tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Golden Opportunity

Charlie's Angels: Golden Opportunity


"Let's see this movie! I heard it's terrific," Kelly said, standing outside the theater, pointing at one poster.

"Eh..that looks awful," Sabrina countered.

"Come on Bri, it'll be good!" Jill insisted.

"I'll pay your ticket."

"Ohh, alright."

"Good! Come on hurry, it starts in a minute and there won't be any good seats," Jill said. She grabbed Sabrina's arm and pulled her into the theater. It was already pretty full, but they were able to spot three empty in the back row. Sabrina scooted down to the first seat, exchanging a brief smile with the man next to her as she sat down. Jill settled into the seat on her left.

Soon Kelly came in and sat down on the aisle seat next to Jill. She handed her a soda to pass down to Sabrina and had a large bag of popcorn for them to share.

40 minutes later Sabrina's chin rested heavily on her hand, propped on the armrest. Her soda cup was already drained and now she had nothing else to do. The film was less than enthralling. She crossed her legs. Why are these floors always so sticky?

"Kelly, this movie's boring," Sabrina whispered to her.

Kelly shushed her, her eyes glued on the screen. Jill was just as absorbed.

Sabrina rested her head back and looked up at the ceiling of the theater, beginning to count the tiles. Geez, how is everybody else watching this movie? Isn't anyone else bored? she thought, scanning the theater.

She looked again at the guy sitting next to her. Not bad looking, she thought. Is he here alone? Her mind began to race, thinking up a better plot than the one on the screen. What if I just reached over and grabbed this guy's dick? What would he do? she thought to herself with a chuckle. Though she meant it only as a passing thought her mind kept returning to it. She grew wet between the legs and delightfully uncomfortable.

Stuck in here like sardines, all hot and horny and can't do a thing about it, she thought to herself, encouraging her secret arousal. Something really turned her on about being horny in public and unable to satisfy herself, that sweet helpless torture. Her fingers crept up her skirt and she dipped her fingertip between her pussy lips. She felt plenty of warm cream there and rubbed the slippery juice onto her clit. Even if she fingered herself here and now it would never do. She was already past that point. Gathering her courage, she upgraded her new form of entertainment and reached for the man sitting next to her.

He blinked in surprise as her hand rested on the crotch of his pants. His eyes found hers rather confusedly in the dim light and she smiled back at him calmly. He made no protest so she found his zipper and opened it, reaching inside to find his dick. She pulled it out of his pants and held it in her hand on his lap, rubbing it softly and feeling it growing larger already.

He could hardly believe his luck and shifted in his seat, allowing the girl better access. Her hand ran up and down the length of his rapidly stiffening shaft. Her fingers twirled around the head and ran up and down the sensitive underside. She played with his balls, feeling them in her hand, cupping them, weighing them, and massaging them. Her finger dropped lower, pushing down to his asshole. She brushed lightly over it several times, teasing and stimulating.

Next she was pumping her hand tightly up and down his cock. He felt a drop of precum leak from his tip and drip down the side. She rubbed it all over his shaft, making it even more slick for her hand to glide up and down. At his full hardness she could barely close her fist around him.

The man's eyes darted around the theater, concerned that at any moment somebody would come shine a flashlight on them. What would he say? There would be no way to explain away a random girl giving him a handjob in the middle of a movie theater. The element of danger only excited him, making his cock throb wildly in Sabrina's hand. She squeezed him lightly in her fist, feeling the veins in his shaft pulsing as she masturbated him. Now and then she switched to stroking very softly with only her fingertips, almost tickling him. The sensation drove him crazy.

He clenched his teeth, feeling the semen rising from his balls. Both realized he was almost there. Sabrina leaned over and sank her lips down over his veiny cock. She took him all the way down her throat on the first plunge. The sensation took a moment to register and he let out a sigh. Her mouth pulled back off and after another breath she began to bob her head in his lap, slurping quietly and trying not to draw attention.

Now he was past the element of danger and frankly didn't care if anyone was watching. In fact, he thought, what a turn-on if people were watching him get his cock sucked. His hands gripped her head as he felt the hot liquid shooting up inside his shaft. A semi-fruitless attempt to steady his legs did little to keep him from bucking uncontrollably in his seat. His cum squirted onto the back of Sabrina's throat, making her cough and pull back. The second blast of sperm fired into empty air landing, unbeknownst to anyone, onto her hair.

She quickly moved back in and took his cock into her mouth just as it twitched to fire another shot. She held him firmly between her lips, eagerly accepting the next warm jets of his thick, salty load. Her hand kept pumping steadily around the base of his shaft and she swallowed as more spurted and filled her mouth, being careful not to spill any. Her lips remained firmly sealed around his cockhead. She sucked hard, coaxing out the last drops of semen that spilled into her mouth. After swallowing she quickly licked his shaft clean.

He sat there breathing heavily, looking down at his cock. It pointed straight up in the air, then slowly shrank until it rested limply in his lap. When he came to his senses he quickly tucked it back in his pants and zipped up, glancing around at the other people.

He looked at Sabrina, who was looking right back at him and licking his cum off her fingers. He reached over and put his hand on her leg, running it slowly up her skirt along her inner thigh. He found her pussy already wet and occupied by her other hand. Pushing hers aside, he teased her opening with his fingertip. He stroked her hard little clit lightly, wetting it with her juices.

A glance at Kelly and showed her still oblivious. Jill sipped her soda absently, wrapped up in the movie.

His finger slipped past her clit and plunged inside her. She gasped, quickly looking around to see if anyone had heard. Evidently she was not as loud as she thought, and settled back down in her seat as he kept fingering her. She was burning hot inside in contrast to the cool air inside the theater. He rested his palm over her slit as he pumped his middle finger up inside her. She breathed just loudly enough for him to hear.

The man slipped another finger into her, listening to the resulting barely-audible gasps. He curled his wrist with each stroke to plunge as deeply as possible into her. Slipping his thumb up, he began to rub her clit at the same time. His fingers were being squeezed hard by one incredibly tight, silky, sopping wet, searing hot pussy. He pumped hard, trying to go as fast as he could.

Sabrina gripped her armrests as three of his fingers worked deep inside her. A complete stranger was fingering her in a crowded movie theater after she jacked him off and swallowed his cum! She repeated the thought to herself over and over, growing wetter each time. Her thighs squeezed around his hand as his fingers continued to pump her aching cunt. She seized his hand with both of hers and held it between her legs, humping up against it.

Being secretive about it had almost completely left her mind as she came. Her pussy clenched his fingers and she only just remembered not to moan out loud. She clapped one hand over her open mouth to keep herself quiet, sinking down a little in her seat to spread her legs wider. With much effort she remained silent as she shook, coating his hand with her fluid as she climaxed. She rubbed her clit against his palm, his fingers still embedded inside her. As her spasms died down she let go of his hand and let her legs rest open, breathing heavily. She lost track of time until he finally pulled his hand out of her pants.

By now he was rock hard again and felt his cock bulging uncomfortably inside his pants.

Checking around to see if anyone had seen, her face felt flushed and she could barely hear the movie over her own heartbeat.

He smiled at her in the dim light of the theater. He put his fingers up to his mouth where he licked them off. The juices covering his fingers tasted sweet and tangy. He found it delicious and was disappointed when he had licked the last of the sweet goo from his hands.

He was about to take his cock back out when the credits suddenly rolled and people began to get up and exit the theater. The lights brightened and Kelly turned to Jill.

"I loved it!" she announced.

"Me too! Wasn't that great, Bri?"

"Yeah, wasn't so bad after all," Sabrina said, standing and straightening her skirt out. The man stood up next to her, holding his hands awkwardly in front of his crotch to conceal his erection as people walked past. They joined the crowd filtering out the doors.

"Did you believe he would do that? I didn't think he would!" Kelly babbled out in the parking lot.

"No, I didn't believe it either!" Jill answered, fishing the keys out of her purse.

"Yeah, that was really something, listen I'm parked over there," Sabrina said, pointing at the other side of the parking lot. "I gotta get home, I'll see you guys later."

"K, see you."

"Catch ya later Bri."

After watching Jill and Kelly drive off, Sabrina motioned the man into her car. While she drove, they introduced themselves. Sabrina, Ben, twenty-something, from Seattle, whatever. Most importantly, both were horny.

When they arrived up at her apartment she excused herself to go to the bathroom before they resumed their activities.

"Hold on, Sabrina," Ben said quickly. An idea had been floating around his head for a while and it seemed a good time to try it out. His cock had softened a little during the car ride but perked back up at this opportunity. "C'mere a sec," he wiggled his finger at her.

"Come on, I had that whole big soda, can't it wait a minute?" she whined.

Ben leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear for a moment.

"On you?" She repeated, raising her eyebrows.

He whispered something else and then tilted his head down and kissed her. Sabrina returned the kiss enthusiastically, parting her lips to allow his tongue into her mouth. Her hand ran down to his crotch, finding him already hard and straining against the fabric of his pants. Ben rolled his hips a little, rubbing himself against her hand as their lips slipped past one another.

"Let's go to the tub," she said, slipping her skirt off.

Sabrina sat in the tub with her legs parted and Ben positioned himself between them. She relaxed her body and after a moment, hot liquid began to steadily stream from between her legs. She was pissing on him.

He let the golden liquid splash all over his face. Quickly he parted his lips and sealed them over her pussy. Her piss noisily trickled into his mouth, filling it and then spilling over his lips and down his chin. He began to lick her pussy roughly, slurping up all the piss from her folds. His tongue roughly entered her, flicking around rapidly. She moaned as she watched the last of her piss spraying on his face as he ate her out.

Sabrina had never even thought about this but here and now, she was as horny as she had ever been. Her hands grabbed his hair as she bucked against his face. She felt her body splashing in her own piss as it ran down to the drain. A loud, desperate groan escaped her lips as he removed his mouth from her pussy just as she was about to climax.

Sitting up on his heels he took his cock in his hand and stroked it a few times, feeling the hot piss traveling up his urethra. It finally squirted from his tip in a large golden arc. His hot urine rained down on her skin, pouring down over her breasts. Ben pointed his dick down, directing his stream of piss directly onto her clit. She jerked as it splattered right onto her sensitive bud, screaming out in a nearly-instant orgasm. As the pressure decreased his arc of piss fell short and he resumed stroking his completely rigid cock. Sabrina leaned forward and licked up a large drop of piss from his cockhead.

Her cunt was aching to be filled but before she could tell him to fuck her, he was already lining his cock up with her hole. Roughly he slid all the way into her with a grunt and his short but thick cock spread her wonderfully wide. She moaned as he began to drive steadily into her.

Her pussy was sopping wet both from his piss and her slippery, warm juices. The fluids mixed together and his cock churned them inside her as it disappeared into her body over and over. Her pussy rippled around his cock as it impaled her and he slammed into her cunt with all his might.He held her thighs apart and fucked her like an animal, like an object as his disposal.

In any less horny conditions Sabrina would have been hurt, but all she wanted now was to feel his cum fill her.

He pistoned into her relentlessly, their bodies slipping in piss against the smooth walls of the tub. His throbbing cock reamed her cunt until he began to twitch and shoot his load inside her with a deep moan. Ramming her twice as fast, he emptied his balls into her for the second time that day. After pumping her tight pussy full of his thick cream, he pulled out of her and stroked his cock. Two final strings of warm, white cum jetted onto her breasts.

While she was still eyes-closed savoring the moment, he unceremoniously climbed out of the tub and left the bathroom. After the rustling of clothes and footsteps she was surprised to hear him walk out the door without another word. She remained in her bathtub, legs splayed open, panting heavily, and coated in the piss and semen of a complete stranger, and thoroughly satisfied.

As a thick glob of cum oozed out of her well-fucked cunt, she heard a taxi make a stop and rumble off down the street.

I really should have gotten that guy's number.

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