The clock on the bookcase chimed 3 just as I finished the last sip of the Scotch I was drinking. I took a moment to savor the last little bit of flavor, the 35 year old Glen Garioch was too good not to. Putting the latest offering from Tom Clancy on the table next to my chair, I got up to change. I placed the empty glass in the sink as I passed by, and then found a clean overshirt to wear. Stripping out of my casual clothes I put on my trunks and the shirt before gathering the sun screen and my shades.

I had flown in from New York City this morning, and was planning to spend the next 2 weeks here in St. marten. I was glad to get out of the city and also glad to be here enjoying the sun and warm temperatures since the cold and snow in the city made it unappealing to me. I always enjoyed my time on this island and saw no reason why the next 2 weeks would be any different. Now ready for the beach and certain that the worst of the day's heat was diminishing, I headed out the back door to the patio. Across the patio I could see the rustic looking Iron Gate that was intended to inform visitors that this was not public property. Despite its age and appearance, the gate had a state of the art alarm system and opened on its own with the proper code on the camouflaged keypad. The gate glided silently open, I walked through and then the gate closed behind me.

I walked down the slight hill through the underbrush onto rouge beach. In my opinion this was one of the best beaches on the island and also one of the lesser known. Finding it required one to have some knowledge that it was here, the beach was not one that was easily happened upon by tourists. Right now, the beach was filled with sun worshippers. Although there would be more as the sun got lower in the sky, there were still several hundred people on the beach although its size made that number seem less. I had no problem finding a place to set up my beach towel and sit to watch the people for a while. The perspiration was just starting to bead up on my skin as I sat and started with the sun block. Spending most of my time in the city during the winter, I was white as I could be and knew little time in the sun would turn me into a lobster if not careful. I had dispensed with the shirt and once properly protected from the sun, I sat back to take a look around.

People watching was one of my favorite things to do here, those on the beach were polar opposites to the suits I dealt with regularly in the city. One of the benefits to a semi secluded beach is that most of the women on the beach were topless. A fair number were also here without the bottoms. I wasn't the pervert here only to ogle the naked women, but since the view was offered I could hardly do otherwise than to enjoy. There were a few naked men as well, but their number was few. I didn't see anyone here that was concerned with their own nudity or that of the others.

As I was paying more attention to individual people, I noticed 2 young women sitting on a large beach towel about 30 feet in front of me and to the side a bit. From the back it was difficult to see everything, but one was wearing a not too revealing 2 piece suit and reading a book. Her friend was wearing (or hardly wearing) a miniscule 2 piece suit that covered almost nothing, at least in the back. She was blonde, really blonde with her hair in a ponytail half way down her back. Her skin was well tanned, much more so than her friend and the little bits of her suit would not have covered tan lines even if she had any.

As I was casually watching from the back, the blonde stood up and stretched, then put her hands behind her back and released the top of her suit. She really did not have to stand up to do this, but it looked to me as though she was putting on a show and expected to be watched. She certainly was being watched, I noticed that just about everyone within 100 yards had stopped what they were doing and just watched as she stood there with her large breasts now hanging free. I got a better look at her standing, and then she turned slightly almost as if to give a better view. She was tall, close to 6 feet and her breasts were very large, even for someone that tall. A thought struck me, she was Barbie personified. I wondered if the bottom would follow the top, but as small as it was, there wasn't much left to the imagination even if she did not remove it. She sat down and went back to her people watching, the show now over. The rest of the beach goers went back to their own activities and the beach returned to normal.

Barbie was certainly attractive, but not the only woman on the beach who was worth looking at. I watched for a while as my skin warmed up under the tropical sun, not concentrating on anyone in particular. I had owned the house for 15 years now and spent several weeks here each year. The novelty of naked and half naked women on the beach wore off pretty quickly, but I still enjoyed the scene. After half an hour, I knew I was getting near my limit for sun, even with the block. One of my favorite activities here was swimming in the ocean, and that would take me to the end of my time outdoors for today. I stood and removed my trunks, I always swam in the ocean nude. I was not paying too much attention, but was certain my suit removal had not attracted near the amount of attention that Barbie's had.

I walked to the water, passing within a few feet of the 2 women as I did. Once waist deep in the water, I dove in and started swimming, heading directly out into the ocean. The feeling of the cool water on my skin as I move through it was something I looked forward to every time I came to the island. I tried to take care of myself physically and this was one way to do it that did not seem so much like effort. I went out about a mile before turning and heading back to the beach. I was out of practice, but not so much so that I felt myself in any danger of not making the return trip safely. I swam until I could stand, and then walked out onto the beach. I stopped for a minute or 2 to catch my breath, and then walked toward my spot.

As I passed the 2 women, Barbie stood up and stepped into my path. She had evidently removed her bottom while I was swimming, she now was totally nude. Her companion was still wearing both pieces of her own suit.

"Looks like you have a pretty powerful stroke there. Maybe we can do it together sometime." She started.

I noticed that she looked at my crotch as she was stressing the words 'stroke' and 'do it together'.

Ignoring the thought, I responded "Do you swim much?"

"Not really, but I wouldn't mind if you were to show me more of your stroke, say one on one."

The sexual innuendo was definitely there, even more strongly since I had apparently ignored her first attempt. I glanced inconspicuously at her friend who seemed to be somewhat embarrassed at the tone of the conversation.

"I'm not sure I could teach you much." I answered, not intending to give her an opening, but after I said it, I realized my words could be taken several ways.

"I'll bet you can teach me a lot of things, how about if we give it a try?"

There was certainly nothing indirect about her answer, and I suspect nothing indirect about her at all. Here was an open invitation to spend time with a hot woman who seemed intent on one thing. I had met a number of this type of woman on the island in the past, something about being here in the tropical paradise was liberating for them.

I had not intended to pick up a woman here, but was intrigued by her beauty and her directness. I had no doubt that her interest in me was purely sexual and since I had not slept with anyone in several days, a night with her would certainly be enjoyable for me.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"How about if we go back to your place and discuss things, before you show me that stroke of yours." Was her answer.

Again, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the embarrassment on her friends face, though she hid it well behind the book she was still reading, or perhaps trying to look as though she was reading.

"Sounds like a plan to me." I offered.

"Are you staying on the French side or the Dutch?" she asked, referring to the division of the island.

She had not seen me come down the path from the house above, I assume she was wondering how far and how long to get where we were going.

"Actually, I am on the French side. I own the house right up that path." Pointing to the spot where I had emerged from the undergrowth.

She looked where I was pointing, then up the hill toward the house. The trees and bushes hid it from view, but I could see a smile form on her lips as she realized that we did not have far to go.

"I'm Gina, by the way. How about you?"


"Glad to meet you, Charlie. Just give me a minute to grab my things."

Gina took the bottoms of her suit from her bag and pulled them on, but the top was left in the bag. She put her sun glasses and a tube of sun tan cream into the bag, and then said to her companion, "Mandy, you can get back to the room by yourself, right? You already have the car keys, I will see you sometime tomorrow."

Mandy dropped her book long enough to say "Have fun", before going back to her reading.

I couldn't discern anything from her short comment, but I felt she was put off by Gina's behavior. I could understand if she was, Gina was leaving with a stranger she had only met 5 minutes before and there was no doubt about what we would be doing.

With her bag over her shoulder, Gina walked the few feet to my own beach towel where I got my things together, pulled on my trunks and started toward the path. I motioned for Gina to take the lead, I would follow.

"Just go up the path, you will come to the gate soon." I instructed.

As she moved off in front of me, I got a good look at her nearly naked ass cheeks, solid and firm. The muscles rippled in that ass as well as her legs as she climbed the slight incline. The thong she was wearing did not cover much at all and I knew full well she was completely aware of that fact as she walked in front of me.

At the gate, I entered the code on the touch pad and the gate opened for us. I led the way across the patio and set my things down on the table. Gina was looking all around, checking out the house and the grounds that she could see from here.

"This is your place? You own it, not just staying here?" she asked.

"It's all mine. I bought it about 15 years ago and come here a few times a year to wind down and distress."

"So now what?" Gina asked, obviously wanting to do something other than just look over my house.

I walked over to the refrigerator in the back wall of the house and took out a bottle of water for me.

"What can I get for you?" I asked.

"What do you have?" Gina responded.

I had not really looked to see what was in the fridge, but usually I had a good assortment of juices, beer and wine. I took a closer look then offered "I have water and beer, there are some bottles of fruit juice, and I even have a couple of wine coolers. Anything strike your fancy?"

"I'll have one of the wine coolers, please."

"Coming right up. Would you like it in a glass or is the bottle OK?" I asked.

"Bottle is fine. You won't have to wash a glass because of me." She said with a smile.

I retrieved the bottle from the rear of the fridge, removed the top and handed it to her. Taking a sip from my own water, I offered "Cheers!"

Gina replied "right back at you." before taking a large drink from the cold bottle.

She had calmed a bit from her earlier anxious demeanor, now sitting in one of the chairs around the table. As she sipped her drink, she was taking a closer look at the surroundings and then looked off toward the ocean beyond the back fence. I always enjoyed just sitting here and watching the water, it was somehow calming to me for reasons I didn't understand. The table was shaded by several trees on the side of the house and sitting here with a bit of a breeze and watching the water below, I thought to myself just how fortunate I was to have bought this place.

The house had been built in the late 1930's, the original owner had foreseen what was happening in Europe and moved here from France in anticipation of the German occupation of that country. His family had old money, and he found living here more to his liking than going back to the family business once the war was over. The property was passed down to his son and then to that son's own son. Unfortunately, high living and the poor economy in Europe meant that keeping the home here was not possible. I was looking for a retreat from the cold New York winters at that time and was lucky enough to get the property. The home had been well built in the 30's, but after some 60 years, it needed a lot of repair and upgrading, but that was soon taken care of and I usually try to get here 3 or 4 times a year.

I had finished the water and told Gina that I needed to get a shower to remove the salt and sun block. She looked at the back door, finished the last of her own drink and asked "Got room for one more in that shower?"

I was already removing my trunks as I answered "Suit yourself. There's plenty of room."

Gina looked a bit confused as I walked across the patio, but seeing the outdoor shower on the other side, smiled broadly, quickly removed her own suit and followed me. The patio had a shower enclosure that was 3 sided, built with marble blocks about 5 feet high. There was a single overhead shower head that sprayed enough water for a small army if necessary.

I looked back to see her walking quickly over to me, noticing for the first time her large breasts bouncing on her chest with each step. She had been in front of me before, and I had taken notice of her backside but seeing her from the front was indeed impressive. The rosy nipples were just starting to harden and protrude from the rest of the breast as she got closer. She had removed the small thong she was wearing and now I could see the wispy blonde pubic hair. I had not taken much notice as we spoke on the beach, but now I was going to do a better job of inspecting her body as she put it on display for me.

She got into the enclosure with me and the water I had turned on was now spraying over both of us. I handed her the soap and she started lathering up herself, taking her time with her breasts and then moving further down her body. She was watching me to see my reaction to her efforts, and I was not immune to the subtle teasing she was doing. My cock had started to respond, though it was still a ways from full erection. Gina decided to change that by moving over to me and rubbing her now soap covered body against my own. Her large breasts pressed hard into my chest, the soap making them slippery as she moved them all around my torso. She had also pressed her crotch into my own and was doing wonderful things to my cock that was now a lot closer to full erection. I put my arms around her back and pulled her body tight against mine. I could feel her hard nipples press into my chest, rubbing across my own nipples from time to time as she was able to continue moving her tits around even with us held tightly together.

I took the soap from her hands and went to work lathering up her back. I started at her shoulders, moving her pony tail aside and over her shoulder for the time being. I worked down her back and then got to the perfect ass I had watched moving ahead of me as we walked up from the beach. It felt as good as it had looked, and Gina was murmuring in my ear as I rubbed my soapy hands all over it, sliding up and down her crack. She was grinding her pussy against my cock in ever smaller circles as she attempted to get it into position to let my now fully hard cock tease her lips.

Gina was almost as tall as I am. This did not happen often but not having to bend to reach her ass and having her right at eye level as we were working up our passion was a nice change. She started kissing as I was toying with her back door and she had found the target she was looking for with her searching pussy lips. Our tongues met and got to know the other better as we continued kissing and sliding our slippery bodies over each other. The water from the shower had rinsed most of the soap from us, but we were wet enough to continue our game. I continued to rub her ass cheeks but Gina pulled apart enough to get her hand between us and took hold of my cock. She was pulling it down and moving the tip across those pussy lips, I could feel it passing between the outer lips as she worked it. With us at the same height, my cock was right in position to enter her pussy which I assumed was now hot and ready. Gina had been moaning all along, but the tone of her moans was now more urgent so I took the initiative and shoved my cock forward when I felt it move between her lips. Gina was surprised, but that did not stop her from groaning with the feel then expressing her arousal saying "O baby, fuck me!"

I put my arms around behind her, moved us to the side of the enclosure and pressed her back up against the marble wall. Gina knew what to do, she pulled her legs up and locked them behind my ass as I started pumping my cock deep into her hot and very wet pussy. I was holding her ass cheeks as I rammed my cock into her and felt it bottom out each time I stroked in. She was moaning with each thrust, grunting as my cock filled her and pushing back to meet me.

Gina had some amazing muscle control in her pussy, she was grabbing my cock with each stroke and holding on to it as I attempted to pull out for the next thrust. I could feel her tensing her stomach and working those abdominal muscles as I continued to pound into her, wondering how she managed to maintain such control as she writhed with pleasure on my cock. She had been kissing me from the minute my cock entered her and had not let go of my tongue since. I was now intimately familiar with the inside of her mouth and would occasionally nip her tongue as she would do the same to me. With her back braced against the wall of the shower, she was not as heavy as she would have been without it, so we kept up our pace, hoping the wall would not fall down with all the pounding it was taking as I rammed my cock into Gina's hungry pussy.

Gina broke our kiss, shouting into my ears "O my God, here it comes. Don't stop, keep fucking me! Just like that, O no..."

Her words trailed off as she started to moan then broke into an orgasmic scream that had to be heard by half the people down on the beach. Her arms around my back pulled tighter and her body shuddered as she felt her orgasm roll over her body, higher and higher, until she peaked with a tremendous convulsion on my cock. Her vaginal muscles spasmed, released and then gripped my cock so firmly I could not pull out easily. I felt my own climax rising and wondered if my semen could overcome the pressure of those internal muscles to find release. I did not have to worry, I felt the hot liquid shoot up through my cock and force its way into the hot pussy that was holding my cock captive. I could not continue stroking, so just pushed in as far as I could and held Gina's body to mine as her orgasm continued to cause tremors throughout her body. My own legs were getting rubbery from holding her up as my orgasm took some of my strength away, but I was in no danger of falling or dropping Gina.

After several minutes to calm down, Gina was again able to speak.

"Wow! That was amazing. Want to do it again?"

The truth was that I would be glad to do it again, but first I would need some rest. I am not as young as I used to be so I can't recover quite as quickly.

"I'd love to, but how about if we have dinner first. I think there are some fresh shrimp in the refrigerator, I can get a fire going and grill them for us."

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