Charity Begins at Home


He slowed his strokes down and slowly relaxed. Eventually stopping, his cock still deep inside her, both panting heavily, their bodies soaked in sweat.

"My god, darling," he said, "that was awesome."

"It certainly was," Jenny replied as she dropped her head in exhaustion and her nose was filled with the heady sent of Kim's hot wet pussy still lying beneath her. She felt Steve start to move within her.

"Kim, darling," she said, "you may want to move. It's going to get awfully messy when Steve comes out!"

The shy innocent teenager from earlier that morning laughed lasciviously. "Oh I know," she said, "that's why I'm staying right here!"

Steve slowly withdrew his softening cock, and as it slipped out of Jenny's cunt it dropped down and Kim expertly caught the end in her mouth, where she licked it clean.

"I like this girl!" thought Steve. He sat back on his haunches and looked at Jenny's pussy still gaping from his cock and red from his thrusting. A dribble of juice leaked out and Kim greedily licked it up as it fell into her face. He could see a big white gooey blob heading down Jenny's cunt towards the entrance. It looked huge.

"Here it comes Kim," he said. She grinned and opened her mouth, as the messy lump of cum and pussy juice dropped straight into her mouth.

"Mmmm, nice," she mumbled, her mouth obviously still full. Jenny squeezed her cunt and another wad of jizz dropped out, to be gratefully received by the insatiable Kim.

To Steve's enormous pleasure she then lifted her head, clamped her mouth over Jenny's still gaping hole and began to suck out the remaining sexy mess that was up there.

Jenny suddenly groaned and said, "I'm sorry, I've got to lie down, my legs are giving way," and rolled off Kim and onto her side.

Kim gave her a tight lipped smile and changed position so that she was now looking down on Jenny's face. She slowly opened her mouth and a big gelatinous mixture of Steve's jizz, Jenny's pussy juice and her own saliva oozed slowly out. Jenny grinned and opened her mouth to catch it, but the first big blob landed on her chin. Both girls chuckled and Jenny reached out her tongue to mop it up.

"Mmm, yummy!" she said.

Both girls then kissed passionately, joyfully swapping the fluids between each other; smearing them over each other's faces, and then licking each other clean. They did this until every last drop had been devoured by one or other of them.

They both turned to smile at Steve who was watching in awe. "Hello Dear," said Jenny, "nice morning at work?"

Steve grinned, "Not as nice as coming home!"

"By the way Dear, I don't think you've met Kim. She's collecting for charity."

At this Steve burst out laughing, "Unbelievable, fucking unbelievable!" he said.

He added, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving, I brought a late breakfast home. Anyone fancy coffee and fresh Danish?"

"Oh, yes please," both girls cried out, and on that note Steve wandered into the kitchen. None of them felt the need to get dressed; after what they had just done clothes seemed rather irrelevant, and anyway the house was warm and private.

A few minutes later Steve returned with breakfast on a tray. The 2 girls had moved onto the sofa and were cuddled up against one another, still stark naked. As Steve arrived they both looked up at him and burst out laughing as he walked towards them tray in hand and his huge member swinging between his thighs.

"The waiters in this establishment are very well equipped," joked Kim.

"I wonder where he keeps his order pad?" suggested Jenny with a laugh.

"Watch it you two," he said, "or you might end up wearing this coffee!"

He handed out the coffee and pastries to the girls and then took his own to the armchair opposite where he could comfortably ogle the 2 beautiful women in front of him.

They all ate in a companionable silence, resting quietly after their exertions. Once they had finished eating the 2 girls snuggled up once more and began to tenderly kiss and caress each other.

"My god," thought Steve, "they can't leave each other alone." He stared, captivated at them both. Both beautiful, completely naked women, but yet so different to each other. His Jenny was tall and leggy with large breasts and beautifully rounded curves. Her long reddish blond hair matched beautifully with the soft downy covering of fur all over her pussy and lips. Kim on the other hand was short and slim with a taut firm body. Jenny's breasts swayed as she moved, Kim's were pert and firm with hard little nipples like bullets. Her hair was jet black, and so was her pussy fur, but like Jenny, Steve loved the way she shaved around her lips, making her tiny pussy look like a girl's.

As he savoured the erotic view in front of him he started to feel that familiar stirring in his loins as his cock began to harden. He continued to watch them kiss and cuddle and gently stroked his cock as it continued to rise slowly.

Eventually the girls looked over to him, and saw the thick member rising slowly between his legs.

"You can't keep a good man down," said Kim.

"No, you can't," agreed Jenny, "trust me Steve is a man of great stamina where his cock is concerned."

"Jenny, I've been thinking," said Kim. "You were really generous to me for my charity. Do you think Steve would like to give me a big donation too," and then gave her a wink.

Jenny laughed at her new friend's double entendre. It seemed so strange coming from this sweet looking girl. So she joined in with the smutty comments:

"Knowing Steve I think he would be only too pleased to fill your charity box to overflowing!"

Both girls giggled as they looked at Steve's slowly expanding manhood.

"Would you mind?" asked Kim.

"Sorry, I'm not with you," said Jenny with a puzzled expression.

"Well, he's your boyfriend. You wouldn't mind it if he, well, fucked me?"

"Oh, that's so sweet," said Jenny. "Of course I wouldn't mind, as long as I could watch".


"Yes, honestly. Go get him Tiger!"

"Oh thank you," said Kim and reached across to give Jenny a passionate kiss, before seductively sliding off the sofa onto all fours. She winked at Steve and then began to slowly stalk across the carpet towards him on her hands and knees in a very cat like manner.

Jenny loved the way her ass and pussy wiggled as she crawled across the floor intent on having her boyfriend. She reached down by the side of the sofa and grabbed the large black cock shaped vibrator she kept there for "emergencies". She could feel her pussy growing wet once again and she was determined to enjoy the show that was enfolding in front of her.

As Kim approached him with lust in her eyes, Steve spread his legs further apart to give her a better view, and better access to his semi rigid cock.

Kim stopped and knelt in front of him. She cupped his balls reverently and bent to kiss the head of his cock. She was so reverential that to Jenny on the sofa she looked as though she was worshipping a sacred religious idol!

Kim ran the tip of her tongue down the underside of Steve's cock and then ever so slowly back up to his swelling head.

She looked him in the eye and said slowly and quietly, "I want this so bad. It is the biggest cock I have ever seen, and I need it inside me – now. I want to feel every inch, every single fucking inch, stretching and filling my tight cunt, until you are buried balls deep inside me. What do you say?"

Steve grinned, "It would be my absolute pleasure Miss."

He paused for a second and then continued, "You are very delicate though. It might be rather a tight fit though, hope you can take it?"

"I did wonder about that," Kim replied, "so do you mind if I ride you first so I can take my time?"

"Not at all," said Steve, "should I lie down here?" He slid off the chair and lay down on his back with the top of his head facing Jenny.

She smiled as she looked at his cock sticking up like a flagpole. "She'll never take that," was her first thought.

Initially Kim moved round and straddled Steve's head. She bent forward and crudely spat on the head of his cock. She then licked and sucked it lubricating it as much as she could with her saliva. Steve responded by lashing her tight little pussy with his tongue to get her as moist as possible.

Kim then swung round and straddled his belly, facing both Jenny and Steve so that they had a good view of proceedings. She grinned at Jenny as she slid down Steve's body until his cock smacked her on the bum. She lifted herself up, but was too small to get his cock between her legs.

She laughed, and said to Jenny, "My god, it's like trying to climb on a bike that's too big for you!"

She lifted herself higher until she could rest the tip of his cock against her tight little cunt hole. She gingerly sat down feeling the pressure as the head pressed against her. She pressed down further and felt herself starting to stretch, but by nowhere near enough.

"I'm not going to be able to take this," was her first thought, but then determination took over.

Biting her lip she continued pushing down, the entrance to her cunt so tight compared to his thick cock that she was worried she'd tear. Slowly, ever so slowly, she pushed down, tears springing to her eyes. She tried to relax, and at last felt her hole begin to open up and take his head. She gasped as with a sudden movement it slipped inside her. She paused for breath, the worst was over. She then began to very slowly impale herself on his manhood.

Jenny found herself holding her breath watching the spectacle before her, and as Steve entered Kim, she began to slowly push the big black vibrator inside herself, matching Kim inch for inch.

Kim's cunt had never felt so full or so tight. She had masturbated with vibrators and even vegetables before, but this was a whole different league.

Steve would have agreed with her. He was used to pussies being stretched around his cock, but this was something else. She was so tight and so hot it was more like fucking a girl up the arse than in her pussy. He was in no hurry though. He had come a few times today already and it would be a while before she had him cumming.

At last Kim pushed herself down the last inch and felt his swollen balls against her clit. She grinned up at Steve and at Jenny, "I did it!"

By this time the 10" vibrating cock was pushed deep within Jenny also, who was obviously enjoying it immensely.

Slowly Kim began to rise up and Steve's cock began to reappear, nicely coated with her juices. As she felt the head reach the entrance to her vagina she pushed herself back down, and with a sigh felt Steve slip deliciously back inside her, all the way down. She continued to ride him up and down, each time the movement getting easier and faster, and also making her more and more horny.

She looked at Jenny now happily fucking herself with the big toy.

Steve also loved the feeling of sliding in and out of her lovely tight cunt. "What now?" he asked. "Do you want to ride me until you cum?"

Kim grinned back, "No fucking way big boy! Now I know I can take you I want you to fuck my brains out with that massive dick of yours. Take me doggy style, just like you did with Jenny.

With that she lifted herself right off Steve, and Jenny was sure she heard a pop like a cork as he popped out of her tight hole!

Kim swung round again until she was on her knees facing Jenny. She dropped herself down on her forearms and stuck her bum high in the air to give him even better access.

"Come and take me stud," she taunted.

Steve repositioned himself on his knees behind her and looked at her pussy. It was still stretched and gaping wide open from where she had ridden him, but even now he doubted he would fit without hurting her.

"Come on, I'm waiting, fuck me hard," Kim urged.

He spat on his cock and then placed the end against her little cunt.

"Now!" cried Kim. He held her hips and in one slow steady but firm thrust impaled her completely on his cock. Kim moaned with pleasure murmuring, "Yes, yes ,yes."

After a moment or two he pulled back until only the head of his cock was inside her, and then thrust forward again until his balls banged against her clit.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good," Kim moaned.

She looked up briefly to see Jenny on the sofa above her, intently watching their lovemaking as she powered the vibrator in and out of her own cunt.

Kim smiled at her and indicated she should join her on the floor. Jenny slid off the sofa and sat facing Kim, lewdly fucking her pussy with the big toy.

"Come closer," Kim murmured. Jenny spread her legs wide and slid her pussy slowly towards Kim's head. As she got close enough Kim lowered her head between Jenny's legs and began to lick and suck her clit as Jenny continued to pound her cunt with the black cock.

Steve was now getting into a good rhythm, sliding in and out of Kim's incredibly tight, but hot and wet cunt. Jenny loved this because on every forward thrust he drove Kim's tongue and teeth hard onto Jenny's sensitive clit. She was building to a lovely orgasm.

Steve looked at Jenny and their eyes met. They gave each other a big grin, hardly believing their luck in finding this wonderful human sex toy that they were currently sharing!

Steve was just starting to feel his climax rise, and determined that Kim should orgasm first he reached underneath her and began to rub and pinch her clit between his fingers as he continued his relentless pounding. Kim loved this and began to groan and writhe on his cock.

In the end it was Jenny who came first and set off an orgasmic chain reaction: With Kim's licking and sucking, and the vibrations deep within her cunt from the big vibrator she began to feel her toes tingling, and the feeling spreading up her legs. With each thrust of the toy her cunt had a little spasm, and her body began to buck and writhe uncontrollably. The pressure seemed to build deep within her body, and she knew exactly what was coming. Her thrusts increased in depth and ferocity, and coupled with the increasingly intense sucking from Kim, as she herself got more aroused it wasn't long before Jenny felt she was about to explode. Just as she felt she couldn't take anymore her body gave a massive and quite wonderful spasm, and with a loud moan her orgasm hit like an express train and, as she expected, a big squirt of hot pussy juice shot past the vibrator and straight into Kim's face and mouth. Jenny continued to moan and howl as a series of smaller orgasms followed one after the other, until finally she was spent.

For Kim the wonderful feeling of Steve's big cock stretching and filling her to capacity was quite fantastic. And the beautiful feelings only increased as he started to rub her clit. "Harder, harder, fuck me harder you bastard," she urged, and Steve was only too happy to help. She was being used like a fuck toy and felt like some sort of small rag doll as she was thrashed around on Steve's cock; she loved every minute of feeling like such a filthy whore.

If that wasn't enough, Jenny's increasing excitement was turning her on even more and she knew she was close to cumming herself. Her cunt was tightening still further around the huge cock inside her. When this happened she felt Steve slow, obviously frightened of hurting her, but she wanted more. "Don't stop, don't slow down, keep fucking my tight cunt as hard as you can," she pleaded.

She was trying to last that little bit longer, her cunt now clenched unbelievably tight around Steve, every muscle in her body seeming to tremble and shake. "Oh God, oh God" she moaned. And then she felt the sudden impact of Jenny's hot sweet pussy juice hit her in the face, and mouth. Gulping it down was so erotic that it was the catalyst that pushed her over the edge and with a huge scream she started to buck ferociously on his huge member as true to his word he continued to pound in and out of her. Without doubt it was the most intense orgasm she had ever had, and she loved it.

With hands clamped on her hips Steve was forcing his swollen cock in and out of Kim as hard as he could. She was getting hotter and wetter, and so much tighter, he could hardly believe it. He was frightened of tearing her, but every time he slowed she urged him on. He could feel that familiar feel once again creeping up his legs towards his point of no return. As he got nearer his animal instincts just took over and he fucked her mercilessly, as though she were his personal sex toy; his only thought now to come in this hot tight hole. But Kim loved it even more. There was no going back now, and when Kim finally screamed and her cunt contracted almost painfully around his cock that was the end for him. The head of his cock swelled into the tight space and with a primal grunt he fired wad after wad of hot spunk deep inside her body. His cock was so sensitive it was almost painful, but he kept thrusting until he was completely spent.

Slowly the frenzied activity ceased and the hot sweaty threesome became aware of their surroundings once more. All that could be heard then was their breathless gasping in the silence of the room.

"God, that was fabulous!" sighed Jenny her pussy fully satiated by the orgasm.

Steve with sweat running down his body grinned and said, "I couldn't agree more."

They both looked down at Kim, still impaled on Steve's dick. Jenny could see tears running down Kim's face and all she could get out of her were little moans and whimpers.

"Are you OK Kim?" she asked worriedly.

Kim gave an affirmative nod of her head.

"Was it good for you?" Jenny asked again.

Kim muttered something unintelligible, but the frantic nodding of her head indicated that she was alright and had thoroughly enjoyed it!

Exhausted Steve sat back and pulled his cock out of Kim. Almost immediately a rush of his jizz and her juices shot out of her pussy and hit the wooden floor with a loud plop. Kim rolled onto her back and slumped against the sofa still breathing hard. Jenny moved beside Steve and they both regarded Kim.

The innocent and pretty charity worker was sprawled against the sofa, legs akimbo; her beautiful hair matted and sticky both with her own sweat, and a lot of Jenny's juices. Sweat and tears marked her face and as they both looked down her body they were both shocked to see her pussy hole still stretched to an unfeasibly large degree, glowing bright pink from the battering it had received. To Jenny it looked very sore.

Jenny and Steve exchanged uncertain glances. "Are you sure you're alright?" Jenny asked nervously.

Kim finally found her voice. A big grin split her tired face and she let out a joyous laugh, "That was fucking amazing! I have never, ever come like that before, or been fucked that hard before. It was wonderful. The tears were just raw emotion. I might not be able to walk properly for a week, but I don't care, that orgasm was fantastic. Thanks Steve, and thanks Jenny. You coming in my face was what pushed me over the edge; that was so horny."

Relieved she was OK they all out let a big sigh and began to laugh.

"Never mind you, look what you did to my cock with your tight little hole."

Jenny looked at his now flaccid but still large cock. It too was red from the friction and was still coated with Kim's juices.

"Don't worry, I'll lick it better," said Jenny as she took it in her mouth, sucking and rolling it around her tongue. The taste of Kim on her boyfriend's cock was quite delicious.

Kim interrupted her enjoyment and said, "Please could I have a shower? I don't think I should be seen on the streets like this!"

"Of course," replied Jenny and directed her to the bathroom.

Whilst she was showering Jenny and Steve curled up together on the sofa in an intimate cuddle, silently sharing the experience they had just had. They were just too tired for words, but none were required.

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