I had a need that I had to have satisfied. I wanted, no needed to fuck my neighbor's daughter. Her name was Charlene. Charlene was 22, 5'8', 140 pounds, approximately 36 x 24 x 36. She had medium dark skin from her Greek heritage. Her body was perfect, great tits, a waist that narrowed and then spread out to her fantastic hips. Her ass was perfectly rounded and well shaped. Her legs were slender, well proportioned to the rest of her body. Her face was flawless, she was beautiful. Charlene was a tease who tormented me with walking around in a bikini or revealing clothes causing me much discomfort in my shorts. She was a student at one of the state schools and was home for a couple of weeks. I had to have her. I had taken my 9" cock in hand many times thinking about sliding it into her hot pussy. She was getting married in 5 months so my time was limited.

My name is Don; I was 19 at the time. I was 6'1", 220 pounds. I was in good shape. My 9" cock was always ready for sex. Just thinking about Charlene or seeing her sun bathing in their back yard in her bikini made me hard. I came up with a plan to take her and fuck her until I was satisfied. I got some rope, scarves and some chloroform to knock her out with. I would take her in a quiet, secluded place that I had already picked out.

My chance came a couple of weeks later. Charlene was out in the back yard, sitting in a chair reading a book. I got the things that I needed and brought them into our garage where my car was parked. I came back out and she hadn't seen me yet. I walked over to her and said, "Hi Charlene, great day isn't it." She said that it was a very nice day. I asked her if she was able to help me in our garage for a moment. I needed someone to hold a ladder so I could put up some things to stow away in the rafters. She said that she would.

I held her hand in mine as I helped her out of the chair. We walked over to the garage. I let her go in first. As we entered she saw that the trunk was open on my car and started to ask why. I closed the door quickly and grabbed her from behind. She started to fight me as I brought the cotton with the chloroform up to her mouth and nose. Her breathing hard did the rest. In a moment she was out. I picked her up and as it was starting to get dark put her in the back seat instead of the trunk. I covered her body with a blanket and got into the car.

I opened the overhead door and started the car. I started to pull out, looked around to make sure no one was around and drove out, shutting the door with the remote. I drove the hour to the cabin I had back in the woods taking care to drive safely, not drawing any attention to us.

This place was deep in some woods and no one else was nearby for miles. When she screamed, and she probably would, no one would hear her. I picked her up and brought her into the cabin. I placed her on the bed. I went back out to the car knowing that she would be out for a while yet and got the other things I needed. I tied her arms and legs to the ends of the bed spreading her legs wide apart. I tied a scarf over her eyes and placed a gag into her mouth. Satisfied, I started a fire in the stove, sat down and waited for her to wake up.

I didn't have to wait too long. About an hour later I heard Charlene moan a little and her eyes started to flutter as she started to wake up. As she became fully awake she started to try to move her arms and legs. Finding them secured she tried to cry out. But finding she couldn't with the gag in her mouth she just mumbled. I took out the gag and she asked, "What is going on, where am I?"

I moved over to her ear and using a voice that I had practiced so she wouldn't recognize it told her, "Be quiet my pet, do as I say and you won't get hurt." "I have you alone, in a secluded place; no one will hear you and no one will come to your rescue." "You are mine to use any way that I want to for the next couple of days. You have left a note to your parents that you had gone back to school for the weekend and will see them next week."

"What do you want from me," she asked? I explained to her that it was very obvious what I wanted. I wanted and was going to fuck her, any way that I wanted to. I was going to use every hole that she had. I told her that I was going to fuck her mouth, her pussy, her ass and her tits. I was going to fill her body with cum and shoot cum all over her. I was going to fuck her until she begged me to stop and then fuck her some more. If she didn't cooperate, then I would rape every hole she has, either way I was going to do her.

With that Charlene cried out, "No, oh please don't do this to me. I want to go home, please don't!" She struggled with her bonds but it was no use. I came over her body, placing my legs over her hips. I took hold of her blouse and ripped it open. She was wearing a satin lace bra, pale yellow. Her nipples were almost visible through the material. I leaned over and took her left nipple in my teeth and bit down softly on it.

Charlene cried out, "OW, please don't do that, it hurts, please don't hurt me!" I softly kissed her nipple and then ran my tongue between her beautiful tits. I placed soft kisses on her skin moving between the wonderful mounds of her flesh. I moved over to her right nipple and kissed it through her bra. Her nipple hardened as I took it in my mouth and sucked on it. As I sucked her right nipple I moved my hand over and caressed her left breast through her bra. I left her luscious tits and moved down over her flat stomach.

As I kissed my way down Charlene was pleading with me, "Please stop, please don't do this to me. I've never had sex before, I'm a virgin!"

I stopped my kissing and looked up to her beautiful face, tears streaming down from her pretty eyes. "You're a virgin," I asked? She said that she was and had been trying to save herself for her wedding night. I told her, "Well Charlene, you're virginity won't make it that far!" I then took my knife and started to cut away her shorts. She struggled again and I told her, "Don't move, I don't want to cut this pretty skin of yours!"

She settled down and I cut away the shorts leaving her in her matching panties. I could see a little through the satin material that she had a clean pussy. Charlene shaved her cunt. I ripped the panties from her body and dove between her thighs. I covered her hot cunt with my mouth and licked her from her asshole to her clit. She tried not to respond but her body started to betray her. As I tasted her delicious nectar I sucked on her hard clit. Charlene exploded in a body shaking orgasm. I continued to eat her pussy, she came again.

I got up and quickly took off my clothes. My rock hard cock, 9" long and dripping wet sprung free from my shorts. I lay back between her thighs and placed the head of my dick at the beautiful lips of her dripping pussy. Charlene felt my manhood at her entrance and screamed out, "NO, DON'T DO THIS; I DON'T WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!! PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T!!"

I told her, "Don't worry my pet, I won't hurt you - much." As I said this, I thrust my rock hard cock into her body. Reaching her hymen, I pulled back and thrust forward again. As my hard phallus broke through her barrier she screamed, "NOOOOO!! OWWWWWW!!! IT'S HURTING ME, DON'T, FUCK, ME!!!!"

I slammed my entire cock into her body until my balls rested against her ass. Tears flowed from her eyes as I held my cock in her pussy. I could feel her wetness around my cock. I pulled it out and thrust back into her. As I started to fuck her, she continued to cry out, "NO, NO, NO, OH GOD PLEASE NOOOO!"

I picked up the pace and fucked her hard. I pushed my cock deep into her body, feeling her inner walls grab my hard cock as I raped her. As I pulled my cock from her cunt I could see traces of blood from her broken hymen and her pussy juices mixed together. I continued to rape her cunt faster and faster. My breathing was coming faster and heavier. I knew that I would be shooting my hot cum into her virgin pussy soon. I'm going to cum in your hot cunt soon Charlene, my baby making sperm will be filling your body. You'll be lucky if I don't get you pregnant. "I'm on the pill, I won't get pregnant," she cried out.

I kept fucking her cunt, feeling cum build in my balls. I felt my cock swell inside her body and slammed into her hard. Hot, thick cum shot from my balls into her hot pussy. "I'm cumming my pet, I'm shooting my hot, thick cum into your hot, wet pussy!" I shot over and over, filling her body until cum leaked out from around my cock and her lips. As my cock finished shooting into her hot pussy, I told her, "One hole down, two to go my pet," I said to her.

Charlene was crying as I pulled out of her body. My cock, dripping cum, mine and hers, was still hard as a rock. "You bastard, you raped me, took my virginity, you hurt me," she cried out!

"I said that I was going to do that to you. You shouldn't have expected anything less. If you would have cooperated, I would have made it good for you. But it will be good the next time I take you Charlene. I will make you feel good the second time I slide my hard cock into your hot pussy," I told her.

I moved up to her head and placed the head of my dick to her lips. "Suck me my pet, suck my cock and clean it up. Get all of the cum and your blood from my hot shaft," I said to her.

Charlene cried out, "NO WAY AM I GOING TO DO THAT, YOU BASTARD!" I took my knife and placed it under the material of her bra between her tits and pulling up, sliced through. Her beautiful tits now exposed and open to my touches. I took one nipple in my fingers and squeezed it hard. "NOOOO, DON'T DO THAT, IT HURTS, OH GOD IT HURTS," she screamed out!


Charlene reluctantly opened her mouth and I slid my cock into it. I let go of her nipple and softly rubbed my palm over it. She started to slowly suck my cock as I caressed her breast. After a couple of minutes I started to slide my dick in and out of her hot mouth as she sucked and licked it clean. "Oh baby, that feels so good!! You're an excellent cock sucker," I said to her! I started to fuck her mouth as she continued to suck my man meat. I thrust deeper into her mouth meeting her throat. She gagged a little and I pulled back. I slowly moved back in pushing farther and farther, down into her throat. She fought the gag reflex and I started to fuck her hot, wet mouth. Every time the head of my cock slid into her throat it felt so good. My cock started to get bigger as I fucked her mouth. My balls tensed and cum shot through my cock as I pulled back and let it fill her mouth. "I'm cumming my slut, I'm filling your hot mouth with cum!! Suck me, suck my cum from my balls!! That's it, that's it baby, I'm cumming!! I'M CUMMING," I told her!!

I continued to stroke my cock in and out of her mouth and throat as cum continued to shoot from me. Charlene swallowed as much as she could, there was a lot of cum. She got most of it, but a little came out and ran down her chin. I pulled from her mouth and scooped up what she didn't get with a finger and placed it to her mouth. She obediently sucked it from my finger. "That's two holes, one to go," I said to her.

I lay down next to her and put my arm around her. I kissed her lips tasting my cum on them. I caressed her gorgeous breasts and softly squeezed her nipples. Her breathing was getting a little faster and harder as I continued to kiss her and caress her breasts. I moved a hand down to her pussy, dripping with our juices still. I slid a finger into her hot hole and started to slide it in and out of her body. She started to push back a little so I slid a second and then a third into her pulsing, dripping, hot pussy. I took a finger, coated with her juices and slid it back to her puckered ass hole. As I pushed it into her ass, she moaned loudly. I started to kiss my way down from her tits to her stomach and down to her pussy. I placed my entire mouth over her cunt and sucked on her. I then took the finger and pushed it farther into her hot ass. I clamped down on her clit and sucked it hard. Charlene exploded, "OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!! YOU BASTARD, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM!! OHHHH GOD, FUCK, FUCK, OHHHHH YESSSS!! I'MMM CUMMING!!!!"

As she came, I pushed the finger into her hot ass all the way. I then took a second and pushed it in. I fucked her ass with the fingers as I continued to suck her clit and pussy. She was cumming over and over, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEE!!

I turned around on her body and placed my cock to her hot mouth. She took it in and started to suck it into her mouth. As she did I reached down and untied her legs. As she sucked me, my cock started to get hard again. She continued to suck it as I again dove into her dripping pussy. My cock was rock hard in a couple of minutes.

I pulled it from her mouth and moved between her legs. I turned her over onto her stomach and pulled her legs up so she was on her knees. I placed two pillows under her stomach and pulled her ass up a little more. I spread her legs and came up behind her. I placed the head of my dripping, hard, hot cock to her pussy and shoved it inside her body. "OH, FUCKKKK, OHHHH YESSSSS," she cried out!! I started fucking her with hard, long strokes, letting her feel every inch of my 9" manhood. At the same time I untied her blindfold and took it from her head. When I was done with her ass she would then see who was raping her body.

I took three fingers, coated them with her pussy juices and slid them into her hot, tight ass hole as I kept fucking her. She again cried out, "I'M CUMMING AGAIN, OH MY GOD I'M CUMMINGGGG!!!"

I pulled my fingers from her ass and my cock from her pussy. I spread her beautiful ass cheeks and placed the head of my cock to her puckered hole. "NOOOO," she cried out!!! I pushed forward and forced my huge cock into her tight ass. "NOOOO, NOT THERE, PLEASEEEE!!! IT HURTS, YOU'RE COCK IS TOO BIG, OH MY GOD NOOOO," she screamed in pain as I slid my cock deep into her bowels!! My balls rested against her pussy and I was buried into her hot ass. I didn't even let her get used to my size and started to rape her virgin ass.

"OH GOD YOU'RE TIGHT, YOUR ASS FEELS SO GOOD ON MY COCK!! OH YEAH BABY, I'M GOING TO RAPE YOUR ASS UNTIL I SHOOT INTO YOUR BOWELS." I growled to her. I reached around and took a breast in one hand and moved the other to her pussy and started to rub her clit. Charlene was panting with each stroke in and out of her tight, beautiful ass. I was going to last a long time before I shot into her bowels. My cock was hard and dripping into her hole making it easier to fuck her. I continued to shove my cock in and out of her body. After five minutes of getting her ass raped, Charlene started to breathe faster and heavier. She was responding to me raping her ass. I picked up the speed and she started moaning, "yes, yes, it's, oh what, my god, what are you, ohhh fuck yessss!!"

As she said this I started to really fuck her hard. I moved faster and faster, my balls slapping against her pussy. The headboard of the bed started to bang against the wall with the rhythm of me fucking her. Soon the sounds of my cock sliding in and out of her tight ass was driving me over the edge. I pulled out a little, leaving just about two inches inside her body. I started to fuck her like that faster and faster with just those two inches. Charlene started panting faster as I fucked her. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME!! GIVE IT TO ME, OH MY GOD YESSSS! I'M CUMMING WITH YOUR COCK RAPING MY ASS!! YESSSSSS, FUCKKKK MEEEEEE," she screamed out!!

Charlene laid her head down on the pillow and I continued to fuck her ass. I was now sliding deeper and faster, feeling my balls once again slapping against her pussy. I was now feeling her cunt and clit with my hands. Our juices running down over my cock, her thighs and onto the bed. It was soaked with our combined juices. As I took her clit between my fingers and softly squeezed it she came again, "FUCK, I'M CUMMING AGAIN, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN WITH YOU IN MY ASS!! OHH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS!!! I – I – I'M CUMMING," she cried out!!!!

Sweat was pouring from our bodies as I fucked her. It had been over ten minutes since I started raping her beautiful ass. I was getting ready to cum, my balls tightening. The cum getting ready to shoot through my cock into her hot ass. I called out, "I'm going to cum Charlene. I'm going to fill your hot ass with cum until it runs out of it!!" My balls exploded, the cum flowed out of my cock as I thrust deep into her bowels. Cum splashed into her bowels, shot after shot filled her body. "I'm cumming slut; I'm cumming, shooting cum into your hot ass!! OH FUCK YESSS, IT'S FANTASTIOC!! SO TIGHT, SO HOT, OH FUCK YEAH!! I'M THERE," I growled as my balls started to empty. I shot another 5 or 6 times into her beautiful ass. Cum was flowing out of her body, down over my cock and balls to her dripping pussy and onto the bed.

I lay on top of her body and kept my cock inside her hot ass until it started to get soft. I moved off of her body, my cock slid out of her ass with a sucking sound. I lay next to her. I kept her tied to the bed for the weekend, letting her go for a while every couple of hours. I fucked her over and over again the whole weekend in all of her holes. She fought me again a couple of times. But most of the time she just let me rape her, sometimes she responded, sometimes she didn't and just lay there as I took her. By the end of the weekend I was drained, she was drained and I made her take a long hot shower as I joined her in it. I made sure that we cleaned up. I had her get dressed and I then drove her back home. I told her to make sure that she didn't tell anyone what I did to her. What she didn't know at the time was that I recorded what I did to her several times, especially kept the parts where she was begging me for more. I told her this on our return and showed her the disc. I told her that if she told anyone, the disc would be shown and all anyone would see was Charlene getting my big cock and begging me for it. She said that she would tell no one and that maybe, just maybe we would be able to get together again sometime. Who knows, maybe that would work out.

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