tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCharisma & Tiffany Ch. 03

Charisma & Tiffany Ch. 03

byCal Y. Pygia©

Tiffany didn't hate Charisma, not exactly, although, the more she thought of how the sorceress had treated her, how she'd abused her, the more the shemale fumed. Not only had Charisma changed her sex, from shemale to female (and back again, thank God), but she had also equipped her with a half dozen cunts, including one in her forehead and one grown from the roof of her mouth, in which, with an equal number of penises newly sprouted from her own body, she'd fucked--or, rather, raped--her. Even that hadn't been enough to satisfy the kinky bitch. Charisma had also fucked her in the ass and a cunt with which she'd temporarily replaced the shemale's natural male genitals. When Tiffany had performed cunnilingus on Charisma, the sorceress had enlarged her tongue to the size of a boa constrictor.

Tiffany may not hate Charisma, but, she'd decided, enough had been enough, and she had no desire to see the sorceress again--that is, until she was away from her for a few minutes. Even in so short of an absence from her, Tiffany missed Charisma immensely. She'd actually grieved for her, as if the sorceress were dead rather than simply not present. Tiffany thought about her constantly, remembering her scent and her touch and the wild, degrading things the sorceress did to her in the privacy of her many-roomed mansion. She'd remember, and she'd long for more of Charisma's company and more of her bizarre lovemaking, her little cock stiff and swollen beneath her skirt or jeans or slacks and her nipples erect beneath her blouses or shirts or other tops. She wanted to be with Charisma all day, every day, and be subject to the sorceress' every wish and command.

Before she'd met Charisma, Tiffany had enjoyed living alone. She liked being independent; she enjoyed coming and going as she pleased, whenever she liked, to do whatever she wanted without having to answer to anyone. Now that she'd met Charisma, though, that was all changing. She found herself not only alone but lonely. Her apartment, her job, her sculpting, her travels, her nights out with the girls, even her occasional romantic trysts with guys (or girls)--none of these things, none of these activities, none of these adventures satisfied her. She always felt empty inside and unfulfilled, especially when she thought of Charisma. Nothing but Charisma would satisfy her, and even Charisma couldn't satisfy her completely, not unless, Tiffany decided, she were to move in with her as her permanent and constant paramour, sharing her mansion and her life with her every moment of every day.

At first, the thought of giving up her independence horrified Tiffany. Then, it frightened her. Next, it was distasteful to her. Finally, it was simply a necessity. She couldn't continue to live apart from Charisma, miserable and alone, thinking constantly of her and wanting to be with her. Although she'd resisted the impulse to call Charisma a thousand times within the past two weeks since last she'd been with her, Tiffany, at last, made the call. When Charisma answered, the shemale said, "I want to come live with you."

"I'll send a car," Charisma replied.

"But my things--"

"We'll send for them."

That's how, with a simple telephone call, Tiffany had come to live with Charisma.

For the first month that they lived together, Tiffany explored the mansion, when she and Charisma were not making love. Slowly, a room at a time, she examined its many splendid treasures. She realized that she had been extremely fortunate in having attracted a wealthy sorceress like Charisma, even if it meant that she had to surrender some of the independence and autonomy that she so highly prized and even if it meant that she had to subject herself to Charisma's degrading and abusive sexual proclivities. Although such treatment was dehumanizing and demeaning, it was a small price to pay for the luxury of her accommodations and the privilege of Charisma's company. Tiffany was soon as much at home in the fabulous mansion as she was in Charisma's sometimes shameful, sometimes cruel treatment of her.

Tiffany had suffered many such abuses since she'd moved into Charisma's house, and, she had no doubts, she'd likely experience more. She could handle it, though, she thought, whether Charisma chose to rape her anally, smother her face in her cunt, spank or cane her ass unmercifully for little or no reason, administer enemas to her, or make her perform sexually for her with one or more strangers of either sex--or both. She had done all these things and more. Little by little, she'd adjusted her temperament, her attitudes, her beliefs, and, at last, her moral principles, accepting the outrages to which Charisma required her to submit. Night and day, Tiffany was Charisma's to command, and she'd learned to become an obedient servant as well as an accomplished lover.

Charisma required Tiffany to go naked at all times now, except for the butt plug up her ass and the locket on the fine gold chain around her neck. She was allowed to remove the butt plug only when her doing so was convenient to Charisma; she was never permitted to remove the locket.

Today, Charisma had decided to bathe Tiffany. She had the shemale get on her hands and knees, as if she were a dog. Treating Tiffany like a bitch was fun. Charisma enjoyed humiliating the shemale. There was something about Tiffany that, in a different woman, would have brought out maternal feelings, making a woman want to nurture and protect her. Tiffany had a vulnerable air about her, which her slight frame, heart-shaped face, and fragile chin highlighted and reinforced. She was a naturally trusting, rather naïve, young lady as well, who had a cheerful and affectionate disposition that was amusing to frustrate. When her affable ways met with punishment instead of warmth, Tiffany was confused and disconcerted. She'd frown and pout, which delighted the cruel Charisma and made her want even more to debase, humiliate, and hurt the gullible and gregarious shemale. Whenever she was shaming or disciplining Tiffany, Charisma's nipples stiffened, her clitoris swelled and hardened, and her cunt dampened with the passion that she always experienced when she was about to inflict pain. Of course, between sessions of torment, it was necessary, unfortunately, to allow Tiffany some pleasures; otherwise, she'd have nothing against which to contrast her suffering, and the distress that Charisma inflicted upon her wouldn't be nearly as miserable for Tiffany to bear and as joyous for Charisma to impose.

Now was one of the occasions during which the sorceress would provide Tiffany with a modicum of pleasure, for, despite being made to position herself upon all fours, like a bitch, the shemale enjoyed being bathed. For her, it seemed as though the wipes and strokes of the oversize sponge that Charisma used as a washcloth were expressions of love. They were nothing of the kind, of course; even Tiffany, in her heart of hearts, was aware that they were nothing more than the most utilitarian maneuvers, designed to keep Tiffany's body clean, for Charisma's benefit rather than for Tiffany's welfare. Even when the sponge lingered on Tiffany's asshole or cock and balls, it was merely to allow her a few moments' pleasure to highlight the long and painful session to follow whatever brief enjoyment Charisma had scheduled that day.

"Get down," Charisma ordered after Tiffany had stepped into the shower stall, "on your elbows and knees."

Tiffany obeyed the command.

"Now, spread your legs."

Tiffany complied with the directive.

"I want your ass high in the air."

Tiffany did as she was told.

Charisma studied the shemale's position. The position provided Charisma with easy access to both Tiffany's buttocks and genitals. It also allowed her contact with the shemale's dangling breasts. Charisma turned on the shower and, without a word, she, who was, like Tiffany, naked, knelt on the shower floor, beside her servant-lover. She soaped the oversize sponge and pressed it into the deep divide of Tiffany's ass, working the mop back and forth within the shemale's cleavage. The soap suds were white against Tiffany's pink skin, and the water that cascaded over her ass made the flesh shine. Charisma was reminded again of the beauty of the shemale's fine ass. Later, she'd fuck her with something long and thick and hard. The butt plug that Tiffany had worn the day Charisma had presented the phallus-shaped dildo to her made Tiffany's asshole always small and tight, despite whatever punishment Charisma subjected her anus or rectum. Once, Charisma had fist-fucked Tiffany, working her arm into the shemale's rectum, all the way to the middle of her forearm. Afterward, poor Tiffany's asshole had gaped the size of a small grapefruit--for a few minutes. Then, the sphincter had contracted, tightening to its original small, tight size, becoming a firm, stout ring of muscle no bigger around than an pencil's eraser. A long practitioner of the magical arts, Charisma was nevertheless amazed to see the degree to which so greatly gaping an anus could contract. Truly, it was astonishing.

Charisma roughly scrubbed Tiffany's asshole, scouring it with the soapy sponge. The white water spurted from the sponge and ran down the deep valley between the silken mounds of the shemale's pink ass, over her perineum, and down the back side of her small, wrinkled scrotum, to pour and drip to the shower stall's tiled floor. Charisma followed the stream of soapy water, scrubbing the space between Tiffany's ass and balls and then her balls and penis. She spent a lot of time washing Tiffany's genitals, rubbing them gently and softly, but insistently, with the warm, soapy sponge. In no time, Tiffany's diminutive cock had asserted itself, standing, stiff and swollen, against her wet pubes. Charisma continued to stroke and rub her erect penis and sack of balls with the soapy sponge, and Tiffany's prick became firmer still, and larger. The shemale squirmed, and Charisma gave her a hard slap across her wet buttocks. "Stay still!" she commanded.

Tiffany did as her mistress had instructed, although her ass burned smartly, and her impulse was to scramble away from the woman who'd inflicted the sharp, sudden pain upon her.

Charisma had brought an aluminum Little League baseball bat with her, standing it against an inside wall of the shower stall. She set the sponge aside, took the bat in her hands, and shoved the blunt end between Tiffany's buttocks, twisting the wooden pole firmly to add torque. Startled, the shemale lunged forward, and Charisma smacked her three times so fiercely that she hurt her palm and left angry red prints of her hand upon Tiffany's wet, glistening bottom. The shemale cried out.

"I told you to stay still!" Charisma rebuked her.

Tiffany settled back into the position she'd assumed at Charisma's earlier command, resting her weight upon her elbows and knees, with her legs parted wide and her ass high in the air. She started to look back, over her shoulder, at Charisma, to see what the hell she was doing to her, but the sorceress gave her another pair of hard, quick swats, and she face forward again, biting her lower lip against the stinging pain that leaped through her buttocks.

Something hard and dense and thick had been shoved past the cheeks of her ass--something far harder, denser, and thicker than even the magic penises that Charisma sometimes made spring, magically, from her groin, and Tiffany was afraid, at first, that her mistress might be about to fist-fuck her again, inserting her fingers, her hand, her wrist, and half her forearm into her bowels. Whatever Charisma had shoved between her buttocks felt about the same size as Charisma's arm, but it wasn't flesh that Tiffany had felt--it was something much smoother, colder, harder, and denser. It seemed like something made of metal, but, surely, Charisma wouldn't insert something metal into her rectum. Would she?

The end of the bat pressed against the tiny, tight opening into Tiffany's rectum. Although the sorceress shoved hard, twisting the bat in her hands, the sphincter refused to yield. Her asshole was too small or, depending on how one looked at the matter, the bat was too thick. Charisma redoubled her efforts, to no avail. Tiffany's asshole just couldn't stretch wide enough to accept the baseball bat, especially since Charisma hadn't bothered to lubricate wither Tiffany's butt hole or the Little Slugger. Reluctantly, Charisma tugged the bat free and set it against the wall. The aluminum bat made a soft ping as she set it in place.

Charisma decided to have a different kind of fun with Tiffany. Depending upon her mood, she may or may not take up the bat again today.

"Sit," the sorceress commanded, striking Tiffany's ass a hard, stinging blow.

Tiffany sat, quickly.

"Put your head back."

Tiffany did so, letting her neck and head loll against her shoulders as she wondered, silently, what new humiliation, punishment, or abuse her mistress had in mind.

"Close your eyes."

Tiffany's eyes closed.

Charisma turned off the shower. Then, a pungent odor filled Tiffany's nostrils as a thick, warm stream of water sprayed her upturned face. Startled, she opened her eyes to find Charisma squatting above her. The sorceress was straddling her. The spray of water wasn't water; it was urine--Charisma was emptying her bladder on her! The shemale closed her eyes again, tightly, screwing up her face against the warm spray cascading over her hair, brow, eyes, nose, cheeks; lips, chin, jaw, neck, breasts, tummy, pubes, cock, balls, and thighs.

"Open your mouth."

Tiffany hesitated to obey Charisma's command, and the sorceress slapped her across the face.

Tiffany gasped, opening her mouth, and the stream of urine flowed over her lips, past her teeth, and over her tongue. She swallowed the salty, slightly bitter, pale yellow piss. The taste was tart and strange, but not unpleasant. More of Charisma's urine streamed into her mouth, and Tiffany swallowed, gulping the fluid as quickly as it spewed into her mouth. She'd never tasted pee before, and she didn't like the flavor of it, but it wasn't so disagreeable that it was disgusting. However, it was rich, and she thought she'd be sick if she drank too much.

As if she could read her mind--and maybe she could--Charisma asked, "Had enough?"

Tiffany nodded.

"Close your mouth."

Tiffany's mouth closed.

The stream of urine continued to flow over the seated shemale, coursing over her wet, shining breasts, her glistening tummy, and her wet pubes and shimmering genitals. The flow of urine continued for another fifteen minutes, courtesy, once again, of Charisma's magic powers. The sorceress enjoyed the sight of her golden shower cascading over Tiffany's face, breasts, and genitals. By the time she'd finished, Charisma had soaked Tiffany's hair as well.

Finally, the spray of urine ended, the final beads dripping from Charisma's urethra, onto Tiffany's upturned face, and the sorceress said, "You're not to wash or rinse your hair or body or towel yourself dry. Understand?"


"I hope you enjoyed the taste of my piss, because you will drink from me often."

"I did," Tiffany replied, blushing. "Thank you."

Charisma gazed at the aluminum baseball bat. She decided not to use it--at least, not today. By forcing Tiffany to drink her urine, the sorceress had humiliated the shemale enough for the time being and had, once again, demonstrated her dominance over the lovely transsexual.

Charisma stepped back from the shemale seated on the shower stall floor. "You may go, but stay naked." Charisma knew that Tiffany found it embarrassing, even humiliating, to be nude in front of the butler, the chauffeur, the chef, and the maids. Consequently, Charisma made sure that the shemale was naked at all times, whether she was in the mansion or traveling with Charisma in one of the sorceress' limousines. No doubt, she'd feel even more mortified today, both naked and smelling of Charisma's urine.

"Put that baseball bat away, too," Charisma directed. "We won't be needing it, after all."

Tiffany's eyes widened. My God! she thought. Was that what Charisma had been trying to force up her ass? With a trembling hand, she grasped the Little Slugger.

"Not today, anyway," Charisma added.

. . . to be continued. . .

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