Charlie's Naked Proposal Ch. 01


Mom and Isabel had a lunch date with the ladies so I had some free time and was delighted when Jenny showed up around eleven and led me off to the main beach where the University aged kids were partying. Jenny was at her naked best and I could see Isabel wasn't that happy to see us trundle off arm in arm.

You'd think it would be a teenage boy's heaven to spend three hours or so in the company of some two hundred naked girls aged sixteen to twenty-five. Girls who weren't afraid to frankly express their interest in the boy from Philadelphia. And hey, yours truly wasn't doing a lot of complaining was you know, ultimately it was almost too much. Sexual overload! Even my penis was confused.

I learned that there can be too much of a good thing. I didn't even know them but knew that any one of ten or fifteen of them would have been happy to lead me into the woods and ravish me. Wasn't that my job I asked myself as I walked back to our cabin alone just after two. Where's the challenge?



"Hey," I answered when I saw Sophie standing at the edge of the brook. I'd jumped in when I'd got back from the party. It was around two-thirty on a hot, sultry July day.

"I thought I should show you where the marriage is taking you what you have to do," my sis said with a smile.

"Sure. Where's mom and Izzy?"

"Over at the Pooles...they'll be over there for a while. I needed a break," Sophie admitted as I waded out of the water towards her.

"Tired?" I asked as I put my arm around her.

"A bit. Excited too... I didn't sleep much last night. No big deal...c'mon it's this way... wear your sandals, it's a bit of a walk," she instructed as she took my hand.

"Should I put on my shorts?" I asked my naked sister.

"No." a grin accompanied her answer, then a long appreciative look.

"Should I bring the camera?" I asked.

"I'd of thought you'd have used up all the film by now," she teased back.

"You know sis, you're not as bad as everyone says," I complimented as we walked through the woods. Mind you this was after I'd grabbed the camera off the porch.

"You're not so bad either little brother," she said with a happy smile on her face. And then, after we'd walked silently for another forty yards, asked, "You okay with everything?"

"I don't's strange...everyone nude all the's hard to think about anything else."

"Besides sex?" Sophie asked.

"Yeah. Heck, we were eating burgers down by the lake and all I'm thinking about is eating Jenny...or Rose ...or ...or the other fifty naked girls hanging around."

"Main Line boys don't think about things like that...or do them," Sophie teased.

"Yeah sure. I had a hard-on half the time I was with them."

"That must have made them happy," she answered but immediately noticed that I didn't think it was a big joke. "They're different Charlie. It's natural for them."

"The nudism?"

"Yes that but also everything else. They're taught that sex is good...that's its natural...that it should be enjoyed. They start young...their parents encourage them to experiment."


"There's no guilt here Charlie."

"And you?" I asked, "this isn't your world. Do you and Graham-" I started but had no idea how to articulate my thoughts.

"No," she answered emphatically.

"But he must have slept with half the girls you meet every day."

"I know. Sometimes it's hard. But we'll be living in Philly when we get back from the's easier when we're not here."

"Do you ever want to... I mean-"

"Sleep with somebody else?" she supplied. I nodded. "It's hard not to when we're here, when everyone else is doing it. Tonight will be the worst; they go crazy on Nude Day. Everyone's come back home, half the people here this weekend live away from the commune. Last year was crazy...I'd never seen them like that before. Drinking...lots of marijuana...they wear masks...its like Carnival in Rio ... a night you can do anything... they do things...," she said in a tone that indicated it was a night she'd never forget. "I know it's hard for you to understand."

"I understand I got an erection when you hugged me yesterday," I blurted.

"Teenage boys always get erections Charlie," my sister teased. "And it was a very nice erection by the way," Sophie said as she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Do brothers sleep with sisters here?" I challenged angrily, my anger as much at myself as them.

"Hey, we're here," she said excitedly as we emerged from the woods and found ourselves looking down into a natural bowl that sat on the edge of a small lake. I knew she didn't want to answer my question. I wondered if Graham had ever slept with his younger sisters.

"They use it for special occasions...marriages...funerals... ceremonies," she added when I didn't answer right away. My breath had been taken away by the beauty of the spot. I pointed the camera and pushed record.

"They'll be down there...Graham and everyone...we'll enter here and walk down this way," she said pointing downward, then led me down the gentle slope.

"And there's going to be a couple of thousand people watching?"

"Uh huh. All around...on the hillsides. Naked Charlie."

"Fuck, I'm going to get an erection for sure."

"You know it might make a good story, probably it would go down in "Rising Sun" history, you know, the day the weird, rich boy with the huge penis," my sister said grinning, then bent over and lifted my penis in her hand and said, "and if you're not good Mr. Penis your owner is going to be in big trouble with his sister."

"Don't...stop that," I said as I laughed, but my penis, clearly not ready to follow sis's instructions, started to rapidly fill with blood.

Still holding me lightly in her palm she said, "He's nice...big and nice, I think maybe my little sister's pretty lucky, give me the camera."

I liked the big and nice but what's this Izzy crap I wondered as she let my penis go and took the camera. Standing fully now erect he needed no further support. "What's that mean?" I asked as Sophie pointed the camera at me.

"It means that I've been fielding questions about my little brother's wonderful body... read big penis Charlie... from a very large group of pretty and eager nudists all morning," she said as she pointed downward.

"You have? Who? What'd they say?"

"I've even warned mommy that'll she'll have to stand guard on you at the party tonight. That the virgin scion of the Woodman family may be in danger of being carried off and ravaged."

"Ha, ha," I muttered then couldn't stop myself from asking, "Which ones am I in most danger of?"

"Girl secrets," Sophie said smugly as we arrived at the flat, raised slab of rock that served as some sort of alter. "When we get here you lead me to Graham and then go over there and sit next to mom. She'll be right there," she said as she pointed to a spot ten feet away.

"On the ground, the grass," I asked dubiously as I surveyed the grass slope that rose up on three sides from the altar.

"And don't try to smoke it," Sophie said mischievously.

"From what I understand I won't have to. I was warned this morning that I'll just have to inhale the air down here and I'll feel stoned. That a blanket of smoke will hang like a cloud over us. Apparently it's standard for Rising Sun occasions."

"Who told you that?"

"And what if when I get here I decide not to let Graham have you? What if I just pick you up in my arms and carry you away? What's down there anyway?" I asked as I nodded at the area behind the altar.

"A couple of stairs lead to a little beach," she explained.

"Okay, I lift you up...hell hardly anyone will notice they'll be so stoned, then carry you off to the beach where I'll have my powerboat waiting," I announced as I bent down and, after putting my arms under her knees and behind her back, lifted her effortlessly up into my arms.

"You're crazy," she giggled as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Don't," she said as I carried her around the altar and then down the three steps that led to a small beach that sat at the edge of the lake.

"Heck, our boats not here yet," I announced as I lowered her feet to the sand, then set her so that she was facing the water with me directly behind her. I left my hands resting softly on her hips.

"I guess I'll have to get married then," she said softly. My penis, which had fit itself into the cleft in her ass, was straining upward against her bum. She leaned her head back into my shoulder so that her soft hair was caressing my cheek.

"Not til tomorrow," I whispered in her ear as my hands slid upward from her hips...up across her stomach...then across her ribs until they started to climb the undersides of her breasts.

"It's my last day of freedom," she answered, the question clear in her voice. She gasped when my fingers found her nipples, nipples already hard and excited. She started to move her butt up and down against my fitted penis.

"It'd be a sorta wedding present," I said, as my hands, now firmly cupping and squeezing her full breasts, pulled her back even harder against me. Her back was plastered against my chest. I slowly moved my left hand down off her breast and across her stomach. Sophie was wet, her nether lips engorged, her clitoric bud exposed when my fingers ventured lower. And then, as I was running my fingers up and down her moist cleft I felt her hand close on top of mine, then I simply let her direct me as she urgently and forcefully moved my hand up and down against her.

"It's a big present," Sophie gasped as she reached behind herself with her free hand and grabbed me. And then I slipped my middle finger inside my sister. Finger fucked her urgently until she groaned and then pulled away and turned. Facing me she simply climbed up on me using her arms to lift herself off the ground and then locked her legs behind my back.

Then my sister, twenty-four hours short of taking her wedding vows, reached down between our bodies, then, after recapturing my cock, slipped it inside herself.

Seconds later we were on the ground, me on top, Sophie's legs still locked around me...making love...fucking urgently...

It was easy. For both of us. A perfect two part harmony that humans have been perfecting for a million years. We both came quickly... urgently... moistly... each spurting ejaculation met by an orgasmic squeezing twitch from Sophie's vagina. Plaintive cries of, "Oh Charleeeee....Charleeeee....Charleeeeeeeee!" echoed across the lake as we came.

Panting heavily, the sweat dripping of me, I left it in my gasping sister as I lay atop her, plugging my cum inside her. I was still rock hard.

"You okay?" I finally panted out.

"More," Sophie ordered as she struggled to lift her she tried to somehow get more of me inside of her. It was much slower the second time. The almost feral animalistic insanity of our first coupling was replaced by the sensuous dance of two lovers. Of tender caresses... kisses... loving looks ... soft words... but which still ultimately ended up with the urgency of needy cock and cunt... with that explosion of pleasure that rockets from your groin to your brain.

I finally slipped out of my sister. The still half hard shaft coated with a thick layer of my cum mixed with Sophie's juice. For minutes, holding hands, we lay side by side looking up at sky, wordless as our breathing slowed. Then Sophie leaned over and kissed me.

"I'm full ... I feel so full," she said after breaking away from my hungry lips. "Look," she instructed as she sat up, kneeling in front of me with her thighs spread. My cum was oozing out from her still engorged vaginal lips. I watched as she slid two fingers up her bright pink channel and collected some of my seed. I watched as she pushed her dripping fingers into mouth. Was silent when she collected another finger full with her other hand and then pushed it between my lips.

"Your big cock.... Then your seed... all your creamy sperm...inside me," she whispered even as a strand of my cum hung from the corner of her mouth, "maybe even your baby"

"You're on the pill! You said you guys weren't going to have a child for a few years," I said when the import of her words hit me.

"We changed our minds. I stopped taking the pill a month ago."


"Graham's been using condoms... we were going to start tomorrow... our wedding night," Sophie said softly.

"That doesn't mean," I started.

"It means that your baby's going to grow inside me," my sister said with such absolute certainty that I knew it was true.

"You can't marry him then... we'll have to call it off," I ordered. But my mind was swirling in confusion. Thoughts cashed around inside my brain. I'd fucked my sister. Made love to her. On her wedding night. Made her pregnant. What about Isabel? Mom?

"We better get back," Sophie said as she jumped to her feet.

"No, we have to talk-"

"I'm getting married tomorrow Charlie. To Graham. And you're walking me down the aisle."

"But Sophie, we have to talk," I insisted.

"We'll talk when I get back from the honeymoon in the fall," she promised as she started up the steps. I could see my cum sliding down her thighs.

For ten minutes we walked silently through the woods. Our hands intertwined but our thoughts far away.

"You could always marry me," I finally ventured.

"You've got that girl waiting for you," Sophie answered.

"No I don't girlfriend at home's not serious," I declaimed.

"The girl you've loved since the day she was born."

"What? Who?" I asked even though I knew who she was talking about.

"You guys were made for each other...everyone knows it. I think even mom does. If you leave for school without telling her you'll regret it the rest of your life."

"We can't," I said angrily.

"I just showed you that you can," Sophie insisted.

"That's different. She'd never want"

"She's been dreaming of you all her life. Gosh Charlie I can remember when I was a senior in high school and Donna and Jacqui were over at our house. We were all sitting around the pool and you guys were running around like you always did. Neither of you knew anyone else existed. Your own little world. I was so jealous."

"We were just kids," I protested.

"Donna thought you two were having sex even then ...wouldn't believe me when I told her you weren't...that you guys had no idea. You know what she said Charlie?"

I nodded no. "She just said, 'well Sophie, they're going to be someday'. Just like that. And I knew she was right."

"But what about us?" I finally asked as we neared the cabin. Suddenly we could hear mom and Izzy's voices through the woods.

"I love you. And I'll never regret what we did today Charlie. Never! But you'll be at school when we get back from Europe."

"I'm not going away to school," I told my sister, the first person to know my news.

"Of course you are. Every Woodman goes to Yale."

"I accepted Penn last week... told Yale I wasn't coming."

"But Daddy will..." she started but then I saw she understood. "Izzy."

"Not just," I lied, "and now that you'll be in Philly."

"I'll be married," Sophie protested.

"With my baby in you...growing... Charlie's baby, not Graham's, I insisted." We stopped talking as we emerged from the woods and came upon mom and Isabel standing waist deep in the brook.

I watched spellbound for seconds, my eyes darting from my mother's full rounded breasts to Izzy's smaller but higher pair. Sophie finally poked me in the ribs and yelled out a welcome.

"Don't look," Isabel yelled when she saw me, then moved into deeper water until her young breasts were covered. Mom stayed where she was as we approached the bank.

"We don't have any soap Sophie...any shampoo," Isabel complained to her sister from where she stood in the middle of the pool.

"They don't really believe in it much here Iz...Graham gets mad every time he sees me shampooing...I almost have to shampoo in secret when he's around."

"I've got some," I announced back over my shoulder as I started up the stairs to the porch and cabin.

"You do?" I heard both mom and Izzy demand. "What kind?" Isabel added.

"Well, being a good Boy Scout and a good brother, being prepared and everything... and having cleverly perused the Rising Sun internet site, I brought"

"Bring it," Isabel begged, "please Charlie...I'll do anything."

"Ha!" I bellowed.

"We let you share our bed."

"You did what?" Sophie asked, her curiosity clearly piqued. Then, as I heard mom start to explain our sleeping arrangements, I walked into the cabin.

"PLEASE CHARLIE!" I heard wailed and in fact Izzy's cry was still reverberating in the clearing when I reappeared seconds later carrying both moms and Isabel's personal soaps and shampoos.

"Oh I love you Charlie," Izzy promised when I'd descended back down to the pool.

"I told you so," Sophie whispered, then quickly kissed my cheek, then added, her mouth just an inch from my ear, "And I want to hear all about these sleeping arrangements later."

"C'mon and get them," I called gaily out across the water to mom and Izzy as Sophie marched off.

"Just leave them on the bank," Izzy instructed but mom, soapless and shampooless for almost two days, simply threw modesty to the wind and waded quickly out of the water and toward me.

"You're definitely my favorite son," mom said as I handed her the supplies. And I couldn't help myself from looking downward to the triangle of dark pelt that grew at the juncture of her legs. And my mother let me look at her! She didn't rush back to hide herself. She took her time, in fact I realized later that she'd almost posed for me. I think that after two days at the Rising Sun, after two days of exposure to naked bodies, including her sons, her ingrained modesty had been overtaken by a desire to display herself. To show that she had a body too. A beautiful body.

"You know ma, you don't look that bad for an old forty year old lady," I teased.

"I don't?" she asked sarcastically. But she'd seen the real admiration in my eyes. And I realized that she loved seeing it. You think of your mom as just your mom, yes someone you love, but sexless... until something like this happens and you suddenly realize she's a sexual being too.

Izzy was straining to hear us so I announced a little louder than necessary, "You know mom, when Izzy grows up maybe she'll have breasts as nice as yours."

"Don't tease your sister Charlie," mom instructed but her smile indicated her true feelings towards my comment. Moms can be vain too. She continued to pose for her son. Stood taller. Arched her back and pulled back her shoulders. Seemed even to thrust out her hair covered mound.

"I hate you," echoed across the water, then, "and don't look," Izzy ordered as she slowly waded out of the water, one arm struggling to cover her breasts while she placed the other strategically between her legs.

Pretending to ignore her I continued to talk to mom as Izzy bent to grab the soap and shampoo. However my darting eyes didn't miss a curve. My next statement just popped into my mind and was spoken before I knew it, clearly the result of Sophie's and my conversation. "You know ma, maybe you and dad should have another're still young enough."

Isabel abruptly stopped her retreat back into the water as she turned to protest. "That's crazy, why would they want another child?" she demanded. She'd forgotten her nudity as she waved her arms to emphasize her point.

"We'll be gone soon. Mom's only forty-one. Why not?" I asked as my eyes moved across the naked form of my sister. I knew immediately this vision would dominate my dreams for the foreseeable future. Then back to my mother. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were now erect and then, when I looked up into her eyes I saw something I'd never seen before in them. A challenge? An invitation? Then I just stared as I watched mom's eyes drift downward.

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