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Charlie was struggling to get free from a swarm of opponents when he heard the referee's whistle and the siren indicating the game was over. His team had been defending hard for the last few minutes protecting a three point lead in their first Northern district Rugby League final.

Now as reality set in they knew that they had achieved what was deemed impossible by the critics. Against all odds their small country town had broken the games longest running drought by defeating the highly fancied city side.

Charlie had just scrambled to his feet when he was swamped by his team mates who hoisted him high on their shoulders. They were intent on acknowledging his solo intercept try that had made the difference between winning and loosing. Charlie was embarrassed by their actions he didn't want credit or to be treated differently, he was just happy to be part of the winning team.

For a while he struggled to get down then gave in hoping they would soon leave him alone. But it was not to be. Coach Davies called for quiet. "Listen lad," he said to Charlie as his team mates gathered around. "Stop carrying on like a bloody idiot, we all know that it was only through your personal brilliance that we even reached the finals and today you did it again. Without your uncanny way of reading the game we would have been done like a dinner so stop winging and lets us say thanks in what ever way we can." He turned as a TV van pulled up beside them. "Put him down boys he knows how we feel and so does every one who was here today."

His team mates whistled and cheered as a big breasted TV reporter accosted him. "Hi, I'm Michelle I'm a feature reporter with channel 7. They tell me you're the one I should talk to." She looked him up and down and smiled, "you're the new local hero." Looking to see if her camera man was ready, she shoved her microphone in front of his face. "How does it feel to be the man who won the match for a small town team that has never won a premiership before?"

"Aw hell," he mumbled "it wasn't me it was the team and our coach no man wins on his own." When she started to ask another question he shook his head, "Please no more. I just want to have a beer with my mates and celebrate." Michelle sighed and indicated she wouldn't give in. "I don't think you realize just how big a story your teams victory will be when it hits the big city media."

"It was a true David and Goliath contest. No one expected you to win. You were true underdogs when you arrived here this afternoon, now you are part of a fairy tale come true." When he went to walk away she took him by the arm hauling him around until her large soft breasts were pushing against his arm.

"Please give me a break this is a lovely human interest story at a time when news is short. People love stories about country boys beating the smarties from the big smoke. I can get my face and yours on TV all over the nation when I send your story to the big TV stations down south. It might lead to something big for both of us."

When Charlie's body language indicated his opposition to such an idea she didn't give him time to respond. She turned to his team mates, "where are you holding your celebrations? I would like to join you."

Before Charlie could reply his best mate Nat chimed in, "we are going on a pub crawl after a club dinner at the casino." He slipped his arm around her waist and took her aside making sure his mates saw he was looking down the front of her blouse at her gorgeous tits. "Charlie is a loner he doesn't like talking but you can talk to me and my mates any time. We would love to have a sexy lady like you join us." He looked around at his team mates and winked, "We'll all look after you."

There were very few women from their town at the victory celebration dinner; those that were were quickly surrounded by horny players or officials. Nat and the coach cornered Michelle agreeing to long stand up interviews before trying to ply her with grog. Charlie smiled when he saw that their efforts were wasted. She downed their drinks and moved on talking to anyone who had anything to say, her camera man always handy.

After circling the room she sidled up to sit beside Charlie. "Nat tells me you are an orphan. He says that you lost your mother and father in a horrific motor accident when you were young. He says you live with your aunt and she is a bitch that treats you like shit." Her eyes were big and soft as she waited for Charlie to respond.

"Nat talks too much," Charlie said quietly. They sat together for a few minutes neither speaking then Michelle leant over and kissed him on the cheek. "I know how you feel but there is little you or I can do. You are news and will be news for the next few days. The fact that you are an orphan living on your aunt's remote farm makes you even more news worthy."

She smiled at his unhappy face, "Sorry Charlie but that's the way it is. You are what those in the business call a current item of interest. I want to interview you because it will help me improve my reputation in this cut throat business. I promise I will not do or say anything to hurt you."

She licked her lips, "in fact I'm sure I can make you happy." She stood with her hands on her hips in a way that displayed the magnificent breasts that towered over her smaller waist larger hips and long brown legs. "I'll do anything you want."

What's the use of fighting Charlie thought as he studied her luscious big body? "Ok," he growled, "I'll do it but none of that hero stuff." As soon as he agreed her team flew into action. They quickly set Michelle and Charlie up in one of the casinos hotel private suites so they could have some privacy and reduce the noise during the interview. Studying Charlie's shiny brown face and listening to his quiet voice they brought in a sound guy and a local make up artist for the protesting Charlie.

Cindy the tall thin make up girl warmed to Charlie. She liked younger men and eighteen year old Charlie with his broad shoulders and bronze tan from working in the sun was the type of shy young lad she enjoyed seducing. "Be careful what you say," she whispered as she applied make up. "Michelle is ok, but TV lives on controversy and new faces, and you have the type of face and physique that will look good on TV."

She turned his head towards the mirror. With her head down beside his she looked at him in the mirror. Then licking her lips theatrically, she grinned, "You look good enough to eat." When Charlie didn't respond she took her time as she brushed him down, her hands lingering over his tight round butt. When he thanked her she whispered, "I'd like to see more of you. Slip back after the show and I'll remove your make up and anything else that tickles your fancy."

Michelle handled the interview perfectly drawing out the story of Charlie's life on his aunt's farm. She was an expert interviewer relaxing Charlie until he forgot the cameras and started to talk. Her questions helped him to tell the story of small town life especially the daily grind of farm work milking the cows before school and working picking mangoes or tomatoes after school.

Michelle sat and talked with Charlie as the crew packed up and left telling Michelle they would have to leave straight after they transmitted the tapes back to the TV station. "Do you mind if I smoke?" she asked as she offered him a cigarette. Charlie watched her blow a stream of smoke over her lips as he waved the offered cigarettes away. For the first time he felt a sexual stirring as he watched her suck on her smoke.

"I don't smoke I never have and don't think I ever will. But I sure like to watch a woman smoke." He growled. Michelle had removed her jacket and sat down opposite him crossing her legs as she relaxed after the interview. Her skirt with its split side now showed much more of her thigh.

Charlie had seen a movie where a married woman seduced a young college boy and remembered a scene where the woman sat smoking just like Michelle was sitting and smoking now. He felt his cock growing in his pants as he studied Michelle more closely. She looked over and noticed his scrutiny, "what's up?" she asked.

"Nothing," he stammered. "We don't have a TV out on my aunt's property so I have never seen you before today. You know all about me and I don't know anything about you. Can I ask you some personal questions?"

"What would you like to know," she sighed as she blew a stream of smoke into his face. "How old are you, are you married, do you have a boyfriend, where do you live. You know the sort of questions my aunt will ask when I tell her about you."

"Well I'm thirty, divorced with no regular boyfriend and live in a condo on the beach. I came up here from down south after my divorce and worked for the local radio station. I have just been given my own regular slot on the local TV scene and will do anything to get a TV job down in the big smoke."

She stubbed out her cigarette, "that's why I wanted to interview you. It is the type of country boy story that will get an airing down south." She stood up and moved over to Charlie. Pulling him to his feet she kissed him, "thanks kid" she whispered, "You have been great." When he licked his lips she kissed him again her hands pulling his body close.

This time Charlie held her tight pushing his throbbing cock hard against her body. He took his time and kissed her back forcing his tongue into her mouth. "I might be eighteen but I don't like being called a kid," he grunted as he ran his hand over her rear and ground his cock against her body.

Michelle was surprised and delighted at Charlie's response. Since starting to work on the local TV circuit she had had to fight off the advances of the old fogies who were major advertisers or the industry people who made decisions that could and would affect her future. She had speculated that there wasn't a good fuck amongst the lot of them.

Charlie's young hard body and his enthusiastic amateurish kisses sent a tingle through her body. "Sorry honey," she whispered when he broke their kiss. "I didn't mean to insult you." she rubbed her hands down over his long hard cock, "but I'm glad I did."

Charlie was a virgin he had kissed a few girls but never had the time or the money to date a girl regularly. He was good looking having been fortunate enough to inherit his father's handsome features. He was fit from farm work and football, his face and body glowing with good health.

His aunt was an old maid. She had taken him in when both his parents were killed. she was a strict church goer with a sadistic streak. She knew Charlie did not like being called a kid but she persisted knowing that she was his only surviving relative and he had to stay with her or face life in an orphanage.

Charlie would have never kissed Michelle like he was kissing her now nor would he have let his hands run so roughly over her body but this woman calling him a kid was like a red rag to a bull. Her reaction to his passionate kisses surprised him. Now her hand on his pants was rubbing and massaging his cock creating better feelings than those he experienced while masturbating.

Michelle whistled as she opened his fly. A smile lit up her face, "my god," she laughed, "that may prove to be a real mouthful." She dropped down on her knees and ran her tongue up the shaft of his already throbbing cock. "It's a beauty, it will be a pleasure to really thank you for agreeing to an interview." she whispered as she looked up at Charlie.

Before he could respond she ran her hands down over his balls and ever so lightly kissed his cocks head, "it's lovely, I love a big thick cock," Charlie was stunned. He just stood and watched as her red lips closed over the head of his cock and he felt her tongue working.

Her eyes never left his face she was waiting and watching for his reaction. "Is this what you want?" she asked as she pulled her head away so she could show him his cock's very wet head. Charlie had heard his mates talk of blowjobs but no woman or girl had ever touched his cock let alone kissed it. "Oh hell yes, that's fantastic," he groaned.

He stopped talking and moaned out loud when she poked out her tongue and again licked from his balls up the shaft to run her tongue around his cockhead. She kept her eyes on Charlie face reading his reactions before extravagantly sucking the head in between her red lips.

Hearing his groans she withdrew it and swirled her tongue around teasingly trying to penetrate his hole. "Oh my god that's good," Charlie moaned as he felt his cock growing harder and his legs weaker. To steady himself he held her head and ran his fingers though her hair. Looking down he saw she was still watching him and whispered, "You'll make me come if you're not careful." "That's the whole idea big boy," she said with a grin.

Michelle dribbled some more saliva over the head of his cock and looked up at him. "You have a beautiful cock you will make many women happy if you use it right." Charlie didn't know what to say so he just stood and watched as she bobbed her head up and down swallowing only the tip of the head of his cock at first then using her lips gradually taking more and more of his now over excited cock deep into her mouth.

He groaned when he felt her fingers wrap around the bottom of his shaft then commence jerking up and down in time with her bobbing head. What will she do next he thought when her other hand moved to hold the cheeks of his arse and commenced squeezing and stroking them lightly.

It wasn't long before Michelle felt Charlie start to struggle. His hips started to move, his breathing grew loud, he started to whine, "I'm coming," at the same time trying to pull back out of her mouth.

Charlie was worried about coming in her mouth. He didn't think that she would want to swallow his come until her fingernails dug into to his rear and one finger played around his anus. She doesn't seem to be worrying he thought as he felt his cock start to pulse. Anticipating the surge of his come he stood on his toes and bucked his cock forward willfully letting his juices explode and burst into her mouth.

Even though he had read her signals as wanting his come he was still worried at what he was doing. Then he looked down to see Michelle's eyes wide open staring at him as his raging cock distorted the shape of her mouth and cheeks.

His fears disappeared when she winked and pulled his body hard ramming his cock deeper into her throat. She was gasping for breath when he saw a trickle of come leak out of the side of her mouth. "Oh shit," he moaned, "that's fantastic, oh shit I'm done, I've bloody had it," as his knees grew weak and his body shuddered and shook.

To his amazement Michelle didn't stop sucking. She swallowed the last drops of his come, still using her fingers and mouth to urge him on. Even when his cock was wilting and soft she spent some time licking the head clean, her eyes smiling as she stroked it lovingly. "You're bloody marvelous," he groaned. "I'll never forget you."

"Was that your first?" she whispered. Charlie looked down on this thirty year old TV presenter on her knees with his come leaking from her lips. "Yes, oh my god yes, I have never had anything like that before."

Michelle had just gasped, "I'm glad," when they were startled by a loud knock on the door and a call from the cameraman. "Cindy has to remove Charlie's make up. I'll send her up, and then we are ready to leave when you are."

Michelle called she would be out in a minute. She stood up quickly changing from a lover to a business woman. She tucked his deflated cock back in his pants and kissed him "can you taste yourself?" she asked with a smile as she headed for the door.

At the door she slipped him a card. "Give me a ring if you come up here again. I would like to finish off what we started," then she pulled the door closed and left. Charlie stood in the empty room staring at the door. No one would believe that minutes ago he was given his first blow job from a woman whose face people saw on TV every night.

The camera man frustrated Cindy's plans to seduce young Charlie by hovering around while she removed Charlie's make up. Nevertheless she took the opportunity to slip him her phone number and undo a couple of buttons so he could look down her shirt at her small hard breasts. "Give me a ring," she whispered. "I'll guarantee you won't be disappointed." Charlie smiled to himself as went down to join Nat and the gang. His first blow job and two phone numbers with tons of promise from both was not a bad evening's work.

Nat was in charge as they left to visit a few pubs where local supporters had arranged drinks. "Don't get too drunk," he called as they hit the street. "There is a legal brothel down the road we'll hit it later and celebrate by getting laid."

It was nearly mid night when they arrived at the brothel. Some of the boys had picked up girls and disappeared but most of the team had stayed the distance eventually lending each other enough money to pay for a woman.

Charlie had paced himself restricting his liquor intake and it was lucky that he had. For as soon as they were in the door Harry who was an angry drunk started throwing his arms around swearing and cursing. "I'm not paying money to fuck an ugly faced old yellow bitch like her."

The place was in an uproar until Charlie took him aside and settled him down. He called over a pretty young blonde prostitute, "take him away," he whispered, "If he gives any trouble call me." When the noise subsided and his mates started selecting partners Charlie went over to the desk to apologise to the woman with the battered face. "Hi, my names Charlie, I am sorry for my friend's insults; don't take any notice of him he's drunk."

He studied her closely as she shook his hand. "I'm called Hanako, there is no need to apologise many men need to get drunk before they have enough courage to visit us. Her face twisted in what he presumed was a smile as she whispered softly," thank you for helping." She spoke with a slight accent he decided she was Asian probably Japanese.

Her face was so badly disfigured that it was hard to look into her eyes so he let his eyes run over her body. To his surprise she was very tall maybe over six feet. He had always thought that most Asian women were small, but she was at least his height, her slim body hidden in a long outfit with large loose folds and long silk trousers.

Charlie stood beside Hanako watching his mates pair off and head to various rooms. Most of the women in the brothel were very good looking. They wore tiny dresses and tops that drew attention to their best features highlighting the best parts of their shapely bodies.

He didn't really want sex with a prostitute and quickly realized that he should have dropped out earlier in the evening before they reached the brothel. It was not meanness or an inability to pay he had always dreamed that his first time would be with a woman who wanted him, not some one paid to accept his advances.

When his team mates had talked of going to a brothel he had agreed because he didn't think he would have found a woman outside of a brothel who would want him. After his session with Michelle and Cindy's promises he now knew an opportunity would soon arise.

The more he studied the available women the more he realized he was in trouble. If I go to a room with one of these very sexy women and she takes her clothes off there is no way that I won't end up fucking her, he thought as he tried to hide the fact that he had not made a choice. But his mates were drunk and becoming demanding. "Where's your bird Charlie?" Nat called from across the room. "Yeah where's your bird?" Jimmy joined in.

Charlie turned to the tall woman with the battered face. "I don't want sex," he whispered. "Help me please." Hanako knew from experience that many young men arrived on their doorstep straight from their buck's night. Most of them were at a brothel because of pressure from their mates. Many couldn't get it up when faced with a willing working girl. She looked at Charlie deciding he was a well mannered young man who probably wanted to save himself for his bride.

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