Charley Torn Pt. 02


"Harder," I gasped as my pussy glands opened one by one and my clit turned into a tiny cock. A look of concern crossed the tranquil horizon of her face, but she complied and I moaned. Charley leaned forward and sucked my nipple into her mouth. I felt slightly faint again, probably because so much blood had rushed to my pussy. She transferred her hand to my other tit and kneaded hard. Just as I like it. Her tongue started to wank my nipple, fast and hard. My clit was tingling, but I had not been given permission to touch. I gasped as the orgasm hit. I wondered if Charley had grown an extra arm. I put my hand between my legs, but all that was there was my throbbing quim. I came again and squirted onto my own hand. The room spun and went dark.

Then I was looking up at Charley's tearful cerulean eyes. She was anxiously biting her lower lip and stroking my hair.

"Wow," I gasped, again asking myself why I had cheated on such a magnificent creature, "How did you do that?"

She smiled and laid her head on my chest.

"What, make you pass out?"

"That, and make me come through my tits."

"Natural talent, I suppose. I'm not sure if you're fit enough for love making yet."

That's my girl, always considerate. And she was right; we made love. My little peccadilloes were just sex; ultimately empty. I had not made love to Charley for twelve days and so was desperate. I had not masturbated for twenty four hours which was a long time.

"Sit up, baby," I instructed as I felt just how damp her hair was. If we let it dry naturally, who knew what it would look like in the morning. I sat behind her and blow-dried and brushed her fantastic frizzy tresses.

When we were finished I was ready for action again. I reached under her armpits and took a breast in each hand and stroked them delicately. In terms of size, I preferred her tits in their smaller non pregnant state, but I loved the texture of her knocked up knockers. They were stuffed so tight with goodness and I knew that they were pretty sensitive. Charley had confessed that she found breast feeding painful, but had persisted for eight months, like the Earth Mother that she is. I took in the sweet aroma of her freshly washed locks and slowly teased her shy nipples erect. Charley let out one of her girly sighs and with her left hand pulled her hair away from her neck and face. She tilted her head to the left and exposed the extensive scars on her neck and face. They would look ugly on anyone else.

The next bit I still found difficult, even though we had been lovers for years. I hissed. Charley flinched. I bit down hard onto the longest of her neck scars. Charley gasped and moaned. I never quite understood how light touch on Charley's damaged skin was exquisitely painful, but hard biting was pleasurable. She had explained about the nerve pathways on countless occasions, but it was lost on me. That she trusted me not to hurt her was deeply moving. That Charley trusted me at all was far more than I deserved. As I moved up to bite her face I made another vow to grow up and stop being a thirty two year old teenager. Charley moaned again as I nibbled her right ear. It was hard to believe that the ear had been almost completely sliced off, by broken glass, then sewn back on. I often thought about how terrifying it must have been and felt humbled by Charley's unassuming bravery.

Charley turned and kissed me, starting off as delicately as the breeze from an angel's wings. Slowly she pressed harder and slid her slippery little tongue into my mouth. Women kiss so much better than men and nobody does it quite like Charley. I taught her everything she knows, of course and she was a most diligent student. Charley claimed that our tongues had minds of their own and she had even given them names. I thought of them more like a pair of grebes or sea horses, but without the weeds.

I disengaged and insinuated my tongue into Charley's best erogenous zone. First I sucked her little, unpierced left earlobe between my lips, then licked lightly around the helix, before pushing into her earhole itself. She groaned and her hips started to rotate. I slid my hand gently down over her fecund belly. I reached her little pussy only to find her already pleasuring herself. I smacked her hand and taking a chance, took control. I whispered in her ear.

"Charlotte Matthews, you dirty little slapper. Stop that at once. You will go blind. Get on all fours."

I pronounced her name the way her mother did and she shot me an evil look, but quickly stuck her bum in the air. I spanked both her buttocks with my open right hand, leaving red finger marks and making my own hand throb. This was about as rough as we ever got. I felt a little ashamed at my state of arousal. Charley squealed into the pillow. She can take much more pain than me and I surrendered first, my hand on fire. I was also staring at her little pussy lips, which were running with cream. I just had to dive in, inhaling her delicate woman's scent. I took another chance and gently parted her bum cheeks, so that I could rim her tiny pink starfish. She did not object and I moved my tongue downwards to her slick labia. I lapped enthusiastically and then sucked her little clitty between my lips. I slid two fingers into her red hot cunt. I pushed and twisted and she squealed even more. Feeling even bolder, I withdrew my fingers, sucked harder on her clit and pressed my index finger against her ring piece. I increased the pressure and the slick digit slipped in, slowly, all the way to the knuckle. Her tight sphincter gripped my finger like a fist and I slowly finger fucked Charley's arse, after twelve years of wanting to.

Charley lifted her head and panted.

"Please...Gorgeous...don't hurt me..."

I had fantasised about taking Charley's anal virginity and riding her, wearing my trusty blue dildo, but suddenly I felt tears welling up. I had not taken her; she had given herself to me. I bent my finger slightly and started rubbing the wall of her pussy through the thin membrane. This always drove me wild and was liable to make me gush. Charley rocked on her knees, back and forth, quicker and quicker and then produced a flood of cunt sap. Her sphincter contracted so hard that my finger was forced out of her bum. She rolled onto her side and lay there panting. I was sucking my index finger. She scowled.

"Go and wash it, you filthy slut."

I wiggled my arse as I trotted to the bathroom. Charley was already under the duvet when I got back. I slid in next to her. She was looking content and sleepy.

"I love you Charley. You didn't have to....."

"Oh but I did. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I love you too."

I was ready for more fucking. Charley clearly wasn't. She got very sleepy once she came and her clit would get too tender to touch for about half an hour. I thought of all the times that I had insisted we carry on and how Charley had dutifully licked, fingered and tribbed me to countless multiple orgasms. It was time for me to show a little more consideration. I pulled her as tight as her bump would allow and kissed her shoulder gently. She was asleep in a minute.

I waited a couple of minutes and then went to the bathroom. I returned and put a towel on the dressing table chair and got my Cone out of the drawer. I switched it on to high and sat down on the pink plastic marvel, its tip just pressing against my arsehole. It is nearly silent. So was I. I sat and watched Charley sleep as I came again and again. I washed my trusty toy, then slipped back into bed. Charley let out a little sigh as I spooned behind her and rubbed Bump. Tarquin flipped and rolled under my hand and I dozed off quickly.

I woke late next morning. The bed was empty and I felt a rush of panic. Then I heard screeching and crying from downstairs. The noise got closer and Charley came into the bedroom carrying a very upset Tom. He put his arms out to me, which meant that he had been told off. I hugged him and raised an eyebrow to Charley.

"Thomas decided to pull Spot's tail. She squawked and nipped him. Just like when he last pulled her tail. Not learning from your mistakes seems to be a familial trait."

She poked out her tongue. Charley was looking resplendent in a short, blue and white maternity dress. She had a bow in her hair and had applied some makeup.

"Darling, you look fantastic. Love the dress. What's the special occasion?"

"You chose the dress, remember. Thomas and I are off to church, then we're going to your parents. You've forgotten haven't you? It's your Dad's birthday."

"Shit!" I shouted and jumped out of bed. I jumped into the shower before I was censured for using bad language in front of Tom. I am not a morning person and am usually especially torpid on Sundays. That day, I was washed and dressed in next to no time and we were walking to church as a little family. I had suggested taking the car, but was reminded about global warming.

I had not been to church since Tom's christening. That had not been a day to remember, thanks to Charley's witch of a mother. I am at best agnostic. Charley described herself as a bad Catholic. She certainly did the Catholic guilt thing well, especially when it came to her abortion. She is without doubt the most Christian person I have ever met. I have never told her.

It all went surprisingly well. Charley was clearly a popular member of the congregation and even I was greeted warmly. The kids got to spend half of the service in the church meeting room, which was quite a social event for Thomas and his little mates. And for their deliciously young mothers. Charley was actively involved and managed to get the kids and the mums to at least make an effort to learn something. None of the women had a man with her. I was in MILF heaven and my knickers were soon uncomfortably damp. No, I felt no shame. But I did behave and smiled in agreement as the young women informed me how lucky I was to have a partner as lovely as Charley. I was not expecting that degree of tolerance.

Soon we were walking back home and I was thinking about forgiveness and redemption.

We stopped for ice cream and then on to the park. Once Charley had forensically examined the play area, for discarded needles and broken bottles, I was allowed to play with Tom on the swings.

I offered to drive to Mum and Dad's but Charley insisted, knowing that I liked to have a few drinks with Dad. Charley is a cautious driver, but she was not the one with nine points on her driving licence. We pulled on to my parent's drive and parked behind Michael's BMW. Charley gripped the steering wheel and her knuckles turned white. I gently stroked the fine blonde down, on her left forearm and she visibly relaxed.

"We can turn right around, sweetheart. Remember, you're the good guy in all of this."

Charley just leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips.

So we went in and faced my family. I had little difficulty in pretending that nothing had happened at all. Charley was handled with kid gloves. Michael was abnormally subdued and the bitch, Helen soon smelled a rat. Her immediate assumption was that Mike had been messing around with Charley and then that he had just been messing around, which of course was true.

Helen was an attractive woman, tall with long black hair. Her body was a testament to the art of the finest plastic surgeons in town. She was vain, arrogant and stupid. She was rubbish in bed. I should know; I had fucked her twice. That was our little secret. I whispered a little reminder to her and she apologised to Charley, badly. Imo had a protective arm around Charley's shoulder and look set to punch Helen. She swept my lover out into the garden, where they rescued Tom from Mike's unruly sons. I grabbed a beer and sat down with Dad.

"Looks like you've used up another one of your nine lives, girl."

"I know. I don't think I have any left. It's time I grew up. Maybe if I had a baby myself, it might shock me into adulthood."

Dad choked on his beer.

"Good for you, girl." he spluttered. "You haven't discussed it with Charley, have you?"

I had to concede the point. I had only thought of my plan a few minutes previously and could already see rather a lot of flaws.

The rest of the day passed in a pleasant summer's alcoholic haze. I briefly started worrying that Imogen was seducing Charley. It turned out that Imo was regaling Charley with the tangled saga of her unsuccessful infertility treatment. Imo is a big girl and when I found them, she was giving Charley a bear hug. The poor thing was struggling to breathe.

"Oh, Charley," Imogen gushed, "You are an angel. Georgia, your amazing partner is going to give me eggs. Once she's finished growing the current one, of course."

Charley flushed, sexily.

"That's if you agree, Gorgeous."

"Of course, babe. I might just ask for one myself."



It went better than I had expected. The Clarkes are lovely, as long as they keep their knees together. I was once again their blue eyed girl. Only Mike remained surly and too embarrassed to talk to me. I was not ready to forgive him anyway. That would come in time. It was the first genuinely hot day of a poor summer. We left at seven. Thomas had his bath, before we left and was nearly asleep by the time we got home.

I put Thomas to bed and then had a shower. I was feeling hot and sweaty. Georgia had beaten me to it and had changed into a tarty red bikini. She had kindly dug out my blue and white polka dot maternity bikini. I had forgotten about it. Gorgeous cocked her hip and did her chest heaving thing. I had guiltily enjoyed the lack of sex, over the previous week. We had done lots of cuddling, which I adore.

Looking at Gorgeous looking.....absolutely gorgeous, I felt a rare flash of lust. I took out Georgia's toy drawer and handed it to her. She said nothing but her chest heaved a little bit more. In the drawer below was Thomas' old baby monitor. I checked the batteries and slipped into his room and placed the transmitter by his bed. I had Georgia follow me downstairs and into the garden. I grabbed two cans of ginger beer from the fridge. We were going to get thirsty.

We have a long, thin garden, with an arbour near the end. I am rather proud of it. The vines were not going to produce grapes that year, but provided shade and privacy. I had Gorgeous put the drawer on the ground and then I checked the baby monitor receiver. I could hear Thomas' regular breathing. Our neighbours, either side were elderly. They hardly ever ventured into their gardens, which were like little jungles. I loved the wildlife that lived there. So did Spot. The only things likely to disturb us that evening were foxes, frogs and grass snakes.

I still felt nervous at the prospect of al fresco lovemaking, especially as I knew that Gorgeous would be noisy. Especially if she saw a snake. She loved doing it outdoors and I rarely allowed her the opportunity. Guiltily, I had to confess to feeling residual shame about my sexual orientation. I had a recurrent nightmare, in which we were caught, at it by an angry mob and gang raped. I had not told Gorgeous as she would have either laughed or found the idea kinky.

I had Gorgeous sit on the wooden bench and I sat next to her, our hips pressed together. I opened a can of pop and put two straws in. We drank noisily, our noses almost touching. Georgia would have, no doubt preferred proper beer, but she had consumed enough already and tended to be rough when tipsy. The drink was soon consumed and we were snogging like teenagers. My bra was undone in seconds, followed by Georgia's own. She leaned over and pushed me back into the bench, one hand crushing my left breast and the other flying down the front of my pants. I winced as she squeezed my boob and her fingernail scratched my fanny. Gorgeous quickly realised her error and lightened her grip. I moaned and broke the kiss, transferring my mouth to her stiff right nipple. I slid my hand down her flat tummy, feeling the toned muscles quiver. I went to pull the strings of her bikini bottoms, but Georgia had beaten me to it and was already in "her natural state". The gorgeous pussy was hot and slick. I rubbed the spongy flesh slowly, with the flat of my hand and bit into her nipple. Georgia made animal noises.

I released her nipple and stood up. Georgia stayed attached and pushed my pants down as I stood. I had not meant to drop to my knees quite a quickly as I did, but it put me in a perfect position to worship the Goddess' pussy. Georgia put one foot up on the bench so giving me better access and I ran my tongue up and down her dripping labia. She grabbed my hair with both hands and ground her pelvis against my top lip. Georgia had taught me how to pleasure her and I applied my lessons carefully. I slipped two fingers into her vagina, for lubrication and then slid them up her bottom. Her sphincter was already relaxed.

"God yes, Charley. You are a dirty little tart. You look so sweet and innocent, but underneath you are a dyke slut. Good girl turned oh so bad. I own your luscious rounded MILF body. Suck on my dirty big clit and finger fuck my whore's arse. Yeah, rub my G-spot. Harder. Oh fuck, I'm going to squirt."

I opened my mouth and caught her little spray of ejaculate. I swallowed like a good girl. Georgia urged me to keep sucking and commanded me to bite her clitty as she came three more times. God knows how she managed it. Georgia like talking dirty, whereas I was just too inhibited. Since Thomas arrived she had been forced to content herself with whispering obscenities in my ear. Her legs finally buckled and we collapsed on the grass. Georgia kissed me hard, enjoying the taste of her own sex, on my lips. I felt a little sad at the realisation that I would never be able to fully satisfy her lust. As I had told her; women only.

I ran my hand through her thick chestnut hair and kissed her on the nose. Georgia smiled dreamily and laid her head on my boobs. They were certainly the size of pillows. A minute later her hand was between my legs and he thumb was rubbing my small clitoris. Some of my earlier arousal had passed and there was something that I had to do. The anticipation was drying me up.



Something was wrong. Charley stood up suddenly, leaned over and then turned around. She was holding my strapless strapon and looking serious.

"It's time Gorgeous, for you to take me roughly from behind. What's this thing called anyway?"

I was nearly speechless. "It's a strapless strapon."

"Is that not an oxymoron?" said Charley, primly.

"Well yes, it is. I suppose."

"OK then. Penetrate my tiny pussy with your great big blue oxymoron. Why is it blue?"

I took the magic wand from her, laid it on the bench and hugged her tight. I slid my hand down her sweaty back, down her arse crack and across her smooth cunt lips. I slowly slid a finger into Charley's pussy. She moaned.

I stood back and took a deep breath.

"No, Charley. I won't take you roughly, or gently. You're as dry as a bone, tight as a nun and you're shivering, although it's really hot. I am the one who has caused all the pain and hurt."

She was going to cry again and put a defensive arm across her chest and a hand over her pussy. I picked up her bikini and dressed her, then kissed her lightly on the cheek. I continued.

"I'm not a child anymore, sweetheart. I should be able to control my base urges. You do so much and that's more than enough. Mike says that I am a sex addict. I think that is pure bollocks. Anyway the treatment for an addiction is abstinence. I love you so much."

Charley visibly relaxed and I put my own bikini back on. Something caught Charley's eye and she knelt down in the long grass. She stood up smiling, something clearly between her freakishly large hands.

"How about another kiss?" she simpered, removing her top hand.

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