tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: The Little Angel Ch. 02

Charlie's Angels: The Little Angel Ch. 02


Kelly and Kris sat on the sofa watching TV on a warm Friday night.

"Do you really think Charlie will hire me?" Kris wondered aloud.

"Of course he will," Kelly said. "you're perfect for the job."

"He doesn't have to hire me because I'm Jill's sister."

"He's not, he's hiring you because you're a good cop and we all like you." She leaned in and planted a kiss on the corner of Kris's mouth. Kris turned her head, sliding her lips over Kelly's until they were locked together in the first of many long kisses. Their lips pressed together softly and sweetly like a first kiss every time. Kris stroked Kelly's hair and planted little kisses all over her face, on her jaw, on her neck. She kissed her ears and her shoulders, running her hands all over Kelly's flawless skin.

This is what Kelly loved about Kris. She never lost the innocence about her even though her first sexual experience had long since passed. Sabrina and Jill often geared straight to fucking but like Kelly, Kris liked to make love slowly, softly, beautifully, and instead of being serious she always had a smile on her face. She was always sweet and gentle, content just to be held and hugged and caressed.

Her hand slipped inside Kris's shirt and cupped her breast, feeling her smooth, warm skin. Her nipples were not as spectacular as her sister's, but her breasts were fuller and Kelly loved to feel them. Their hands crept between eachother's legs, beginning to rub eachother lightly. As the kiss grew sloppier, each could feel the warm spot on the other's pants spreading. Kris unbuttoned Kelly's pants and slipped her hand inside, feeling the wet spot on her panties where she was leaking through. She rubbed her fingertip softly on Kelly's clit through the fabric.

Once inside Kris's pants, Kelly's fingers pulled her panties aside and went to work on her bare pussy. Her fingertips stroked up and down her warm, wet slit and toyed with her pussy lips. Their mouths squished together noisily, parting only for panting breaths and little moans. Both began to hump slightly against the other's fingers. Kelly plunged one long finger into Kris's dripping pussy and smiled at the moan it produced. She began to finger Kris as she closed her eyes and kissed her again, feeling her hips roll in unison. She slipped in another finger, and at the same time, felt a slender finger enter her own pussy and begin to pump in and out.

"Get these off," she said, tugging at Kelly's pants. She wriggled out of them, Kris doing the same and kicking hers off onto the carpet. Panties followed.

"I think this needs to come off too," she said, indicating Kelly's shirt. As she pulled it up over her head, Kris reached out and cupped her breast, bringing her nipple up into her mouth. Kelly tossed her shirt and pulled at Kris's, making her stop sucking at her nipple and let it come off over her head. Their lips met again and their fingers slipped back inside eachother, feeling inside their warm bodies. Both their pussies tingled, growing wetter by the minute.

Kelly started to move down her body, parting her thighs gently. She could barely wait to taste the delicious cream that had collected between Kris's slick pussy lips. She inhaled deeply, savoring her favorite scent in the world and preparing to taste it. Already she could imagine the warm, slippery lips on her tongue, the fresh, sweet juices she would lap from between them, the soft tightness of the pink hole she would burrow her tongue into... Much to her surprise, Kris stopped her.

"Kelly," she said. Kelly looked up and their eyes met. "I want you to be my first."

"I thought I was your first already?" Kelly looked questioningly into her eyes.

"You are," she answered, "but I want more than fingers inside me. I want you to take me."

"Oh, honey don't you want a man to be your first? It's not the same."

"I don't want to give it up to some guy." she hugged Kelly, snuggling against her neck. "I want it to be you. You're my best friend Kelly, I love you."

"I love you too Kris." she hugged her back, kissing her flower-scented golden hair. "I'd love to be your first." She brought her fingers under Kris's chin and raised it, looking deeply into her eyes for a moment and smiling sweetly. She glanced down at her lips, closed her eyes, and give her another soft kiss. "Let's go to my bedroom." She took Kris by the hand and led her. Once inside her bedroom, Kelly went around to her nightstand and brought out a small box. She sat down on the bed with Kris and removed the lid. Inside there were several dildos, long and thick, some with bumps and ridges, some with vibrators built in.

"You've got quite a collection there," Kris said, looking into the box worriedly.

"I think this one would be best." she pulled out a plain and rather small one. Kris nodded. Kelly put it on and tossed the box on the floor and wrapped her arms around Kris again, kissing her neck.

Kris closed her eyes and sighed, rolling her head back. She loved it when Kelly kissed her neck. She could feel Kelly's hard nipples pressing into her skin, and she was sure hers were doing the same. Her hands stroked up and down Kelly's back as they embraced. Kelly gently pushed her onto her back on the pillows, and lowered herself down on top. Kris moaned quietly when Kelly began to suck on one of her nipples. She wished she could suck on Kelly's at the same time but she couldn't reach, so she used both hands to reach down and play with them instead.

As Kelly's tongue swirled around her nipple, her hand drifted down between Kris's legs and lightly stroked her inner thighs. Her fingers trailed through Kris's light bush, almost tickling, being careful not to touch her pussy. She stroked so close, just to the sides of her pussy lips, close enough to feel her warmth and wetness... but she was waiting for it. When Kris spoke up she would be ready. For now she teased and caressed, grazing and just barely missing. She stopped for a moment to slip two fingers easily into her own dripping pussy, and then bring them up to Kris's lips. She licked them clean and Kelly dropped her hand back down between her legs. Her lips pressed against Kris's warm skin, kissing all over from her neck, slowly down to her navel and back up again. Her long auburn hair hung down and dragged lightly over Kris's skin as she went along, teasing her just a little bit more.

Kris began to whimper and gyrate her hips, trying to get Kelly's fingers to go where she wanted them. She could feel her juices dripping down between her legs, and her pussy ached to be touched again.

"Please Kelly," she breathed.

Kelly moved in, supporting herself just over Kris. In this position her strapon hung down and rested lightly against Kris's pussy, making her give a little excited whimper. Kelly began to rock back and forth, rubbing it up and down the length of her dripping slit. The shaft was quickly coated in her slippery juices as it slid up and down between her pussy lips, just grazing her aching opening over and over. Kelly continued to kiss her neck and anywhere her lips could reach.

Kris moaned quietly through smiling lips. Her arms wrapped around Kelly, stroking her shoulders and back as she moved over her. She felt the wet cock slipping over her clit again and again, and began to grind herself against it. Kelly sensed she was ready. She felt for Kris's arms, feeling them down to her hands and took hold of them. Their fingers intertwined.

Kelly changed her angle and positioned her tip against Kris's wet, pink opening. Her lips pressed softly against Kris's as she eased forward, pushing just the cockhead inside her. She was extremely tight but her sopping wetness allowed Kelly to penetrate her easily. Kris moaned into Kelly's mouth as it stretched her, and she tightened her grip a bit. After a moment Kelly pulled back and began to slip slowly in and out, just an inch inside her, massaging her tight opening. When she pushed slightly further she was met with resistance. Though Kris knew she was gentle and would never do anything to hurt or surprise her, Kelly could see the nervousness on her face each time she pressed up against it. Always patient, she kept thrusting slowly and shallowly until she could tell Kris was relaxed. Her fingers rested loosely in between Kelly's and she wore a small, contented smile.

"Are you ready Kris?"

She nodded.

With a swift but gentle thrust Kelly pushed through and sank deeper into her tight pussy. Kris cried out, squeezing Kelly's hands tightly. A tear rolled down her cheek. Kelly froze.

"Are you all right honey?" Kelly asked, afraid she had hurt her.

Kris nodded again after a moment.

"I love you," Kelly cooed.

Kris looked into her eyes and smiled up at her, the sweetest smile ever, that made her heart melt. She leaned in and kissed Kris's tears away, tasting a hint of salt as her lips pressed to her cheek. Their soft lips nestled together and they shared a deep, soulful kiss.

The sharp pain was gone. Kris was a woman. She felt the hardness inside her as she kissed her best friend and began to move her hips on it. Kelly pulled out and slipped in again very carefully. Met with a moan of approval, she braced herself and began to thrust slowly but firmly in and out of Kris's sopping pussy. Kris's arms wrapped around Kelly once more, holding her close as she moved back and forth. The rigid cock moving inside was stretching her virgin pussy wider than it had ever gone. She had expected it to hurt but each time Kelly filled her, it was the new best moment of her life.

"Faster" she murmured.

Kelly picked up speed, pumping her at a healthy pace and elliciting louder moans. She felt Kris's hips moving in unison with her own. Looking down she watched both their breasts jiggling as their bodies moved together.

Kris lifted her legs and wrapped them around Kelly's hips, opening herself up even wider. Kelly drove into her even faster now. She hung her head down and watched the slick cock jutting from between her legs plunge between Kris's over and over. Almost instantly she rippled in an orgasm, rubbing herself against the base of the shaft. She felt a few drops of hot juice dribble from her pussy as she came quietly, never stopping her thrusts. Kris felt the hot liquid spattering on her skin and watched the ecstasy on Kelly's face as she climaxed, causing her own moans to grow more desperate. Kelly kissed her neck again to spread her pleasure.

Kris squeezed her legs around Kelly, trying to pull her deeper inside. She was getting close to the edge. Having never cum from anything inside her besides fingers, she didn't know what to expect. Her breath was panting and Kelly could tell she was almost there.

She sank into Kris to the hilt, filling her as deeply as she could. Kris cried out in pleasure, squeezing her eyes shut and clutching Kelly as she finally overloaded. The deep, burning pressure inside her finally exploded, sending electricity out to her fingers and toes and back to her core. Her pussy spasmed and clenched over and over around the hard shaft buried inside her. She humped against Kelly as she moaned, impaling herself even deeper on the slippery, rigid pole. After the dizzying waves of her orgasm ebbed, her legs unlocked from around Kelly's hips and fell back onto the bed. Her moans grew quieter, turned to sighs, turned to quiet breaths.

Kelly rolled off of her and collapsed at her side. They lay together breathing, holding eachother close.

"I love you so much," Kelly whispered into her hair, and kissed her forehead.

Kris smiled and snuggled up against her. She touched Kelly's cheek and kissed her, saying everything that needed to be said. Thank you. So gentle. So good. I love you. I love you.

Kelly's lips sealed around hers, softly and lovingly. She stroked Kris's hair and whispered in her ear, just the things she wanted to hear, in a language only angels knew.

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