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Charlie on Rye


My name is Charlotte. I like to be called Charlie. I have Coppery Red hair. I have Sea Green eyes. My skin is pale as marble. I'm 21 years of age. I'm 4'6" short and nobody lets me forget it. I'm in the sun a lot because I'm a construction site supervisor, so I'm just your stereotypical freckly Catholic Irish Girl. But I refuse to be called a foreman.

My life was pretty much laid out for me by my parents. When I was 12, my Husband Daryan (pronounced Dah-Rye-En) and I became engaged. It was an arranged marriage. People within our ethnic group still did arranged marriages and we were the only kids with a close enough age. Daryan was two years older than me, but at the age of 16 with my parents' consent, I was marched down the aisle and given away without a word in edge-wise.

Daryan wasn't particularly attractive to me. He stood 6'1" freakishly tall, was almost as pale as me. Brown hair, brown eyes and no scruff on his face whatsoever. He kept himself clean shaven, and dressed up as though he owned a law firm. But in reality, he just managed the land development company I supervised for while his family owned it. He has everyone call him Ryan. But he told me he secretly likes to be called Rye.

I'll be blunt and honest. Our sex life was dead. He could barely look at me. We shared a bed and a home. We didn't interact enough to argue. He was just good at being my boss. We kissed each other on the cheek in public, especially around family. Things were great until our families both came together and demanded we make them into grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

They wanted us to have kids so much our ethnic community began sending all manner of ridiculous things ranging from fertility and family starting pamphlets to herbal supplements to increase our nonexistent sex drives. Then stupid Daryan had to open his mouth when he went to church without me because I was too busy moving a tractor without a permit!

Daryan had said it. We're both virgins. We don't touch each other. We don't talk. I have my friends and he has his. He goes for drinks and billiards. I have wine and poker with the girls at Sandra's house where I lie about all the wicked sex I have with my husband like every other lady there. He didn't know the last part though, that wasn't shared with family. Anyways, he opens his well-moisturized hairless lips about our celibate marriage and now I'm stuck in marriage counseling with him.

"What is it that turns you on?" Our therapist asked. His name was Dr. Kurtis Squire. He insisted we call him Kurt. He was good looking. Blonde, 5' exactly. Blonde short spiked hair. Informally dressed in punk clothes like tight jeans and a vest with band patches on. His eyes were blue.

You turn me on Kurt. I thought to myself. But I couldn't say it. Both Daryan and I sat silently for almost a minute pretending to think hard about it.

"Ok, ok not all at once please." Kurt laughed aloud. "Let's try something else. Why don't you two hold hands and look into each others eyes for as long as you can. Go on. Turn and face each other. You're in a love seat, after all." He laughed again. He had jokes for days.

We did as he asked. Daryan hadn't wanted to initiate. So I took his hands. We took a moment before we both felt comfortable looking into each others eyes. But we both looked away nervously too soon.

"Ok guys, you gotta give me something. This is gonna be tough if you two don't want to work on things. So I'm going to assign you some homework. Write down every night what you are grateful your partner did. Just one thing a night until our next session. Try holding hands a little. Be ready to tell me about your experience in 2 days for our next session."

I didn't want to. Daryan didn't want to. It didn't happen.

Session two was just as quick, just as much of a failure. But session three was different.

"Tell me, when you two fell in love. When did you decide to get married?" Kurt asked.

I was silent. Daryan spoke up nervously. "We're in an arranged marriage. Our parents decided when we were 12 and 14."

"I see. Unfortunately, I am not an arranged marriage specialist, but I know another therapist who is. If you give your church this card, have them call this guy up. He's your man for sure. He even accepts payment from institutions like your church. I wish I'd known that from the start. Yikes. I'm sorry I couldn't help you guys."

"It's fine." I began. "Thank you for your time anyways Kurt. See you around."

Daryan and I shook his hand and made way for our cars. Yes plural. We drove here separate from each other. What I did next. The thought made my hair stand on edge. I had to. I needed to.

I pretended to fumble about with my phone to set up some music until Daryan left. Then I waited for it. When Kurt locked his office door, I got out of my car.

"Hey.. Kurt." I stammered.

"Oh hey Charlotte. Having car trouble? Does Daryan need a hand?" He asked.

"Oh, uh, no. He drove off already." I explained.

"That bad, huh? Two cars one couple? I'm so sorry. Arranged marriages are a clientele whose difficulty is out of my league."

I took my chance.

"Am I out of your league?" I asked out of nowhere.

Kurt cleared his throat nervously.

"Oh! Um. I don't think I can have this conversation with you Charlotte. I'm sorry. It would be unprofessional if I spoke my honest opinion to a-"

"A client?" I finished his sentence for him.

"Yes, Charlotte. I'm sorry. You understand, right?" He said.

"I'm not your client anymore Kurt. Does that mean I can hear your honest opinion?" I put him on the spot.

"Well.." he began sounding troubled. "Charlotte, I think you're very pretty. You're too pretty. It isn't that you're out of my league. I'm in the little league and you're the nationals."

"F..fuck me please." I said nervously.

"Charlotte.. I can't do this." He said then looked away nervously.

I remembered all the juicy stories true or otherwise my friends and I shared on poker nights. I tried to put together the catchy phrases my girl friends and I shared so that I could convince him to do me hard. He's too cute. I can't let him get away.

"Hey. You have a love seat in there and it's not going unused another minute, ok?!" I demanded putting my arm in his way. My breast accidentally hit his elbow as I did so. I felt my face turn red. My heart raced. I had never been so forward in my clean vanilla life. What am I doing? No. No turning back. Maybe it's these fertility pills. But I need him inside me! I need to lose my virginity tonight, dammit!

"Charlotte.. you really mean this? It's just gonna be another problem for your next therapist to-"

I interrupted.

"Fuck my next therapist and fuck me, ok? It's not your problem anymore. I'm not your patient. Just come on!" I shouted loud enough for the office workers next door to hear. One office closed their blinds.

Kurt was silent and shook by my words.

I saw another opportunity and took it. I placed my hand on his chest and gently moved it down his arm to his keys. I moved his hand to the door and prayed the first key I made his fingers lift was right. Yes! The door unlocked. I opened the door.

"Come on. If you really think I'm that hot, prove it to me. I'm not your client." I sold him on the idea.

"Shit. This is so crazy. You're insane. Insanely hot." He said then slapped my ass. I yelped. With my left cheek in his hand. He pushed me into his office and slammed the door closed.

He threw me towards the love seat and lifted my dress. I brought down my panty hose but he ripped the middle and spread my legs open.

"You really want this still? Can't take it back once it starts. Ok? OK CHARLOTTE?!" He yelled on my neck.

"Oh god yes. Please. I'm wet and ready!" I lied. I heard his pants unzip. He pushed me down face first into the love seat and in he went. Quick and rough, his cock felt like it ripped into me.

"Ahh! Slow first please. It's my first time." I begged. I'm so lame. I can't believe I'm doing this.

"Shit! You're shitting me right now. You're so fucked in the head Charlotte. Why is it so hot? Damn it!" He yelled. He didn't slow down. But he went in. More and more he inched his way in and I felt like I was ripping. Then, I felt a tear for real. Yep. There goes my fucking hymen. Whatever. Daryan wouldn't even know.

"Ahhhh! Fuck! It hurts! Wait don't stop!" I shouted trying to cover up how much I was crying.

He started pumping me good after that. More and more he hit my spot. My face got hotter with each time he hit inside me deep. The hot pulsing feeling continued down my face to my neck and chest. I began sweating like crazy. I lost control of my breathing.

"You're so crazy Charlotte. Oh god you're so hot! You little fucking bitch!" He shouted. He slapped my ass real hard and I tensed for a moment. But his pumping inside me loosened me up again. I felt that butterflies in your belly feeling real strong. All over. The tingly feeling grew more and more.

"Oh god! I'm gonna come!" I yelled.

He slapped my ass again real hard. "Not yet you crazy little bitch! That's too easy!"

He went harder and faster than before. Each pump was so deep and fast. I was losing it. He was definitely hitting my spot. I felt the tingly feeling and a pulse all over my body. I was too hot.

"I can't. Ahh. hold it.. anymore! Ohhh!! I'm.. gonna cum! Oh Fuck yeah!" I moaned.

He slapped me one more time, lifted one of my legs and fucked me as hard as he could, deeper even than I thought he could possibly go.

I could only handle a few pumps until my body burned all over and I came way more than I was ever able before. I screamed so loud he covered my mouth. Aw crap! He would figured it out. He kept fucking me even though the sensitivity inside of me just felt irritated after.

He started ramming me even harder than before until he pulled out and came on my ass. Wow! He had a lot ready to squirt.

We spent a moment in the same position, him holding my bent over body until we caught our breath.

"You've been crying this whole time? You crazy bitch. What did you get me into? Here. Clean yourself up."

He grabbed his tissues and handed me some as he began working on the cum he got on my ass.

I patted my forehead and chest dry.

"No you idiot! Down there!" He said slapping just under my ass on my inner left thigh. I finally gathered up the strength to have my little vanilla eyes examine the damage. Rest In peace, my bloody hymen.

"You're a mess, you know that? A crazy, messy bitch."

He criticized me.

"Thanks for slamming me. It was a good first time, jackass!" I yelled back at him.

My pantyhose were useless. I took what was left of them off and threw them with our cum and blood tissues in his office trash. I headed for the door.

"You have to tell your other therapist about this. You know that, right?" He said.

"About you and me?" I asked?

"Well don't use my name! I'll lose my practice! God you're so dumb!" He said.

"Whatever! I'm going now. It really was nice. Thank you. See you around Kurt." I said.

"No, no! We won't be seeing each other again. Stay away from my office. Just fucking get out you crazy bitch. I'm so done with today!" He said sounding defeated. He sat at his desk and put his head in his hands out of frustration.

I drove home.

Daryan wasn't home.

I cleaned myself up, showered, had a glass of wine and went to bed.

Daryan got home in the morning.

"Sorry. I went out with friends drinking. The pub. We ended up going to Finn's to watch the game and I had more to drink." He explained. I didn't care.

"Hey Rye. It's no trouble. Um. I'll get some fresh clothes for you. Why don't you grab a quick shower?"

I suggested.

"Hey. Yea. I'll do that. You're too sweet, you know that?" He smiled at me.

I blushed.

"Um.. anytime." I smiled back at him.

God we're so awkward. But at least he's not some jackass self-righteous therapist.

After he got out of the shower and dressed himself, I handed him a cup of coffee. On the table was a small pitcher of cream and the sugar bowl.

"I should know this by now. But I wasn't sure how you make your coffee in the morning. We're both just on our way usually and don't bump into each other." I admitted almost embarrassed.

"Right.. well.. uh.. I like with just a little cream. And a lot of sugar free sweetener. Thank you Charlotte. I'll uh.. See you at the office." He said fixing up his coffee.

Damn it! Duh, I should have guessed artificial sweetener.

He was obviously in a hurry. But I could tell it was only because I probably made him uncomfortable. I must seem overbearing with all the Interest I'm suddenly showing him.

I'm curious now. I don't even know what his looks like. Is it bigger than Kurt's? He's definitely taller and stronger. And probably nicer. And I won't feel as guilty if I seduce my legal husband. Who am I kidding? He probably knows I'm guilty.

His car started outside. I looked out the kitchen window and waved as he backed out in his blue BMW. He looked up and saw me wave. He waved back with the coffee mug in his hand and some spilled on him. He jumped and accidentally slammed the brakes hard.

I couldn't help but laugh as I watched him freak out, park the car and March in looking annoyed.

Yep. He came inside, coffee stain on his crotch. He went into the room and slammed the door.

"Hey, you need any help in there?" I asked.

"Nothing. It's fine Charlotte. I can be late to work but you can't. Go on. Let everyone know I tripped or something. Those boys won't know what to do with themselves if you're not there on time." He said through the other side of the door.

"What? I can't hear. I'm coming in." I lied.

I opened the door at the perfect moment. Yes! No pants. No boxers. Just his clean penis, considerably bigger than Kurt's full size even though it was limp. It would probably rip a little leprechaun of an Irish girl like me.

"Out. Get out please." He said uncomfortably.

"Please, let me help." I said.

"Charlotte. You're staring." He pointed out still uncomfortable.

"Oh, right. Sorry. Well.. Rye.. I'll see you at the office." I said and headed out.

Now I need to win over the heart of my own husband so I can get him to fuck me silly. How do I even begin to do that?

"Oh hey, Charlie?" He began.

Why did he call me that? When we first met as kids, I told him I like to be called that. How did he suddenly remember?

"Yes, Rye? What's up?" I asked.

"Can you fix me up another mug of coffee please?"

"You got it, Rye." I said blushing.

When he came out for round two of coffee time, he took a sip and nodded. His tie was hanging loosely.

"Mm. Perfect! See you at the office Charlie." He said with a smile.

"Not so fast, Rye!" I stopped him with a mischievous smile.

I took him by surprise. I grabbed his chest with my right hand and his tie with my left. I tightened it and kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled and nodded. I ran my hand down his chest to his crotch.

"You should really let me know when this gets hot and ready next time, you know Rye?" I joked with a laugh.

"Y.. yea.. sure" he said with a nervous chuckle.

I gave his ass a light slap and he almost spilled his coffee again.

"Hey now. We're gonna be late Charlotte. I don't have time for this right now." He said almost annoyed.

"Right.. see ya Rye." I blushed.

Ah. I'm so dumb. I'm so embarrassed. Dammit. I want that cock! I saw him drive off. He backed out, didn't bother looking my way.

He probably can't stand me. Arranged marriages suck.

Marriage counseling sucks.

Having a husband with a huge cock who won't touch you sucks.


I want his cock!

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