smiled. "Happy to oblige." She bent, parting her lips, and licked Tiffany's stiffening nipple with the tip of her moist, pink tongue.

The shemale writhed, moaning.

"I love your tits," Charisma confessed, licking the nipple first of one and then of the other. "In fact, I love them so much, I wish you had more."

No sooner had she spoken these words than a third breast appeared in the middle of the shemale's chest, between her other two breasts--and a second tier of three, smaller boobs popped out of the shemale's abdomen, below the first threesome.

"My God!" the startled transsexual cried, astonishment widening her eyes and dropping her jaw.

Charisma chuckled. "Like them?"

"Yes," Tiffany admitted, still astounded at having six tits, "but not enough to keep them permanently."

"Don't worry," her hostess reassured her. "Six breasts are fun as a novelty, but two are plenty otherwise." She licked each of the six nipples, one by one, and circled the puffy areolas that surrounded the erect peaks, squeezing one luscious mound while she tongued another.

Like her nipples, Tiffany's small cock stiffened and swelled, jutting from the blonde fire of her trim pubic hair. At least she didn't have six pricks and six pairs of balls to go with the half dozen tits Charisma had given her, the shemale thought. No sooner had she thought this than she sprouted five more penises and an equal number of identical, testicle-filled scrotums. The tits had appeared tier upon tier, with three in one row and three more in the row below those. The same wasn't true of the cocks that had sprung erect from Tiffany's body. Besides her normal cock, which stood upright at the base of her groin, between her silken thighs, a cock had sprung from Tiffany's forehead, from her belly, below the lower tier of tits, from her left kneecap, from her right kneecap, and from the roof of her mouth. The glans of the last prick protruded from between her lips, giving Tiffany a comical appearance. Looking at her handiwork, Charisma couldn't help but giggle.

Of course, Tiffany was shocked and horrified by this bizarre transformation. More than these feelings, however, was her fear that they'd be permanent. She tried to utter her concern, but she found it difficult to form words with her mouth stuffed with cock. "Thith ithn't permunant?" she asked.

Charisma laughed, finding her lover's predicament hilarious. She didn't notice the narrowing of her guest's eyes in anger--or, if she had, she pretended not to have noticed. After giving vent to her amusement, the sorceress reassured Tiffany, "No, dear. Obviously, I wouldn't leave you this way."

Tiffany looked relieved. "Thaink Gud," she managed to reply.

Again, Charisma laughed at Tiffany's attempt to speak. It was so cute, she thought, the way her shemale friend lisped because of her cock-filled mouth.

In light of Charisma's reassurance that this change wasn't to become permanent, Tiffany relaxed--as much as a person with six tits and half a dozen penises can relax--and decided that her latest transformation, like the others she'd undergone, was, well, sexy. In fact, it was sexy as hell. She might as well enjoy being Charisma's enchanted playmate. After all, it wasn't every day that a girl could be equipped with sex breasts and as many pricks and sets of balls. What Charisma planned to do with all these tits and penises, Tiffany had no idea--but she anticipated that, whatever it was that the sorceress did have in mind, it would be fun.

As usual, Tiffany didn't have long to wait before Charisma made her intent known, as five additional vaginas, complete with labia and clitorises, popped into being, one in her forehead, one in place of her mouth, one in her lower belly, beneath her splendid breasts, and one in each of her kneecaps. With the cunts located on her body so as to coincide with the locations of the penises on Tiffany's body, the two lovers could fuck each other six different ways from Sunday, if they could assume and maintain a position that would permit such congress, that is.

Normally, such a feat might have been difficult, if not impossible, but virtually nothing was impossible for a sorceress of Charisma's power and experience, and, in a moment, the shemale and her female lover were locked together in a tight embrace, Charisma's six cunts each penetrated by one of Tiffany's half dozen penises. They were forehead to forehead, mouth to mouth, belly to belly, and kneecap to kneecap, with Charisma above and Tiffany beneath. All the cunts and cocks were in action at the same time, the sensations of each threatening to overwhelm those of the other five. To enjoy them all at once was impossible--for Tiffany, at least--so she concentrated on the feelings associated with first one and then another.

She started by focusing on the cock that had sprouted from her forehead. The wet, tender tunnel of love in Charisma's brow plopped and rose, plopped and rose upon Tiffany's erection, drenching the shemale's golden tresses with its juices. The fluids from the tight little forehead-cunt, bathing Tiffany's hair, eyebrows, forehead, and temples, washed into her eyes, making Tiffany blink and gasp. The nectar from the sorceress' forehead-pussy smarted when it trickled into the shemale's eyes. As much as she could, Tiffany tried to participate in their lovemaking, lifting her head in short, jerky movements as she jabbed the cock rising from her own forehead into its cunt counterpart, but she couldn't continue these actions for more than a few moments before she tired; besides, a girl could get a headache from fucking someone with a forehead-prick. Of course, she supposed, Charisma could have magically enabled her to fuck her without experiencing fatigue or pain, but, apparently, the sorceress wanted Tiffany to feel just such sensations, along with the tickling that ran up and down her forehead-cock and through her forehead-balls. There was, it seemed, a touch of the sadist in her hostess.

Tiffany turned her attention to the cock had sprouted from the roof of her mouth and penetrated her lips. It was a long cock, and Charisma had made it longer still, so that six inches jutted from between the shemale's lips. Upon this rigid member, Charisma had impaled the pussy that she'd made materialize in the same location on her own body, so that the two lovers were as engaged orally as they were through the intercourse in which they participated courtesy of their respective forehead-genitalia. Charisma not only thrust her mouth-cunt down upon Tiffany's mouth-cock, but she ground the sopping labia of her oral vagina hard against Tiffany's lips, through which her mouth-cock rose, wetting them with the same thick, warm juices that lubricated the prick itself. Tiffany had never experienced anything like this. It was a little like sucking a cock, because her mouth-prick penetrated her lips and moved back and forth between them as Charisma drove and lifted her mouth-cunt in the process of face-fucking her. At the same time, it was different from fellatio. In sucking a cock, after all, there were no moist labia pressing into one's nose and cheeks and chin, there was no hard, wet clit riding the bridge of one's nose, and there was no flood of warm cunt juices over one's mouth and chin.

Before becoming overwhelmed by these sensations, Tiffany concentrated upon her third dick--the one that Charisma had made spring out of her belly. As she did, she became conscious of the sheen of sweat that had formed between their tummies. It was like a thin film that cemented them together. They were awash in perspiration, just as they were in Charisma's cunt juices--and would be, soon enough, in Tiffany's sperm. What would it be like, she wondered, to spurt semen from six cocks at the same time? Inwardly, she shrugged. She'd find out soon enough, she supposed. Charisma's belly-cunt shoved roughly into and around Tiffany's belly-cock, the abdominal genitals jabbing together in a noisy, slurping, wet coitus that resembled the union of the other sets of organs. It felt strange--but wonderfully strange--to have a cock standing, stiff and swollen, upright from her belly, and stranger still to have this cock enveloped by a sodden pussy that drew its tender, wet walls back and forth and up and down, around the erect prick, mashing its soft, wet labia against her clumped balls and tight, firm belly. Like her other five penises, this one trembled and lurched, straining to release the semen that welled within her testicles. Tiffany moaned, squirming, and Charisma laughed.

Tiffany's cock--the normal one between her legs--was awash in pussy juice from Charisma's natural cunt. The sensations here felt as wonderful as those associated with the other unnatural, or magic, penises that were engaged with Charisma's other, enchanted vaginas. However, as these sensations were more familiar to Tiffany than the feelings related to the activities of her other, new, temporary penises, she preferred to concentrate on them, rather than those connected to the prick she'd been born with.

Consequently, she turned her attention to the pricks that had risen from her kneecaps. These cocks, like the others, had also been mounted. Their cunt-counterparts in Charisma's kneecaps humped them, sliding their soft walls up and down around the jutting members and soaking their balls and the sides of Tiffany's knees with their juices. The two hard pricks seemed to concentrate all of Tiffany's thoughts and feelings--her entire consciousness--in their rigid shafts, as if the penises had drawn her soul into them, solidified her spirit within their thick, hard columns of flesh, and made her mind one with their tissue. Of course, the same strange phenomenon had occurred with regard to the other four pricks that jutted from the shemale's body.

As Tiffany had focused her attention on each successive cock, it had seemed that it had as completely claimed her consciousness, drawing her heart, her soul, her mind, her very being into itself, stiffening her cognitively as well as physically, so as to mold her into a fused cock-self that was all stiffness and swelling and lust-crazed longing. The only problem was that, in having six cocks, Tiffany seemed to have six minds as well. She felt fragmented, as if she'd been broken into six selves, each of which was a vessel of lust that sought to claim primacy over the other five penis-selves she seemed to have become. Tiffany relished these sensations, but they were becoming too much for her, overwhelming her mental capacity, and she wished, fervently, for the orgasm--or orgasms--that would put an end to this sweet, ever-building torment. Meanwhile, Charisma's half dozen sopping cunts continued to assault her--fucking her head, her mouth, her belly, her groin, and her knees all at once, smothering her in soft, sweet, tender, succulent Pussy. . . .

. . . to be continued. . .

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