tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels Ch. 2

Charlie's Angels Ch. 2


The 747 came to cruising altitude at 28,000 feet after taking off from Kennedy. The plane banked and headed out over the Atlantic Ocean. Behind, the sun was just starting to set in the west as I looked out my window.

The first class cabin was full. The flight attendants were just starting to make their rounds. Of course, us passengers fortunate to sit in first class were served first and given everything we wanted for free. Well, not free. We had been charged a hefty sum for the privilege of having the extra twelve inches of legroom.

Kelly was seated next to me. She was the only one of my angels who was accompanying me on this trip. Not one use to traveling in the past, and especially not use to international travel, I found this first trip extremely fascinating. I was like a kid on his first plane ride. I was so excited and had not felt this way since I was nine.

Our drinks arrived, carried by an older but very attractive flight attendant. I had ordered a vodka and Coke and Kelley got her favorite which was a Bloody Mary. At that moment I had no worries. I had been rich for slightly over one month and I was off on my first business trip. What a feeling it was!

Kelly brushed her long red curls out of her face and gave me a smile. She thought it was humorous how I got excited over this pending trip. She had been laughing at me and making fun with me for a week since we had scheduled the excursion.

"Still afraid to fly, Charlie?" she teased me.

"I'm not afraid," I said in mock self defense. "I am filled with anticipation."

"Thanks again for understanding me, Charlie," she said and leaned across the seat to brush my lips with her own. She was so beautiful and exotic looking I started getting a boner right then and there.

Kelly was leaving my employment. She had been with my uncle for several years, but had worked for me for only the one month since my uncle died and I inherited everything he owned. This included Kelly and her two beautiful friends.

Her contract was up in two weeks and these would be her last two weeks with me. She had been very well compensated over the years, and told me she had seven figures in her savings account. This was quite good for a girl who was only twenty-four-years of age, and one who had been a poor immigrant from the Ukraine.

Kelly was engaged to be married, and marriage would be one thing that might put a crimp on her style as one of my three personal relaxation consultants, and so I completely understood why she had to leave. I was sorry to see her go, and sorry to see her get married. I loved her myself, and if it hadn't been for my other two angels I might very well have tried settling down with her. But I was worth close to a billion dollars now, and I was only twenty-five myself. The opportunities were endless.

Our drinks arrived in first class, and I continued to stare out the window. There was nothing to see out there now, not even clouds. The sun had set and all I could see was pitch black space, but I knew several miles beneath the ocean was below us and whizzing by at over five hundred miles an hour. I got quite a rush from this feeling, and the drink intensified it further.

"You know Kelly," I said. "I went to Canada once when I was a kid with my parents. That was the only time I've ever been out of the country."

"I think in the last five years I've been around the world ten times with your uncle," Kelly said, sounding nostalgic about my late Uncle Wally. "I love to travel and will miss that part about my job… well that among other things," Kelly gave me a sly look and we both laughed.

"I love to travel, too," I said. "I've always wanted to see the world, and now that I finally can I'm going to see every square inch of it."

"Charlie, you know the world is full of beautiful women – angels," Kelly said.

"I know," and I took her hand back in mine and looked into those oval shaped blue eyes. "That's another goal I have; to meet the truly fabulous women in the world and make them my angels."

"You are combining business with pleasure on this trip, Charlie."

"Well you know what Kelly – it feels damn good!"

I was combining business with pleasure. We were headed for the south of France. Kelly was leaving and in the tradition my uncle had started years ago it was time for her to help me find her replacement. Because of the money that we had access to nothing was really an object and we were free to search the world. And search it we had, and with so many beautiful women in the world the choice was not easy.

We decided to check out a very private beach with interesting potential in the Riviera area. This was supposed to be part Club Med, but with more of a swinger feel. I was looking forward to the visit.

"Your uncle had a private plane at one point, but he sold it," Kelly explained to me.

"Why would he do that?" I asked.

"He enjoyed doing certain things in slightly more public places on occasion."

"What things?"

"Oh just things," she said and brought my attention back from staring out the window. "Hey Charlie?" I looked back at my beautiful Kelly. "Are you a member of the Mile High Club?"

"Can't say that I am."

"We should change that."

"Yes. We should."

I knew what was coming. My heart began to beat faster and my stomach did flip-flops. I had enjoyed a wild sex life for the past month, and been laid more than I had in my whole life. However, I was as horny as hell and it didn't matter what I did or how many times I did it when one of my beautiful angels was with me it was always like the first time.

I turned around in my seat and surveyed the rest of first class. The "Open" sign was on and turned to green for the restroom in back. Many of the other passengers were starting to drift off to sleep, or were engrossed in reading.

"Excuse me, Kelly," I said as I unfastened my seat belt and got up, passing by Kelly's seat. We caught each other's eye before I left her.

I made my way back along the aisle. No one paid any attention to me. I opened up the door to the little restroom and slipped inside.

The restroom was small and cramped, with barely enough room to turn around. I looked at myself in the mirror. I don't know if I was really handsome or not. I had on new, and very expensive clothes. I was muscular and without any fat on my body.

Anyway I wasn't there to look at myself. Who gives a shit?

So I sat down on the little toilet seat to wait. Reaching forward I flipped the lock into the open position so that the green light would come back on outside. Now I just had to hope no one else came in here while I waited.

Kelly opened the sliding door and entered the restroom with me. She shut the door behind her and threw the lock. No one had seen her enter. Now we were alone. I had this three by five space, my red haired angel and the next four hours before we landed in Paris.

"You can't come in here. The room is already occupied," I mocked Kelly.

"Oh?" She stood over me and looked down, some air turbulence causing the flight to shift. "What are you going to do to me?"

"I am going to need you to take off your panties."

"I can't do that," she said leaning over me and putting her arms around me.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not wearing any."

Kelly was wearing a nice conservative navy blue skirt for the air travel. The skirt came to just above her knees. She wore a sleeveless blouse and her wild red curls ran down over her pure white shoulders.

She sat down in my lap. We began to kiss. Her tongue bathed my cheeks and under my chin, her hands knitted into my hair. I felt that she was not wearing any underwear. Her legs were spread over me as she sat facing me, and her groin was smashed down against mine. I could feel the damp there and the muscles of her vaginal area as she gripped me between her legs.

My cock sprang to life and quickly was pushing to get out of my pants and pushing up between Kelly's legs. We kissed some, my tongue feeling behind her ear. She smelled of a wonderful perfume fragrance, but I have no idea what it was called. I just know I liked the aroma that flowed off her skin.

My hands went up and down her back, feeling her body beneath her clothing. Our mouths met and then parted for each other. My tongue was atop hers, and then hers on mine.

Kelly arched back while still facing me on my lap. Her legs were still parted, one on each side of me. She looked down to the tremendous bulge in my pants. She reached down for my zipper and neatly pulled it down. Then reaching inside my pants she fooled around with the fly of my shorts until she had my dick in her hand and brought it out.

The men in my family are fairly well endowed. We have big cocks. My uncle was a particular specimen of male muscle with both width and length and Kelly had told me that was yet another reason why she had enjoyed her job with him so much. I was slightly larger than my Uncle Wally. And that was just the truth, no bragging intended.

So when Kelly let my cock out of my pants it sprang a foot into the air, standing up as straight as a flagpole. I watched her eyes grow large as she looked down at me. She ran her hands up and down my length a couple of times feeling my muscle.

Then she stood up on her toes to rise above me. I reached down and held my cock steady at the base for her to mount me. Some more air turbulence shook the plane. Kelly's thighs engulfed me as she sat back down on my lap.

She gave a fairly loud gasp as my penis made initial penetration up into her. She was already wet and her slide down my pole was easy. I saw her face contort as she lowered herself. Her breath came in tiny little in-takes.

I could tell Kelly was near her first orgasm before she even made it all the way down my shaft. Her eyes were open, her mouth was open, and her head was held forward in a sort of shock. I think she always wondered at these times, as did I, how she could take so much meat up inside her body. She was being impaled, actually she was impaling herself, and the pleasure was almost instantaneous.

I took her by the hips after she hesitated and brought her all the way down. I was in her to the hilt. Her vaginal lips were pursed at my base.

We just held like this for a few minutes. We French kissed. I didn't move in her. This was too perfect. I felt her vagina holding me desperately. As we kissed she was gasping and moaning. I could literally feel each orgasm as it swept up from her parted thighs and through her entire body.

I started to thrust up in her and she held me back with a deep gasp. "No wait, Charlie," she said in a strained voice as she tried to control herself. "Let me."

I just kissed her some more and let her hold me. She was scratching my back, I was glad my new shirt was of a high quality material or it probably would have been torn to shreds. I explored her mouth with my tongue and tried to experience with her each orgasm she achieved.

Slowly she began to pick herself up from my lap. "Ahhhhhhh……" she cried as the friction of my cock sliding inside her vagina caused another wave of shivering orgasm to sweep through her. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed as she had backed off about six or seven inches and then let herself start to slide back down the pole.

She almost fell back to the base; her feelings of pleasure were wearing her down to a whimpering thing. Again she didn't move for a minute or two. We used the time to recover and French kiss. More turbulence bolted the plane.

Hanging onto me as if for her life I felt Kelly raise her pelvis back up off me another seven inches. Her breathing was labored and hard. She was starting to sweat.

More turbulence hit the plane and jolted my penis a fraction of an inch inside Kelly. She muffled a scream in the back of her throat.

"Please return to your seat," the voice of the captain came over the little speaker a few inches above our locked heads.

As if to obey the command of the captain, Kelly returned to her seat. Abruptly she sat back down and was impaled by a foot of meat between her legs. She let out a scream and I was certain the passengers outside must have heard her. Her eyes came open wide in utter shock and if I had not known better I would have thought the look on her face was one of agony and not pleasure.

Kelly was too tired to lift herself back off and keep the rhythm, and so this is where I came in. I slightly repositioned myself beneath her. Getting a firm hold of her I begin to very gently pump up into her womb. She clawed and dug into my back and I heard her whimper into my ear.

Her lips were holding me so tight and as I moved up into her deep reaches the contractions rippled along her lathered walls. The intensity of her contractions was driving my control to the brink and I was having a hard time holding back. I had to keep my rhythm slow and controlled because I don't think she could have withstood anything more.

After awhile we had reached an altitude higher than the 747. I was moaning. Kelly was moaning and screaming into my face. Neither of us could take it any longer. My balls tightened inside my shorts, and I felt my seed gather just behind ready to erupt.

I reached under her skirt and cupped her buttocks starting to remove her from her impalement on my pole.

"Don't," she gasped between heavy breaths. "Come inside of me one last time, Charlie."

Her words and her breath in my ear drove me past the point of no return and I went wild, thrusting up into her with all of my might. This brought her one final time to a climax that threatened to drain the last of her life energy from her. Her scream was agonizing and wild. I'm sure everyone in first class heard. I'm also sure at that moment that I didn't care.

I drove deeper and deeper and deeper still. My attack was no longer in my control. I gave way to all of my pleasure and let it flow out of me.

Soon I felt my love fountain exploding upward into Kelly. This brought a final, whimpering orgasm out of her, as my seed sprayed her vaginal walls and jetted up to douse her womb. I kept pumping and her tight lips kept milking me. I think there were at least half a dozen eruptions up in her. We both quivered in each other's arms, shivering in a wave of orgasmic intensity.

We held each other, both in a near faint. I think at least five minutes had passed before we had regained our normal breath. My cock was still rammed up deep within her, but was unmoving and had no sensation left. I had given every ounce of myself and Kelly had received it. We were both covered in beads of perspiration and exhausted.

"Thank you, Charlie."

"Love you angel."

"I love you too, Charlie."


We set down at Charles De Gaul Airport in Paris right on schedule. Kelly and I made it through customs carrying our luggage and flashing our passports. A little French guy who had worked for my uncle met us after we cleared customs. His name was Jacques.

"You look much like your late uncle Charlie," Jacques told me, helping us with our bags.

"You helped my uncle to find his angels in the past?" I asked him as the three of us scurried through the busy international airport headed for the parking outside.

"I most certainly did," Jacques said as if he was proud of himself. "I helped your uncle to meet Kelly."

"That's right, Charlie," Kelly put in. "As I recall Jacques gave me a line about making me rich, traveling around the world, and getting me laid every day. That was five years ago."

"And so is it true?" Jacques asked Kelly.

"I am rich now," Kelly said. "And I have traveled around the world."

"And she gets laid everyday," I said placing my arm around the small of Kelly's back.

Kelly looked up at me from under her long red curls in that sly European way she had. "My sex life is very satisfactory," she said.

"Now she is going to spoil it all and get married," I told Jacques.

"Every party has to end eventually," Kelly said, and the three of us walked out into the cool fall air of Paris and toward our waiting limousine. "That's where you come in Jacques. Before I leave Charlie I want to help him find a replacement for me. I've still got a few more weeks left in my contract. I want to have sometime to train my replacement in all of her job duties."

A chauffer came over from the limo and took our bags from us and went to load them in the trunk. I had my first chance to look around me and take wonder in the fact that I had just flown across the ocean and was now in the most famous city in the world. I also knew the best part of this trip was yet to come.

"This is where I can be of help to you, Charlie," Jacques said to me.

"You think you can find a replacement for Kelly?" I asked.

"It won't be easy to be sure. Kelly is a very rare and beautiful young woman. But the beach I am about to take you to is like none other in the world. If such a creature does exist – such an angel, then I am sure we are to find her on this beach."

"I'm ready to get started," I said as we climbed in the limo and started off through the horrendous traffic of Paris. I was really glad I was rich and didn't have to drive through this maze of cars, buses and taxi's each honking their horns.

"Now we have some options," Jacques explained to Kelly and I.

"Which are?" Kelly inquired.

"First you two can stay at one of our five star hotels here in Paris this evening and we can leave tomorrow, or if you prefer I'll have the driver head directly for the train station and we will just have time to catch the evening express to Marseille."

"I vote we head off tonight," I said. "What about you Kelly?"

"Sounds good to me! The sooner I can find my replacement the sooner I can get back to the states and start planning my wedding."

Jacques said something to the driver in French and the driver turned about in the heavy traffic with a U turn, all the cars around us blasting us with their horns. Jacques poured Kelly and I a stiff drink. I think he could see I needed one. Kelly on the other hand seemed to be enjoying the rollercoaster ride, but of course she had been here before and I had not.

I sipped my drink and looked out at the lights of Paris. It hit me for about the thousandth time in the last month how strange it was to be rich.

We just made the train. It was leaving at twenty-one hundred hours. Everything around here was military time apparently. Jacques knew his way around well and I realized how valuable an experienced guide was to our journey.

Jacques had one room, and Kelly and I shared another. These were private rooms in a first class coach. The ride would take all night and by mid morning of the next day we would be pulling up to the Mediterranean.

I had never slept on a train before. The jostling of the train down the tracks actually proved to be a sleep aid, and was very soothing and peaceful. The bunk bed of the room was small and the lights of southern France went by in a blur outside.

Kelly lay in my arms that night and watched the scenery pass with me. There wasn't any room for two in the tiny bunk of the train, but we managed to merge our bodies together as the night went by. I stroked her shoulder in the dark of our room and thought many thoughts that night.

"What does he do?" I asked her and she knew who I was talking about.

"He's a musician."

"Is he any good?"

"He's not famous yet. Sometimes he doesn't even have a job. But he's passionate, and that's what I love about him."

"How long have you known him?"

"About a year."

"So you met him before my uncle died?"

"Yes. Your uncle knew about him. I didn't keep any secretes from him, just like I don't keep any secretes from you."

"What have you told him about your job?"

"Nothing. What we do together is private. It's between me and you, Charlie," she said and kissed my chest.

"I really love you, Kelly."

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