tagIncest/TabooCharlie's Naked Proposal Ch. 02

Charlie's Naked Proposal Ch. 02


This is Part 2 of my 2008 NUDE DAY CONTEST story. It continues the story of Charlie, Sophie, Izzy and their mother during their weekend at the Rising Sun Commune over the July 14th 2007 Nude Day Weekend, the weekend of Sophie's marriage. It's approximately three LITEROTICA pages long.

I'd recommend reading Part 1 first. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who voted and/or commented on Chapter 1. Over 800 of you were kind enough to take the time to vote during the first week the story was up! More than for any other story in the contest – I truly appreciated it, thanks.

WARNING: This is an Incest category story that features a teenage boy's discovery of the allures of his sisters and his mother during a family marriage celebration. There is no underage sex described in this story – all participants are 18 years old or older.

It's also a cautionary tale – a warning to all of you to take care and think very carefully before attending any kind of Nude Day event with a family member...you never know what might suddenly pop up...and what mom or sis might do with it!

In Part 1 Charlie made love to his beautiful, older sister Sophie the day before her wedding. It ended as the two of them returned from their forest tryst to find their sister Isabel and their mother washing themselves in the creek that flowed below and around their cabin retreat. Charlie saw his mother's breasts for the first time!

Rising Sun Commune, West Virginia, July 2007

"We've got some masks Charley...for tonight... the Poole's got them for us," mom called from inside the cabin. I was standing naked on the porch looking down at my sister below. Surreptitiously filming Isabel from above as she shampooed her beautiful long hair. She was standing knee deep in the gently flowing creek and her naked, eighteen year old body seemed to glisten as the setting sun lit up the beads of water that were dancing all around her head. My cock, still sticky from Sophie, was half full and swinging between my legs, pointing downward at what it clearly wanted.

"CHARLEY!" mom admonished when she came out through the door and saw what I was doing.

"Well, we do need a film record of this weekend... Sophie's only going to get married once ma...its part of our family history," I answered without hesitation as I turned towards her. Mom had a white towel around her waist and another one around her just shampooed hair. Her breasts, breasts I'd never seen before I'd come upon her bathing naked twenty minutes earlier, were proudly bare. She held three or four brightly colored feathered masks, adorned with sparkling sequins, in her hand. My camera continued to record – it just had a new subject. My penis glanced up.

"Stop that...you're embarrassing me...what if somebody ever saw that film?" she chided. Strangely enough they were words she'd always used when someone had tried to take her picture in the past, something in her Scottish Presbyterian background had always rebelled against having her image captured. But she made no move to cover her nudity.

"You never let us take your picture," I complained, echoing a complaint that my sisters Sophie and Isabel, and I had made a hundred times growing up. "Besides, you're beautiful," I added.

"No I'm not," she answered, "They make me feel old."

"Who?" I asked softly as I set the camera down and moved towards her.

"All these nude, teenage, hippy girls," she answered but seconds after her words had escaped her mouth I saw a rueful grin grow on her lips. Mom knew that even I wouldn't be fooled by that one. She had nothing to fear from a group of girls – she was a woman.

"Here, c'mon, put on this mask, then I'll take a picture," I cajoled after I'd taken the carnival masks she held in her hand and then selected a bright pink, feathered one that would cover half of her face. "Let your hair down first," I instructed, then gently unfastened the towel she had curled around her head.

"Charlie!" she protested but didn't move away as I released her long silken tresses and then attached the mask. "You're crazy," she added but her flashing smile belied her words.

"Now no one will know it's you," I said as I grabbed the camera from the table I'd set it on.

"I will," she whispered but made no move to cover her full breasts.

"Pose for me...pretend you're my bare breasted Amazon Queen," I said laughing.

"You're terrible! I knew I shouldn't have come here this weekend," mom answered but her words were aimed at herself and there was no power behind them. The proud way she held and displayed her body for me indicated her true feelings. She'd discovered in the last twenty-four hours that she liked to be looked at. Even by her son.

"This towel too," I said as I slowly undid the fold holding the towel around her waist up.

"No Charlie...please honey," mom complained but made no move to escape my hand. Stepping back with the towel over my arm I let my eyes hungrily rake up and down her exposed body. Then I zeroed in on the dark triangle that pointed the way down to her sex.

"No-one would ever recognize you mommy... my beautiful mommy," I intoned as I let the camera capture every curve on her body.

"I'm not," she protested even as her body started to move, posing itself in ways women had been using to lure men for thousands of years. My cock slowly hardened as I suddenly realized that the fact I was her son was actually making it even more exciting for her.

"MOMMY!" yelled from behind us brought us out of our semi stupor.

I knew mom was blushing under her mask as I turned to face my little sister, my little sister who had a large beach towel wrapped around her. 'Your turn little sister," I threatened as I reached to grab the edge of her towel.

"You're crazy...stop that," Isabel squealed when with one quick pull I'd left her standing naked before me, then she fled inside when I aimed the camera at her. "You're not my brother," I heard yelled at me through the screen door that had slammed behind her. I checked the replay screen on the camera to make sure I'd captured her perfect, firm and round eighteen year old butt. I had!

"You better go talk to her, if you don't she'll be pouting all night," I told mom when I turned back to face her.

"You tease her too much," mom chastised. But she didn't budge from where she stood in front of me. Nor was she angry.

"I better go get washed if we're going to get there on time," I said as I simply continued to watch her. My cock was suddenly huge in front of me, almost as if it was trying to bridge the three foot gap between our bodies.

"Izzy'll be okay... I'll talk to her," mom said but didn't turn; instead she arched her back and took a tentative half step towards me. Her dark triangle seemed like a magnet drawing my straining shaft.

"I love her," I blurted, a completely unplanned statement. I took a small step towards mother even as she seemed to spread her knees slightly and push her pelvis forward. My cockhead lightly grazed her hair covered mons.

"I know you do...I better go now..." mom whispered without moving. My pulsing penis was now resting upward against her stomach.

"I love you too," I added as I felt her pebbled nipples graze my chest.

"Nooooo Charlie...we can't," mom moaned in answer, her lips now so close to mine I felt the breath that carried the words. And then I tasted her! Met her eager, probing tongue with mine. Moistly pushed inside her mouth.

"I want to be your baby's father," I whispered when our mouths finally released each other. My cock was pulsing violently between our bellies.

"It's so big," she finally answered, hugged me once tightly against her and then turned and rushed back into the cabin.

You just had sex with Sophie you pervert, now you want make your mother pregnant... and then Izzy too...you're sick, I admonished myself as I fled down the stairs to the creek below. But I also knew that it would be me, not dad, who put the child inside her.

Minutes later, washed, I heard the screen door slam just as I got out of the water. And as I started to climb the stairs to the porch I heard Izzy yell, "It's not fair...it's just not fair mommy."

Isabel was standing leaning against the railing when I finally got up to the porch, dressed in a skirt and top and with tears sliding down her cheeks. "Hey," I ventured tentatively.

"I hate you too," she cried, then added, "I wish you weren't my brother."

"Who do you wish I was?" I asked as I put an arm around her shoulder. She tried to push it off. I held her tighter.

"Don't, you'll get me all wet," she protested as she continued to try to escape.

"You're cute," I said as I engulfed her in my embrace.

"You're mean...and naked...and your cock's ugly."

"I love you," I answered.

"I hate you," Izzy cried into my shoulder. Then I let her cry as I held her, listening as her sobs were muffled by my bare skin.

"So what's wrong?" I finally asked.

"She's going topless...tonight...it's not fair," Isabel stammered out.

"Who is?"

"Your mother! She's gone crazy, she's decided to go to the party topless. In public!"

"She has?" I asked as I looked over Izzy's shoulder and saw mom standing motionless behind the screen door.

"Just to make me feel stupid. Everyone will think I'm a..." Isabel simply left the balance of the sentence unsaid.

"A weirdo? A teeny bopper? A nerd?" I supplied teasingly as mom came through the door. Her breasts were proudly bare.

"Shut up," Izzy ordered.

"A private school snob," I added as I gave her a big, sloppy wet kiss on her cheek.

"Yuck... stop that...I won't go...I'll stay home," she threatened.

"Okay...hey ma, do you think we can get a baby sitter this late?" I shouted toward mom. Who happened to be wearing a long, pleated, white cotton skirt, a necklace of crimson beads and matching earrings, and nothing else. And looked great!

"Neither of you love me," Izzy accused as her eyes darted from mom to I and back, clearing waiting for us to beg her to come.

"We may be back late Isabel," I said as I gave mom a quick wink, then grabbed her arm and made as if to leave.

We bluffed her. She just couldn't wait us out! We were about thirty yards down the path, pretending to be talking happily while knowing we'd have to turn back soon, when we heard her cry. "WAIT!"

"You think you can get rid of me that easily Charlie?" Izzy demanded when she'd caught us.

"Don't Charlie!" Mon warned when she saw that I was going to make a comment to celebrate Izzy's capitulation. "We'd never go without you sweetie," mom promised as she turned and hugged her daughter.

"C'mon, let's go," I urged as I watched their embrace.

"Wait," sis instructed after she'd broken from mom's hug.

"What are you doing? Are you nuts?" I asked.

"If mom is I am too," Izzy answered as she started to unsnap her bra. She'd already lifted her top over her head in one motion and then thrown it into the woods. The bra followed. Her pointed teenage breasts jiggled delightfully.

"You can't," I insisted. Yes she could. I wanted to bend over and swallow one of her puffy nipples.

And that's why Isabel, mom and I arrived at the Rising Sun 2007 NUDE DAY party a fashionable fifteen minutes late. Two topless masked babes and yours truly. My penis, free, was swinging happily between my legs. Nobody noticed! What a fucking zoo we walked into!

There were about three thousand naked, masked people milling about randomly in the mown parkland that stretched back on both sides of the meandering creek that bisected it. And maybe five hundred more in the trees beyond. A hundred campfires dotted the field but it wasn't the smoke from the fires or the smell of the cooking steaks and hamburgers that captured our noses; instead it was the sweet smell of the marijuana that immediately overpowered us.

'You'll see, it's like they're all back in the sixties...hippies...free love', Sophie had warned me earlier. 'For one night they go crazy...they'll do anything', she'd said. And they were! It was still early when we arrived, around nine-thirty, but already you could feel the sexual excitement in the air.

Music attacked our ears from ten different directions... rap to our left...60's folk from twenty-five yards farther left...hard rock over there...acid rock somewhere to our right... electronic; all loud and with each center of music surrounded by swaying, dancing, half stoned nudists. There was no shortage of erections.

We were momentarily rescued by the Poole's who'd set up tables and a bar-b-que next to the creek. But as the three of us sat eating from the overflowing plates presented to us it was hard to ignore Sophie's future father-in-law making love with someone who clearly wasn't his wife. They were doing it standing up knee deep in the water!

Mrs. Poole, completely ignoring (or oblivious to) the noises coming from the creek, arrived with a big smile on her face, and led mom away explaining she wanted her to meet some of her friends across the way. Izzy, as eager to escape as I, wolfed down the last of her burger and then insisted I accompany her. "C'mon, there's some good music over there."

I didn't need a second urging! "Was that his wife's sister that Graham's father was fucking?" Izzy asked as we fled. She was holding on to my hand for dear life. She never used the "F" word.

"I know we met her last night at the family dinner but I can't remember who she was," I said as I looked back.

"Gawd, look at that," Izzy squealed, bringing my attention back to where we were heading. Two middle aged bald guys were making a sandwich of a tall, frizzy haired twenty something year old on a blanket five yards from where we were walking.

"CHARLIE!" suddenly rang out. "Look, its Charlie," we heard added as three sweeties rushed towards us.

"Oh no, it's that space cadet from yesterday," Isabel groaned as my new friend Jenny and two other girls I'd met earlier at lunch ran up. And then plastered their shapely bodies against me.

"We're stealing your brother for a little while," Jenny announced to my steaming sister as she and her friends grabbed my hands and started to drag me away.

I didn't fuck them! They wanted me to...all three of them if you can believe it. My cock wanted to. Sophie rescued me just in time, finding me backed up against a tree with Jennie on her knees in front of me.

"God, you're a slut," my big sister said laughing as she let me away from her complaining friends. She'd lied, telling them I was needed for a family wedding picture.

"Hah! Whose idea was it to get married in Nudist World?" I scoffed as we slipped between a couple of trees and then deeper into the woods. I pulled her against me.

"CHARLIE! I'm getting married tomorrow!" she protested even as her hand slipped between our bodies and circled my penis.

"Where is the groom anyway?" I asked.

"He's busy," Sophie answered as she pulled me inside her.

"I'll bet. Christ, we saw his dad screwing his cousin or someone in the creek."

"Mom sent me to look for you," Sophie said as she tightened her arms around my neck and then lifted her legs up off the ground and then curled them around my back.

It was quick and hard, an urgent, needy fuck that ended with Sophie pinned between me and the trunk of a large sugar maple tree. She was groaning as I flooded her insides with my sap.

Five minutes later, we strolled back into the clearing and over to the Poole's tables. Mom rushed over as soon as she saw me. If it hadn't been so dark she would have seen my cum oozing down her daughter's thighs.

"I'm going to go back now Charlie, to the cabin," my mother said the second she was next to me.

"I'll walk you back," I said as I put my arm around her. I immediately felt the trembles that were coursing through her body. "You okay?"

"I'm fine. You stay and have fun," she said but I heard the desperation in her voice. I hugged her and as I held her whispered, "It's awful isn't it?"

"You too?" she asked.

"We gotta find Isabel and get out of here," I answered as I looked up and tried to locate my sister.

"I think she's over there," mom said as she pointed across the field. Five minutes later we found Izzy in a jam of people listening to a group playing folk music.

"Charlie...Mom," she welcomed as she fled from the boys surrounding her. I couldn't help notice that at least three of her admirers were sporting erections.

"What the heck were you doing to those guys," I accused as the three of us turned to leave.

"Just shut up for once Charlie," my little sister instructed as she took mom's hand and started to lead her away. She clearly hadn't been enjoying herself!

"I don't want my future nephews and nieces growing up here," I said as we slowly walked through the forest towards our cabin. Mom was on my left, Izzy on the right; the three of us were holding hands. I had caught up to them and slipped between them. We still had our masks on.

"It was gross," my sister agreed.

"They'll be living in Philadelphia," mom said softly. I knew after tonight she dreaded the prospect of her grandchildren growing up here as much as I did.

"They always go back mom. That's what everyone said at the bar-b-que this aft. They go away for University... then they'll work away from the commune for a while...make some money...but as soon as their children get to school age they come back to live. To teach them the way."

"What can we do? They'll be married."

"I won't let her come back," I promised, a promise I made as much to myself as I did to mom or Isabel. I was really thinking about the baby I knew I'd put in Sophie that afternoon. My child.

"We'll kidnap the children and bring them up ourselves," Izzy agreed. She had no idea I'd slept with her sister twice that day.

We were almost shy with each other when we got back to the cabin. We'd seen so much that night, so much nudity, so many loveless couplings, that even though there was an incredible sexual electricity between us, we were hesitant to go to bed.

"I could sleep on the futon thing," I offered.

"Don't talk crazy Charlie," Izzy said, "that thing is diseased."

Mom and Isabel quickly went and washed and brushed their teeth but were both bashfully standing in their skirts at the side of the bed when I went in to use the washroom. And when I exited the can five minutes later, naked, I found them lying on their backs under the thin, virgin white sheet that covered them and immediately wondered what, if anything, they'd left on.

Standing at the foot of the bed I found that Mom and Isabel had each positioned themselves so that the only place for me was in the middle. I slowly started to climb up the bed between them.

"You should put on your underwear," Izzy said as I grabbed the top of the sheet and slowly pulled it back so I could get in.

"Don't look...and where's your bra anyway?" I asked when the descending sheet revealed her pert, puffy nippled breasts.

"It's hot. Besides, at least I have my panties on."

"Do you?" I asked as I peeked under the sheet. I gave her a wolf whistle and a leer. "Where'd you get those," I asked as I took in the sexy string of cloth through which I could easily see the dark pubic triangle underneath.

"Yes I do ...and stop that," she ordered but I sensed the excitement she was feeling. The excitement that we were all feeling.

"And you mom, do you have your panties on?" I asked as I slipped my legs under the sheet after taking a quick glance at my mom. "No you don't," I said as I nestled down between them.

"You don't?" Isabel squawked as she lifted the sheet and leaned over me to get a look. Her breasts brushed my chest as she hovered above me. Then she announced after she'd fallen back in bed, "Well, then I won't either." Seconds later her hands appeared out from under the sheet with a lacy little piece of white cloth. I watched it sail through the air.

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