Charity Girls


It's late. You have been at a charity dinner with your good friend Jessica all night. She organised it and it has been very successful with a lot of money raised. You are really happy for her but it's getting late and you're eager to get home. As all the guests are leaving the charity director offers you some wine to celebrate. You really want to get home but Jessica convinces you to stay, just for one glass.

An hour passes and while you have only had one glass, Jessica has had several and now it's really time to go. You say your goodbyes to everyone and head out the door almost dragging her. As you walk out of the room the director asks you if you would like a escort to your car. You're only mildly insulted but mainly frustrated with Jessica and don't want to wait for security. "We will be fine, thank you." you reply walking out of the building.

Once out of the out of the building you notice just how very deserted the car park is. Jessica is giggling about something, you have forgotten what. You hold her close and give her an uneasy smile. You think you hear something behind you and you turn around suddenly.

You're a little nervous now and wish you hadn't been insulted by the directors offer. Jessica either didn't hear it or doesn't care, she is still giggling in your arms. Looking toward the car you start walking a little faster. All of a sudden there is a hand around your mouth and then...nothing.


Sometime later you wake up in the back of a van, at least that's all you can assume as it's completely black. You can feel that your wrists are bound, and there is something soft between your legs. All of a sudden the inside of the van lights up as a street lamp passes overhead. You see the side of Jessica's face and realise that it is her thigh that's between your legs. You try to move but all you end up doing is unintentionally rubbing your groin against her thigh.

You lay there in the dark, your whole world is that van and you find yourself wanting nothing more in life then the next street lamp. You try not to panic as you look over in Jessica's direction, waiting for the next street lamp. When it comes you see how peaceful she looks, not knowing where she is or what's happening.

BANG! You jump with fright as the van hits a pot hole. Jessica's limp body rolls even closer towards you. Her head is now under your chin loling against your chest. You can smell the sweet scent of her shampoo and your mind starts to wander. The situation frightens you but you can't help feeling a little excited. You have fantasised about this kind of thing before.

Loosing complete control. You feel it deep down in the pit of your stomach. You don't want to, you know it's wrong. You and your best friend have been drugged and kidnapped, her seemingly lifeless (but warm) body is lying against yours. You don't know where you are and you don't know where you're going. You shouldn't be feeling excitement! Excitement!? Everything that society says is that you should be screaming bloody murder. It's only now that you realise that you haven't screamed at all... yet.

The realisation dawns on you that you're are actually enjoying this in some small part. You inhale another sniff of her hair and you can feel a wetness forming in your lace panties. Scent has always been a turn on for you.

You think back to all those kidnapping fantasies you've had. The real thing is somewhat different however, the excitement is still there. You think to yourself that you are glad Jessica is still unconscious because your lace panties are soaked through and a wet patch is forming on her skirt.

You're numb from the fear and excitement. You can't move but you don't want to anyways. You're jolted back to reality as the van stops and you try to sit up. It starts to move backwards into a driveway and you can hear the sound of a garage door being opened through the van's beeping. Fear takes hold when the van stops and you hear the drivers side door open.

Slow footsteps echo through the garage moving towards the rear door. It opens and a blinding light engulfs the inside of the van. You try to shelter your eyes with your bound hands. The light is so bright that all you see through it is a dark gloved hand reaching for you. You try to swipe his hands away yet your futile efforts seem to amuse him. He plays with you, moving his hand away as you try to swipe it. He is too quick for your groggy movements and you can hear him chuckle. It is ever so slight but it only serves to infuriate you before you give up.

Disappointed, he grabs the bounds around your hands and pulls you out of the van. The steel floor of the van scratches at your legs through your leggings. You land on your feet but immediately collapse into the stranger. He pushes you away but not before you feel his bulging cock through his cargo pants. You can't help but smirk despite the situation, like it is some kind of complement that you're getting him hard.

You're led through a doorway and down a hall. Your eyes are still adjusting after the overexposure of what seemed like floodlights moments before. Just as your eyes start to make out your surroundings you are thrust harshly into a room and you collapse on the floor as the door is closed behind you. Looking around you see off white coloured walls. Not dirty but not clean either. There is a single size mattress in the corner with no sheet. The room is lit only by a little globe hanging by the power cord from the roof. The door looks like it is steel and there is no door handle.

The door opens again and you see him for the first time. He is holding Jessica by her bounds as well. He thrusts her in and you catch her, looking into where his eyes should be. All you can see is darkness behind the white emotionless mask. A black hood covers his head and he is wearing a long sleeve shirt and cargo pants, black boots and black gloves. It occurs to you that the mask has the eye holes covered. It uneases you knowing he can see you but you can't really see him. You stare at each other for what seems like an eternity. But it's really only a moment then he is gone again closing the door behind him as you hear it being locked.

You look over at Jessica who is awake but very groggy. You ease her over to the mattress. Sitting against the wall you cradle her in your arms, her head on your shoulder. Her scent wafts up into your nose again and that familiar feeling comes back in the pit of your stomach. It's not long before you are fully aroused again and you to the point where you're getting worried that she can smell you!

You can't have her knowing about your kidnapping/rape fantasies. You can barely admit them to yourself. They are wrong aren't they? A girl shouldn't fantasize about that... The thought is broken when the door opens. It's been a few hours since he left. Without a word he walks over and grabs Jessica by her hands. His strength is shown at how easily he can pick her up. She screams at him and again you realise that you still haven't... why? The door closes again but you can still hear Jessica's screaming as he leads her away into another room.

There is a brief silence before the screams start again. They are more urgent this time as if there is a more imminent danger. Then silence. When the screams start again you know it's from pain. You know what's happening, this stranger is raping your friend. That large cock you felt before is violating her tight innocent pussy and there is nothing you can do about it. Between her screams you can hear her yelling curses at him, she is putting up a fight. SLAP! You hear the unmistakable sound of a skin contacting skin and then silence again.

It is a long silence this time. You start to worry about what he has done to her. Time passes so slowly that you think it's been hours when you hear another sound. It is like a whimper but you can't make it out. A muffled "oh", you think you're dreaming. What you heard can't be real because what you think you heard was a moan. "Oooooohhhhhhh". There it is again but deeper and longer. You rush over to the wall and put your ear against it. At first you think it's his moans as he has his way with her, but it's now unmistakably Jessica. You hear her low regular moans and you suspect they are not from pain but from pleasure.

You stand there numb, your ear pressed hard against the wall listening to your friend get raped. Although you can't be sure now, her moans are becoming louder as you get wetter listening to her. She is actually enjoying being raped by this stranger. The moaning stops and a few moments later the door starts to open. You move away from the wall and you hear his voice for the first time. "Come".

You walk towards him and the door. He takes your bounded hands and leads you to the other room. You see Jessica on the floor naked. Her eye liner is running from her tears. You can't help but wonder if those were tears of pain and fear or from gagging on this stranger's massive cock. "Take her and clean her up". He points down a nearby hallway and you see a bathroom. He cuts the bounds around your hands with a large hunting knife then walks away towards a desk.

You see Jessica on her knees covered in the man's cum from head to toe. As you lift her up you can't smell her sweet hair anymore just his cum. Holding her in your arms you lead her down the hallway. She is limping, you know why.

When you reach the bathroom you look back down the hallway and see the stranger sitting in a big leather chair behind the desk. He leans back in the chair and you see him take her pink panties in both hands and press them against the mask.

In the bathroom you see a chair and sit her down while you turn on the shower. You know she can't stand on her own. You don't want to get your clothes wet so you take them all off stepping into the shower. Turning the taps back and forth you gauge the warmth of the water with your fingertips as you look at her, head down and solemn.

When you get the water just right you step back out gently raising her to her feet. You can't help but notice that your wrist just brushed against a nipple and the touch sent a jolt of electricity through you. Easing her into the shower you let the warm water envelope her entire body. Holding her steady with one hand you reach down to the assortment of shampoos and body wash scattered around your feet. He was prepared you think to yourself. You wonder if he chose you both or whether you were just the first unlucky ones he happened across.

Letting go of her briefly you pour a small circle of shampoo into the palm of your hand and put the bottle back down on the shower floor. You lather it between your hands for a few moments and then begin to coat Jessica's hair. The both of you look deep into each others eyes but say nothing.

The smell of the shampoo fills the bathroom, you prefer it to the smell of cum. Another jolt passes through you as you inhale your favourite shampoo. You wonder if it's just co-incidence or has this man been in your house, studying you. You look down and see that the body wash is your favourite too. Looking over to the other side of the shower you see another set of shampoo and body wash. You know that they're Jessica's favourites. You realise he has been studying you both.

Jessica's hair is now sufficiently lathered. You tip her head back underneath the water and let the shampoo rinse out taking the alien cum along with it. You love the feeling of her soft hair through your fingers and you're thankful for the running water, masking the fact that your own juices are threatening to start running down your thigh.

You take a soft wash cloth and gently remove Jessica's ruined makeup. Still looking into her eyes, you fake a small smile and tell her that everything is going to be ok. To her credit she returns it.

Picking up the body wash (her favourite). You squeeze a generous amount all over her neck and chest, watching it slowly run down over her belly. You think twice about doing what you're about to do. You tell yourself there is nothing wrong with what you're doing. You start to lather up the body wash around her neck. As much as you want to run your hands over her breasts you don't want her to know you're attracted to her.

On the first pass you miss her silky breasts completely and clean her belly and back. You know though, that a substantial amount of cum is still over her breasts and you have to clean it all up. You start to run your hands around her small B cup breasts, lingering no longer then you need to. You do the same for her groin and ass. Kneeling to wash her legs your face is only inches away from her freshly waxed pussy. The image of you licking it flashes through your mind but you shake it off as quickly as it came.

All of his cum is gone now and you help her out of the shower. Taking the towel and wrapping her up in it, you give her small hug trying to make her feel safe. When she is dry you put your arm around her and look around for your clothes. He has been in there while you were in the shower and took your clothes. You grab a second towel to dry yourself then wrap it around yourself. You leave the bathroom with Jessica walking down the hallway once again.

You stand between her and table she'd just been raped on. You don't want her to see it. The man is no where to be seen, so you lead her back to the cell. It's the only open door and has a mattress to lay her down on. You sit down on the mattress with your back against the wall. The room is warm so you take the towel off Jessica and place it over your lap, easing her down and resting her head against your towel covered leg. You stroke her hair and it's not long before she falls asleep. You're wide awake though, you can't stop thinking about the stranger's cock in your friend and the possibility that she actually liked it. Could it be that she is a dirty little slut just like you? Or is it your own dirty mind creating a fantasy to help you deal with the reality of the situation. You close your eyes but no matter how much you think about the predicament you're in, every thought returns to his cock pumping your dripping pussy, raping you. You're glad Jessica fell asleep so quickly as the scent of your own juices fills your nostrils.

You wake up startled as the door of the cell opens, the force of the jump wakes Jessica up too. She sits up and you keep the towel over your lap trying to hide your slippery pussy. He quickly puts an end to that though as he takes one of your hands, forcing you to drop the towel. Leading you out of the cell and into the main room again. He moves behind you, putting your hands behind your back. Fear starts to take hold now as you know what's coming. Excitement starts to subside as the gravity of the situation dawns on you.

He pushes you face first against the wall and binds your hands again. You feel his fingertips press against your forehead and pull your hair back behind your head. A blindfold is slipped over your head and eyes. You think that's all when something hard and plastic is forced into your mouth, it feels like a ball gag. It forces your jaw open but you can still breath easily and you realise it has a hole in it.

You start to struggle but his strong hands grab you and turn you around. He forces you to your knees and slaps you sternly but not too hard in the face. You wince at the pain of your knees hitting the concrete. A new scent invades your nose as you feel fingers melting into the hair at the back of your head. You feel pressure as his hands pull you against him and the next thing you know his large cock is in your throat. You gag instantly and cough as he withdraws his cock.

You try to close your mouth but can't. You start wildly moving your head around trying to keep his cock away, like a disobedient child who won't take their medicine. He slaps you again, then holds your chin, squeezing your cheeks. "Behave, Slut". Even though you're blindfolded you can see him in your minds eye tisk tisking you with his pointer finger. He holds the back of your head again and slides his cock into your mouth again but gentler this time. You try to bite down on his cock to get him to stop but the gag stops you. Sensing your slight submission he works your mouth harder. You taste his precum on your tongue. It tastes amazing and you find yourself wanting more.

This time you take longer to gag as you're prepared for it. He starts getting faster and faster forcing your head back and forth. You can barely breathe now as his cock chokes you until you finally gag again so hard that every muscle in your body contracts. He waits a moment for you to recover then starts again. Each time his cock slides out, more and more saliva dribbles over your chin and drips onto your breasts.

He withdraws his cock after a few minutes and you cough up excess saliva from your throat and mouth inhaling deeply trying to catch your breath. He puts his hand around your throat lifting you up onto your feet. Your eyes are watering as he turns you around and starts to lead you with one arm around your neck and the other around your waist.

You can feel his rock hard cock against your back. Your thighs collide with a steel table of some sort. With the hand on the arm that was around your neck, he takes a tuft of your hair and slowly forces you to bend over. The arm around your waist helps to make sure you pivot in the right place.

You start to whimper as you know what's coming next. Your muffled no's can barely be understood from the gag. Before you realise what he is doing he has one of your ankles bound to one of the legs of the table. You try to kick him away with the other leg but its too late. He grabs it and ties that one to the table as well. The distance between the two legs of the table gives your rapist a nice spread to work with.

He walks around and loops a rope around the binds between your hands and fixes it to the table, stretching your arms above your head. He stands upright and you feel the numerous leather straps of a whip gently caressing your upper back. He slowly trails it down your body and over your ass. All of a sudden he whips it against the soft skin of your ass and you scream. Automatically you squirm at the pain and pull at your bindings but it's no use.

You feel his breath close to your ear as he whispers, "What do you think screaming will accomplish?"

He whips you again. Each time the straps hit your skin you can't help but scream. After each kiss of the leather he gently lets the straps caress the area they just stung. You don't bother counting them. After time your back, thighs and ass are burning and you're hardly screaming anymore. You think of Jessica and wonder if she can hear your screams like you could hear hers.

You wonder if she liked being whipped. You wonder if this was the point where she was screaming, when did she start to moan. The whipping stops almost like he was reading your mind. He starts to gently probe your pussy from behind with his fingers. You're more surprised then he is at how easily his fingers slide in. Your pussy is still soaked from gaging on his cock earlier but you also realise that maybe a part of you enjoyed the whipping as well.

The stranger slips a second finger in and scoffs to himself "hmph, sluts". Your mind buzzes at this comment sluts? plural, was Jessica... Your thoughts are cut short as his condom covered cock enters you. He jams it in so hard that even your wetness doesn't help as his large cock stretches you, you scream again. This time though he does not give you any respite to recover, he doesn't even slow down. Another hard stroke and your screams are stowed away.

Your pussy is getting wetter and his huge member is probing places you have never felt before. The would be screams of hate and pain give way to deeper, quieter squeals.

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