tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Angel in Paradise

Charlie's Angels: Angel in Paradise


"Thank you." Kelly hung up the phone and came out of the booth. She tore a piece of paper out of her notepad and handed it to Kris, who was still sitting in the car. "These are some contacts we can ask about Charlie," Kelly explained. "You take these first few, I'll get a taxi and handle the others. Let's all meet back at the hotel at, say, 6?"

Kris nodded, squinting. "I'll call Sabrina in a while and tell her."

"Ok. Be careful."

"You too." Kris turned the key and drove out of the parking lot in search of her first contact.

She later arrived at a run-down apartment building and she checked the address against her paper. After buzzing twice with no answer, she decided she didn't have a lot of time to spend waiting and hopped back in her car to track down contact number two.

"Excuse me!" someone called. Kris turned to look. There was a man leaning out the front door of the building. "Were you looking for Mr. Telford?"

"Yeah!" Kris shouted back. "Do y'know where I can find him?"

"I'm pretty sure this time of day he'd be down at the beach, he spends a lot of time there lately."

"'At the beach'?" Kris repeated. "This is Hawaii, do you know what beach?"

"Wanamalo? Wamalano...um. Something like that. It's just straight east from here." He pointed.

"Thanks!" Kris smiled at him, and set off down the street.

After a short drive she passed a sign "Waimanalo Beach", with an arrow. She kept driving and following more signs with arrows but it seemed that where she needed to get to was a private beach. Finally she spotted a gate in the fence and parked her car off the side of the road. She approached the gate and reached up for the latch.

"Miss," someone said, making her jump. A guard was standing near the fence several feet away. "I'm sorry Miss, but this is a private beach."

"Oh," she said. "I didn't come here to stay, it's just that I need to talk to a man that I think is in there?"

"Yeah? What's his name and what's it about?"

"His name is Telford. I'm a private detective and I'd like to ask him some questions about a thing I'm investigating."

"I can go see if he's on the beach. You stay put."

Kris thanked him and he let himself in the gate, which swung shut before she could peer inside. She was left standing along outside the fence, looking around and admiring the scenery. Only after two or three minutes did she look up at the sign that read PRIVATE BEACH - NUDE BATHERS ONLY. She frowned for a moment. Well, that explained all the security. The latch clicked again and the guard came back out. "Yes, he's in there."

"Great. Um.. could he come out and talk to me?"

"No ma'am, fraid not. You can go on in and talk to him if you want, though."

"Oh, thanks!" she said, reaching up to open the gate.

"No no, I can't let you in like that," he stopped her, putting his hand on the gate.

"Like what?"

"You'll have to comply with the sign." He nodded up at it.

"Look I just want to talk to the guy, I'm not going to go swimming or anything." Kris reached for her purse with a growing worry. Maybe a 20 would do?

"Sorry ma'am, that won't help either. This is a private beach and the only way you get in it is just what the sign says."

Kris made a face and, after a minute of pouting, reluctantly began to unbutton her blouse.

"Jill, where are you when I need you?" Kris mumbled. "Do you really have to watch?" she snapped at the guard.

"No," he chortled. "But you're gonna be buck naked in a minute, what do you care?"

"Ugh." She turned her back to the guard. He had a point, but she still hated him watching her undress. She left her clothes in a pile outside the fence and opened the gate.

"The rules-"

"Yeah yeah," she said, cutting him off and letting the gate close behind her as she stepped inside.

The sign didn't lie but somehow she was still surprised to see perhaps 30 completely naked people. There were a lot of older men and women around, which was not exactly a thrill to see, but here and there Kris could see a younger guy or two. She noticed a few guys looking at her. Even her best efforts to cover herself with both hands left little to their imagination. Engrossing as this view was, she snapped herself out of it and started to look around for her contact. She didn't know what he looked like, and what better excuse to meet one of these good looking guys? She zeroed in on the nearest one.

"Pardon me," she said "Can you point out Mr. Telford to me?" He did so after giving her a thorough look up and down, and she thanked him, backing away while still staring at him.

"Mr. Telford?" she said, pausing behind him. He turned around, peered over his sunglasses and smiled broadly upon seeing her.

"If you say so." He offered his hand. He was probably about 60, fairly out of shape but evenly tanned for obvious reasons. Kris made a point of not looking any lower than his neck.

"I'd shake your hand but I sort of need both," she explained, blushing slightly.

"That's alright. But if you don't mind me saying so, you've got nothing there you should be hiding. Won't you please relax and enjoy yourself."

With another blush she removed her arm from across her chest. It felt awkward hanging at her side and after a moment it absently drifted over and joined her other hand in covering herself down lower. The warm breeze did feel good on her bare skin. She noticed a few more people looking her way out the corner of her eye.

"There, isn't that better? You should be proud, you're the best looking thing on this beach."

"Thank you," she said quietly.

"Now what was it you wanted to see me about?" He asked.

Scattered over the beach were a few young guys of the usual type, who had come alone hoping the beach would be full of naked babes for them to look at. They generally left disappointed, but the few that happened to be out today immediately latched onto this new target. Five sets of eyes were locked onto her from different areas of the beach, then six, then seven, triggering as many erections. One or two even reached down to stroke themselves while they watched her. After a few minutes half the people on the beach were at least sneaking glimpses of her, if not blatantly standing and staring.

"Ok thanks alot, I really appreciate it! Bye!" She walked off back up the beach to where she had entered, starting off hurried but walking slower and slower. Her eyes darted around, trying to soak selected male bodies into her memory for use later.

"Going somewhere?" A man's voice came from right behind her. She turned around to see the first guy she had talked to, who was a pretty well built blonde guy with a dark tan. He had a monster erection that was impossible to miss. It bobbed in the air in front of him, thick and heavy. She struggled for a split second to tear her eyes away from it.

"Oh, yeah I was just on my way out," she said with a slight blush.

"You know you can't leave yet." he said with a tiny smug look.


"If you leave now you're in violation of the beach rules."

"What do you mean the rules, I already took my clothes off. Isn't that what you do at a nude beach?"

"Yes but...surely the guard must have explained the rules to you when he let you in?"

"I guess not. Well what are they? I need to go, I'm kind of in a hurry."

"They're quite simple, we only have two. Rule one is no clothing of any kind. You're fine there. Rule two, leave everything as you found it."

Kris frowned. "What are you talking about then? I didn't litter or anything. Everything is just how it was."

"No, it most certainly is not." He shot a quick glance down at his own body to indicate what he meant. Her eyes again landed on his cock.

"Oh.." she said, her face curving into a naughty grin. "I think I understand now."

"Yes, we're very serious about the rules here miss. That's why we have the guards, to back up the rules." He grinned back, and his light blue eyes twinkled with the reflection of waves behind them.

"Well, if you give me a few minutes I think I can fix this."

Hearts skipped beats all over the beach as she got down on her knees.

She took his huge cock in both of her small hands and began to feel all around. This was the first real one she had ever touched and she spent several minutes just feeling it and looking at it. The shaft felt thick and warm in her hand, and she could feel it beating softly. She ran her hand slowly up and down, feeling his smooth pinkish skin. His shaft was capped with a thick, dark pink helmet with a small droplet of white precum at the tip, which sparkled in the sunlight. She touched it and felt its gooey texture between her fingertips. Next she slid her hand down and cupped his balls, feeling the soft wrinkley skin and weighing them in her hands. At the same time she wrapped her other hand around his shaft again, and began to stroke it slowly.

Kris looked up at his face to see if he liked what she was doing, and was glad to see that his eyes were closed. Sabrina and Kelly had of course given her some lessons on sucking with a strap on, but this was completely different. She loved the feeling of his warm cock in her hand. It amazed her how it could be so hard, yet so soft at the same time. She touched his head lightly onto her lips, rubbing it softly all around, feeling its texture on her closed lips, and across her cheeks. Finally her lips parted and she gave his leaking cockhead a warm, soft lick. As she did so, she felt the familiar tingle between her legs and began to lick slowly up the length of his pulsing meat, starting all the way down at his balls. When her tongue reached his crown, she lowered her head and started to lick back up again. She could feel the few veins on his cock as her tongue slid over his rigid flesh. Repositioning herself slightly between his legs, she began to lap at his balls from underneath, feeling the soft skin with her wet lips and tongue. He began to sigh as she did this.

Once again she wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and directed it towards her lips. Her tongue caressed his crown, opening her mouth wider until his cockhead was enveloped in her hot, wet mouth. She kept flicking her tongue over his tip while it throbbed inside her mouth. More of his precum was leaking out, she tasted it now, and liked it. She licked up the underside of his long shaft and sucked his cockhead into her mouth again. Her jaw opened wider, and she began to slide her lips down his shaft. When a few inches of his thick cock were inside her mouth, she felt his tip beginning to press into the back of her throat. She slid back and sucked the top portion of his long cock again. Her head made a steady pace of bobbing up and down between his legs, slurping and massaging him with her lips and tongue.

One older man who was briskly jerking off at this sight blew his load with a loud gasp which few seemed to notice. His strings of cum spattered onto the sand in front of him.

Sabrina had taught Kris how to deepthroat some time ago, she had chocked a little but gotten the hang of it quickly and was able to take down some of their larger toys with little trouble. The talent must run in the family.... She decided now would be the perfect time to try it out and get some practice. The man's warm cock tickled at the back of her throat again, and with some concentration she relaxed her muscles and took nearly two more inches of his length down her throat before pulling back. Her eyes watered a bit but she swallowed him right back down again, a little deeper this time. His thick meat made for a very snug fit in her throat, and she was thankful for his near-constant small eruptions of precum that lubricated it.

This guy just had to watch her the whole time. She was one of the hottest girls he'd ever seen, and how fortunate he was to have met her here. He stared down at her and felt her warm throat closing around the end of his cock as it disappeared into her mouth. He'd had better blowjobs but with the warm sun and breeze on his skin, the ocean waves in front of him, and a little blonde bombshell on her knees swallowing his big cock almost to the hilt, life had never felt better. Every second he watched pushed him closer to exploding in her mouth.

"I'm gonna cum," he warned her breathlessly. She just kept sucking intently on his thick shaft. The thick white cum shot up suddenly from his balls, spraying out the tip of his cock and coating the inside of her mouth. He gripped her head as he came, squirting again and again and filling up her mouth. When he pulled out she was brimming to the lips with his warm, salty semen and she paused for a moment before swallowing it, letting some of it dribble down her chin and into the sand. She was not used to the taste and texture, and it excitied her to feel it going down her throat for the first time.

Kris smiled up at him, proud that she was able to take his monster cock down her throat on her first blowjob, and make him empty his balls into her mouth. She stood up, brushing the sand off her knees.

"Well," she said, "I think that's about how it was before?"

He nodded speechlessly.

"Only now there's another problem, I'M not the same as I was when I came in." Her soaking pussy ached and she could feel a drop teasing her inner thigh, about to slide down her leg.

"I can help with that," a guy said from behind her. "You have something of mine to fix, so why don't we solve both of our problems at the same time?"

"I'd like that," she said with a smile. The new guy was short and dark-haired, and his cock was smaller than the first but still standing at attention with a good six inches. She got down on her knees in the sand again, this time lowering herself onto all fours.

He got on his knees behind her, running his hands around her smooth ass for a moment before getting down to business. He took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down between her slick pussy lips, coating his swollen mushroom tip with her hot juices. Kris could feel his warm cock sliding back and forth over her dripping hole, driving her mad with arousal. He forced the head of his cock just inside her pussy lips, discovering how tight of a fit she was going to be. His strong hands gripped her by the hips and he pushed himself deeper inside her. Kris let out a quiet moan as she was penetrated by her first real cock. She felt like his hot tool was splitting her in half, with a sharp and incredible full feeling. This is what she'd been craving every time she had ever pleasured herself - feeling a hard cock buried deep in her sopping cunt felt even better she'd imagined. When he began to thrust in and out, letting his cock slide almost completely out of her before ramming it back in, she started to gasp and moan. He started to rock back and forth, sinking his cock into her molten, soaking wet pussy and holding her hips tightly. Another little moan escaped her mouth each time he invaded her tiny body with his raging cock. He fucked her in long, steady strokes, feeling her pussy squeezing him hard. Never had he had the pleasure of fucking a cunt this tight. Soon it was too much for him, and he pulled out just in time to shoot a fountain of cum up in the air, some of it splattering onto her shoulder. He rubbed his still-spurting head on her ass, grunting with each wave. Kris's pussy tingled, feeling suddenly very empty.

After a moment, a stocky hawaiian guy stooped in front of her.

"Did you come, miss?" He asked.

She shook her head.

"May I?"

She nodded, and without skipping a beat he had mounted her from behind. His cock felt about the same thickness but she could tell it was at least a couple inches shorter. It came as no disappointment though, because she quickly learned that he knew how to use it well. Soon he was reaming her hard, her ass slapping on his thighs with each thrust.

A small crowd had gathered around them, watching them fuck and listening to the squishing sound of his liquid-coated cock plunging into her drooling cunt. There wasn't a limp cock among them and most were jacking themselves furiously. Every couple of minutes one would burst and send streams of cum into the air, half aiming at Kris, hoping to brand her with his hot seed.

The boldest of the few still sporting erections strutted up in front of her, sat back on his heels and put his cock right up in her face. Kris lowered her head over his purple helmet and began to suck him. Her mouth sealed around his thin shaft and her head bobbed up and down between his thighs. Her lips tugged at his cock as she was jolted forwards and back by the powerful thrusts coming from behind. The newcomer's right hand was a blur on the base of his shaft, keeping Kris's lips from sinking down very far. He loved a good sucking but was so close to coming that he could not stop himself from pumping his cock in his fist at the same time. His meat bulged and shot out his thick plug of cream, relieving the pressure in his balls. The smooth muscles in his shaft rippled as they propelled spurts of hot cum up into her throat. He moaned the whole time. When his cock was too limp it fell out of her mouth, and he kept stroking it lightly and watching her. His cum was dripping out of her mouth, strings of it dangled and swung on her bottom lip before dropping onto the sand beneath her.

The guy screwing her looked down, his eyes glued onto her little cunt. He watched his hard muscle fucking her, plunging deep inside and emerging with a thick coat of juices that made it shine all the way up to the hilt. He watched the pink lips of her little pussy stretched mercilessly around his thick shaft, gripping his cock as he pulled out. Reaching forward, he gripped her shoulders and started drilling her even harder. Kris arched her back and rocked back against him, moaning loudly. She felt her breasts swinging and bouncing wildly between her arms as he slammed her hard from behind. Their combined fuck juices dripped from his swinging balls, as sweat trickled from their bodies. Her hands clenched at fistfuls of sand as she felt every inch of him pounding into her frothing cunt, shoving her forward and scraping her knees.

Finally she screamed out as her swollent cunt clamped down on him, squeezing hard and her whole body tensed in a shuddering orgasm. Her rippling pussy walls contracted around his shaft, milking him and coaxing out his boiling cum. He groaned loudly as he let go and began to squirt inside her, pumping her full of his thick sperm. The feeling of his hot cream erupting deep inside her was like nothing she'd ever felt before, and it took the last, weak ripples of her orgasm and magnified them into a whole new one. Kris's arms buckled underneath her and she went limp except for her hips, which bucked uncontrollably. She stayed upright only because the man fucking her was holding her on his cock while they both finished cumming. Finally when he let go she tipped over, detaching from his skewering cock with a loud slurp and collapsing in the sand. Her eyes closed and she stayed still, panting hard. She shivered, feeling the cool breeze against the warmth of the sun and her own glistening, overheated body.

"Open your mouth sweetheart." a male voice said. She did as she was told. There were a few men left to be taken care of, but they could see that she was in no condition to continue fucking. Two kneeled around her head, pumping their cocks with their fists and aiming for her mouth. She could hear the brisk fap-fap-fap strokes of skin on skin, slicking on precum, and little grunts of effort.

The third guy straddled her and rested his cock between her breasts. Taking one in each hand, he pressed them together so that they sealed around his shaft. He began to thrust between them, gliding easily on her sweat, his precum and a little of somebody else's semen. His leg muscles burned as he squatted over her, fucking her tits, but his mind was numb to everything else. He watched his enflamed cockhead poke out the top of her shimmering cleavage over and over. Off and on he would pinch her nipples lightly between his fingers, not really to pleasure her but to complete his own experience. One of the guys pounding his meat finally cringed and unloaded his thick cum all over her face, only resting his cockhead inside her open mouth for the last couple of dribbles. This set off the second guy, who squeezed his shaft hard in his fist and tapped his cock repeatedly on her mouth, groaning loudly several times before he actually started to ejaculate. The creamy liquid poured out of his cockslit and flooded her mouth, and she obediently swallowed it all. Her tongue slipped around his throbbing tip, cleaning off the last drops.

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