Charlie's Naked Proposal Ch. 02


I lay back, watching as mom stretched to reach the bedside lamp that was providing the only illumination in the room and switched it off. And then for minutes the three of us lay on our backs, our bodies touching from foot to shoulder, silent but for our thoughts. My thoughts were on the breast I'd seen hanging as mom had reached for the lamp. On the nipple that seemed to invite. Without thinking I voiced the thought that flashed through my mind.

"Will you let me... I mean when you've had your new baby?" I asked my mother softly in the darkness. I felt Isabel's body stir beside me as I issued the words.

"Let you do what?" mom asked nervously.

"Yes, let you do what Charlie?" my sister echoed.


"Drink?" mom asked, her surprise evident in her tone of voice.

"Your milk," I answered as my hand involuntarily reached for my mother's breast. "It's my earliest memory."

"What is?" mom asked. She didn't pull back when my fingers touched her.

"Drinking your milk...lying at your breast...your hand supporting my head."

"That's impossible," Izzy announced from my other side. She was now sitting up. "You would have been too young one remembers anything before their second birthday," she lectured confidently, obviously repeating something she'd read somewhere.

"I do though," I answered and I did. My hand was slowly cupping and fondling my mother's breasts as I spoke. Mom groaned softly. She made no attempt to stop my urgent caresses.

"How long did you breastfeed Charlie Mom?" Isabel demanded, clearly trying to disprove my statement. My fingers closed on my mother's now hardened nipples. In the darkness Izzy hadn't yet realized I was touching her mother.

"Til he was two and a half," mom finally admitted, something neither I nor sis would ever have guessed.

My, "I did" was echoed by Izzy's amazed, "HE DID?"

"I weaned your brother the first time after six months... and that wasn't easy I can promise you," mom said as she remembered. "Then as soon as you were born Isabel your big brother latched on again."

"You let him take my milk?"

"It was that or having him howling like a banshee twenty-four hours a day."

"How much longer did you feed me?" I asked, fascinated by mom's unexpected story.

"I weaned your sister at about eight months but you kept hanging on," mom said as I squeezed and stretched the teats that had fed me so many years earlier.

"So it is possible I can remember it," I said triumphantly to my sister. "And that's probably why I'm so much smarter than my little sister," I added, "Everyone knows how important to future intelligence and health a mother's milk is." Then I gave Isabel a quick little slap on the butt.

"I'm smarter than you... I was first in my class last PSAT scores were..."

"It shows up in the long run dear sister," I interrupted smugly, then quickly asked mom, "So can I? When the new baby comes?"

"Dad and mom haven't decided yet if they're going to have another baby Charlie," Isabel said but the fight had gone out of her.

"Can I?" I asked again and then dipped my lips to one of mom's erect buds.

"Charlie! What are you doing?" Isabel spat out when she realized what I was doing. Mom moaned softly as her hand came to the back of my head and lightly caressed my hair as she held me against her soft skin.

"There's no milk now Charlie," my mother finally cried as she pulled her nipple away from my lips. I could taste and smell her sexual excitement.

"There will be," I answered.

"Well maybe I will...if that day ever comes," mom muttered, making a promise we both knew would soon come to fruition.

"MOM!" Isabel interjected angrily. "Don't encourage him."

"And what about you?" I asked my sister as I turned towards her.

"What about me what?"

"Will you let your favorite brother taste your milk once you've found some poor guy willing to marry you and father your children?"

"You're crazy. No! N...O...," she spelled.

"Not even once?" I asked as I slipped my hand onto her.

"Never. DON'T! Stop... that's disgusting," Izzy begged as my lips latched onto her nipple, a surprising thick and long nipple compared to her older sister's. They were almost as large as her moms. I sucked hungrily for seconds as I felt her push ineffectually on the top of my head. I finally released her straining bud.

"CHARLIE!" I heard mom say in her most authoritative voice. I ignored her as I looked up into Izzy's eyes.

"Promise me," I demanded.

"No!" Izzy answered, then cried out, "Mommy... stop him," when I dipped my head and swallowed her other nipple as I cupped the breast that supported it.

"Promise," I ordered when I came up for air.

"No...never," she answered and then watched as I dipped my head and captured the first nipple again. "Okay...okay...okay, I promise" she finally agreed.

"I love them...your nipples are perfect," I said and then took the second one back into my mouth and suckled hungrily at her teenage tit.

"You're a pervert," she announced when all three of us were again settled minutes later, lying motionless on our backs. "And who knows," she added, "I may not even have babies... I'll probably be so busy running a company or being a top lawyer that I won't have time."

"Oh you'll have baby's all right sis. Remember it's your brother who got the milk and the brains in this family." I knew an angry retort was on her lips so I quickly leaned over and whispered in her ear, "They'll be my babies."

Isabel didn't say a word. In fact that was the last word any of us said before the three of us fell asleep.


I'm one of those guys who once he falls asleep is usually dead to the world for the next eight hours.

So it was a very rare occurrence when I woke up later that night. It happened around four I figured out later. I was on my back but slowly became aware of a body next to me. Where am I, who am I with, I asked myself as I turned groggily towards the person pressing against my left side. Two eyes stared back.

"Mom?" I mumbled softly when I finally recognized my mother's face in the moonlit room. One of her hands was gently caressing my hair. Lying on her side and leaning against me I slowly became aware of her nudity, of her hanging breast lying on my chest. Her nipple was hard!

"Mom?" I tried again when she didn't answer but then almost immediately felt one of her fingers move against my lips, shushing me. And just as she quieted me I suddenly realized I had a hard-on and quickly looking down saw mom's top thigh lifted up over mine.

My penis was in her palm! She slipped her shushing finger into my mouth as mesmerized, I watched her hand move up and down my cock. Stroking him to hardness. Then she lightly ran the tip of my penis up and down her slit. She started to push her finger in and out of my mouth!

"Its so big hard," my mother whispered as she raised her leg even higher and adjusted herself so that each time she ran my prick along her crack my cockhead was momentarily caught and half swallowed by her now well lubricated entrance.

"Mommeeeeeeeee," I groaned out around the finger she still had between my lips as she climbed up on my thighs and straddled me. My cock was still firmly grasped in her hand. I watched silently as mom quickly dipped her head and blocked my view with a curtain of her soft hair. Hair that blocked me from seeing her tongue flick across my penis before she took it between her lips. Groaning I tried to lift my hips off the bed to force more of my shaft into her moist mouth.

A small gasp made me turn my head and even in the moonlight I was able to make out the look of surprise on my sisters face. For seconds our eyes remained locked together. We said nothing. Then, when I felt mom slowly release me from her mouth I turned back to her and watched as she brought my saliva covered shaft towards the engorged pussy lips waiting at the junction of her legs.

She slowly lowered herself. Inch by agonizing inch her tightness enfolded me. Until she was full. Full of her son. My hands found her hanging breasts as she started to ride me. Low grunts escaped her mouth each time she slowly lowered and skewered herself on my thick shaft.

I was inside my mother! For the first time in nineteen years. I started to move my hips, slamming them upward each time she lowered herself. Faster... harder... deeper... each thrust seemingly more urgent. Our mindless voices started to echo around the room. Isabel was forgotten as our orgasms neared.

"Fuck me...oh please Charlie...fuck mommy...hurry baby... yes... yes honey... yes, like that ... hurry... huuuurrrry!" mother cried as she rode me.

We were loud, almost screaming, as we approached the end.

"Aaaah... aaaahhh... ohhh mommeeeeee," I cried out as I felt the tightening in my balls, as I felt my cream rush explosively up my prick, as I felt it spurt out into her vagina. Then another strand. Again... again... again... splashing out my impregnating cum as her insides tightened and pulsed in orgasm around my burning cock.

Mom simply collapsed down onto my chest when we'd finished, panting into my chest as I held her against me. My cock, still hard, was plugging my seed deep inside her. We slept....


I woke again just after seven, brought out of a deep sleep by a piercing shaft of morning sunlight that flooded through the high east window.

What the fuck, I wondered as I opened my eyes into a blinding glare. Shading them I tried again and found the suns rays slicing across the bed, and found that only my head and the body next to me were in the bright glare of light. I moved my head back into the dimness

Don't, I ordered myself even as my left hand reached out towards the naked form. The top sheet had somehow disappeared during the night leaving her unprotected. Lying on her back with her knees splayed outward every inch of my sisters skin was exposed under the intense light. My fingers gently traced across Isabel's stomach before they slowly moved upward.

Her body twitched just as my hand cupped her perfectly formed, firm teenage breast. I knew immediately that she was awake even though her eyes were still tightly shut.

"You're beautiful... so beautiful," I whispered in her ear as my fingers caressed her young breast. I felt another tremble as I lightly stretched her fat nipple. Still she feigned sleep. I brushed her hair from her eyes as my lips moved softly across hers.

My hand slipped off her breast and slowly started to move downward, across her quivering stomach before it found her hair covered mound. My mouth found a nipple. My finger slid down her moist channel. Isabel's hips seemed to jump upward as I touched her in her most intimate place, upward in welcome even as she spread her legs even wider apart. Still she feigned sleep!

My middle finger moved up and down, each time stopping to gently tweak her crimson bud of a clitoris before it slipped back down into her slit. I finally pushed inside of her, penetrating her teenage pussy with my longest finger. Small groans started to escape her lips as my finger aroused her. She was bucking against my hand when I finally climbed between her legs. Her eyes were still shut tight.

But my mothers weren't! She was staring at me... at the large, sunlit, golden shaft that was poised between her daughter's legs. At the penis that just hours earlier had split her. At the cock that still had traces of her orgasmic juices splattered all along its length. My eyes, locked on my mom's, silently asked permission. An almost imperceptible nod signaled her acceptance of what I was about to do. I turned back to Izzy...her eyes still remained shut.

I rubbed my pre-cum coated cockhead into her slit and slowly pushed it inside her. Levered open by the heart shaped organ I moved my fingers to her clit and slowly manipulated it. I felt the tremor come from deep inside her and pass over my cockhead just microseconds before the head of my prick popped completely inside her.

She was sopping inside but still it was a struggle to push my penis into the tightness of her young pussy. She groaned when I thrust and got about half of my cock inside her. Softly moaned, "Nooooo," when I retreated. Still she feigned sleep. I pushed in again, a little deeper, retreated, pumped again, pumped again as she spread her legs even wider and tried to lift her hips off the mattress to meet me.

It went on and on, for minute after minute, a slow pistoning. I felt no urgency to finish. Her eyes remained clamped shut.

She came. Quick wet pulses that radiated out and around my cock. High pitched short grunts spilled from her mouth as her first orgasm passed through her. A baby orgasm. I wanted more!

My cock, which had already ejaculated three times over the previous twelve hours, was in no rush. It was only another five minutes later, as a much stronger series of orgasmic spasms were taking control of Izzy's body, that I finally started to spout.

Knowing she was on the pill I had no reason to pull out until every last drop of my cream was deposited inside her.

"You're my wife now," I whispered softly in my little sister's ear as she lay panting under me. Her eyes remained closed. But a tear of happiness was slowly trickling down her cheek. "I love you," I added as I rolled off her.

"I love you too," I heard whispered into my ear just before I fell into a deep sleep.

Wedding Day, Rising Sun Commune

We awoke late – it was close to one in the afternoon when the three of us came slowly back to life.

"Oh my gawd, I'm supposed to be at the Poole's by two," Izzy squealed when we finally figured out the time. "I gotta my hair... mom," she pled as she leapt from the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

I leaned over and kissed my mother. "Oh honey," she moaned when our lips finally separated.

"Stop that! I'm late," Isabel demanded when she rushed out of the can and found our lips again interlocked.

"Okay...okay," I complained as I disengaged myself from mom and rolled out of bed. The two of us washed her in the creek. Mom shampooed her daughter's hair while I washed my dried sperm from her body. Ten minutes later I watched my little sister race away down the path in shorts and tank top, her fancy dress over her arm.

"We better get ready too," mom said as she stood next to me.

"We have lots of time," I promised as I turned and took her in my arms.

"Are you sure?" mom asked as the back of her knees came in contact with the side of the bed.

"At least an hour," I answered as I pushed her backwards.

"You're so big," she groaned happily as I pushed my thick shaft inside of her. "No ones ever made me feel like this..."

We made love! There's no other way to put it. I'd had sex with my share of girls growing up but what I was doing with my mother, what I'd done with Sophie and Izzy, was different. Better. It's wrong, many people would say. Illegal. Immoral. Against God's teachings.

But we weren't hurting anyone. We were making love. And we did. Hungrily. A man and a woman needing each other, needing what the other had.

We washed each other in the creek when we'd finished. After my throbbing cock had spat strand after warm strand of impregnating cum inside her. She was my mother and lover now!


"So, how was the party," Sophie asked me an hour later. Earlier, Mom, who'd decided to go to the ceremony naked, had joined the Poole's and they'd all left for the clearing where the wedding was to be held.

"My sons not growing up here," I answered. We were walking through the woods towards the amphitheater where in fifteen minutes I was due to deliver her to her bridegroom. My arm was around her shoulder. We were both naked... although, for this special occasion, my sister was wearing a virginal, white lace wedding veil.

"Isn't she?"

"It's a girl?" I asked and immediately knew it was. We both knew. I bent down and quickly kissed my sisters belly. "Hi beautiful," I whispered to my daughter-to-be.

"We have to hurry," she said as she grabbed a hand full of my hair and tried to pull me up. I caught a nipple between my lips.

"Charlie we don't have time!" she ordered. We walked on.

"Did you park your boat on the beach?" she asked when we reached the edge of the bowl and looked down, referring to my threat of yesterday to whisk her away from her marriage by speed boat. "I guess I'll have to get married then," she added with a smile after I'd shaken my head no.

"You don't have to...we could just turn around..." I offered, quite prepared to lead her away even though the crowd had caught sight of us.

"C'mon Charlie, we've come this far, time for you to deliver me to my husband," she said laughing, then started down the incline towards the altar fifty yards away. The natural bowl was a swirling mass of people, some standing but most sitting on the grassy slopes. All naked! I couldn't help but hope that mom was capturing every step of our descent with the camera I'd insisted she bring.

We were about three quarters of the way down when Sophie gasped, then laughed before saying, "Well just get a look at our once shy baby sister."

Isabel was naked! "Where's the bloody dress she's been going on about for days?" I demanded. But I was starting to laugh. Isabel blushed when she saw us staring at her.

I joined mom and sat next to her on the blanket she'd brought to sit on. We were ten feet away from Sophie and Graham. I took the camera from mom and started to film! "Dad will love this," I whispered to mom as I let the camera rove over the crowd.

"You'll have to censer it before he sees it," she whispered back, then gave my penis a quick squeeze.

The ceremony was over in minutes, the words spoken by a long haired, bearded and ancient hippy who presided and whose words were completely unlike any I'd ever heard at any previous wedding. However, the watching audience seemed to approve and cheered wildly when Sophie and Graham kissed, apparently cementing the union. I had no idea if what we'd just seen was actually a legal ceremony under American law.

"So, what happened to the famous dress?" I asked my blushing sister as she, mom and I stood talking in front of the altar after Sophie and her husband had paraded up out of the amphitheater. Ninety per cent of the audience had already flowed out after them.

"Why, you don't like the one I'm wearing?" my nude sister demanded as she did a pirouette in front of us. I picked up the camera.

"I love it," I answered as I handed the camera (still recording) to mom and took Isabel into my arms. I kissed her.

"Don't... someone will see," she said shyly when we'd broken apart.

"You know, we could get one would notice," I offered.

"You're crazy," she answered with a saucy grin on her lips.

"We can do it right now... here... mom can be the minister," I told Isabel as I took her hand and led her to a spot directly in front of the altar.

"Charlie!" mom tssked as I took her hand and pulled her so she was standing between the altar and us.

And so, with fifty or so laggard wedding guests still milling around, and with the camera we'd set on the stone block that made up the altar still recording, mother, a grin on her face, started, "Will you, Isabel Ann Woodman, take Charles to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Don't forget the obey part mom," I instructed about one second before Izzy's elbow rammed into my side.

"You'll obey me Charlie," she said with total confidence.

"I know," I agreed grumpily.

"Don't're sooooooo lucky," my sister answered. Her face was radiating happiness. And I knew I was lucky.

In the end mom pronounced us man and wife. It had no legal standing of course but as I held my little sister and looked lovingly into her eyes we both knew we'd always be husband and wife. And we've got the video to prove it!

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