tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Angel in a Trance

Charlie's Angels: Angel in a Trance


Jill sat and waited in the lobby while Kelly played her bit with the hypnotist. After 20 or so minutes the door to his office opened and he and Kelly walked out to Jill.

"Alright then, we've made an appointment for Kelly to come back in a week," he said.

Sabrina was waiting for them in her car outside, and they got into the back seat.

"How'd your little seance go?" she asked, pulling out of the parking space.

"Good I think," Jill responded, clicking her seatbelt. "Right Kelly?"

Kelly did not respond and continued staring out the window.


She turned her head and looked at Jill. "Hm?"

"Did everything go ok?" Jill asked again.

Kelly blinked confusedly and shifted in her seat. "Yes," she said slowly, after a long pause. She uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

"Are you sure you're alright Kelly? You look a little flushed," Bri said, glancing up at her in the mirror.

"I'm fine. I just..." she trailed off. Jill noticed her hand resting between her legs.

"Oh, did your hunky hypnotist friend get you all hot and bothered?" Jill asked with a giggle.

Kelly didn't say anything more, busy rubbing at the crotch of her pants. She rested her head on the back of the seat and massaged herself. Her middle finger stroked firmly over her clit through her pants until she shuddered slightly with a small orgasm.

"Better now?" Jill asked, reaching over and patting her hand. Kelly grabbed her hand and pulled it between her legs, rubbing against it. Jill gave a small shrug and began to work her hand, pressing and stroking against the warm seam of Kelly's pants. In under a minute she was opening and closing her thighs around Jill's hand as she tensed in another climax. Even after she relaxed she continued to grip Jill's hand, pressing it into her dampening pants.

"Jeez Kelly, can you wait a minute till you get home?" she said, gently pulling her hand away. A moment later the car rolled to a stop in front of Jill's house and she opened the door. "Call me when you get home, ok?"

"Yep," Bri said. "Goodnight!"

"Night." She shut the door and walked to her porch as Bri's car rolled off down the street.

The car traveled in near silence to Kelly's house. Bri parked in the driveway. "Alright, here we are." Met with silence, she unbuckled herself and turned around in her seat. Kelly's eyes were shut and her hand was down in her unbuttoned pants. The bulge of her hand moved up and down as she fingered herself silently. Her hips bucked and she breathed heavily before calming down a little, and Bri figured she had reached her climax.

"Ok Kelly, come on," she said. She continued to finger herself. Sabrina frowned and got out of the car, opening Kelly's door. She took her wrist and pulled her hand out of her pants.

"Come on!" She helped Kelly out of the car and she leaned on the door, her legs wobbling, and Bri caught her just as she started to fall down. "We better get you inside," Bri said, helping her walk to her front door and then into her bedroom. She sat Kelly down on the foot of her bed. "Now you get some rest, alright?" Kelly nodded weakly as if she were very confused.

"Are you sure you're ok?"

She nodded again.

"Do you need help changing?"

She shook her head.

"Ok," Bri said, still a little concerned. "Listen, you call me if you need anything ok?" She let herself out, got back in her car and drove home.

Kelly undressed and got into bed bed, rolling around until she rested comfortably on her stomach. With a shiver she felt a drop of her wetness trickle over her clit. Though she was sleepy, the urge overpowered her and she began to rub against the bed. Her feet hooked over each side of the mattress and she humped steadily, gripping the sheets. After several minutes she grabbed her pillow and positioned it between her legs, straddling and humping it. Her juices began to soak into the pillowcase as her bare cunt pressed against it. She sat up and continued to gyrate her hips, imagining she was riding on a long, hard cock. Her fingers grabbed at her nipples as she bounced her way to another sticky climax.

She sat up and her hand dropped between her legs again. Without really realizing it her middle finger had slipped back up into her pussy and started to stroke in and out. She laid back on her pillow and spread her legs wide, pushing in two more fingers. She gasped as she curled her body, using the force of her whole arm to fuck her tight, slippery hole. Soon her walls began to contract around her fingers and she moaned quietly as the warm waves of pleasure washed through her body. Her clear fluid trickled down her slit and began to drip onto the blanket. She slowed her strokes as she regained her composure. Even though this was her fifth orgasm in barely an hour, she ached inside more and more, yearning for release.

Kelly continued to finger her drooling slit relentlessly. Through a fog she remembered fondly how Jill had made her squirt for the first time, and tried to duplicate the technique. She rubbed her fingers against her inner walls, searching for her g-spot. Her palm turned upwards as her fingers felt all around her gooey tunnel, and she inhaled sharply as her fingertips finally grazed the sensitive area. She curled her fingers and pressed them against the squishy spot, closing her eyes as she felt the pressure building again. After several seconds she tensed up and felt a flood of wetness as fluid sprayed out of her, splashing on her legs and completely soaking her blanket. Sweat trickled between her breasts and on her forehead.

As she lay still panting for a moment, her eyes fell on the hairbrush on her nightstand. She pulled her fingers out of herself with a loud, wet pop and grabbed the brush. After running it around her drenched slit to wet it with her juices, she pressed it against her asshole. She enjoyed the sensation of the rubber tip teasing her hole. Soon she relaxed enough to push the handle through and slid it all the way in. She gripped the bristles and moved it all around, stirring it in her own ass to loosen it up. She held her left hand between her legs rubbing her clit and reached back with her right hand, pumping the hairbrush in and out of her ass. As she climaxed this time, she gritted her teeth and her asshole tensed, gripping the brush so hard that Kelly couldn't move it in or out while she came.

"Hello?" Jill picked up the phone.

"Hey Jill, it's me," Bri said.

"Oh hey, is Kelly alright? She was acting a little strange."

"Yeah, she was. I don't know if we should have left her alone tonight," Bri answered.

"I think you're right. I'm gonna go over there and check on her."

"Good, I'll meet you over there in about 15 minutes."

Flipping over onto her back, she plunged three fingers back into herself, trying to press them deeper in. She rammed them harder and harder between her legs, slipping her pinky finger in as well. With four fingers inside herself, she pressed them deep inside herself, finally popping them all in past the knuckles. She moaned as her knuckles stretched the tight ring of muscle at her entrance each she pumped them in and out. Her pussy spasmed around her fingers again, streaming her juices down onto the bed. Still not satisfied, Kelly curled her hand into a fist and forced the whole thing up her cunt. Her pussy lips spread painfully wide as her body stretched to accept her whole hand. She was moaning loudly and on the verge of tears as she reamed herself violently. She came again and again and again. Feeling like a slave to her own body, she was unable to stop. Kelly's stretched pussy lips hugged her wrist as she wriggled her fist. She felt the hairbrush handle rubbing on the other side of her slick wall as she jammed it into her ass over and over. Bending at the elbow she plunged her fist into her cunt as fast as she could.

Jill pulled a spare key from her purse and let herself in after Kelly did not answer the door.

"Kelly?" she called quietly. She stepped cautiously through the house and froze in the kitchen, hearing a loud moan. She rushed for the bedroom and as she reached the doorway she was overwhelmed with the unmistakable scent of pussy. Another moan sounded from the darkness in front of her.

"Kelly?" Jill felt for the switch and flicked on the light. "What in the...?" she said incredulously, taking in the scene before her. Kelly was laying on her back with her knees up by her shoulders and feet raised in the air. Sweat glistened all over her skin and there was an enormous dark spot on the blanket between her legs. One entire hand was buried between her legs and the other was fucking her asshole with something. Bristles? Was that a hairbrush sticking out of her ass? She realized the dark spot on the blanket was a puddle of Kelly's cum soaking into the bed.

"Jill please...help me," Kelly pleaded, looking at her through teary eyes. She pulled her hand out of herself and looked at the strings of juice stretching between her fingers and sparkling up to her wrist.

"What's going on honey?" Jill asked, quickly sitting down next to her.

"I can't come!" Kelly stammered, leaning into Jill and beginning to cry. Jill hugged her tightly as she rested on her shoulder, still rubbing her clit with one hand.

"It...it looks like you have," she said. "I don't understand?"

"I did come I mean, a lot, but I can't...finish, I don't know why," Kelly sobbed. "Help me!"

Jill laid her back on the pillow and moved between her legs, sitting on the damp blanket. Kelly's was the wettest pussy she had ever seen. Her juices coated her skin from the top of her mound and nearly down to her knees. She could actually see a rivulet of liquid slowly dripping from her slit, down past her ass and soaking into the bed. Jill licked her deep pink and hot pussy lips, cleaning the sticky juices from her skin. Kelly moaned and continued to rub her clit while her friend drank from between her legs. As soon as Jill's tongue snaked inside her hole she climaxed with a shudder.

"Don't stop!" Kelly moaned. Jill slipped her tongue back into her fiery hot pussy and continued to lick and slurp. "Ohh please...don't stop, pleassse," Kelly breathed as the warm tongue flicked freely in and out of her body. She climaxed again almost immediately.

Jill wrapped her hands around Kelly's hips, pressing her face harder against her pussy. Her tongue slithered inside her friend's sopping cunt, rubbing against her slick walls. Then she sealed her lips around her opening and sucked as hard as she could, pursing her lips so that they sucked the wall of Kelly's pussy just inside her opening. The harder she inhaled, the further in she sucked on the inside of Kelly's soft tunnel. Jill couldn't go any deeper, and was left with her own lips completely inside Kelly's opening. Kelly threw her head back, crying out as her cunt spasmed against Jill's face. A flood of her juices broke Jill's suction grip on her pussy and spilled down her crack onto the bed. As she licked it up, Jill heard the front door open and got up.

"Don't leave!" Kelly cried desperately.

"I'll be right back honey, I need to see if that's Sabrina," she answered, leaving Kelly alone on her bed, crying and rubbing her clit.

Jill walked through the house and met Sabrina by the front door.

"Hey, how is she?" she asked.

"I don't know, something strange is going on," Jill answered, looking concerned.

"I'll bet," Sabrina said, looking at Jill's dripping chin.

"No, it's really weird," Jill said, wiping her face on her sleeve. "She keeps coming but she's never satisfied. I've made her come like five times already and she hasn't had enough yet, and she obviously has been masturbating all night before I got here. I don't know what it is, I've never seen her like this!"

"Let me see her," Sabrina frowned, walking past Jill towards the bedroom. She paused near the door and sniffed the air, frowned, and entered the bedroom. Kelly was bucking her hips and crying, her fingers a blur over her clit.

"Help me Bri!"

Sabrina turned and frowned at Jill. "Work your magic," she said.

She climbed onto the bed and took Kelly's hands in her own. They were very warm and trembled as she held them. "We'll help you, Kelly," she said, and kissed her. Kelly was too overheated to return the kiss and continued to cry. "Don't worry."

For the next hour, Sabrina sucked her clit, licked her asshole, fingered her up both holes, ate her out, and lapped up her juices. Kelly came again and again but still was not satisfied. Exhausted, Sabrina took a seat while Jill filled in for her. Jill tongue fucked her, fisted her cunt, and drank her squirt three more times. They took turns all night long, pleasuring Kelly and then resting. Both were eventually wet between the legs as well, but neither wasted any energy on relieving themselves.

As Jill's 4 AM shift began, Sabrina left the house for about a half hour, and returned with a brown paper bag. Sitting down on the bed, she pulled out of the bag two dildos. One was average but the other was probably the biggest they had ever seen. It was ribbed and looked about 3 inches wide. She gave directions to Jill that Kelly could not hear, and then they both took their places.

Sabrina laid down alongside Kelly and reached the first smaller dildo down between her legs. She rolled it in the flowing cum and then pushed it against Kelly's puckered, wet asshole. After applying a little more pressure, she eased it into Kelly's tight ass. As she loosened up, Sabrina pumped it smoothly in and out of her. At the same time, she began to lick Kelly's nipple.

Jill nestled herself between Kelly's legs and pushed the enormous dildo slowly into her cunt. She moaned as her pussy lips stretched to accept it. When she felt Kelly was comfortable, Jill picked up speed and began to fuck her with the monster cock. She lowered her mouth and sucked on Kelly's engorged clit at the same time.

By this time, Kelly couldn't tell when one orgasm ended and the next started. Her pussy spasmed constantly for a good ten minutes while her friends sucked her clit and nipples and fucked her hard up both holes. Luckily they had more up their sleeves. Jill put her other hand to use and slipped a finger up into Kelly along with the dildo. She began to stroke her fingertip over Kelly's g-spot at the same time as she jackhammered the enormous cock up her cunt, and her lips tugged at the throbbing nub as she sucked it.

Sabrina released one nipple from her mouth and latched onto the other. She continued to fuck Kelly's ass with the dildo, tilting it in all different directions, alternating between quick and shallow strokes, slow and gentle strokes, and sudden, deep rams. Her free hand felt the sweat dripping from Kelly's skin as she massaged her breast and caressed the smooth skin of her belly.

"Now!" Sabrina said suddenly, and in the next few seconds a lot of things happened at once. She sucked Kelly's nipple back into her mouth, biting it roughly. Then Bri and Jill immediately switched on the vibrators on their dildos. Jill rapidly flicked the hood of Kelly's clit with her tongue, stimulating her sensitive clit vein. Her finger pressed hard against Kelly's g-spot, squishing into the spongy tissue.

Kelly's brain spun as the stimulation suddenly reached new heights. The pressure inside her built as if an orgasm were approaching more intense than all the others of her life combined. She was almost afraid to let it happen, but her charge increased with every second and soon she had no choice. Her eyes shut and she grasped desperately for pillows, sheets, somebody's hair, anything to hold onto. Her toes curled tightly on her little feet that swayed in the air as they fucked her. Initial waves and twitches of pleasure began deep inside her, increasing in intensity and frequency until every muscle in her body tensed. Her ass and pussy squeezed hard around the dildos, magnifying their effect as they pistoned into her. Every nerve ending in her body was struck by lightning. She threw her head back and forth, screaming at the top of her lungs. Her entire body began to shake as indeed the most powerful orgasm of her life began to explode out of her. Her pussy clenched again and again, and she thrashed violently on the bed.

Jill had a hard time keeping her mouth on Kelly's throbbing clit. Her finger dug against her friend's quivering g-spot long enough and a spray of hot fluid erupted from deep within. Jill did not stop sucking her clit and let the cum splatter all over her face, sending a shower of drops in all directions. She continued to ream Kelly's cunt relentlessly with the huge, buzzing cock as she squirted and screamed.

Kelly's nervous sytem finally overloaded and she blacked out, heart racing. Sabrina felt her body go limp and she stopped and pulled the dildo out of Kelly's ass. Jill switched her vibrator off and removed it from Kelly's cunt with a loud, wet slurp.

Bri picked Kelly up while Jill took the soaked blanket off the bed. Bri laid her gently back down on her pillow and they dried the sweat and cum from her skin as best they could before covering her with a fresh blanket.

"Do you think she's alright?" Jill asked.

"Yeah," Bri answered. "Let's just let her rest."

Jill crawled under the blanket next to Kelly and Sabrina joined her on the other side.


Sabrina was awakened by a soft arm wrapping itself across her waist. Looking down she saw Kelly's head snuggled into her shoulder.

"Morning," Bri said quietly, reaching over and tapping Jill awake.

"Morning." she whispered back.

"Hey sweetie, how do you feel?" Jill said, rubbing her eyes.

"Good," Kelly whispered again. "Tired."

"We were worried about you," Bri said, hugging her tightly. "We're so glad you're alright."

Jill got out of bed and shuffled out of the room, returning a moment later with a glass of water. She sat on the bed and lifted it gently to Kelly's lips. She drank weakly and slowly but drained it all. Sabrina stayed in bed, holding her while she rested.

Jill ran a bath and undressed while Sabrina helped Kelly into the bathroom. She slipped into the suds, letting out a little coo as the hot water rose over her nipples. They lifted Kelly into the bathtub, sitting her down on Jill's lap. Her head rested back on Jill's shoulder, inhaling the lavender scent of the bath. Sabrina climbed in with them and began to massage Kelly's feet.

"Just relax honey...we'll take care of you," Jill said in a soothing voice, massaging her shoulders. Kelly sighed contentedly and closed her eyes. Jill washed her arms, rubbing her soapy hands over her skin. Sabrina carefully lifted one of her legs at a time out of the water, washing and massaging her with great care. Kelly winced a little as Sabrina's warm, soft hand gently washed her sore pussy. Jill's hands worked over her shoulders and back, and tenderly caressed her breasts. When all the sweat and cum was washed off they lifted her out of the bath and patted her dry with a soft towel. Each gave her warm, clean skin little kisses as they massaged and dried her. Sabrina helped her back to her bed and tucked her in with a kiss on the forehead.

Sabrina slipped back into the water and Jill flashed her a grin. Now it was their turn to play. Sabrina captured Jill in her arms and pulled her forward, raising her nipples out of the water and into the cool air. She leaned forward and cupped Jill's breasts with both hands. Then she found those enormous, hard nipples she loved so much and rubbed them soothingly as she leaned further in and kissed her. Jill responded with a warm flick of her tongue over Sabrina's wet lips. Their mouths opened and closed, lips slipping past one another. Jill held Bri's face and neck as she french kissed her passionately. Her tongue pushed into Bri's mouth, feeling her teeth and soft lips. They were a beautiful tangle of wet flesh, feeling, squeezing, stroking, kissing one another.

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