tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Angels In Love

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Love


"I never said you couldn't eat the whole box, I said you shouldn't," Sabrina said, walking into the office.

"Well, either way," Jill smiled, closing the doors behind them. "Hi Bos!"

Bosley was stationed at his desk as usual, leaning back comfortably in his chair. He smiled at them through a rather strange facial expression.

"Anything wrong?" Sabrina asked, sitting down on the couch.

At that moment Kelly emerged from beneath his desk with a small white smear on her upper lip.

"No, nothing's wrong," she grinned, standing up straight and licking her lip clean.

"Oh, so there you are," Sabrina smiled.

"Had to break it to him about that new dress, huh?" Jill giggled.

"Right. It wasn't that expensive anyhow, now was it Bosley?" she said, sitting down next to Sabrina.

They chatted for awhile until the phone rang and Bosley switched the speakerbox on.

"Good morning, angels!"

"Morning, Charlie."

"Angels, meet our client, Rick Wilcox," Charlie said, just as a man stepped through the doors. He was tall, dark and very attractive, probably about 30 years old.

All three practically leapt from their seats to introduce themselves with winks and dazzling smiles. He grinned back at them, equally impressed, shaking their hands and greeting them. In a dense group they walked with him to the sofa, each trying to stay as close as possible. Sabrina quickly sat down on his left and Kelly threw herself in front of Jill on his other side. Pouting defeatedly and shooting a look at her, Jill took a seat across from them.

"I have to be leaving, I'm late for an appointment," Charlie said, "Now Bosley, have you discussed with them the details of this robbery?"

"I was just about to get to that," Bosley responded, putting on his reading glasses and opening a file folder. Shuffling through a stack of papers he began to read from them out loud, not aware that he was the only one listening to himself.

Practically devouring him with their eyes, each of the girls merely stared at him dreamily while Bosley's voice was simply a faint hum in the background. Jill looked him up and down, her mouth nearly watering. She became lost in thought, looking at his hands, imagining them running over her bare skin. Her nipples hardened almost audibly. If his hands were that big then he must have a really-

"Do you, Jill?" Bosley repeated loudly, looking at her down over his glasses.

"Hm?" She chirped, breaking her gaze and looking up innocently at Bosley.

"Allright," he sighed, closing the folder. "Maybe we should try this later, no one seems to be on top of things this morning." He got up from his desk. "Let's go, Kelly."

"What?" she looked up in surprise.

"We have to pick up your car, remember? Honestly, we were only talking about this ten minutes ago."

Kelly's heart sank as she stood up to follow Bosley out. Her butt barely left the seat before Jill slipped into it, smiling up at her triumphantly.

"Byebye," they called cheerfully as Kelly and Bosley left the office.

"So Rick," Jill started, attempting to retake charge of the situation without necessarily having an idea of what it was. "Exactly what was stolen from you?"

He turned to Sabrina when she put her hand on his knee.

"Were there...do you have any um.." she asked, staring at his mouth as he opened it to respond.

"Who...cares?" he leaned in the rest of the way and connected his lips with Sabrina's. She completely melted onto him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him deeply.

"Oh, let's go," Jill said, grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him up. She and Sabrina led him quickly out of the office.

"You're driving!" Jill sang at Sabrina, instead of her usual shotgun call.

"Bah!" she glowered as Jill cackled and hopped into the back seat of her car alongside Rick.

As the car pulled away from the curb, Jill took advantage of this head start and slipped her tongue into Rick's mouth. He licked her soft lips in response, returning the kiss and bringing one hand up to the front of her blouse. He felt the shape of her firm little breasts, and her already rock-hard nipples jabbing through the cloth into his hand. He rubbed them with his thumbs.

Still kissing her, he unbuttoned her shirt, releasing her aching nipples freely into the air. His hands pulled her closer to him by the chest, jutting her breasts in front of her. He licked Jill's nipple and she shivered. Finally, his warm lips sealed around the thick pink bud and he began to suck.

Her hands took a shortcut south and blindly caressed the front of his pants. Not surprisingly, she detected a sizeable bulge and smiled as she kissed him.

Hearing giggles and kisses from behind, Sabrina pressed harder on the gas, compensating for her lack of backseat time. She screeched down the streets miraculously free of speeding tickets.

Kelly was probably rude and rushed back out as soon as she possibly could, and dialed Jill's number on her car phone. No answer came and without even bothering to call Sabrina, she headed for her house.

She rang the bell twice, checking herself in her mirror and fidgeting impatiently.

After a minute Jill opened the door.

"Am I missing what I think I'm missing?" Kelly whispered.

"Nothing...too important," Jill said, glancing down at her open shirt front and back to Kelly. She ushered her inside quickly and closed the door.

Rick sat shirtless on the couch, his hand buried down Sabrina's pants, looking over towards Kelly and smiling politely. It made her giggle.

"Come on, I guess we owe her one," Sabrina said, getting up and moving towards Kelly.

She knelt in front of Kelly and Jill behind, each lifting her skirt over their heads so they sat inside. Jill hooked her fingers over Kelly's panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Four soft hands began to roam over Kelly's ass and pussy and she moaned.

Rick covered her open mouth with his, holding her in his arms.

Sabrina licked at the base of her clit from the front. Jill pressed her face between Kelly's cheeks and embedded her tongue in her crack, licking up and down. She licked her asshole intently, spreading the cheeks with both hands. Sabrina lapped up the first drops of wetness leaking from her pussy, slipping her tongue up inside her slick folds.

Kelly shifted her weight a little, spreading her legs wider and kissing with an increasing urgency as her friends suckled between her legs. The first waves of a quick but deep orgasm seized her after only a few minutes, causing her to cry out and lose her balance. She threw her arms around his neck as her knees started to buckle and her hips thrust in midair. Sabrina and Jill supported her from underneath, letting her down onto her knees next to them when she finished.

Jill fumbled with Rick's belt and stripped his pants off, springing free his enormous cock. It stood at least 8 inches even though he wasn't 100% erect yet.

She took his wrist and pulled him down onto the floor, and he laid down flat on his back. She straddled his chest and wrapped both hands around his shaft, feeling it throb. Lowering her mouth, kissed the tip. A string of gooey precum stretched between it and her lips, which she licked up eagerly. With a quick bob of her head her warm, wet mouth enveloped his thick cockhead.

The others each straddled one of Rick's legs so that they could all pleasure him at the same time.

Kelly's tongue bathed his shaft, running straight up and down his smooth, hard length. Occasionally when Jill took him deeper into her mouth, her lips met with Kelly's tongue and they kissed affectionately for a moment, sharing his fluids.

Sabrina's head aimed between his legs, licking his balls. She felt his pubic hair as her tongue circled them and she sucked on each through the soft, wrinkly skin. While she licked his sack she thought about what was inside, and how when they were finished the delicious white contents would come spraying out...

Rick could not help but moan loudly. The three most beautiful girls he had probably ever seen were all giving him head at once and he could barely believe it!

Jill's firm little ass bobbed a few inches from his face, and he reached out both hands to pull it closer. Lifting his head a little, he buried his face in her crotch and inhaled her delicious scent. She was very wet already, and her cream was even dripping quite a ways down the inside of her left thigh. He stick out his tongue and licked up a drop of the warm goo that coated her shining pussy lips. Intoxicated, he eagerly lapped up all the rest he could see, wanting to drink down as much of her sweet cum as he could get.

Jill moaned. She felt his strong tongue massage her pussy as it licked up her juices, which trickled readily out of her hole and efficiently replenished the wetness between her legs. Rick's tongue slipped up into her warm pussy and she took her mouth off his cock to let out another, louder moan. She pressed back onto his face, gyrating her hips. Her soaking wet cunt pulsed around his tongue as it darted in and out of her.

Jill swung her leg around, climbing off of Rick's face. Looking down at him, she saw his face smeared with her white juices. She smiled and leaned down to kiss him briefly, licking a bit of her own warm cum from the corner of his mouth.

Her body ached for him to fill her. She wanted his big cock inside her badly.

Moving Kelly and Sabrina back she mounted him and sank down onto his raging erection, letting out a coo as inch after inch of thick, warm flesh slid into her. Bracing herself, she began to bounce up and down. He watched her breasts jiggle and his cock disappear and reappear over and over.

Jill gasped each time her tight cunt enveloped his girth completely. His long cock filled her completely without being uncomfortably big. Its thickness slid perfectly over her g-spot with each stroke.

She bounced higher, bringing herself down on his cock harder every time, making a loud squishing noise. His gooey precum and her white juices coated his shaft and dripped down. Sabrina licked his balls while Jill rode him, and eagerly lapped up this creamy treat.

Crying out, Jill grasped Rick's knees and humped against him even harder. He thrust up deeper into her cunt as it clenched tighter around his thick cock.

Kelly reached around Jill and pressed one finger on her clit. That was all it took.

She cried out loudly again and slammed her pussy down onto him as hard as she could. Her cunt gripped his cock rhythmically, trying to milk out his sperm. Her orgasm sent a large gush of pussy juices squirting out around his shaft and trickling down, much to Sabrina's delight.

Jill sat on top of him, still impaled on his shaft, rocking gently in place. After a moment Rick raised his hands to her hips, helping her up.

When she pulled off of his cock, it stuck 9 inches straight up in the air, throbbing and glistening with their combined fuck juices. A drop spilled down the side.

With that Sabrina moved Rick onto his hands and knees and crawled beneath him. She grabbed his ass from underneath and pulled his cock down into her mouth. It pulsed wildly between her lips. She sucked him deeper and then released him, and sucked him in again, sucking off Jill's cunt juices and his precum. His hips fell into her rhythm and he began to thrust gently into her mouth. His thick cockhead puffed her cheeks out each time it entered her mouth.

Kelly crawled around and presented herself before him, spreading her legs on the floor. He opened his mouth and licked up her slit, collecting her sweet, clear juices on his tongue. His lips tugged at her pussy lips and sucked on her clit.

Kelly's head rolled back and forth as she sighed and rubbed her nipples.

Jill got on her knees behind him, rubbing his ass and spreading his muscular cheeks. She began to lick his asshole, slipping her warm tongue over the wrinkled hole and pushing it in the center. Rick had never been much into anal stimulation but he could hardly believe how good Jill's tongue felt on and in his asshole. He felt as if his cock grew another inch as she licked his crack. She was even doing a good job of keeping up with his thrusts, her tongue never leaving his ass.

Growing more excited by the second, he pushed his own tongue deep into Kelly's tender, dripping pussy. Eagerly he swallowed her juices as they flowed from her and continued to fuck her with his tongue. Her hands pressed the back of his head between her legs, breathing heavily and gasping.

Rick was thrusting deeper into Sabrina's mouth, and she relaxed her throat to accept his length expertly. His cock smoothly slipped all the way down her throat, creating a bulge near the top of her neck each time. As he fucked Sabrina's mouth his ass bobbed in the air, leaving Jill unable to keep licking his asshole. Instead she licked one finger and in one fluid motion eased it into his ass up to her palm.

He groaned, feeling his tight and sensitive asshole stretch around her finger. She felt around inside his ass, pumping her finger into him as he glided in and out of Sabrina's throat.

A rivulet of warm pussy juice trickled down to Jill's knee with no one there to lick it up.

He slid all the way in and stayed for a moment, making Sabrina gasp for air when he pulled out. Quickly he sank back in, keeping his cock firmly within her throat. Her lips pressed up against his balls for a few seconds before he pulled out again. Sticky precum stretched from his balls to her lips. She grasped the very base of his cock tightly as he began to thrust rapidly in and out of her mouth, showing that he was unable to hold back much longer.

Rick was surprised that he had lasted this long with as much stimulation as he'd been getting.

His balls were full and heavy and ached to release their load...

Jill was working her finger deep inside his ass and licking his crack...

Sabrina was contracting the muscles in her throat around his mushroom tip...

Hardly a minute later, he felt his cock bulge as he let go and started to ejaculate in her mouth. He plunged all the way in again, squirting a powerful jet of white hot cum deep down her throat. Pulling out to let her swallow, he moaned and his cock twitched by itself, spraying another shot onto her face.

Sabrina opened her mouth and wrapped her hand around his beating shaft, pulling him back in and letting his cum splash onto her tongue. Her hand jacked him as he pumped his cum into her mouth.

His hands gripped Kelly's hips tightly and his mouth vibrated on her clit when he moaned, throwing her into a writhing, squealing climax. Her hips bucked against his tongue and she looked down to see his sperm squirting into Sabrina's mouth as he came at the same time. The sight turned her on even more, extending her orgasm and spilling her juices all over Rick's chin. Her loud moans filled the room.

Jill pulled her finger from his ass and pushed herself between them, licking his cum from Sabrina's mouth. Their lips pressed together, sharing the warm semen while Kelly continued to moan quietly. Sabrina tasted his ass on Jill's tongue as they kissed, and they caressed eachother's faces and necks and breasts.

Rick sat on the floor and watch them make out, catching his breath. He saw his cum stretch in strands between their tongues, dripping down their chins and being licked back up.

His cock had deflated partially after releasing his load, and it drooped onto his leg.

Kelly rolled over and snuggled up to him. Their lips met and they exchanged the fluids in their mouths - Rick tasted traces of his own cum in her mouth as she had sucked him off earlier; Kelly savored the taste of the sweet juices that had just poured from her pussy onto his tongue.

She felt his chest and flat belly as they kissed. He was not musclebound, but in great shape and nicely tanned. Her fingers found his flat little nipples and rubbed them lightly as he did the same to hers. His large hands cupped her smooth breasts, making a nice handful each.

One of her hands dropped down and wrapped around his rubbery cock, now at half-mast. She stroked him softly while sucking his bottom lip, then ran her hands around his ass and stomach again, and back to his crotch. They sat together on the floor for a long time, kissing and petting eachother.

The other girls remained on the floor a few feet away, frenching and feeling and pleasuring eachother. Sabrina sucked Jill's nipples while she fingered her, stroking her g-spot and bringing her another juicy orgasm. Jill thoroughly massaged Sabrina's clit and asshole with her tongue, triggering many a moan and a climax or two.

Rick listened to the various sounds in the room - slurping, kissing, flesh gliding on juices, wonderful feminine gasps and moans. He cradled the beautiful brunette Kelly as she kissed him and stroked him. Slowly he grew under her gentle touch to his full hardness.

Increasingly aware of his second wind, he eased Kelly onto her back and climbed between her legs. He took hold of his cock and placed it at her opening, gently pushing in. Her warm, velvety cunt felt incredible on his cock as he began to glide in and out. She moaned deeply, closing her eyes. A moment later she felt a warmth cover her face and her eyes opened again to see Sabrina's dripping pussy hovering above her. She raised her head a bit to lap at it.

While Sabrina straddled Kelly's face, Jill added herself to the chain, laying on the floor in front of Sabrina and parting her legs. No encouragement was necessary for her to resume sucking on Jill's sweet cunt. For the next half hour the room echoed with the moans of Sabrina's climax, then Jill's, then Kelly's.

Rick gripped Sabrina's hips, positioning her on her hands and knees before him. She pointed her ass in the air, ready to accept him. He slipped his cock between her legs, rubbing the length of it through her drenched slit and coating it in her juices.

A gasp of surprise escaped her lips as Rick's cockhead penetrated her asshole instead of her cunt as she expected. Trying to relax her muscles, she pushed back a bit, allowing him to sink in deeper. He worked slowly, making sure she was comfortable as he pumped into her tight ass. Her back arched as his hands held her in place. Her breasts swung beneath her as he took her from behind.

With a great deal of effort Kelly wriggled beneath them. She raised her head and began to gently suck Sabrina's clit as Rick fucked her ass. His cock plunged deep, rubbing her inside.

Kelly's lips massaged her throbbing clit, stroking it with her tongue and sucking on it as if cum would spill out. Her cum did drip out of her pussy, and into Kelly's eager mouth.

Sabrina's moans became uncontrollable and she shook, nearly falling on top of Kelly as her climax battered her senseless. Her asshole gripped his cock tightly as she came.

The instant Rick pulled out, Jill seized his cock and took it into her mouth, straight out of Sabrina's ass. She swallowed him completely down her throat, tasting her friend's ass on his throbbing meat. Bobbing her head between his thighs, she took him down her throat again and again.

Kelly, hungry for more pussy juice, pushed her face between Jill's legs and lapped at her cunt. Even while she shuddered and came on Kelly's face, she did not take her mouth off Rick's cock.

She gripped him tightly and swirled her tongue around his swollen mushroom tip before deepthroating him again. His pubic hair tickled her nose, and she looked up at him. His head was thrown back, enjoying her slurps on his cock.

He had fucked so many different holes in the past few hours, his mind was foggy and his knees were weak.

He just couldn't take any more and with a deep groan he released a thick string of sperm into Jill's mouth.

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