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Charlie's Angels: Pilot


Jill and Sabrina had known eachother for two years already when they were hired to work for Charlie Townsend. They had met in the police academy and been best friends ever since. They both liked their new job after handling a few of their first cases, and very much liked their fellow angel Kelly.

Bri had just sold her house and was staying with Jill while she looked for an apartment. She laid in her bed reading while Jill brushed her teeth in the next room. Bri was a very pretty girl with short dark hair and bangs, smoldering brown eyes, and a quick wit.

"Charrie berr givvuf the reft of fa weeken off," Jill garbled, and spat into the sink, "I'm not working any more until I get some rest!"

"Yeah," Sabrina mumbled absently, and turned a page. Jill walked into the bedroom drying her face on a towel. She was an athletic, sexy California girl with bright green eyes and magnificent flowing blonde hair. She had on a new silky light blue nightgown, but Sabrina didn't look up from her book. Jill smirked and hopped onto the bed next to her, snatching the book out of her hands and laying it on the nightstand.

"Hey! You could have at least let me save the page I was on," Sabrina protested. She then let out a little whistle, noticing Jill's nightgown.

"Yeah, I thought you might like it," Jill grinned. She leaned in and gave Sabrina a quick kiss.

"I sure do," Bri said, pulling Jill back for another kiss. Jill's hands caressed Bri's face and neck as their kiss deepened. Bri's hands roamed down Jill's body, feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples lightly through the nightgown. Jill sucked lightly on Bri's bottom lip as she did so.

Bri moved her head down and becan to kiss and lick Jill's neck. She knew she had always had a thing for her neck being kissed. Jill's eyes closed as Sabrina nuzzled her and sucked on her earlobe. She then trailed soft, slow kisses down her neck, over her collarbone, and down her chest. She gently massaged Jill's breasts and began to suck her nipple through the fabric. Jill absolutely loved having her nipples sucked, and she loved Jill's breasts; they were fairly small but very full and round, but the best part was her nipples. When she was excited they stuck out nearly an inch. It was always a turn-on when she noticed Jill's nipples poking through her shirt at work.

She moved the straps down Jill's shoulders and tugged the nightgown down. Her breasts sprang free of the fabric and Bri immediately sucked one of the delicious nipples into her warm mouth. Jill purred contentedly and stroked Sabrina's hair as she suckled. She rolled the other nipple between her fingers while she flicked her tongue back and forth over Jill's thick nub. She withdrew her head and massaged both breasts with her hands, leaning back over to kiss Jill's neck some more.

Jill's hands worked on undoing the buttons of Sabrina's pajamas and pulled it off of her. Her hands roamed over her back and around to her breasts. The two girls melted into a deep french kiss while rubbing eachothers' nipples. She began to slightly roll her hips against Sabrina. Noticing Jill's wetness, she broke the kiss.

"Just a second." Jill began to pout but then grinned when she saw what Sabrina had in mind. She had pulled a black strap-on from her nightstand and fastened it on herself. She kneeled on the bed in front of Jill.

"Would you mind wetting that for me," Bri asked. Jill's grin widened and she leaned in, sucking the plastic cock into her mouth. Jill was not nearly experienced enough to deep-throat the 9 inch toy, but the sight of her sweet lips wrapped around it drove Bri crazy. She pulled out of Jill's mouth and dropped down on the bed on top of her. Jill cooed again as she sucked each of her huge nipples again in turn. She grew wetter with each second, and by the time Bri began to rub the dildo against her slit, she was completely drenched. Her hands ran down and held Sabrina's smooth ass.

Jill let out a loud moan as Bri slowly sank the plastic cock into her. Bri lifted Jill's legs over her shoulders and began to piston into her at a slow and steady pace. Jill kept moaning as Sabrina pumped in and out of her tight hole. She gradually quickened her speed, knocking the headboard against the wall with each thrust. Jill's hips bucked against hers each time the cock drove into her. She threw her head back and squeezed her own nipples as Bri fucked her.

"Harder!" she moaned. Bri slammed into her burning pussy with one hard and fast thrust, causing her to cry out. She then pulled out of Jill's body with a loud pop. Her juices immediately began to flow from her now unoccupied hole. Bri grabbed her trembling body and turned her around. Jill spread her legs and raised her ass in the air.

Bri grabbed her by the hips and rammed the cock back into her sopping wet pussy from behind. A scream escaped her lips and Bri began to slam quickly into her. The bed knocked loudly against the wall. Droplets of Jill's pussy juice spattered onto the bed as Sabrina fucked her hard and fast. She gasped loudly into the mattress each time the thick toy filled her aching cunt. She arched her back and her hands clenched bunches of the bedsheets.

Sensing Jill's urgency, Bri switched to slower but very deep strokes. She sank to the hilt into her friend's dripping pink pussy but did not pull back out; instead she held Jill's hips tightly against her own and humped rapidly. Jill whimpered and moaned desperately on the brink of orgasm. She tried to impale herself deeper against Bri.

Sabrina knew her well and felt her pussy start to spasm. At that moment she pulled out and slammed in as hard as she could. Jill screamed and began to writhe uncontrollably as one of the strongest orgasms of her life shook through her body. Bri fucked her furiously as she came. Her pussy clenched again and again around the plastic cock, forcing spurts of her juices out around it. As her orgasm subsided, Bri calmed down to slow, gentle strokes. She felt Jill's pussy throb a few last times before pulling out of her with another audible pop. Jill fell onto her back on the pillows, exhausted and breathing hard.

"Look at that, I'd better clean that up for you," Bri said, stroking Jill's creamy inner thighs. Jill sighed again but was too tired to move. Bri leaned down and began to lick the drops of Jill's white juices that had dripped down between her legs. She rolled her hips a little as her friend's tongue circled nearer and nearer her burning slit.

Sabrina was always amazed at how wet Jill could get. She wasn't a squirter but absolutely ran like a river when she got good and horny. She loved the taste of her friend's delicious white nectar.

Jill gasped when she licked up the sides of her slit and just above her clit. Her fingers grasped Bri's hair as she began to lap up the juices from between her aching pussy lips like a hungry kitten. Bri swallowed a wonderful mouthful and then slithered her long tongue into Jill's wet hole, making her squirm. She rolled her tongue around inside her friend's pussy, trying to lick up as much juice as she could get. When she could reach no more with her long, hot tongue she sealed her lips around Jill's pussy and sucked the last few drops from her. Jill began to moan and grind her cunt against Bri's open mouth. Bri sucked harder as Jill came again on her face. A fresh rivulet of juice streamed from her pussy, which was promptly lapped up. When Bri had licked her dry, she gave her slit a gentle kiss and moved from between her friend's legs.

She let Jill rest for a couple minutes while she removed the strap-on and replaced it in her nightstand drawer. Pleasuring Jill for so long had made her quite wet too, and she lay on the bed and began to gently stroke her clit with her own fingers. As she got more and more into it, her eyes closed. In a moment she felt another set of fingers stroking her pussy.

Jill's hand swatted hers aside and took over stroking her clit. She slid her other fingers lightly up and down Bri's wet slit. She rolled on top and positioned herself between Bri's legs and blew lightly on her clit.

"Aw c'mon Jill, don't tease," she breathed.

"You don't want to wait any longer, huh," Jill said with a grin, "you need it so bad."


"You spent so long fucking my pussy with that thick cock...and you made my hot pussy cum hard and drip all over the bed, didn't you," Jill said, breathing warmly on Sabrina's slit. "And then you licked up all the cum from my freshly fucked pussy and made me gush my juice all over your pretty face."

"Please!" Bri cried.

"Well...I suppose it wouldn't be nice to make you wait any longer." Before Bri could whine a response she clamped her mouth around her pussy, popped her tongue into her slick hole, and began to tongue fuck her as fast as she could. Sabrina gasped out loud and grabbed handfuls of her friend's blonde curls, trying to pull her face deeper into her cunt. Jill's hot tongue pushed in and out of her pulsing hole, making loud slurping noises. While she loved the taste of Sabrina's cum, she wasn't trying to swallow it because she knew Bri loved seeing her juices all over her face and dripping down her chin. She burrowed her face into her pussy and pushed her tongue in as far as she could, and wiggled it rapidly inside her. Sabrina never knew how she did that, but it was just like a vibrator and made her moan out loud. Jill sucked and lapped and tongue fucked her wet hole for over a half hour, bringing her close to the edge and back down several times. Then she decided it was time to take it up a notch.

She slipped a few fingers into her own warm pussy for a minute while she continued slathering Sabrina's pussy with her tongue, and then removed them. All at once she jammed all three hot fingers into Bri's cunt and locked her lips around her engorged clit. Sabrina's eyes flew open and she cried out loudly, and began humping against Jill's mouth and fingers. Jill sucked on her hard bud, tugging it before it slipped from her warm lips. She lowered her wide open mouth over Bri's pussy and began to drill her stiff tongue all over her sensitive clit, while still pumping her fingers deep into her cunt. Bri screamed and wrapped her legs around Jill's head, grinding her pussy on her hand as an enormous orgasm struck her. Jill's fingers curled to stroke Bri's g-spot as she came blindingly hard. She went limp on the bed, nearly passed out as her cunt continued to spasm around Jill's fingers. She rubbed her face all over her friend's drenched pussy, smearing her juices all over face and licking her clean.

She lay back on the bed next to Sabrina, sucking her juices off her fingers. They looked at eachother's faces, each shining with pussy juice. They held eachother tightly as they licked their juices from eachother's lips and chins, in the midst of a long and sloppy french kiss. Jill rested her head on Bri's shoulder and gently rubbed her nipple as she held her tightly around the waist, and they both fell into an exhausted and satisfied sleep.


Monday morning they arrived at the office early and found Bosley at his desk doing paperwork. They chatted briefly, turning their heads so he couldn't see them grin when they confirmed a good weekend. He soon excused himself to go run a few errands, leaving the two girls alone in the office. They plopped down on the couch together. Several minutes later, Kelly walked in to find them in the middle of a deep kiss. They didn't notice.

"Oh, don't let me interrupt," Kelly said from the doorway. Startled, Bri and Jill jumped and blushed a little. "If you two keep this up I'm going to get stuck doing all the work," she smirked. She was a beautiful girl with blue eyes and long brown hair, and she was very warm and sensitive.

"You know, we were talking earlier about you," Bri said after a moment, "and we want to make sure you don't feel left out."

"Yeah," Jill said, getting up from the couch and walking over to her. "We like you a lot, Kelly." She planted a very soft kiss on Kelly's lips. She was hesitant but soon began to return the kiss affectionately. Her hands rested on Jill's waist as they deepened their kiss. Jill held Kelly's face gently in her hands.

They stumbled back a few steps, Jill playfully pinning Kelly's arms against the wall and they continued their sloppy kiss. Kelly grew more and more enthusiastic, sucking on Jill's tongue and feeling her nipples harden against her shirt.

Sabrina watched them from her seat on the couch. Seeing her two friends pressed up against a wall with their breasts squished together and messily frenching one another was really turning her on.

Jill broke the kiss and took her by the hand, pulling her down onto the couch next to Sabrina. She sat down on the end. Kelly wrapped her arms around Sabrina's waist and immediately resumed the same urgent french kiss. Jill unbuttoned her shirt and played with her nipples as she watched them. Kelly rolled on top and straddled one of Bri's legs, and they began a slow rhythm of humping as they continued to kiss. Bri rubbed herself against Kelly's leg and felt her wetness start to soak into her panties. Her hands slipped up Kelly's shirt and felt her smooth, large breasts and the hard little points of her nipples.

Feeling neglected, Jill got up and straddled Kelly from behind, joining in the slow humping rhythm. She hugged her from behind and joined Bri in pinching her nipples under her shirt. Kelly felt Jill's nipples poking into her back and turned around.

"I've fantasized about these for weeks," Kelly said, gazing at Jill's thick, erect nipples and feeling them in her hands. "I've wanted to taste them.." Jill guided a nipple into Kelly's wet, parted lips. She closed her eyes and sucked lovingly like a nursing baby, her hands on Jill's flat stomach and waist.

Sabrina reached around and undid the clasp of Kelly's pants, and slid her hands down under her damp panties. Her fingers felt their way down to her warm and slick slit, and gently stroked up and down. Kelly to roll her hips against her hand. She then tugged Kelly's pants down over her hips, lifting her legs out of them and tossing them on the floor. She wet her middle finger in her mouth and then gently slipped it up into Kelly's warm and incredibly tight pussy from behind, causing her to moan. At the same time, she put her other hand down her own pants and began to finger herself.

The feeling of Kelly moaning onto her nipple made Jill sigh loudly. She pulled it from Kelly's mouth and replaced it with the other. Kelly's hands opened Jill's pants and slid them down, feeling her smooth little ass and shaved smooth mound. Her fingers slid in Jill's flowing juices as she felt all around her pussy. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. Delicious, she thought. She sucked harder on Jill's nipple and pushed a finger into her dripping cunt. Jill moaned and her knees buckled.

Sabrina took both of them by the hands and all three knelt on the floor together, Kelly still fingering Jill the whole time. Sabrina slipped two fingers back into Kelly, and two into Jill with her other hand. Kelly's fingers wriggled around Bri's inside Jill's sopping pussy, and she groaned loudly. Jill pulled Kelly's shirt off and tweaked her nipples as they both fingered her. Kelly reached to her side and plunged two fingers up between Sabrina's legs. Jill's fingers followed and slipped into Kelly's pussy on her other side. Each girl's had both her friend's fingers pumping inside her. They all leaned inward, a writhing mass of wet tongues and soft flesh. Kelly sucked Sabrina's nipple; Jill's tongue wrestled with Sabrina's inside her mouth and Kelly's joined in. All three girls sucked eachother's lips and caressed their tongues as they ground themselves on eachother's fingers.

Sabrina was the first to throw her head back and gasp as she neared her climax. Kelly and Jill continued to finger her relentlessly and both leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples into their mouths. Both girls' fingering and sucking was too much for her, and she moaned loudly into Jill's hair as her pussy gushed over their fingers. She dropped down to the floor breathlessly.

"Oh, we're not done with you yet," Jill said as she pulled her fingers from Kelly's pussy and moved over to Sabrina, who was laying flat on the carpet. "I want another ride on that long tongue of yours." She straddled Bri's face and lowered her drenched pussy to her lips. Bri held Jill's hips as she began to flick her tongue in and out of her boiling hot cunt. Jill squealed and slid her pussy all over her face as she licked.

Kelly laid on the floor between Sabrina's legs and ran her hands slowly on the insides of her thighs. She felt all around her mound and the folds of her glistening pussy lips. Bri moaned as she slipped two and then three fingers inside her cunt. Next she began to place little warm licks ever so softly at the base of her clit. Bri rolled her hips as she goaned into Jill's pussy.

Jill started to grind her sopping cunt hard on Bri's face. She moaned and squeezed her nipples as her pussy started to spasm. A trickle of her juice ran down one of Sabrina's cheeks as her tongue lapped all around her wet folds. Jill bounced and humped on Bri's tongue as her fresh orgasmic juices spilled all over her face. Gasping for breath, Jill tumbled onto the floor next to her.

Kelly immediately moved up over Sabrina and began to lick Jill's pearly white juices from her cheeks. Sabrina lapped her own fluid from Kelly's lips and they kissed deeply, mixing cream from the pussies they had just eaten. As they licked eachother's mouths clean, their legs tangled together and began to grind against one another. Bri felt Kelly's warm juices trickling down her thigh as they pulled eachother closer together. She smeared her clit in her own juices on Kelly's leg, rubbing the sensitive nub on her skin until another climax shook though her.

She pulled up on Kelly's hips, bringing her up to her face, and burrowed her face into her cunt. She wanted to taste her for the first time and was very pleased. Her juice was even sweeter than Jill's and instead of pearly white, it was completely clear. She lapped it up vigorously and pushed her tongue into Kelly's tight hole wanting more. She squirmed and rode Sabrina's tongue as it lapped the inside walls of her silky tunnel. More juice trickled onto her tongue as she humped and panted. Kelly had not had a release before this and came quickly, holding her pussy tight against Bri's open mouth as her tongue darted in and out.

After her pussy finished spasming Kelly was desperate for more and rolled over on top of Jill. She lifted one leg up, straddled the other, and started rubbing herself on her inner thigh. Jill locked her legs around Kelly's waist, pulling their bodies closer together. Kelly braced herself on the floor and turned so that their crotches locked together. They both humped against the other, their clits rubbing together and pussy lips brushing against eachother. A loud squish sounded each time their cunts pushed together in their combined juices. Kelly clutched Jill's leg, groaning through gritted teeth. Jill moaned and roughly kneaded her breasts in her hands.

Bri watched their pussies rub together and saw their juices flowing and mixing together. A large droplet was about to fall from between them onto the carpet. Sabrina hurried over and placed herself underneath just in time, catching the sweet drop on her tongue. She lapped hungrily at their pulsating cunts as they ground together, swallowing all the fluids she could collect. Most of it was Jill's white pussy juice but all mixed in with Kelly's sweet nectar, it was the most wonderful thing Bri had ever tasted as it dripped freely into her mouth.

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