tagErotic CouplingsCharlie & Miley Ch. 06

Charlie & Miley Ch. 06


At three and a half feet tall she wasn't tall enough to reach the back of the counter, even while standing on tippy-toes and stretching her arm as far as it would go. A frustrated scowl marked her adorable, olive-skinned features and she absently pushed a wave of long brown hair behind an ear in a way that perfectly mirrored her mother. While seeking a solution she spotted a folding stool collapsed between the refrigerator and a garbage basket; the girl suddenly smiled with the innocent mischievousness only a four year-old can obtain.

Moments later she was able to slide a blue porcelain container shaped like her favorite Sesame Street character to the edge of a stainless steel kitchen counter. Carefully removing its lid, she began digging for the tasty treasures contained within.

Miley suddenly appeared from a hallway to catch the girl with her hand literally in the cookie jar. "Gwendolyn Taylor," she admonished, using her daughter's full name in the exact same way Miley's own mother used to do when Miley was misbehaving, "Just what do you think you're doing?"

Standing on the stool with half her arm buried into Cookie Monster's neck, Gwen froze and shot a surprised look towards Miley that betrayed her guilt, "Nuthin."

"Nothing?" Miley's brow rose, "That's not what it looks like to me."

Gwen looked to the jar and then back to her mother, "Can I have a cookie?"

"Of course not. You know the rules, no sweets before bed; it's not good for you." Miley hoisted Gwen up by her armpits and set her down on the floor.

"But mommy, I'm hungry!"

"How about I slice up an apple for you?"

Gwen stuck her tongue out and shook her head.

"Do want some banana?"

Gwen seemed adamant, "No, I wanna cookie."

Miley knelt to fold the illegally obtained stool and replace it next to the fridge, "Then you can't be that hungry." She patted Gwen's rump, "Now go get your pee-jays on. It's time to get ready for bed."

"Can I play Cap'n Darkness before bed?"

"No more PlayStation, tonight. C'mon, sweetheart... chop-chop!" Miley clapped her hands together, "Daddy'll be there in a few minutes to read to you."

"Okay," Gwen relented before dashing off.

"Don't forget to brush your teeth!" Miley called after her.

Charlie appeared from the opposite direction that Gwen vanished towards. "There's no way," he was saying to a cell phone, "I'm not leaving Marvel to write for DC, even if they are offering me Superman." He absently reached into the open cookie jar but had his hand slapped away by his wife.

"No sweets before bed," Miley chastised him, putting the lid back on the jar and lifting it towards a higher cupboard.

"No, I don't care about Batman either," Charlie sighed at his phone, "Sam, I'm the monthly writer on Captain Darkness as well as Amazing Spider-Man. Those are the books I've dreamed of writing since I was a kid. There's nothing DC can offer me that will lure me away. Yeah. Yeah. Okay... yeah. All right, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"How's Sam?" Miley asked, wiping the kitchen counter as Charlie hung up.

"She's fine," Charlie set his phone down, "She thinks I should take on another monthly book. I swear, living in New York City has put the zap on her head if she thinks I have the time to take on another comic."

"Sam and her husband don't have any kids," Miley reminded him, "They're more career-focused, him at HBO and her with her rep agency. They don't understand how much time you give your family."

"Brian and I haven't even finished scripting season three of Captain Darkness yet," Charlie further complained, "Does she think I don't need sleep?"

Miley placed a hand on Charlie's chest, "Quit stressing and go read to your daughter while I finish cleaning up. But no more Spider-Man; I swear that kid thinks she can stick to walls the way she climbs all over this house."

"All right," Charlie grinned, kissing the top of Miley's head before wandering towards his daughter's room.

He found Gwen lying on her stomach in the middle of her bedroom floor, working on a coloring book with Crayons scattered all around her. "What are you doing?"

"Colorin," she looked up at him.

"Coloring?" Charlie feigned shock, "But it's bedtime!"

"I wuz waitin' for you, daddy!"

"Did you brush your teeth?"

Gwen bobbed her head in an affirmative.

"Let's see," Charlie crouched beside her.

Gwen proudly opened her mouth wide.

Charlie leaned in real close before widening his eyes, "Holy cow, what's that?"

Gwen gave him a quizzical look but continued to hold her mouth open.

Reaching between her lips Charlie snatched the tip of her tongue between two fingers, "There's a big worm in here!"

Gwen giggled loudly.

"Let me see if I can get it out of there," Charlie tugged playfully. "Uh-oh, it seems stuck!"

"Thas mah tugue..."

"What?" Charlie kept hold of her wriggling tongue, "I can't understand you with this big worm in your mouth..."

"Thas mah togue!" she continued to giggle.

Charlie finally let go, "Oh, that's your tongue? It looks like a big worm."

"No it don't," Gwen grinned broadly, "You're so silly, Daddy."

"Yeah, that's what your mom says, too." Charlie scooped his daughter up and carried her towards the bed, "What should we read tonight?"

Ten minutes later, once finished with her cleaning, Miley arrived and leaned on the door jamb to Gwendolyn's room. She smiled warmly at the vision of her daughter curled up next to Charlie in bed as he read a comic book to her. Gwen kept interrupting him and asking what different words meant. "Daddy, what's 'invulnabilty' mean?" she would wonder and Charlie would patiently pause to explain the words to her every time. It warmed her heart so much that Miley didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

When she was obviously growing drowsy, Charlie closed the comic book and told Gwen they'd finish the next night and kissed her on the forehead.

Miley approached and kissed her as well, "Good night, sweetheart. I love you."

"I love you too, Mommy," Gwen murmured as Miley tucked her in.

Switching off the lights and leaving the door cracked open, Charlie and Miley retired to their own bedroom down the hall.

"Are you okay?" Charlie worried, seeing a hint of moisture gathering at the bottom of Miley's eyes.

Miley bit her lip and nodded with a smile.

"Then why do you look like you're crying?"

"Because, silly, I am." Miley wiped at her cheek, "I just love her so much, you know? And you're so good with her; I sometimes wonder if I'm half the parent you are."

Charlie chuckled at her insecurities and wrapped Miley in his arms, "Are you kidding me? You're the most incredible mother in history. Gwen worships you; she acts like you; she talks like you; she always wants to dress like you. Miley, you're our daughter's hero."

Clutching her husband, Miley sniffled happily against his chest, "I know, I'm just so proud of how good a father you are. I love you, Charlie."

"I love you too," Charlie kissed her.

The exchange between their mouths rapidly intensified. After nearly five years of marriage their libidos and attraction for one another had held strong. Miley in specific seemed to want sex more than ever and she began unbuttoning Charlie's jeans as they kissed.

"Let me relieve some of that stress, baby," Miley murmured against his lips, her hand slipping beneath Charlie's pants to close around the shaft of his cock.

"Hell yeah," Charlie whispered eagerly between more kissing, "I've wanted to make love to you all day."

Miley gave him a flattered smile, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, you've been prancing around in that sexy sundress, driving me nuts."

Charlie worked from home, in the house he and Miley purchased a year after their daughter was born. It was in the suburbs of Tallahassee, only a few short miles from where they grew up and where Charlie's parents still lived. It was a modest but sizable four-bedroom home, with one of the bedrooms converted into an office for Charlie to write, and a large yard for Gwen to play in. Miley stayed home as well, happily assuming her role as a housewife and providing a strong maternal influence for Gwen.

Miley reached to her back and unzipped the dress while Charlie pulled the thin straps off her shoulders. It fell to the carpeted floor of their bedroom, revealing Miley's excruciatingly sexy body clad only in a pair of thong panties. Her perfectly petite frame was bronzed from head to toe in a natural tan, though bikini lines kept the skin of her plump C-cup breasts milky white. Dark curly ringlets framed her twenty-five year-old face which was as beautiful as ever. A small patch of barely visible stretch marks on the lowest portion of her tummy remained from the pregnancy with Gwen, which Charlie proudly referred to as Miley's 'mommy scars'.

She tugged his tee shirt off after Charlie laid her back on their bed, curling a hand around the back of his head as he began kissing her neck. "Do you want to feed from me before we make love," Miley asked in a warm tone, "...or after?"

Charlie drew back to slide Miley's panties off her legs. "Before," he decided, staring at her breasts and the way they hung toward the sides of her sternum.

Miley nodded and opened her arms to him, letting Charlie lie between her legs, hugging his slender frame as he took one of her breasts. Miley's fingers slid through his hair and she caressed the back of his head as Charlie began suckling on her engorged nipple. "That's it, baby," she encouraged him lovingly.

Miley had breastfed her daughter for nearly a year until Gwen began eating solid foods only, but Charlie never stopped and Miley's body continued to produce milk. Every night for four years, before they went to bed, Charlie drank from his wife. It had become a ritual between the two that tied into their lovemaking, which also occurred on a daily basis. Miley loved the fact that she was providing nourishment for her husband and it provided a constant turn-on to have Charlie sucking and licking her breasts every night.

"Feed from my tits," Miley said, rubbing her ankle between Charlie's thighs and feeling his erection grow against her leg, "Drink mama's milk."

Charlie suckled until her nipple gave a hairpin stream of milk. He clamped his lips onto her breast and drank, savoring the slightly bitter flavor. He had grown accustomed to its taste even before their daughter was born and often found himself craving it. Charlie associated Miley's milk with sex and it had become an aphrodisiac for him; whenever he fed Charlie would develop an almost instant erection.

Miley sighed contentedly at the release of pressure that had built up in her breasts. Charlie hadn't fed from her that morning, which he often would do to help stimulate her production. "Baby, you're making me so wet... I love it when you suck on my tits like this."

When her left breast went dry Charlie switched to the right. "Me too, I'm so fucking hard right now," he whispered before beginning to coax the second nipple.

Miley kept sliding her ankle against Charlie's erection, "You love Mommy's milk, don't you... you love sucking on mommy's tits every night."

Charlie nodded and voiced a muffled affirmative as he sucked her milk. His hips began thrusting lightly, dry humping his erection against Miley's leg.

"Damn, baby. You're big dick is like a rock against my leg. Let me feel it. Let me feel how hard it is before you stick it in me."

Charlie pulled away from her nipple, which dribbled out a few more drops that slid down the curve of Miley's breast. Licking his lips, he slid his body next to hers so that his bobbing erection was within Miley's reach. She clutched for it, trying to wrap her fingers around its girth. The throbbing shaft felt like steel in her grip; like ten inches of indestructible sex.

Miley moved her hand to pump him with masturbating strokes. "Are you going to fuck me with this big thing?" she asked in a teasing tone.

Charlie nodded and kissed at Miley, sucking on her lower lip.

She smiled and could taste the flavor of her milk on Charlie's lips. Miley kissed him back and tilted her head when Charlie's lips moved towards her neck. "You're such a naughty boy, sticking your gigantic cock into me every night. I bet you want to fuck me really good, don't you? Do you want to feel your cock penetrate my womb, Charlie? Huh? Do you want to fuck me so deep you can feel my cervix?"

Charlie groaned with desire as he kissed at Miley's neck and nibbled on her earlobe. His cock pulsed in her hand with every word of dirty-talk. "I need to be inside you," he whispered against her ear, "I want to be inside you right now."

Miley squeezed his shaft tightly, right beneath the head, forcing a dollop of clear pre-cum to ooze from the tip. "Not yet," she said, using a fingertip to gather up Charlie's fluid and lift it to her mouth. She licked his essence and sucked on her own finger, resuming her slow stroking motions. "Such a dirty boy," she teased with a coy grin, "Humping into me, making me take your huge cock. Are you going to cum inside me, too? Huh, Charlie? Are you going to pump me full of all your nasty goo?"

"Oh god," Charlie moaned and began rolling over, unable to take any more of Miley's teasing, erotic talk, "I fucking need you, right now."

Miley didn't resist. Her legs parted and her arms curled around Charlie's neck. A whimpering gasp escaped her lips when she felt the presence of his erection push into her sex, a feeling she never grew tired of. Droplets of milk occasionally leaked from her and Miley hefted her breasts to lap at them, stretching her tongue out to lick one nipple and then the other. Charlie's humping pace quickly intensified as he watched Miley clean her own breasts.

"That's so fucking hot," Charlie gasped, working his cock deeper with every thrust, "Suck on your own tits for me, Miley."

Eager to please, Miley pushed one of her breasts up and dipped her chin in order to get the nipple between her lips. She sucked and licked on it until her stream began anew and began decorating her mouth, droplets of it falling from the corners of her lips and dribbling down her chin.

"Oh fuck yeah," Charlie loved it, humping himself into her with a grunt.

Miley felt him penetrate her depths and gasped at the sensation, letting go of her breast in order to reach out and clutch at the plush comforter beneath her, needing the support of anything to ground her against the immeasurable pleasure. Charlie's hands had slid beneath her and were grasping her ass with kneading fingers, lifting her pelvis onto his crotch in order to achieve maximum penetration. Her spread legs were bent at the knee, her ankles dangling and bobbing at Charlie's sides.

"Your cock is so fucking big," she moaned, "Fuck, Charlie... oh fuck. Charlie... I can feel you in my tummy, oh my god, fuck me, fuck your big cock into me harder... oh fuck!"

Miley's fingers squeezed and clawed at the bed covers. Her eyes clenched shut and her jaw fell open.

"...gonna cum...!" she squeaked, "...make mommy cum..."

"Cum on my cock," Charlie instructed her, "I want to feel your cunt cumming all over my cock."

Miley squirmed and writhed at the deep penetrating thrusts, "Oh Jesus, Charlie!"

With a gasping, labored breath Miley began to orgasm. Her entire body tensed as the waves of pleasure roared through her body, causing her ankles to lock around the small of Charlie's back. One of her arms remained outstretched on the bed, clutching, but the other went to Charlie's smooth chest and her fingers splayed against his skin.

Charlie was fucking her with such a furious intensity that his cock sprang free from Miley's sheath during the chaos. The hand on his chest immediately dropped and Miley grabbed his shaft, pressing it against her slit to generate friction on the clitoris.

"Oh god," she moaned, humping herself against the underside of Charlie's cock, right at the base of the shaft above his hanging scrotum, grinding her cunt and extending her orgasmic bliss.

Charlie kept thrusting too, sliding his cock against Miley's dripping slit. He grabbed at her breasts, squeezing them and kneading his fingers into their milk-soaked skin.

"Cum on me," Miley whimpered.

"...so close!" Charlie gasped.

Miley pumped her fist, masturbating him against her sex, "Cum on me, Charlie. Shoot your filthy goo all over me."

"Fuck," Charlie grunted, "Oh fuck, Miley... jerk me off. Jerk me off, baby..."

His cock seemed to inflate in Miley's hand, turning into a rod of granite, just as it always did when Charlie was near orgasm. Miley squeezed her fist as tight as she could near the top of his shaft, halting the flow of semen halfway up.

"OH GOD," Charlie nearly yelled at the unimaginable pleasure, the boiling heat of his cum filling his cock with pressure.

Miley held him there, as close to the edge of shooting that Charlie could possibly be. His body shook with a massive spasm and he nearly collapsed on top of her. Unable to contain it, Miley released her grip and let loose an eruption unlike any other.

Semen flew through the air to land on Miley's face, hot cum splattering across her nose and cheeks. Her fist began stroking him rapidly and ropes of the steaming white fluid ejected over and over, landing across her breasts and tummy. Charlie's hips were bucking uncontrollably into Miley's hand as she jerked him off, coating her naked body with his pleasure.

"Oh fuck," Miley marveled at it all, "Charlie, you're fucking cumming all over me."

Charlie bucked and gasped until his semen slowed to a thick ooze dripping from the tip of his cock, falling as clumps into Miley's trimmed patch of pubic hair. She slid her grip up Charlie's shaft, coaxing the last of it out of him and letting it hang from her fingers.

"God damn," Charlie breathed.

Miley giggled at the wads of cum stretched across her torso and face, "Look at what you did to me."

"That was so fucking intense, the way you squeezed my cock like that. It made my orgasm... I don't know how to describe it. It almost burned in me, like a volcano."

"I read about it in Cosmo," Miley informed him. "There was this article... '14 Ways to Give Your Man a Better Orgasm'... I had already done the other thirteen, so I figured I'd try this one."

Charlie laughed, "You're so amazing, God I love you."

Miley grinned, "I know you do, baby. I love you too. Now be a sweetheart and get me something to clean up with?"


Sitting at a small round breakfast table on the far side of the kitchen, Gwen was in her pajamas playing with letter blocks. She had successfully spelled her name G-W-E-N and beamed with delight, "Look, mommy!"

Miley, dressed in a long fluffy robe with her messy waves tied back into a pony tail, was standing by the long kitchen counter near a toaster. She glanced over to the table and smiled, "Did you spell your name, honey?"

"Daddy showed me how," Gwen informed proudly. She started grabbing more blocks and her cute features narrowed with concentration, "Mommy? How do you spell 'invulnabilty'?"

"Invulnerability," Miley corrected her pronunciation. Her own face scrunched as she tried to picture the word, "Um... I'm not sure. I had no idea that word even existed until I started dating daddy. It starts with I-N-V..."

Frozen waffles popping out of the toaster distracted Miley and she plucked them out onto a plate, spreading some peanut butter onto them.

Gwen stared at her collection of letters, "Which one is vee?"

"The one that looks like a triangle," Miley said, reaching for a bottle of syrup.

A voice suddenly called from the front door, "Hey, is anyone home?"

"In here," Miley called back.

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