Charlie's Angels: Angel Cum Home


"No honey, why would I be mad at you?"

"Well, you talked about not wanting him to be with other women and then, it happens."

"Oh, come on. I've used to sharing everything with you. If Steve was into it, you could have him whenever you wanted. I just mean I don't want him picking up women in bars."



"Does Steve know this?"

"Yeah, we've talked about it. Just remember though, he's mine, so I get dibs." Jill laughed.

"He's old fashioned though, remember?"

"That'll wear off."

"If you say so. Where do you think he went?"

"Oh!" Jill exclaimed, just remembering that he'd left. "Well, he can't have gotten very far. I'll catch him!" she dashed out of the room.

He must have gotten far, because Jill was gone for a long time. Kris decided to stay home in case either of them came back, or called. Her decision paid off when, hours later, Steve turned up pink-faced at the front door. Before she could greet him, he explained, "I just want to get my suitcase, and I'll go." Without really making eye contact, he brushed past her and disappeared down the hall. Kris was left alone wondering what to do. She heard zipping and rustling, hurried packing, then silence. Steve came back out, and his face was even pinker than before.

"Uh, Kris? Can I talk to you?"


"Listen, about the other night-"

"Oh, you don't have to-"

"No, just please let me talk," Steve cut her off. "I really feel awful. I don't know how to tell you how sorry I am. I don't blame either of you if you're going to hate me for the rest of your life."

"I don't hate you, Steve. I'm not mad. Jill isn't either."

"You aren't?"

"No. We want you to stay." She got up and gave him a hug, resting her head in the crook of his neck. It took him a moment to hesitantly put his arms around her too, as if he were surprised. "It's ok, really. Don't beat yourself up about it."

"I 'raped' you. How couldn't you be upset?" Steve asked, pulling away to look at her, frowning in confusion.

"Look, it wasn't as bad as you think," Kris sighed. "I'll be honest with you. I didn't really try to stop you."

"You didn't? Why not?" Steve puzzled.

"Well..." Kris shrugged. "I couldn't see, and I thought you were Jill at first. Then when I realized it was you, I didn't... I didn't stop you, because it felt so good."

"You thought I was Jill while I was having sex with you?" he raised an eyebrow.

"No," she half smiled, "you fingered me first, remember?"

"Oh," Steve squinted, trying to recall it. "Uh, not really."

"Well, you did, and it was nice. Then I started to say something, but you got the thing around my mouth. I was so horny and not really thinking straight, I just let you go. I figured you wouldn't even remember in the morning, and you'd be really upset if you found out I wasn't Jill right in the middle."

"Wow." He thought about this for a few moments in silence.

"Are you mad at me?"

"What? No, no." he jumped out of his thoughts. "It's a relief to hear I'm not such a horrible guy as I thought." They smiled nervously at one another. After a pause, Steve added, "So...I was good?"

"Yeah. It was great... while it lasted," Kris said casually. Since he wasn't mad, she decided to rub it in a little. Steve's eyes immediately snapped to hers, afraid of what that meant.

"A little quick, was I?"

"Oh, I don't mind it fast and rough. But you kinda left me hangin' there, when you passed out."

"You didn't get off?" his eyes widening in embarrassment.

"No, I did a couple of times, but you stopped right before number three. That was the only part I didn't care for." She raised her eyebrows as she said this, examining her fingernails and suppressing a smirk.

"Well shit..." Steve rolled his eyes at himself, laughed nervously, and then wiped his face with both hands. "Uhh...sorry about that." Seeing Kris grin, he laughed again genuinely.

"Anyway," Kris said. "Are we ok now?"

"Yeah, I think so."

Kris gave him a peck on the cheek. "I'll call Jill."

"Where is she?"

"Out looking for you."



Two nights later, in the middle of the night, Steve's voice floated into her ear.


"I can't sleep."

"Me neither. Come on in," Kris yawned, patting the covers next to her.

"So, what's keeping you up?"

"I slept really late this morning, now I have to pay," she explained. "You?"

"Oh, just thinkin' too much."

"About what?"

"Well... about that night."

"You're still upset about that? I thought we cleared that up!"

"No, I'm not upset. I just keep thinking about it, and... well, I can't stop thinking about it."

"I can't either."


"You liked it too, didn't you."

"Yeah," Steve said after a pause. "I don't even remember the actual sex. Just the idea though..."

"That's a shame. Maybe I could refresh your memory," Kris breathed, reaching over for him in the dark. There was only the slightest silvery light coming through the window, it glinted in Steve's eyes but did little to illuminate the rest of him. Her hands found his face and she pulled him closer for a kiss. Then, for an instant, she was worried that he hadn't meant he wanted this at all. But her concerns melted away when his lips molded into hers, and his hands slid up onto her shoulders. She could feel Steve's slightly rough face rubbing against hers as his jaw opened and closed, trying to trap her lips in between his. Kris hadn't had nearly as much experience with men as with her girlfriends, and even then it was just fucking without much feeling. The stubble on his face was an unusual thrill for her, the intimate masculinity that she hardly ever experienced. His tongue teased at her lips before forcing its way through, giving her a taste of the events to come.

Steve's pajama top was already unbuttoned, all Kris had to do was hook it with her fingertips and slide it off his shoulders. He let go of her briefly to free himself from the sleeves, and then replaced his arms around her waist. Her hands roamed over every inch of his now bare, warm skin. The smooth, firm bulges of his strong arms, his pecs, the thin patch of hair in the middle of his chest, his hard stomach, not defined into a six pack, but still tight and flat. Her fingers toyed with his hard, flat little nipples, reminding him to do the same. His large hands slid up inside her nightgown, cupping her large, soft breasts. He kneaded them lightly and rubbed her nipples, feeling them harden under his touch. Soon he pulled her gown off entirely, tossed it on the floor over his shoulder, and captured Kris's nipple in his mouth. She sank down to the sheets and he rolled on top of her, still sucking.

Her fingers stroked through his hair while he tongued her nipples. While she loved this, she had felt the first drop of juice spill from between her pussy lips, and that meant it was time to move on. Just as she was about to beg, his hand found its way between her legs. One fingertip stroked up through her wet slit, stopping at the top to rub her swelling clit for a moment. Then, with a smooth roll of his wrist, he sank his index finger all the way into her. Kris twitched a little, suddenly getting the attention she needed. She was so wet for him that she didn't even notice when he switched to two and then three fingers. Best of all, he was sober now, and really knew what he was doing. To her joy, his thumb kicked in and started to rub her clit while he fingered her. With his fingers all the way inside her, he squeezed them and his thumb lightly together, as if he were gripping her pussy like a bowling ball. His fingers were pressing rhythmically into her g-spot and clit at the same time. It drove her wild and she gasped loudly, not realizing she was also gripping his head tightly. As soon as her walls began to clench in orgasm, he started driving his fingers deep and fast inside her. Kris cried out again, bucking against his hand. All the while he was still sucking hard on one of her nipples. Still he kept rubbing her hot, slippery sweet spot until her spasms and gasps ended.

"Was that about how it went the other night?" Steve asked.

"Better. But it wasn't quite the same, so we'll have to try that part again tomorrow night."


Steve felt her fingers trying to slip under the waist of his pajama bottoms. His cock was so stiff that it hurt, and it was poking her thigh. He closed his eyes as her fingers found and encircled his hot, rigid shaft. Slowly she slid her hand down to the base of his cock, and then pulled it back up. Drops of precum smeared along with her fingers. She hadn't been imagining things at all; he was really long!

"You're so big," she whispered huskily as she stroked him. In response, he kissed her again. He tensed up slightly when she handled his heavy balls. Then he shifted, lining up to penetrate her. She stopped him.

"No, what are you doing? Go get your stuff."

"You want me to tie you up?"

"Yeah. That's how it happened before, remember?"

"Come on, Kris!" He was so frustrated, only an inch away from penetrating her dripping pussy.

"Go on." She tried not to giggle, but also wished he would hurry. With a sigh he got up and left the room. She smiled, hearing his hurried footsteps on the hall carpet. In seconds he returned and the bed shifted under his weight. Kris offered her wrists and allowed them to be tied.

"Aha! Now you're all mine," he whispered.

He quickly hitched her legs up around his waist, sinking his raging erection all the way inside her in the process. Kris cried out in surprise. It didn't hurt at all, because she was absolutely dripping wet. She liked that he was being safely rough. He was humping her forcibly, holding her tight and hardly drawing his length out of her body at all. The bed shook and creaked.

Kris wrapped her legs around him, angling her hips so that he could push even deeper. He must be at least 9 inches, she thought. Then she began to roll her body against his thrusts, squeezing his shaft inside her, trying to get him to really fuck her.

At last he drew his throbbing wet cock out of her hot pussy, sucking some of her juices along with it like a syringe. The head popped out audibly, and he rubbed the slick, fleshy tip on her clit for a moment. It was burning hot from being buried inside her depths. The sensation made her moan and thrust her hips forward, trying to grind on his cock.

Steve slid back inside her, filling her deeply again and making her gush and moan in another orgasm. Now he pumped her in long, almost slow strokes. He drew his long, hot cock almost all the way out, and then pushed it as deep as he could. His hips pistoned back and forth over her, driving his steel-hard shaft into her. Her soft, hot pussy stretched and stretched to accept his invading length. She tilted her head back and enjoyed his big cock filling her up, letting out moans and ragged sighs.

He's certainly kept his stamina, Kris thought. Already he'd been drilling her for much longer than the first time. She realized he was probably insecure about how fast he'd been, and now he was trying to show her that he was capable of a long, slow fuck.

"Faster!" she begged.

Immediately he complied, picking up his speed dramatically. His strong hands gripped her waist again, pulling her hips toward him. He didn't realize he was letting out little grunts and moans with each thrust now. Kris loved it, and it turned her on a hundred fold, and she moaned louder.

"Yes! Oh, fuck me, fuck yess... ohhh fuck, harder.... oh Steve, fuck me, oh yesss, yess! Faster! "

The bed was jolting and squeaking like there was a jackhammer on it. He was reaming her drooling cunt as hard and fast as he could, knowing he wouldn't last too much longer. He'd planned to show off by delaying his ejaculation but now he couldn't control himself, he just rammed her at hyper speed, zooming towards his orgasm. His heavy, swinging balls slapped against her wetly. He also became aware of his moaning, but he couldn't help it.

Steve's hips were acting on their own. He wasn't sure if he had ever fucked Jill this hard. It made him feel slightly guilty to be tying down and fucking her little sister while she slept, but that turned him on even more. He knew it was ok, but still it felt dirty. He grinned mischievously, sweat beading on his forehead while they fucked like animals in heat.

His balls started to squeeze. Usually he froze and went stiff when he came, but this time he was wild. He couldn't stop thrusting. While on the outside, he was pounding her furiously, in his head time was going in slow motion. He felt the tingling in his balls give way to small, initial squeezes, tightening up and getting ready. He felt the boiling hot cum pushing up through his urethra, travelling up the length of his cock, and finally squirting out the tip. The first jet of thick cream sprayed so hard and long, he was seeing stars. Again he plunged into Kris, hearing her screams of pleasure, feeling her searing wet cunt squeezing him. She was coming too. Her inner muscles rippled along his length, squeezing the base and rolling up to the head, milking out the sperm that was readily gushing from his throbbing cock. His white hot semen flooded her and she could swear it burned her womb. Even when Kris's orgasm was done, she couldn't believe how his kept going and going. He was still fucking her, still pumping her full of his cum, and groaning continuously. It was like a fire hose. When the last weak spurts had finally poured out of his cock, he kept thrusting, slightly slower. They could both hear the thick liquid being sloshed inside her, stirred and whipped by his long meat. It glided even easier now, lubricated by not only her gushing cunt juice, but days' worth of his slick sperm. Kris gasped in another small orgasm as he softened enough for some of the mixture to trickle out of her.

"Are," she panted as her breathing calmed, "are you gonna clean me up?" She pulled her legs up and apart, giving him plenty of space. He could see her shape only dimly, but the slick fluids running out of her caught the moonlight and made it shine.

"I'll do it." Jill's voice came from the doorway.

"Jill!" They both said, surprised, and not sure if they should feel guilty.

"Did we wake you up?" Kris asked.

"You could hardly have been any louder. I had to come see what all the fuss was about," she explained on her way over and sat on the bed. She found Steve and gave him a quick kiss, then lowered her head between her sister's legs. Jill bathed her slit, and licked up all the pussy juice that had drizzled down her ass crack. She found her wet hole a little looser than usual and brimming with thick hot cream, and she slipped her warm tongue inside, licking out some of the gooey semen.

Kris moaned as her sister sealed her lips around her opening and began to suck, drawing out Steve's huge load from deep inside. She felt it slide out of her pussy in thick wads, and heard Jill gulping it down.

"Fuck," Steve whispered, watching feeling his cock stir again. With every little slurp and moan, it inflated a tiny bit. Here was the woman he was about to marry, sucking his sperm out of her sister's just-fucked cunt.

Steve was throbbing hard again and moved behind Jill. She was on her hands and knees, bent down eating Kris so her ass was up in the air. He slipped two fingers between her legs, and finding her already dripping wet, sank them inside. She started to push back against the shallow thrusts of his fingers. After a moment he needed satisfaction and pulled his hand from between her legs, now grasping her hips. She felt his wet fingers on her skin, knowing he was about to fuck her. Steve entered her from behind in a series of short, hard thrusts, making her gasp each time.

Jill drooled the last mouthful of semen onto her sister's pussy, then began to lap it messily back up. Her tongue lingered on her clit, flicking back and forth and sliding in the slippery cum. Kris went mad, shuddering in an orgasm and creaming all over Jill's face. She wished she could hold Jill's head while she came, but her hands were still tied. More of Steve's seed leaked out of her pulsing cunt, and was greedily licked up.

Now Kris felt her sister grasping her legs and jolting back and forth, knowing she was just trying to hold onto something while she got pounded.

"Faster," Jill moaned, "Fill me up with that big cock, yeah! Faster!"

All Kris was thinking about now was Steve's cock. She'd never really seen it. It had been inside her, it had fucked her, it had pumped her full of sperm, but she still hadn't seen it. Right now it was coated in his sperm and the juices of both sisters. Kris wanted more than anything to taste him, to suck on his big cock and balls. She listened to it slipping in and out of Jill's wet pussy. Their bodies met with a loud slap on each thrust, punctuating their loud moans.

After several minutes of fucking, Kris felt her sister's mouth on her pussy again. She was still horny so there were fresh juices to lick up. Her tongue started to fuck her leaking hole in rhythm with Steve's thrusts. She knew Jill was just doing this to increase her own arousal, but she was happy to be along for the ride. Her moans added to theirs, growing louder and louder as Jill came, then Kris came just moments later. Hearing both cry out in orgasm, Steve had had too much and released his second load with a loud groan. Hot squirts of cum fired into Jill's body as he drained his balls into her womb. His hands gripped her hips so hard it hurt, pulling her hard onto his beating cock until he was done.

What happened next almost killed Kris even though she was tired and overheated. Her hopes of sucking Steve clean were ruined as she saw their dimly lit bodies curl into a 69 at the foot of the bed. His head disappeared between Jill's legs, while his dripping dick hung down into her mouth. His hips thrust down lightly, trying to assist Jill in swallowing his softening shaft. Kris left them alone while a tiny part of her enjoyed the torture of hearing them lick eachother clean. Steve was too empty and sore to cum again, but Jill wasn't. The bed shook while she humped his face. She tried to keep sucking his penis, but had to stop to moan and pant every few seconds. They recovered after a few minutes of heavy breathing and quiet licking.

"Thanks," Steve whispered in Kris's ear, and kissed her on the cheek after untying her. He and Jill left the room. Kris wanted to chase them down and taste them but she was too tired, and it was over.

Rolling over, she sighed and fluffed her pillow. This was not over. She smiled to herself, scheming until she fell asleep.

To be continued...

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