tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Blackjack

Charlie's Angels: Blackjack


"Here we are," Sabrina said, parking her car up on the curb. "Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?"

"Sure I'm sure." Kris unbuckled herself in the passenger seat and looped her purse strap over her shoulder. "Go wait for me around back in the parking lot so I can leave quick if I have to."

"All right. Careful, huh?"

"Yep. You too." Kris stepped out of the car and shut the door. She was on the sidewalk outside of a small bar with a large neon sign reading "Blackjack's". The neon buzzed and glowed faintly blue, kind of wasteful to run at 2 in the afternoon. She shrugged and went inside, waving at Sabrina as she drove off and turned the corner into the lot.

Kris blinked once the door shut behind her, trying to get her eyes to adjust. The inside of the bar was stale and smoky, lit almost exclusively by neon signs on the walls. There was a big crack through the mirror behind the counter and the only sound breaking the silence was music playing so quietly it was impossible to tell quite what it was. On a stool closest to the door sat a skinny black man reading a newspaper. Only a couple of the small tables were occupied by lone men, clutching liquor bottles. Not the type to talk to unless you have a good reason.

Kris pulled a stool up to the bar and took a seat. The black guy folded up his newspaper and came up around the counter.

"What'll it be?"

"Oh, are you the bartender?"

"No honey, I just do this for kicks," he said. "Scotch, right?"

"Uh.. sure. So are you Blackjack?"

"Nope. Name's Earl. Jack's in back, he owns the place." He poured her drink and another one for himself.

"Ok Earl. I'm looking for a guy named Ed. He's tall, dark hair and has a scar on his neck. I know he comes here once in a while."

"Ed." he repeated, and paused for a moment, and drank from his glass. Then he pulled another stool up under himself and took a seat.

"You know him?"

"Maybe I do. Who's asking?"

"Kris Munroe is asking." He just kept looking at her. Kris unsnapped her purse and handed him a $20. "Kris Munroe and president Jackson are asking."

Earl gave a tiny grin and slipped the bill into his pocket, looking her up and down. "Yeah, I believe I do know the guy."

"Great. What can you tell me about him?"

"Oh, I don't know. My memory's a little foggy, you know." He made a smug face and took another sip from his glass. Kris rolled her eyes and reached back into her purse, and sighed. The 20 had been her last bill and she was down to a few singles. She closed the snap again and took a gulp of scotch.

"Well, Earl," she said in a low voice. "Maybe I could help refresh your memory." His eyes twinkled for a moment and another thin grin surfaced on his face. Taking that as a yes, she left her stool and went around behind the bar. Her eyes swept the room one last time, making sure neither of the customers were paying attention.

She got on her knees in front of him and ran her hand over the slight bulge in the front of his pants. He wasn't hard yet but she felt the outline of his cock and balls through his pants. After cupping and fondling his bulge for a minute, her fingers grasped his zipper and tugged it down, exposing part of his shaft. Even semi-limp she could see that he was going to be a big one. Kris reached inside his pants and wrapped her fingers around his soft meat, pulling it out. She began to stroke him to hardness. Her little white fingers looked extra tiny grasping this thick black cock. She smeared some of his oozing precum over his shaft and pumped him briskly in her fist.

Dipping her head forward, she took his shining, dark purple cockhead into her open mouth. Her lips sealed on it, sucking lightly on his thick helmet and licking up his drizzling precum. When the tip of his cock pressed against the back of her mouth, she gagged slightly, but wiggled her head a little and coaxed him into her warm throat. His cock was so thick, Kris didn't know if she could take all of it. She slid her mouth down over his thick pole, feeling it spread her throat as she swallowed him down.

Earl offered no verbal praise. He merely sat with his arms crossed, looking down at her in almost the same neutral way he was looking at his newspaper. Of course he enjoyed watching this tiny blonde girl on her knees, sucking on his big dick. Her pale pink lips wrapped so tightly around his shining black girth and she kept glancing up at him to see if he liked what she was doing. Kris eased her mouth off of his cock with a loud slurp. She pulled his long, thick meat straight up and began licking the underside of his shaft with her slippery tongue. Her hand squeezed tightly around the base of his cock while lapping sloppily at his tip. Her tongue swirled around his swollen crown.

A low, rumbling moan escaped Earl's lips as she took his engorged, rock-hard cock back down her throat. Kris worried dimly that his moans might cause glances from the customers, but she wouldn't have stopped either way. His hand wrapped around the back of her head, guiding her lips down his cock to the hilt and holding her there almost a second too long. Only seconds after she was rewarded with a gasp of breath, he would push her head back down. She was surprised at how much she enjoyed it though. Her panties were slowly but surely soaking up drips of cream from her pussy. She kept deep throating him, not sure if she was only imagining feeling his cock swelling inside her throat.

Earl groaned again as his cock twitched and squirted his hot, frothy cum into her mouth. She let her overfilled and dripping mouth fill up before letting it drip and pour back onto his slowly softening dick. The pearly white rivulets ran down his ebony shaft looking like a chocolate desert with vanilla frosting. She then began to swirl her tongue around his shaft, hungrily licking up his sperm. Her wet pussy was aching now that she had made him cum and lapped it all up. Part of her wanted him to spread her and fuck her right on top of the bar.

Regaining her composure instead, she licked her lips clean and stood up. Earl was stony-faced as ever but his eyes were a bit glazed.

"Now, what can you tell me about Ed?"

"Well lady. You're right he come in here pretty often but I don't know him too well myself."

"That's it?" Kris frowned. He better have more to say than this.

"His name is Stetson. Blackjack knows him better than me."

"Stetson? Great. You said Blackjack can tell me more? Where is he?"

"He's in the stock room. Go on back if you like." He jerked his thumb at a closed door behind him.


Kris scooted behind him and cracked open the door, peeking through. The back room was small and kind of dim, lit by a single exposed light bulb. There were shelves along the walls and some crates and boxes on the floor. Thin shafts of light shone through the cracks of the door on the opposite wall that probably led out to the parking lot. There was a black man in the room, crouching on the floor and looking through a box. Kris knew he would not be impressed by the $4 she had left, so she undid a couple of buttons on her blouse. Then she knocked on the door to alert him to her presence. He looked up.


"Hi. My name is Kris."

He got to his feet and stood in front of her, looking her thoroughly up and down. "I'm Blackjack." he said, extending his hand. She shook it.

"Nice to meet you, I was ...just asking Earl about a guy I'm looking for, he said to ask you? Name's Ed Stetson."

He was silent for several moments, making her uncomfortable. "I'd like to help you out sweetheart, but if I'm gonna give you something, you gotta give me something."

"Right. Well I used up all my money getting back here."

Blackjack smiled. "Money I can get from anybody. You got something else I'd like."

"What's that?" She asked innocently, even though she already knew the answer.

"You got a fine figure girl. I hope you know how to use it" He took a few steps back to a wooden crate that was pushed up against the wall, and sat down on it. "Show me you know how to use it."

If Kris wasn't already horny this would have been a very akward process to start. Instead it provided her with a small degree of release to unbutton and toss off her shirt. She wore a gray bra which cupped her smooth globes into very appetizing cleavage. Next she wriggled her pants down over her hips, putting on a bit of a show and exposing her matching gray panties. Now in underwear only she stepped over to him and leaned close.

"Do you like what you see so far?" She whispered. He nodded.

"Shit, girl. Let me see those tits." He reached around and unfastened her bra. It slipped off and her full, smooth breasts jiggled into view. He grabbed one in each of his large hands and began to knead them. He felt that her nipples were already hot and hard, and he squeezed them in his rough fingers.

At the same time, Kris felt around the tent in his pants and unzipped it, letting his mostly-hard cock spring out. Looking down, she saw that he was even bigger than Earl, and his balls looked full and juicy. Her pussy tingled again. She threw her leg over him and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. She began to grind her pussy against his hardness. Even though she was still wearing her panties, the crotch was completely soaked through and it was almost as if she were bare. As she rubbed herself on his cock, she felt him get harder and harder. Her pussy was getting wetter by the minute as well, but she knew she could get him right where she wanted him and had no intention of giving up her control. His breathing was becoming shallow, so Kris stopped grinding her hips and climbed off of him. His black cock was raging hard, glistening with the juices soaked through her panties and dribbles of his precum.

Kris stood a couple of feet in front of him, turned around and stuck out her ass, giving him a clear view. Slowly she tugged down her panties, easing the gray fabric down over her ass. Between her legs, they both saw a thin string of juice stretch briefly from her pussy to the wet panties. She let them fall to her ankles, still bending over slightly, taunting him.

"Damn, look at that fine white ass," he said deeply.

Kris bent over even more, letting him see her dripping pussy between her legs. She raised her hand to it, sliding her middle finger between her lips and then pushing it inside herself. She moaned loudly for his enjoyment, working her finger deeply inside herself a few times before pulling it out and lifting it to her lips, tasting her own sweet juices while looking him in the eye over her shoulder. She knew he wanted to taste some of those juices too so she tossed her soaked panties at him. He pressed the damp cloth to his face, smelling her scent. Then he wrapped it around his cock and began to jerk himself slowly with it, feeling her pussy juice smear on his rigid shaft. Kris was far more turned on by this than she had expected, and her hand dipped back between her legs. She stood bent over before him, finger fucking herself for several minutes and moaning out loud. She let her orgasm explode, and her pussy creamed with juice all over her three fingers. She moaned loudly with release, and kept driving them into herself until her spasms stopped.

"Damn, that was hot," Blackjack said quietly. "Why don't you lick up the rest of that hot cream for me." He jerked himself continuously as she lifted her hand to her mouth and started to lap up her juices. "And let me have some." She stepped closer, and he joined in licking her hand clean of her gooey warm juice. Kris peeled her wet panties off of his cock and dropped to her knees, sucking it down her throat. He gasped loudly, followed my a deep groan. She eased it out of her mouth, sucking slowly on every inch of his shaft. When she got to the end, his thick helmet popped out of her tightly sealed lips. She tasted drops of precum on her tongue, mixing with her own flavor. Kris's pussy was throbbing now; she'd had enough teasing. Now she needed this big black cock inside her.

As if spring-loaded, she leapt up from her knees and straddled him again, this time rubbing her wet crotch against his cock until his helmet nestled between her soaking wet pussy lips. She speared herself onto his thick shaft in one sharp drop, screaming out loudly. His huge cock violated the quenching heat of her tiny, white cunt over and over as she bounced and ground against him. Both were boiling inside and knew this would be fast and rough. Kris rode him hard, and he watched her fabulous tits bouncing only inches away from his face. Her ass slapped loudly against the tops of his each time she sank her dripping cunt onto his cock. Her tight pussy gripped his huge girth, and she skewered herself on it again and again.

Blackjack's hips were hammering up into her and he seemed about to come. Instead, he wrapped his hands around her lower back and stood up. Kris's feet completely left the floor and she was held up only by his hands and his cock buried inside her. She moaned genuinely as he began to rock his hips again, thrusting into her as she was completely suspended in the air. Her ankles locked around his ass and she humped against him.

"Fuck me, fuck me," she whispered with every exhale, not even realizing it. He was bending and straightening his knees, using the extra force to fuck her like a ragdoll draped over him. Kris shuddered as another climax wrenched through her, completely helpless now against his power. The tables had turned.

He tired of holding her up after a couple of minutes, and turned around to set her ass back down on the crate. His big hands gripped her legs and spread them wide apart, and he plunged his engorged black cock deeper into her cunt than it had gone before. Kris groaned and whimpered as he fucked her mercilessly, loving every second of it. She didn't mind the rough wooden crate digging on her bare back as he rammed himself inside her over and over. His huge black shaft reamed her tight white cunt over and over.

"Yess, fuck my cunt with that big black cock! Fuck me harder!" She moaned. She tried to squeeze her legs around him when she came again, but he held her ankles wide apart in the air and kept fucking her. Kris bucked underneath him, squeezing her pussy around his thick, invading shaft which was coated in their juices. Both of her hands were gripping the boards of the crate, white-knuckled.

"Fuck me! Pump my pussy full of that hot black cum!"

His huge, rock hard tool pounded her pussy sore. With a final bellow, he slammed himself as deep into her as he could and fired his load. She gasped, feeling his boiling hot cum streaming inside her and filling her up. He had stopped thrusting so she ground herself on his cock as it spurted inside her. Kris reached down between her legs and jacked the few exposed inches of his cock, milking the rest of his hot semen into her cunt. Blackjack let out a sigh and began thrusting slowly again, hearing the squish of his sperm inside her. She was rubbing her clit while he fucked her slowly now. The feeling of their thick, warm fuck juice churning inside her set her off again. Her pussy clenched again, gripping his softening cock rythmically.

Kris dropped her head down on the crate, panting. Blackjack pulled his meat out from between her legs with a loud slurp, and it hung limply between his legs once more. He sat down on the floor, breathing hard. A few minutes of silence passed, then Kris was the first to speak.

"So... as I was saying... do you know a man named Ed Stanford. Or.. Stetson, I mean."

"Yep, I sure do."

"Can you tell me where he lives?"

He chuckled to himself. "Girl, after what you done, I can tell you any thing you want to know. Hell, I'll write it down for you." He offered her a hand and pulled her up.


"Any time," he said, pulling his pants back on. He went back out front. Kris unsteadily picked up her clothes from around the floor and put them on again. As she was buttoning her shirt again, Blackjack came back through the door and handed her a piece of paper. On it was an adress and two phone numbers.

"You could probably find him at one of these."

"Oh great, thanks a million."

"Pleasure doing business with you," he grinned.

"Yes, maybe we can do business again sometime." She winked at him, turned and went out the back door.

The bright sunlight assaulted her eyes and she squinted confusedly at the cars. Sabrina's bright orange car pulled up right in front of her, to her relief.

"Great service," she said, getting in the back seat and closing the door. Sabrina drove out of the parking lot and turned down the street.

"Why'd you get in the back?" Sabrina asked, glancing back at her. Kris's hair was messed up and her makeup was smudged. The buttons on her shirt were lined up wrong, leaving one button hanging at the bottom without a hole. "What happened to you?"

"Oh, you'll like this. Turn into the next empty parking lot." Sabrina shrugged and did as she was told, pulling into a small parking lot next to an abandoned shop. She put the car in park and turned back to look at Kris.

Kris had pulled her pants down to her knees. Since she had not bothered putting her underwear back on, her cream-filled pussy was exposed. A little white goo was dripping down the insides of her thighs. Sabrina's eyes went wide and in a flash she turned the car off and crawled into the backseat.

She buried her head between Kris's legs and lapped up all the sperm coating her thighs. Kris moaned lightly as her tongue burrowed inside her raw pussy, sucking out more of the black man's cum. She pulled Sabrina around into a 69 and lifted up her skirt. Her mouth sealed around Sabrina's pussy, sucking and licking her at the same time. Kris could hear her drinking down the sperm and juices that drizzled from between her legs. Sabrina being on top began to hump Kris's tongue and grind on her chin. Both were moaning, muffled in each others cunts.

The car was rocking as they bucked and grinded against each other in the cramped back seat. Sabrina came first, overwhelmed by the surprise creampie and Kris's flicking tongue. She gasped loudly and Kris sucked her clit as she came on her face. Kris lapped up Sabrina's liquid and soon surrendered to another climax, squeezing out a wad of thick sperm from deep inside her womb. Sabrina let it spill into her mouth and swallowed it eagerly. Their chins were shining with juices and they licked each other clean, tasting their own cream. After a deep and lingering kiss, they smiled at each other and Sabrina climbed back into the driver's seat.

"I love it when you do that," she said, finding Kris's eyes in the mirror.

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