tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: The Big Eat-Out

Charlie's Angels: The Big Eat-Out


"Good work, angels!" The speakerbox clicked off.

"Well, I'm beat," Kelly announced, picking up her purse. "I'm going to go home and sleep for a week."

"Alright Kel, see you later."

"As a matter of fact I've got to go too. Hold on a minute, I'll walk you to your car," Bosley said, getting up from his chair. "See you later, girls."

"Byebye" Jill waved, and the doors closed behind them.

"I'm glad this one's finally over," Sabrina said, walking behind the bar. "How about a drink to celebrate?"

"Sure," Jill said. She heard Sabrina giggle as she poured the drinks. "What's funny?" Sabrina shook her head and drank from her glass, still smiling to herself. She walked over and sat down on the couch next to Jill.

"Come on, what?"

"A drink to celebrate," she repeated, handing one glass to Jill. "Now there's something I've always wanted to try," she grinned.

"You lost me." Jill said, and took a sip.

"Well look, you know what a umm...a creampie is?" Sabrina asked after a long pause, running her finger around the rim of her glass.

"A cream pie?" Jill echoed. "Course I know what a cream pie is," she frowned. "I love pie."

"Nono," Sabrina chuckled. "Creampie. One word." Met with only a blank stare, "It's when a man cums inside a woman and then somebody licks it out," she explained.

"Oh." They sat in silence for a moment. "You've always wanted to try that?"

"Yep," Sabrina nodded.

"With um...with who?"

"You wouldn't make me choose," she responded with a grin.

"Naw," Jill smiled, "I mean what man?"

"Oh, I dunno. I could make a couple phonecalls."

"A couple?" Jill grinned, taking another sip. "Wait now, were you wanting to be the one filled or the one drinking?"

"Drinking, of course."

"You mean I get to be fucked AND I get to have you eat me out? And you want it that way?" Jill raised her eyebrows. Sabrina nodded.

"You in?"

"Sure," Jill giggled.

"Alright...listen then, come to my house tomorrow afternoon, and bring Kelly along if she's interested."

"Ok. You comin?" Jill asked, walking towards the door.

"Nah, you go on home, I'm gonna use the phone here a minute," Sabrina said, sitting down at Bosley's desk.

"Alright. See you tomorrow," Jill smiled, walking through the door.


She leaned back in her chair, thinking for a minute. Then with a grin she picked up the phone and punched in the numbers with the end of a pencil. "Hello, Alan? It's Sabrina."


"This'll be terrific," Jill said, parking her car in Sabrina's driveway.

"Think I should have worn my pink panties?" Kelly asked as they walked to the door.

"Think I should have worn any panties?" Jill responded with a giggle. Kelly smirked and rang the bell. A moment later the lock turned and Sabrina opened the door.

"Hey girls, come on in. Party's getting started."

Jill walked into see five men sitting in the living room.

"Here they are, boys. These are my friends Jill and Kelly. Girls, this is Marty, Alan, Rex, Tony and you remember my ex Bill." Everyone politely said hello, beginning to chitchat a little.

"Ok everyone, let's get to it," Sabrina said, unbuttoning her blouse. There was a pause while everyone looked sort of sheepishly around, then started unbuttoning shirts and untying shoes.

Tony finished first and stepped up to Jill before her pants were even off. He reached out and cupped one breast, feeling her large nipple harden under his thumb. He stooped a little and sucked one into his mouth. Jill gasped a little, and her hands abandoned her zipper to hold the back of his head.

Bill turned to Kelly and asked straight out, "Can you deep-throat?" She shook her head. "Would you like to learn?" She kept looking at him, slightly concerned. "Don't have to, but if you do we'll take it real slow and everything."

"Yeah Kel," Sabrina said, "Bill's the best, it'll be fine. He taught me!"

Reassured, Kelly gave a little smile and got down on her knees in front of Bill. She took his dick in her hand and stroked it softly.

"Just take your time and get used to the feel of it." It slowly stiffened in her fingers as she ran her fingertips over the smooth shaft. She extended her tongue, supporting the head of his cock from the underside, and then closed her lips around the tip. Her cheeks narrowed as she began to suck lightly and bob her head between his legs. Bill's cock went completely rigid as she began to slide her lips up and down the first few inches.

"Yeah," he sighed. "Just get comfortable..." His legs twitched slightly as she wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft, pointing it straight into her mouth as she slurped.

Sabrina sat on a chair, idly fondling her nipples while watching Kelly giving a blowjob. Alan suddenly appeared in front of her on his knees.

"Hi there," she said. He covered her mouth with his, kissing her forcefully and jutting his tongue into her mouth. Her lips slipped around his, sucking on his tongue. His cock was already rock hard and pressing against her leg. Alan lowered one hand to her pussy and began to finger her. His finger fucked her pussy while his tongue fucked her mouth. After a minute he pulled his lips from hers, and licked her juices off of his finger. He grew instantly harder at her taste, he lowered his head and buried his face between Sabrina's legs. His lips sealed around her pussy and he sucked hard, pulling her tender flesh into his mouth. He stiffened his tongue and started to fuck her dripping pussy with it. Sabrina rubbed her nipples, enjoying getting tongued and watching Kelly suck Bill off at the same time.

Jill had fallen back onto the couch as Marty and Tony each sucked one of her nipples. Their hands roamed over her ass and stomach. Her legs parted, revealing her clean-shaven pussy already leaking white drops of fluid. Marty was first to see it and he quickly gave up his grip on Jill's left nipple to move down between her legs. He took his stiff cock in one hand, rubbing the head up and down Jill's slit a few times. She smiled as she felt his hard tip teasing slickly against her opening. Marty eased the head inside her and then let go, grasping her hips. He sank into her, gritting his teeth as his cock slid into her tight, boiling cunt. She let out a coo as her pussy finally was snugly filled with warm, hard flesh. Gentle strokes soon turned to fast ones and Jill wrapped her legs around his ass. He reached forward and pinched her nipple as he pistoned into her. Rex sat on the couch next to them, stroking himself while he watched them fuck.

Kelly's hand slid up and down the base of Bill's shaft in rhythm with her lips. She licked the gob of precum that oozed from his swollen tip and spit it back onto his cock. Her lips and fingers smeared it down his shaft. His hands rested on top of her head as she sucked him. He realized after several minutes that she was trying to suck him deeper into her mouth. The tip of his cock tapped the back of her throat and she dropped him out of her mouth, coughing.

"It's alright, real slow," he said, guiding himself back into her lips. She slid her mouth over his cock until it touched the back again.

"Relax your throat." He pressed gently, easing another half inch deeper. She started to accept him but gagged a little, pulling back.

"Deep breath. Don't rush it, you're doing great." Her head bobbed a few more times, taking him gradually deeper. She kept still with his cock almost pressing down her throat, letting her gag reflex get accustomed to it. Her hands rested around his ass and she pulled herself a little further onto him so that the head of his cock pointed down her throat. After a second she gagged and released him quickly, her eyes watering.

"That felt real good," Bill said, stroking her hair. "You're getting it. No hurry, you're doing great." She really was doing great for a first time. He tried to put his mind elsewhere to keep from blowing his load down her throat. She took his glistening mushroom tip in her mouth again, sucking on it and pumping his shaft with her fist.

Marty plunged into Jill's cunt and stayed buried there as his cock began to pulse. He groaned loudly and his cock bulged as he released his load. Jill gasped as she felt his hot jets of cum spraying forcefully inside her. After a moment his breathing calmed and he pulled out of her and stepped back, almost causing her to cry.

Tony took his place between her legs and without a word slid his cock into her well-lubricated hole. Jill could feel that his was much thicker and she moaned as he stretched her pussy. He held her ankles wide apart in the air and proceeded to fuck her hard and fast.

Marty walked over and stood next to Sabrina, who still had Alan's head buried between her thighs. He held his dick, dripping with cum and Jill's pussy juice, and guided it to Sabrina's face. She turned her head and eagerly sucked it into her mouth, savoring her favorite taste in the world.

Alan began to flick his tongue over her clit, suddenly throwing her into a frenzy. Marty's dick fell limply from her lips and she threw her head back, bucking in her chair. She squeezed Alan's head between her legs, her fingers tangled in his hair, and moaned deeply. Her juices trickled onto his chin as she came, sliding her cunt all over his face.

Bill groaned as his cock slid two more inches down Kelly's warm throat. He guided her bobbing head with one hand. Her throat squeezed around his shaft but just as quickly relaxed. She was becoming comfortable with the feeling and was rather proud of herself. Slowly she eased her lips further down the base of his shaft until he was completely inside her mouth, then pulled off, gasping for breath.

"You did it," Bill said appreciatively. Kelly smiled to herself and quickly swallowed his cock again, her throat stretched wide. He squeezed his eyes shut.

The doorbell rang and Sabrina roused herself from her post-orgasmic trance to go answer it. She swung the door open and welcomed in three more men. They stood silently, awestruck not only by the fact that Sabrina had greeted them naked but that there was a girl on her knees giving a blowjob behind her and a blonde getting fucked on the couch. They craned their necks a little, watching over her shoulder. Bulges immediately sprang up their pants.

"Well don't just stand there boys, strip down!" She urged, grasping the nearest one by the belt and unbuckling him.

Just then, Tony swore loudly and came inside Jill with a deep groan. His balls slapped on her skin as he rammed into her even more forcefully, sending her over the edge. Her pussy gripped his thick cock and she thrashed beneath him, screaming as he pumped her full of cum. Everyone in the room froze and stared at them as they both climaxed noisily, the couch squeaking. Even Kelly dropped the cock from her mouth to watch. The new guys stood there stroking themselves as Jill finished moaning.

Bill looked down at Kelly's delicate pink lips once again wrapped around his throbbing shaft and felt his balls tighten.

"Mmh..I'm gonna come darlin', oh gah... where do you want it?" She sealed her lips around the middle of his shaft and massaged it with her tongue, looking up at him. He struggled to keep his hands from holding her head as his hips started to thrust uncontrollably. His cock squirted, flooding her mouth with warm cum and she gulped it all down without spilling a drop or opening her lips. Her hand pumped his shaft and she sucked him firmly as he deposited the last drops into her mouth. When he pulled out she opened her mouth wide, showing him proudly that she had swallowed his whole load.

"You learn quick, girl," he smiled.

As soon as Tony moved aside, Alan jumped in between Jill's quivering legs and mounted her. He already had a raging hardon dripping with precum from eating Sabrina out without getting any head in return. He thrusted briskly into her only a dozen times before losing control and draining the thick sperm from his balls into Jill's creamy pussy. His spent dick withdrew from her with a loud, wet slurp.

"Kelly, do you want-" Sabrina turned around to see Kelly already laying on the floor with Andy, one of the new arrivals, sucking her nipples. Her legs were spread wide and he was fingering her vigorously. Sabrina smiled to herself, watching them for a minute. Then she turned and scanned the room for an unoccupied cock.

She went up to the nearest guy, David. Sabrina pushed him down onto the floor, and he laid down without any protest. She squatted over him, grabbing his cock with one hand and guiding it straight up into her pussy. David folded his hands behind his head and watched as Sabrina lowered herself onto his rigid shaft. He groaned as her hot pussy enveloped him, drenching him in her juices.

Jill's briefly vacant pussy was once again occupied by Steve, a young guy with a very long, thin cock. He slipped it into her, felt it bottom out, and pulled back again. Each time he hammered into her the tip of his cock poked into her cervix, making her gasp. Jill's legs locked and she trembled as another orgasm seized her cunt. Steve took no notice of her climax except that her inner walls were rhythmically massaging his cock, and continued to pound her furiously. Jill was crying out, half in pain and half in raw pleasure. Her pussy continued to ripple around his long tool until he stabbed it as far in as he could and shot his hot load. Jill gripped the couch cushions tightly in her hands as his cum sprayed against her sensitive cervix.

When Steve pulled his cock out of Jill's pussy, a trickle of semen leaked out of her well-stretched hole and down her slit. Bill quickly rushed over and plugged the hole with his second-wind hardon. He held Jill's waist and rolled his hips, fucking her slowly. His veiny cock slipped easily in and out of her sopping pussy. She was very well lubricated but still fairly tight and fiery hot, and felt wonderful on his cock as he moved in and out. After several minutes he tensed up and came again, his load slightly smaller due to the first serving in Kelly's mouth. It pulsed and streamed into Jill's already drenched tunnel.

Sabrina slid her cunt up and down over David's cock, bouncing and rocking roughly on top of him. Her breasts jiggled each time she struck bottom. David began to thrust upwards, meeting Sabrina's pace.

A moan from Kelly echoed loudly through the room. Her back arched off the floor as she humped desperately against Andy's fingers. He was devoting most of his attention to stroking his own cock as he squirmed, trying to get off on his fingers. She was so close and just about to go over the edge. Her pussy burned and throbbed with the liquid heat of anticipation.

The sound of her friend's moan made Sabrina's pussy twitch. She and David both knew that he wasn't allowed to come yet, so she allowed herself to climax as soon as she felt it approach. Her hips thrusted violently and she rode him hard, impaling herself on his thick cock over and over. His cockhead stretched her deep inside as she fucked him. He felt her juices drip down over his balls as she came with a moan. She continued to work her spasming pussy on his cock until he tapped her urgently on the leg. Sabrina understood that he meant he was about to shoot his load and lifted herself off of him.

David quickly got up and rushed in front of Jill just in time for the first jet of his warm white jizz to splash all over her mound and pink pussy lips. He pumped his cock in his fist and sighed as four more squirts emptied his balls onto her dripping cunt. She flinched as one of his strings of cum landed directly on her extra-sensitive clit.

Sabrina then saw Andy abandon Kelly's still trembling body to go fuck Jill.

He shoved himself inside her, bending one of her knees over his shoulder. He held her leg tightly to his chest and began to ream her with no hint of a warmup. Jill's cries had turned to one constant moan and she pinched her own nipples while Andy fucked her hard.

Sabrina went over and took Kelly's hands into hers, kissing her deeply. Their tongues explored eachother's mouths, exchanging tastes of sperm and juice. Then she positioned herself between Kelly's thighs, determined to give her the orgasm that Andy did not. She slipped three fingers into Kelly's dripping cunt and worked them deeply, lowing her head to lick her clit at the same time. She moaned loudly, grasping Sabrina's hair, and almost immediately came with a gush of sweet, clear fluid. Sabrina lapped it up and then moved up to kiss her, allowing Kelly to taste herself on her lips. She sighed in relief, her face still flushed as she kissed Sabrina.

"Thanks," she breathed appreciatively.

Tony approached and Kelly got up onto her knees, taking his cock into her mouth. An assembly line of limp, dripping cocks formed slowly in front of her; after fucking Jill, each man walked over to Kelly and she licked the cum and pussy juice off his dick. She took Alan's cock, fresh out of Jill's pussy, and lapped it clean eagerly. When she finished with him, Steve took his place and she sucked his cock completely into her mouth, sealing her lips tightly to collect the warm goo from his shaft as she pulled back off of him. Sabrina crawled underneath Kelly and licked the juices from her tender, wet pussy while Kelly sucked each cock in turn.

Andy slammed Jill recklessly, his cock gliding on a thick coating of sperm inside her well-fucked pussy. It made a loud slopping noise with each thrust. He held onto her legs and kept fucking her until he satisfied himself and pumped all of his seed into her twitching cunt. Jill was just gritting her teeth at this point; she was completely exhausted and almost in tears. Andy yanked out of her and strolled over to Kelly, pushing his cock into her mouth to be sucked off.

Rex knew that was the last cock in the room to be drained. For the past two hours he sat on the far end of the couch, not doing anything but masturbate and stare at the hottest blonde he'd ever seen as she got fucked by a succession of seven guys. He brought himself to the edge and back down countless times as he watched. He hadn't unloaded in a week; his balls felt so ripe and full of cum, aching badly to be released. He stroked himself a moment longer, letting Jill relax, then he stood up.

Seeing that Jill was clearly too tired to fuck anymore without hurting her, he stood between her legs and jerked himself off. His fist flew up and down his shaft until he felt the cum rising up. With his hand he guided the tip of his cock just barely inside Jill's opening. His eyes rolled back as his balls squeezed, launching a spray like a firehose into her. Again and again his cock twitched, filling her with a weeks' worth of his white-hot sperm. It seemed like he shot a hundred jets into Jill's sloppy cunt before he calmed down. Her completely filled pussy began to seep a ring of white out around his cock.

Rex kept his cock plugged in her hole until Sabrina came over and kneeled before her. As soon as he pulled out, she opened her mouth over Jill's pussy.

A thick white river of semen flooded out of her gaping hole and into Sabrina's mouth. She quickly swallowed as much as she could, even more of it spilling over her face in the brief second that her mouth closed. As much as she drank from Jill's cunt, it kept flowing out. She tasted traces of all the different loads; some bitter, some salty, some thick and stringy, some watery. The last large glob dripped thickly out and she swallowed it, and the flow slowed to a trickle. She let it spill onto her tongue as it leaked steadily out of Jill.

Sabrina lapped the streaks of cum smeared on her pussy lips, and then burrowed her tongue inside Jill's freshly fucked pussy. Jill gasped and with a jiggle of her hips she succumbed to another climax from Sabrina's wriggling tongue. Her spasming pussy forced out more of her sweet white juices and even more of the deeper deposits of thick sperm all over Sabrina's face. She kept her mouth open and pressed against Jill's cunt, letting the warm fuck juice pool on her tongue. Her hands gently massaged Jill's ass and legs as she lapped up all the cum that drizzled from between her legs. She collected a final mouthful and then leaned up, pressing her lips against Jill's. They parted and Sabrina let the delicious cocktail of pussy juice and semen flow into her mouth. They kissed affectionately, sharing the gooey cum and licking it off eachother's lips.

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