tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCharisma & Tiffany Ch. 02

Charisma & Tiffany Ch. 02

byCal Y. Pygia©

Tiffany's six cocks filled Charisma's six cunts and, although the sorceress was on top and, therefore, able to move faster and with more force and agility than the supine shemale, Tiffany, nevertheless, felt overwhelmed by the welter of sensations that had, as it were, laid siege to her consciousness, dividing her, as it seemed, into six selves, each of which was assaulted by the sea of emotions, physical sensations, and lust that were associated with the act of intercourse with which it was involved. More than anything, Tiffany wanted--needed--the release of orgasm.

Such release had been denied to her for the past quarter of an hour while Tiffany moaned and groaned, squirming and writhing under Charisma's continuous, six-pronged assault upon her body and mind. There most definitely was a bit of the sadist in the sorceress, Tiffany decided--and maybe more than a bit; maybe a whole lot more.

Finally, Tiffany felt the gathering wave of orgasm crest within her, and her six throbbing cocks ejaculated at once, each trembling, lurching member spewing its thick, warm fluid into Charisma's cunts. The forehead-prick discharged its spunk into Charisma's brow-pussy; her oral cock shot its semen into the vagina that had replaced the sorceress' mouth; the cock below the second tier of Tiffany's triple breasts erupted its thick seed into the pussy that occupied the same position within Charisma's abdomen; Tiffany's natural penis pumped its semen into her hostess' own, natural snatch; and the pricks that jutted from the shemale's kneecaps sprayed their sperm into the cunts within Charisma's patellae. Tiffany's asshole fluttered while her knees trembled and her buttocks clenched and unclenched, rolling beneath Charisma's own bucking hips. Floods from the six pussies drenched both Tiffany and the mattress upon the huge bed upon which they sweated and rolled, writhing and quaking.

Charisma's lips came down hard upon Tiffany's own, and the sorceress' tongue flicked inside the warm, wet cavern of the shemale's mouth. The thick, hard cock that had projected from the roof of Tiffany's mouth, extending half a foot beyond her lips, was, like the other enchanted penises, now gone. As suddenly as the pricks had materialized, they'd vanished again. None jutted, unicorn-like, from Tiffany's forehead, none stood upright below the second tier of her triple breasts (which, like the third breast in the upper tier, had also disappeared), and none projected out of her kneecaps. Only her own cock remained in the "V" of her crotch. Having spilled its seed, the penis was soft and limp again, having dwindled from its former long, stiff, and swollen state to lie within a pool of opalescent semen.

Charisma's tongue swirled about Tiffany's own oral appendage, probing and licking and flicking the muscle, the insides of the shemale's cheeks, and the space beneath her tongue and the floor of her mouth, where a small pool of saliva had gathered. Tiffany was dimly aware of Charisma's wet, slick tongue fucking her mouth, but she was too exhausted to do anything but perceive the licks and strokes and laps of the other's phallic tongue.

Breaking the kiss, Charisma smiled at the saliva streamer that ran between their lips as she rolled off the supine shemale. Abruptly, the strand of spit that joined them broke, and the sorceress giggled. Lying on her back beside her lover, Charisma looked up at the azure sky painted upon her ceiling. White wisps of clouds stretched across a brilliant, golden sun, and a flock of geese soared before the shadowed bellies of these vapors. Where were they flying? she mused. Since she'd created the mural, the birds could be flying to whatever destination she cared to imagine, but it was more fun to pretend that they had free will and could come and go when and where they pleased instead of as she dictated. The same, she thought, was true of Tiffany. The locket that the sorceress had given to her shemale lover made Tiffany hers, body and soul, as completely as the painted fowl were hers, but it amused Charisma to go on letting Tiffany believe that she had a mind of her own.

Tiffany had closed her eyes, concentrating on breathing. Her heart hammered inside her chest as if it would burst from the strain, and she could feel the blood pounding inside her veins and arteries as it surged through the blood vessels of her circulatory system. The strain of ejaculating from six pairs of balls had been almost more than she could endure. Although the orgasm--or orgasms--had been more intense than any pleasure she'd every experienced or even dreamed possible, they had exhausted her. She had to fight for her very breath. Fortunately, she had begun to recover. She was thankful that, at twenty two, she was a young person. Had she been older--well, she didn't want to think about that.

"That was some lay," Charisma said, idly stroking one of Tiffany's nipples. Although the sorceress tweaked and pinched and flicked the nipple, it refused to stiffen or swell. Charisma smiled at her guest's weakness. She could magically imbue her guest with superhuman strength and stamina, but it would be more fun to watch her lover develop potency and endurance on her own--if she survived long enough to do so, that is. Charisma hoped that the shemale would survive; she was young and exceedingly beautiful--and a most accomplished lover. "Yes, indeed. You are one fine piece of ass."

Tiffany said nothing. She was still too weak to carry on a decent conversation. When she'd recovered sufficiently, she planned to give Charisma a piece, all right--a piece of her mind. The sorceress had gone too far, her ardor becoming a reckless disregard for Tiffany's health and well being. It was one thing to fuck someone with passion and intensity; it was another thing entirely to fuck someone nearly to death!

Tiffany's eyes snapped open as she felt something rise from her chest. Horrified, she looked down to see a third tit between her natural pair and a second tier of triple breasts below the first rank. Oh, God! The magic boobs had been restored! Using the paltry reservoir of strength she'd been able to recover, Tiffany snarled, "What the hell are you doing? You said the extra breasts would be temporary, not permanent."

"Relax, sweetie," Charisma counseled. "They will be."

"Why are they back again, then?" Tiffany demanded.

Charisma rolled onto her knees, straddling her guest. As she did, Tiffany saw four thick, hard cocks standing forth from her abdomen. "I'm not through with you--or them--yet," she declared.

Tiffany tried to push Charisma away. She tried to roll out from beneath her. However, she was still too weak, too spent, too exhausted, and Charisma laughed at her as she batted her arms away. "Relax," she advised. "Enjoy it."

She maneuvered on the bed, situating herself more carefully, and, dropping low on her elbow and knees, let each of her cocks slide between a pair of Tiffany's sleek, soft breasts. Her upper right prick slid between Tiffany's upper left breast and middle tit; Charisma's upper left penis glided between the shemale's middle tit and its left counterpart. Charisma's lower members slid between the same breasts of Tiffany's lower tier of tits. It was obvious to Tiffany now that Charisma intended to fuck her between the breasts--all six of them--using her four bizarre penises. The shemale inhaled sharply and held her breath, waiting for the assault to begin, thankful that she wouldn't have to do anything but lie here while Charisma had her way with her.

Tiffany jumped as Charisma's hand slapped the outside of her left thigh.

Scowling, the shemale said, "What?"

"Use your hands to hold your tits together," she said.

"I don't have four hands," Tiffany objected, sarcasm all but dripping from her words. As soon as she'd uttered the fatal words, she wished she hadn't, for she sprouted another pair of arms, complete with hands.

"Now you do," Charisma observed with a chuckle. "Make sure you put them to good use."

For a second, Tiffany considered refusing to comply with Charisma's directive. Who the hell did the bitch think she was, anyway, ordering her about as if she were a servant or, worse yet, a fucking slave? Then, Tiffany thought better of refusing to obey Charisma. After all, her hostess--or was she her mistress?--was an extremely powerful and adept sorceress. Any disobedience on Tiffany's part might mean that she spent the rest of her life as a lizard, a frog, or, horror of horrors, a genetic girl! Immediately, she clamped her four hands around the outer sides of her four outermost tits and pressed them inward, against the middle breasts, forming firm, tight seals for the penises that lay within the valleys formed by their breasts' cleavages.

"That's a good girl," Charisma said. Now, it was her words that dripped sarcasm. Slowly, she began working the four cocks back and forth between the shemale's six tits. Tiffany had been fucked between her breasts before, which is to say between her two natural breasts (well, her natural breasts as enhanced by regular estrogen injections, anyway). She'd never had four cocks fucking her at the same time, between six boobs. Again, the sensations were not only novel and wonderful but also rather disconcerting. Fortunately, though, she didn't feel overwhelmed this time, as she had when Charisma, having made six cocks sprout from Tiffany's body, had fucked the shemale with the half dozen pussies with which she'd equipped herself. Perhaps this was due to the fact that Tiffany didn't have to do anything more than hold her tits together while Charisma fucked them. When she'd been equipped with half a dozen cocks, all spewing semen at the same time, she'd felt torn apart inside and it had seemed that she'd emptied another part of herself--of her soul--with each ejaculation. By the time she'd stopped spurting semen from all those cocks, she'd been exhausted. This time, though, with Charisma doing all the work, she was able to retain her strength and, yes, to enjoy herself, as her hostess had recommended that she try to do.

In unison, Charisma's four pricks lunged between Tiffany's six breasts, retreating together for a moment before renewing their plunging assaults, and Tiffany's half dozen tits bounced and jiggled as one in the face of the pumping organs' unified, wham-bam attack. The sleek sides of the firm, high mounds, held tightly against the thick, swollen members, were incredibly soft and smooth, like rose petals, while being, at the same time, spongy and springy, each like (and, at the same time, unlike) the cleft between a pair of miniature buttocks. Of course, there were no tight anal sphincters to grasp and hold the sliding penises, and there were no roomy rectums beyond these clenching, squeezing rings of muscles; instead, there were just the long, tender, soft valleys of breast tissue to plow and hump. The sensations, reported along the nerves of four cocks instead of one, were four times more intense and wonderful, and Charisma was enjoying the quadrupled feelings that arced across the synapses between her ganglions to fire rapidly through her brain. She couldn't help but moan and groan as she thrust her cocks vigorously into the tightly compressed fissures between Tiffany's six tits: "Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!"

Charisma wished that she could fuck Tiffany's tits forever, but, of course, such a wish was impossible, even for as powerful a sorceress as she was. She managed to prolong the experience much longer than any normal male (or, in her case, shemale, since she had breasts and a cunt as well as the four pricks with which she was fucking Tiffany), she eventually felt the powerful, telltale sign of imminent orgasm. A wave of pure pleasure rolled through her loins, and her muscles shuddered from the paroxysms that seized them. Her buttocks flexed repeatedly, fast and hard. Her hips bucked wildly, and her cocks pulsated within the fleshly, tunnel-like furrows between Tiffany's sleek, soft breasts. Then, each cock spurted semen, in thick, warm gushing bursts, between the clamped-together tits, and Charisma gasped, slamming her pubes into the hills of her shemale lover's bosom. "Uhhh!" she cried, tears springing into her eyes and sweat pouring from her face and body. "Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!"

Tiffany kept her tits clamped tightly together around the ejaculating cocks, feeling the thick, warm fluid spray along the fleshly ravines as Charisma emptied her eight testicles' reservoir into these makeshift tit-cunts. The pricks, slick with semen, slid more easily within the long, smooth valleys, entering the tit-troughs to their hilts, and the four pairs of balls rode up against the undersides of the sleek mounds. Tiffany smiled. She had to admit that she had enjoyed being tit-fucked by four cocks at once.

A moment later, Charisma rolled onto her back, her shining pubes and belly as wet with her spunk, as were Tiffany's breasts. Charisma had ejaculated at least a gallon of semen before she'd completely emptied her supply.

Tiffany scooped up a huge gob with the palm of her hand and ate the warm, sticky substance. There was no sense it wasting it, she thought, especially since she was hungry. She hadn't eaten since last night, so she was glad that there was plenty. As she savored the semen, thinking that it tasted rather like a bitter custard or semi-sweet yogurt, she smiled to see more of the pearly seed ooze from Charisma's four cocks. More to eat, Tiffany thought, licking the delicious semen from her cupped palm. "Mmmm, this is good!" she said. She licked up another mouthful of the sorceress' thick, white semen.

After Tiffany had eaten the last gobs of sperm from Charisma's pubes and tummy and from her own breasts, the penises and extra breasts disappeared. Charisma was a woman again, rather than a shemale with multiple penises, and Tiffany was once more a shemale with only two tits instead of six. Moreover, Tiffany's anger had dissipated, and she'd decided not to give Charisma a piece of her mind, after all. Despite the weakness and exhaustion and terror and doubt and confusion she'd suffered at Charisma's hands, no real harm had come to her, Tiffany thought, but it certainly could, if she were so unwise as to chide the power sorceress. It was better, she thought, to leave well enough alone.

"Now, I have something for you," Charisma announced. "A little gift."

Tiffany expressed her surprise. Charisma had given her a magic brassiere that had increased the size of her breasts, an enchanted girdle that had flattened and firmed her tummy, narrowed her waist, and slimmed her hips, and a charmed pair of high heeled shoes that had made her feet smaller. What else could the sorceress have to bestow upon her--and what might be the effects it would produce? As if Charisma could read her thoughts--and, for all Tiffany knew, the sorceress could--a butt plug appeared on the bed beside the shemale.

"Put it in," Charisma prompted. "It will keep your sphincter tight."

Tiffany hesitated.

"What's the matter?" Charisma asked.

"Well, if this gift is like the bra, the corset, and the shoes, its effects will be permanent and irreversible."

"So? Don't you want a tight asshole? I mean, think about it. You're young now, and you haven't had all that many lovers, but, eventually--"

"It's not that," Tiffany interrupted. "It's just that--will I be able to remove the plug after inserting it?"

Understanding dawned on Charisma's face, and the sorceress smiled. "Is that what you're worried about? You're concerned that once you put it in your ass you won't be able to remove it?"

Tiffany nodded.

Charisma laughed. "Could you remove the bra? Could you take off the corset? Could you kick off the shoes?"


It's the effects of the apparel that are permanent and irreversible," Charisma reassured her friend. "You can remove the item, whether bra, corset, shoes, or butt plug, at any time." Charisma made sure not to mention the locket among the other magical items she'd gifted to Tiffany. There was no sense in drawing her lover's attention to the device through which she ensured that the shemale's thoughts stayed focused on her.


"Would you like some help?"

Tiffany blushed. "No, thanks. I can manage."

Charisma smiled. Even after she'd turned Tiffany into a genetic girl, given her extra cocks, and multiplied her tits, even after fucking her and being fucked by her and having Tiffany perform cunnilingus on her, the shemale could still be embarrassed. Such a response was refreshing. Sooner or later, the sorceress knew, Tiffany would lose her touching, girlish humility. Until then, though, Charisma could enjoy her sweet, innocent blushes and flustered modesty. She watched as Tiffany spread her buttocks and gradually inserted the phallic-shaped butt plug through her anus. Her asshole spread around the advancing dildo as, inch by inch, the plug vanished into her rectum. At last, only the dildo's balls, which formed the butt plug's base, preventing the whole thing from becoming lost inside Tiffany's gut, remained outside her ass. Although the dildo was thick and hard, stretching Tiffany's asshole to many times its normal size, it would, paradoxically, have the opposite effect on the sphincter. When the butt plug was removed, Tiffany would find her asshole had shrunk and tightened rather than expanded and loosened. With this gift, Tiffany could take any number of cocks, of whatever dimensions, up her ass and never have to fear an enlarged, loose sphincter. The muscular ring would remain forever small and tight, forever a delightful portal to her innermost depths.

"How does it feel?" Charisma asked. It must feel good, she thought; Tiffany's little penis had stiffened and swelled.

Tiffany squirmed. "Uncomfortable," she said, "and sexy."

Charisma smiled, thinking, Just as it should be.

As soon after inserting the butt plug as possible, Tiffany took her leave of the sorceress. Privately, she had decided never to see Charisma again. She was none too happy with the brutal way in which the sorceress had used her today, leaving her drained and exhausted and then brutally fucking her between her six tits and spewing a gallon or more of her semen all over her. In fact, there had been only two pleasant outcomes to these events. First, Charisma had supplied her with a huge outpouring of delicious semen, and, second, she'd received another enchanted gift from the sorceress. She was thankful for her latest gift, of course, which would come in handy for someone like her, who had no option but to take cocks up the ass if she wanted to satisfy men's desire to fuck her. She'd made up her mind to retain her cock and balls, rather than to undergo sex-reassignment surgery, and she meant to do just that. Consequently, her only "pussy" was her ass. Over time, numerous acts of anal intercourse could have loosened and expanded her anal sphincter--but not now. With Charisma's gift, she need never fear having an enlarged asshole. Although grateful to Charisma for this latest act of generosity, as she was for the bra, the corset, and the shoes, Tiffany, nevertheless, had made up her mind to break off her relationship with the sorceress. Charisma was just too kinky--and too dominant and aggressive--for Tiffany.

As she ran down the steps from Charisma's porch, the locket jiggled on its chain, bouncing between her breasts, and a stab of grief pierced her heart, and she thought, No, she could never stop seeing Charisma, no matter what.

Tiffany hadn't been away from the sorceress for five minutes and, already, she missed her enormously.

. . . to be continued. . .

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