tagGroup SexCharity Begins at Home

Charity Begins at Home


Saturday morning, and Jenny had woken up feeling very horny. Although this was nothing new in her world! She lay in bed enjoying the feel of the cool crisp sheets gently rubbing against her naked body, especially her sensitive nipples.

She looked wistfully at the empty space beside her. Steve, her partner, had had to pop in to work early to sort out some problem, but with the promise to be back as soon as he could.

"Typical Steve," she muttered to herself. "Just when you need his big cock, he's not here!"

It was not surprising she felt horny though; last night had been pretty wild. They had invited Jenny's best friend Karen around for dinner. After they had eaten, the conversation, unsurprisingly, had moved on to talk of sex. Steve had suggested, rather insistently, that the 2 ladies ought to give him a demonstration of "girl on girl action" as he put it.

To his great surprise the girls were more than happy to oblige. What he didn't know was that the girls had been making love to one another for nearly all the 5 years since they had first met at University. Both Jenny and Karen liked men and woman equally and were happy to make love to whoever they fancied. Quite often when one of them was short of a boyfriend, or other partner, the other was more than happy to provide a very satisfying sexual service!

As the 2 girls had stripped each other naked and relished sucking and licking each other's nipples and pussies Steve had sat appreciatively slowly stroking his large and very erect cock. He had thought he was in heaven; that was until he experienced the girl's finale, which had really blown his mind.

The 2 girls had taken turns to slowly caress, lick and suck his tight balls and hard cock, bringing him closer and closer to a massive orgasm until he could stand it no more and shot rope after rope of thick semen all over their wiling faces and into their open mouths.

As he collapsed back in a satisfied heap he had the joy of watching the 2 ladies kissing and licking his thick semen from each other's faces and then kissing deeply to messily swap his cum from one mouth to another, until their faces were licked clean and every drop swallowed.

Unfortunately Karen was working very early the next day and had to leave in a taxi, but Steve had become so turned on that he had basically fucked Jenny senseless until late into the night, and she had loved it.

As she recalled the events Jenny's hand had strayed between her legs, and she was now caressing her pussy lips. All of a sudden her reverie was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

"Shit," she said, "he's forgotten his key," and leapt out of bed. She was going to run down the stairs naked and fling open the door for him, but then thought "What if it isn't actually him!" So instead she pulled on a short silk robe, which just about covered her nakedness and went to open the door.

"Get in here now stud, I need you again!" she shouted as she pulled open the door, only to be confronted by a smartly dressed young girl holding a clipboard.

The caller was somewhat taken aback by the appearance of this half naked, tall and willowy blond with impossibly long legs, and large DD boobs!

"Sorry to disturb you, "she said.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry," Jenny replied. "I thought you were someone else."

"Obviously!" said the girl with a smile. "Is this a bad time?"

Jenny was just about to reply that it was when she looked more closely at the girl. Not as young as she first thought, maybe 18 or 19, extremely pretty with long straight black hair, and a slightly oriental appearance. She was wearing a short fitted business skirt and a tight tailored white blouse. She was small and slender, but with lovely pert breasts that were fairly generous for a girl of her build.

"Actually, she's pretty hot," thought Jenny who was still very horny. "I'd like to get my tongue between her legs. ...... I wonder if I could?"

"Not at all", she said with a smile, "what can I do for you?"

"My name is Kim, and I'm fund raising on behalf of an international charity. We are trying to get more regular donors to help our work during World crises. Would you be interested if I were to tell you more?" she asked.

Jenny had been watching her during her speech, and noticed that although Kim tried to be all professional and efficient she kept stealing glances at Jenny's half naked body; her bare legs, and her large boobs pushing against the thin silk.

"Of course, come in and tell me all about it," replied Jenny stepping back and directing the girl to the sofa in the lounge.

She perched primly on the right hand cushion and Jenny flopped untidily onto the left hand seat, making sure she showed plenty of leg.

Kim launched into her sales pitch, thrusting various pamphlets into Jenny's hand. Jenny made all the right appreciative noises and sat back to read them. However she kept glancing at Kim who still couldn't help herself from looking at Jenny's shapely legs. She sat back further and her gown opened wider to reveal her soft inner thigh. The gown was barely covering her pussy and Jenny was starting to get wet from playing the tramp so blatantly.

Kim kept licking her lips and fidgeting nervously.

"She's getting hot," thought Jenny, "time to move it up a notch." She twisted towards Kim to ask a serious and earnest question, but in doing so made sure her robe came undone slightly. If she wanted to, Kim now had a lovely view of Jenny's large and shapely breast complete with rapidly hardening nipple. Jenny returned to her reading, and Kim wasted no time in repositioning herself to ogle Jenny's newly revealed boob!

Jenny noted that Kim had also become a little flushed and seemed to be trying to discretely press her thighs tightly together.

"I'm getting her wet!" Jenny thought to herself. "Here we go." Seemingly engrossed in the literature Jenny turned and lent forward to ask another "important" question. Kim gasped quietly as she now had an uninterrupted view of Jenny's magnificent chest, but said nothing.

Jenny continued her questioning as though unaware of her display, and Kim answered with equal professionalism, although the answers were directed straight to Jenny's bosom!

A pink glow was spreading slowly up Kim's neck and Jenny noticed that her nipples were poking proudly through the material of her blouse.

"OK, where do I sign?" Jenny suddenly announced, her right hand stretching out in front of Kim to pick a pen up off the table. As she reached for the pen the back of her hand and her bare forearm "accidently" glided across Kim's erect nipple. She gasped audibly.

"Sorry, did I catch you?" Jenny asked innocently.

"It's OK Mrs....?" Kim croaked breathlessly.

"It's Jenny," she replied.

Jenny stopped and looked directly into Kim's eyes, "It's wonderful that young people like you are so committed to these good causes, it gives me hope. I could kiss you for it." And with that she bent forward and gave Kim a brief peck on the lips

Kim yelped in surprise and blushed furiously.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you," said Jenny.

"You didn't. I was just surprised. It was nice.... I mean it's nice to be appreciated, not that it was nice to be kissed," she stopped all flustered, and then continued "not that I mean the kiss wasn't nice too... Oh god what am I saying?"

Jenny laughed and smiled kindly at Kim's discomfort. She looked into her eyes and said cheekily, "So, do you want another kiss then?"

An awkward silence fell, but then Kim nodded almost imperceptibly. Jenny lent forward slowly until her lips reached Kim's. She kissed her more firmly this time and Kim responded. Their lips parted. Kim tenderly held Jenny's head and her tongue darted briefly into Jenny's mouth. Jenny responded with deeper tongue thrusts, at which Kim let out a low moan of pleasure. Jenny took the initiative and gently cupped Kim's breast with her hand, her fingertips caressing her hard nipple through her blouse.

"Oh yes, at last!" murmured Kim, and with all reserve now gone the 2 woman kissed and caressed each other passionately.

Jenny broke away from Kim and whilst looking her up and down said, "I want you. You are absolutely gorgeous."

Kim smiled, "I want you too."

"Have you ever made love with another woman?" Jenny asked. "I'm just asking, because you seem so young and innocent."

Kim shook her head, "Kissed my friends when we've been drunk, and squeezed each other's boobs for a laugh, but that's it. I'm only on my first boyfriend! He's lovely, but I have found myself drawn to women lately."

She reached out and slipped her hand into Jenny's open robe, weighed her heavy breast tenderly in her hand and rubbed the nipple between her fingers. Jenny shuddered with pleasure.

"I've been dying to do that," said Kim with a smile.

"Do you want me to make love to you?" asked Jenny.

"Oh god, yes!" replied Kim. "I wanted that as soon as I saw you this morning."

"You did?" asked Jenny innocently. "Why?"

Kim looked at her incredulously, "Because you're fucking gorgeous! I am confronted at the door by a half-naked beauty with an awesome body, and you ask me a question like that!"

Jenny laughed and began to unbutton Kim's blouse. As the last button was undone she shrugged it off her shoulders and proudly displayed her pretty white lacy bra. Jenny cupped her breasts through the fabric and gently squeezed her nipples, much to Kim's delight. Kim then unfastened her skirt and wriggled out of it, to display a matching white thong.

Jenny licked her lips in anticipation at the beauty before her; she was going to fuck the hell out of her!

She stood up and dramatically cast her robe aside displaying her nakedness to Kim, who groaned with pleasure and slipped her hand between her own legs. Jenny's body was fabulous. She was tall and elegant with large boobs that seemed to jiggle provocatively with even the slightest movement. They were tipped with large brown nipples and areola, which were crying out to be sucked. Her eyes wandered down her body, over her flat belly and down to her pronounced pubic mound, covered in a soft mat of light brown hair. Kim could see her meaty pussy lips protruding out, all slick and glossy with her juices.

Jenny stepped forward and reached over to unclip Kim's bra. As she did Kim took one of her nipples in her mouth and sucked gently. As Jenny pulled away with Kim's bra Kim let her teeth gently scrape the length of Jenny's nipple, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

Jenny looked down at Kim's boobs. They were so pert and firm, obviously natural yet no sign of any sagging making them look like they had been stuck on! Her nipples and areola were tiny and hard, like little bullets, so different to her own large teats.

She bent down again and grasped Kim's thong, needing to see her new lover completely naked. She pulled it off and brought it to her nose, inhaling deeply. She winked at Kim and then proceeded to lick her juices off the very wet gusset.

Kim's pussy was to die for. A thick but neatly trimmed patch of black hair on her pubic bone, but her lips and between her legs were shaved bare and very smooth. Her lips were tiny and her pussy very small, much like a young girl's.

She pulled Kim to her feet and they embraced, pressing their bodies together – their breasts, stomachs and pussies grinding against each other.

"Jesus Christ," muttered Kim, "I feel like I'm going to explode. I know it's my first time, but please just fuck my pussy and make me come, I'm desperate."

Jenny grinned, "So am I. On the floor, on your back." Kim did as she was told and Jenny squatted over face, and then lent forward onto her elbows her head between Kim's thighs. She looked down at the pretty patch of hair and Kim's even prettier hairless little girl pussy lips. She ran her tongue down Kim's slit, and elicited a long drawn out groan of desire.

Kim, on the other hand was staring up at her first aroused pussy. Jenny had a soft, but very furry beaver, and the hairs were already matted with her juices. Her meaty pussy lips were swollen and distended and her cunt hole pink, wet and inviting. She extended her tongue into Jenny's hot hole, and tasted her first pussy – delicious!

The 2 girls began the process of slowly arousing each other with tongues and fingers, taking it slow, wanting to make it last, but relishing the massive orgasm they knew awaited them......

Steve arrived home from work earlier than anticipated. He was expecting Jenny to be still in bed, where he intended to wake her with a very hard cock, but as he opened the door from the hallway he was stopped in his tracks by the glorious sight in front of him on the living room floor!

Jenny, completely naked on her hands and knees her head between the thighs of a slim unknown girl. Steve watched as Jenny's head bobbed up and down, and he became increasingly aroused as he watched her large tits hanging down and swaying erotically in time with her movements. Her hard nipples grazing the belly of her unknown lover.

Steve's cock got harder and harder as he watched. His view switched to the other end where he watched Jenny's lovely ass also bobbing up and down as her pussy was furiously licked.

He could stand it no more. He quietly kicked off his shoes and socks, and pulled his T-shirt over his head. The 2 women were far too engrossed to notice his presence. His cock was aching as it expanded against the inside of his tight jeans. He needed some release, and he needed it now. He unbuttoned his jeans and removed them and his boxers in one fluid movement. His massive cock sprang free.

Steve was justifiably broad of his manhood – his best asset he called it, and it was magnificent. Around 8 ½ inches long when erect, but also very thick with a smooth purple head, more than capable of filling any pussy he had found so far! He also knew how to use it. None of his lovers had ever had any complaints, and relished him stretching and filling their pussies to the brim. Jenny virtually worshipped it and the dirty bitch could never get enough of it, which suited the highly sexed Steve just fine.

Now completely naked he padded softly across the room towards the 2 girls, his cock stuck out in front like a flagpole! He stopped just short of Kim's head and looked down. The incredibly pretty girl had her eyes shut as she revelled in licking and sucking his girlfriend's pussy.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and physically jumped in surprise as she saw Steve and the monster above her. Steve put his finger to his lips to keep her quiet, and made various calming gestures with his hands to indicate everything was OK, and that he was Jenny's boyfriend. Kim seemed to accept this, but was more likely just distracted by the massive organ waving about above her face.

Steve knelt down slowly and shuffled forward so his knees were either side of Kim's head. The shaft of his fat cock was now just inches from her face. Kim stopped licking Jenny briefly, grinned and then ran the tip of her tongue seductively down Steve's cock, which twitched alarmingly in response. She then returned to Jenny's pussy so as not to arose her suspicions of what she suspected was about to happen.

Steve drew his cock back until the tip was just above her nose. Kim lifted her head slightly and quickly lashed her hot tongue all over the head of his cock until it glistened. Steve winked at her and she returned to servicing the completely unaware Jenny.

In one swift movement Steve grabbed Jenny's hips and placed the tip of his cock against her gaping hot cunt hole. "Hi Honey, I'm home!" he shrilled in a mock Hollywood voice.

Jenny yelped in complete surprise, but quickly recovering pushed back against him, as the lovely Kim continued to lick and suck her clit. "Not quite home yet!" she gasped breathlessly.

Taking her meaning instantly, and in one firm, steady but fluid movement he thrust forward, completely impaling Jenny on his massive organ, until his full balls slapped against her pussy lips.

Jenny let out a filthy moan of utter desire. She was in heaven. Kim's licking and sucking on her clit had got her so hot, and just when she thought it couldn't get any better the feeling of Steve's shaft driving into her, stretching and filling her hot pussy until she thought she would burst was amazing.

Kim was now lost in sexual bliss also. Her pussy was on fire from Jenny's licking and fingering, and then the sudden appearance of this beautiful huge cock just inches from her face was the ultimate fantasy. Steve's cock was still fully buried inside Jenny and all she could see were his full balls. She opened her mouth and sucked on them, making Steve groan also. He slowly withdrew from Jenny and Kim was in awe as his shaft reappeared now coated and shining with her lesbian lover's juices. She used her tongue to lick him clean as he slid past. Then with another mighty thrust he plunged back into Jenny's hot box, and she shuddered with pleasure.

Jenny had a small dilemma. She was desperate to come and she wanted to concentrate on her own pleasure, and what promised to be perhaps the most amazing sex she had ever had. However she had promised to give Kim her first lesbian orgasm. The poor girl was writhing and moaning below her as Jenny licked her slick shaved pussy, while she alternately sucked Jenny's clit and licked Steve's cock. Jenny made a decision; she could hold off until she had given Kim her release, and then she could concentrate on the massive fucking she was going to get from Steve.

With renewed vigour she thrust her tongue into Kim's very tight hole, while her fingers rubbed and pinched her hard little clit. She then swapped over and thrust her finger into Kim whilst licking and sucking her clit. This drove Kim wild. Jenny could feel her tight cunt get even tighter as she squeezed on Jenny's finger. Kim began to whimper and buck beneath her. Jenny responded by thrusting a second finger into Kim's unbelievably tight box. Kim howled in pleasure and literally bit down on Jenny's clit, giving Jenny some incredible spasms throughout her body.

Kim was now nearly beyond the point of no return and Jenny roughly thrust both fingers rapidly in and out of Kim's slippery hole while nibbling and sucking her clit. This pushed Kim over the edge.

"OHH fuck, fuck, fuck," she wailed as her body convulsed massively and her juice squirted past Jenny's fingers as her orgasm hit. Relentlessly Jenny kept pounding her fingers in and out until Kim's release was finally over, and she lay panting on the floor beneath Jenny and Steve.

Her wailing and howling, and especially her squirting had aroused Jenny even further, and coupled with Steve's powerful and rhythmic strokes she knew her own orgasm was close and she intended to enjoy it to the full.

"Fuck me harder you big bastard," she cried. "Fuck my dirty little lesbian cunt until I come!"

Jenny was generally a refined and sophisticated woman, so her use of such foul language really turned Steve on. He began to bang into her harder and faster.

"Take that you fucking dyke," Steve cried joining in, whilst he pounded away.

Jenny was in ecstasy, her pussy was so hot and the ferocity of Steve's thrusting was enough to take her breath away. Her legs began to tremble, and her pussy spasmed with each stroke. She was really close now; her cunt was contracting around the fat shaft within her, making the fucking ever more intense.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" she gasped. "I'm cumming, oh fuck that feels good!" And with a mighty howl she succumbed to the orgasm that wracked her body, bucking and writhing under his onslaught.

For Steve, Jenny's pussy had never felt hotter or tighter, and with the ferocious ramming he could feel his own orgasm building. As Jenny screamed and howled he felt that familiar feeling rising from his toes, and travelling up his legs, until it exploded in his balls and with a mighty thrust began to pump rope after rope of thick creamy cum into Jenny's hot pussy. He kept pumping and pumping until his cock was so sensitive it almost hurt.

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