Charlie's Children


As I thrust, I felt her vagina tightening and releasing my penis as if trying to milk the precious sperm from me. This made me climax even harder, trying to thrust throughout the spasms of my orgasm until it felt like every last drop of semen had passed from my body to hers and I was finally dry.

The whole process had lasted less than ten minutes from start to finish.

Once my spasms had passed, I held myself motionless above her limp body, my softening cock still inside her most private place, looking into her sweet face and feeling beads of sweat on my own.

Our eyes met and there were tears in all four of them.

"Is... Is that what you wanted...?" I asked quietly, my voice shaky.

Below me, Charlotte smiled and nodded, a look of relief on her face.

"It's too late to change my mind now..."

I softened fully inside her, my breathing returning to normal and my flaccid cock slipped messily from her body.

To my surprise, Charlotte almost pushed me away and immediately clasped her knees together and raised them to her chest. At first I was upset at what seemed like a rejection after what we had just done together but then I realised she was simply maximising the chances of fertilisation.

I rolled onto my back and lay alongside her on the bed.

"I have to stay like this for an hour!" She giggled. "I'm glad only you can see me."

"It's a good job neither of us has to go to work yet." I said.

"It certainly is..." She replied. "This might be my most fertile time so we have to do this twice a day, every day, remember?"

I did indeed remember. The prospect of making love to this incredibly lovely girl; of climaxing inside her beautiful body every day for two whole weeks was astounding.

"Go and have your shower!" She said softly. "I need to rest for a bit."

I bent over and kissed her on the forehead, then left her in that awkward position and did as I was told, the hot water washing away Charlotte's sweet juices from my body.

I returned to the bedroom fully dressed fifteen minutes later to find her asleep, her knees still tightly clasped together, raised on a pile of pillows. I went downstairs and got on with my job.

It was about an hour later when I heard the front door opening and looked down from my ladder. Charlotte, now fully dressed in jeans and a loose fitting top was coming around the corner of the house with yet another big mug of tea in her hand. I grinned in delight and descended to meet her.

"That's great. Thanks!" I said, taking the steaming mug from her hand. "You feel ok? No regrets still?"

Charlotte looked a little embarrassed - but only a little. "I'm happier than I have been in a long time. And relieved too, now it's all started." Her smile was a combination of innocence and guilt and melted my heart.

"Going out?" I asked, observing the handbag over her shoulder.

"Yes. I've got to go into work to do some photocopying and then to the supermarket." She smiled knowingly. "Don't worry. I'll be back around one for our... appointment. I've got the bit between my teeth now..."

"See you later then. Thanks for the tea." I replied, sipping the hot drink as she walked to her car and drove off down the road.

She returned at lunchtime, smiled at me and went into the house. I half-expected her to have changed her mind and had resigned myself to having just the one wonderful memory of making love with my beautiful daughter-in-law.

But I had underestimated Charlotte's determination. After half an hour, she emerged from the back door and asked if I was ready. I needed no second bidding. Following her into the house and up the stairs I showered and the whole unbelievable process was repeated – this time with a great deal less self-consciousness and a lot more pleasure for both of us.

It lasted a lot longer too, Charlotte's breathing showing clearly that she was enjoying our lovemaking more which in turn brought me joys I could not have imagined only a day ago. She even kissed me on the lips – just once – after I had ejaculated noisily inside her incredible body.


For the next two weeks we made love every day, often twice, apart from Sundays when my son was around all day. Every few days Charlotte used a home pregnancy test to see if she had conceived yet – which was far more often than necessary but, as I said, she is a determined girl - but without success.

In the third week I had been forced to resume my usual job so could only visit her sporadically. Despite that, we managed to make love almost every day which after the previous two weeks seemed like an unbearable separation to me.

For more than two months we had sex daily for three out of every four weeks, with Charlotte always hoping that her period would not come to mar the fourth. Not surprisingly she and I became even closer than before and I must admit to having fallen more than a little in love with her.

I think this was inevitable despite all our noble intentions and by the third month we were kissing freely and passionately during our 'insemination' sessions and had even tried some alternative positions, mostly to position my sperm better within her but bringing great pleasure to us both at the same time.

On the second Thursday of the third month I arrived at eight in the morning, ready and eager to perform but as I approached the back door it was flung open and a half crazed, half dressed Charlotte flew out and flung her arms around my neck.

"Look! Look Tony!" Look!" She gabbled, her words falling over one another. She thrust a long, white something into my face, far too close for me to see it properly. I grinned and took it from her hand.

It was one of her home testing kits, but this time the message in the little window was clear and unambiguous.


I felt stunned. After all the tears, all the years of trying and the tens of thousands of pounds spent on IVF, all it had taken was two months of blissful, amazing, heart warming sex with one of the loveliest creatures I had ever encountered to produce happiness on this epic scale.

I took her hand and gently led her into the kitchen, her feet apparently barely touching the floor. Her hair was dishevelled, her robe only half fastened and I held her in my arms for a long time as the tears of joy began to roll down her cheeks.

"Thank you..." She sobbed. "I can't tell you how much it means... how grateful I am..." But I shushed her.

"There's a long way to go yet, love..." I whispered. "...Before you can tell the world. But it's really, really good news. I'd open a bottle of champagne if it wouldn't give our secret away!"

She giggled. "I mustn't drink anything now anyway. I'm not taking any chances with this baby." She held her hand against her flat belly, her face now beaming despite the joyful tears. She kissed me on the cheek.

"You're amazing, Tony. Remember that!" She danced around the kitchen floor like a ten-year-old, calling in a sing-song voice. "I'm having a baby! I'm having a baby! I'm having a baby!"

Then, as if an unwanted thought had crossed her mind, she suddenly became more serious.

"I suppose our daily... sessions... have served their purpose now." The thought had obviously crossed my mind too. It was a bittersweet moment. "I think I'm going to miss them."

"It was lovely while it lasted..." I mused. "But we were always aiming for this. It's a great result, really." I paused.

She looked at me. I looked at her. Charlotte smiled the sweetest smile and took my hand.

"Shall we try just one more time? Sort of as a celebration?"

I blushed as she led me upstairs. This time, making love slowly and tenderly with the beautiful young woman who was now really, truly carrying my baby, it was so lovely that I actually cried as I came inside her soft, tender body one last time.

And so that amazing episode in my life came to an end.


Charlotte's pregnancy did not go smoothly, what with terrible morning sickness and high blood pressure getting in the way, but it endured the full nine months.

When, after twelve weeks she felt confident enough to 'go public' with the news, our son Adam was simply over the moon, sounding almost drunk with sheer joy when he called me and his mother early in the morning, followed by Charlotte's mum and then most of the contents of his address book.

"It's unbelievable, Dad! After all we've been through, for it to happen naturally just like that..."

Any last nagging doubts I had evaporated immediately in the face of such obvious happiness.

In the end of course, as you know from the beginning of this tale, Charlotte gave birth to a baby boy. Seven pounds four ounces – a good heathy weight – after only eight hours of blissful labour.

He looks like both me, his genetic father and Adam his Dad, which is perfect. They were a proper family at last.

The following year, to my amazement Charlotte asked me if we could repeat the process. She and Adam wanted to have a bigger family before they got too old to enjoy it and hoped that the same 'fertility drugs' would work a second time.

After thinking about it overnight, I called my daughter-in-law the following morning.

After all, their house still needed quite a lot of work doing inside, didn't it?

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