tagRomanceCharlie's Pain And Healing Ch. 02

Charlie's Pain And Healing Ch. 02


This story will make a little more sense if you read CHARLIE'S PAIN AND HEALING first as this is a continuation of that short story.

The wedding went off without a hitch and throughout the reception Charlie and Amanda were constantly together. They were always touching, giving each other gentle kisses and staring soulfully into each other's eyes. Every time he looked at Amanda Charlie felt his heart swell with love. At times he wondered just how he could have been so lucky to win her for his wife. Of course his happiness was bittersweet too because he would occasionally remember Charlene. Like his friend Donna had said so many months ago he would never get completely over Charlene's loss.

Many times during the early part of the reception Amanda caught Charlie looking lost, staring at her or just out into the darkness. Amanda felt a little surge of fear when she saw that and felt her heart cry out for him. She was sure he was remembering Charlene and what had been torn from him. She vowed to do everything in her power to take that hurt away from him and leave only the good memories of his first wife, to help him erase the hurt of her loss in combat.

After one hectic bout of dancing Charlie guided Amanda to the edge of the light and off the patio. He turned her to face him and wrapped his arms around her waist. He rested his hands on her beautiful rump and stared down at her face. When he bent to kiss her Amanda saw tears seeping from the corner of his eyes. She reached up and wiped them off and said, "Charlie honey. What's wrong?"

Charlie smiled and bent for another kiss then replied, "I am just so damn happy and I love you so. At the same time I feel so guilty. It's like I'm not supposed to be this happy, like I am taking something I don't deserve and...well, all I want to do is take you off somewhere and keep you all to myself. I know I can't do that because we have all these friends and family here that want you with them also."

Amanda smiled and hugged Charlie to her. She ground her crotch against his raging hard on, stood on her tiptoes and gave him a gentle kiss. "Well then Mr. Fielding. I suggest we do just that. It's nearly midnight and the truck is loaded. We've spent several hours here with our friends. Now it's time for us to begin our life together. Why don't we just tell everyone good-bye and drive off? I know for a fact the north line cabin is warm and stocked with nibblies."

Charlie grinned and began pulling Amanda toward the lighted patio. As they passed guests they began telling all their guests good-bye. When they reached the front door of Amanda's parents home they turned to face the assembled guests. Charlie raised his voice and said, "Everyone. We're so happy you chose to come and celebrate our marriage with us. It's getting late and Amanda and I need to leave now. Thank you again for coming and for everything you have done for both of us."

Many of the guests tried to get them to stay just a little while longer but they refused to do so. Amanda just smiled and hugged Charlie. She looked up into his eyes and then turned to the guests and said, "No, Charlie's right. It's time we left. Good bye everyone." She turned back to Charlie and gently pushed him out the door, following behind with their fingers still entwined.

Finally their friends gave up trying to keep them there and stood waving as they got into Charlie's truck. All the good byes were completed and the guests stood in the yard watching as the young couple drove out of sight.

As the guests returned to the dance area to continue the party Amanda's old neighbors and friends decided this was the best reception and party they had been to in at least 20 years. All were sorry to see Amanda go but agreed she deserved the happiness it looked like Charlie would give her. Charlie and Amanda would not be coming back to Amanda's parents home. They had made arrangements for Charlie's family to drive her truck and Sophie (Amanda's horse) to their new home in Missouri. Every spare corner of every homeward bound vehicle was packed with Amanda's belongings. Her parents had promised to come later in the year with what remained.

Charlie and Amanda made a rapid trip down the Ranch access road until they were out of sight of the house. "Slow down now Charlie. The corner is just up here a little. THERE. Turn left now and follow the trail." Amanda said.

As he drove Amanda smiled and leaned into him, wrapping her right arm across his abdomen. She rose to nuzzle his neck then relaxed with a contented sigh. She murmured, "I just love it up here at the old line cabin. I can't believe we're going to spend our first married night together in it. As they drove Amanda scooted closer to Charlie once more and gave him another kiss. She squeezed his cock through his trousers. She then moved back to the passenger side and leaned forward.

Charlie heard some rustling. Amanda was moving and thumping around. He turned toward her and stared in amazement as he watched her pull her top over her head. Her breasts popped out of her top and jiggled nicely from the bouncing of the truck over the uneven ground. Amanda looked at Charlie and smiled then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her short skirt. She raised her hips and pushed it down and off her body. Charlie was awestruck. She had no panties on either.

Amanda turned and leaned against the passenger door. She pulled her feet up in the seat, placed her heels together and splayed her legs. She turned on the passenger map light and it shown into her crotch. Charlie swallowed and felt his cock surge when he saw her shaved pussy glistening with the juices of her arousal. Amanda smiled at him and slowly ran her hands down over her chest, across her beautiful belly just now beginning to show her pregnancy. Slowly, so slowly Amanda used her left hand to open her sex more fully. She moaned as she gently slid two fingers deeply into her glistening cunt. "Oh, Charlie, see what you've caused? I just can't wait for you to show me how you can make my little pussy feel. It's been waaay too long."

In between her giving directions to Charlie for his drive to the cabin Amanda gently played with her cunt. Occasionally she would either bring her glistening fingers to her mouth and lick them off or would offer them to Charlie. She kept both of them on the edge until finally Charlie arrived at the cabin and parked the truck near the back door where Amanda directed. The truck was between some trees and bushes and the side of the building. It would be almost impossible to see and would be sheltered from sunlight yet easy to reach to unload whatever they might need.

Amanda put her shoes on and ran around the front of the truck to meet Charlie. She stopped him and gave him a deep sensuous kiss. She began to unbutton his shirt. When it was opened she took first one then the other of his nipples into her mouth and sucked them. She would nip them with her teeth occasionally making Charlie moan and writhe. She grinned and looked up at him with sparkling eyes when she felt her new husband thrust his hard cock into her soft belly. She pulled back from him and cupped his cock with her left hand. While she was doing that she loosened his belt, undid his pants and slid them down and off pulling his underwear with them. She slowly walked toward the truck and threw his clothes into the cab.

Charlie stood and stared at his new wife. There was a full moon and it provided just enough light to see her in all her glory. Amanda returned to Charlie and plastered herself to him, hugging him to her body as they began kissing and fondling each other. Their arousal soared. Amanda began to moan and rub her glistening cunt against Charlie's thigh. She pulled back and grabbed his hand. She pulled him toward the door to the cabin as she said, "Hurry."

Charlie hurried. He followed her at arms length and watched her delightful posterior undulate in front of him. Amanda threw open the door to the cabin and snapped on the lights. When Charlie stepped into the room behind her he stopped in amazement. He could see she had planned this little side trip well. There was three bottles of champagne in a cooler along with a pile of nibblies on the table. When she opened the refrigerator Charlie saw many food items and a lot of drinkables.

Charlie grabbed Amanda and pulled her to him once more, giving her a deep kiss. He pulled back and looked down into her face as he said, "You little minx. You set this up. How many of those jackals know we're staying here tonight?"

Amanda smiled and moved back into Charlie's arms. She laid her face against his chest and said, "None of them. They all think we're making a run to the Holiday Inn in Montrose. We can stay here as long as we want or until the food runs out—which should be about two days unless you want to eat canned stuff. We can fish and swim in the stream that runs just behind the cabin and make love here or on the stream bank."

Charlie smiled and pulled her tighter to him as he growled, "I love you Mrs. Fielding. I think we'll stay here until your little pussy is so sore we can't use it any longer then we will make our way slowly back home."

Amanda tilted her head up so she could look in Charlie's eyes. She stood on her tip toes to give him a gentle kiss. Amanda laid her head back on his chest as she said, "MMMMM." Then she resumed her interrupted hug.

Charlie pushed Amanda back onto the bed listening to her giggle as he fell face first into her crotch. She was wet almost half way down her gorgeous thighs. He slowly licked and kissed his way up one thigh around her pussy and down the other. After he had licked all her juices from her thighs he made a long slow lick up her slit. Amanda gasped, then moaned and jerked. She thrust her hips upward against his tongue when he finally made contact with her clit.

Charlie took his time bringing her to her peak, and then stopping before she achieved orgasm. Over and over Amanda strained to reach her final release. She pulled Charlie's head tightly against her dripping cunt. She begged and pleaded with him. Finally in exasperation and perhaps a little anger she said, "Damn it Charlie please let me cum." As Amanda made her demand she hit Charlie none too gently twice—once on the head and the other time on the scapula.

Charlie grinned to himself, adjusted his position slightly and rapidly flicked her clit several times with his tongue. Amanda strained upward and pulled his head tightly against her crotch. Her back arched and her knees slammed together holding Charlie's head tightly. Amanda screamed and cried out, then her ass fell back onto the bed. Her hips began making rapid thrusting motions against Charlie's still thrashing tongue. Finally Amanda sighed and completely relaxed. Charlie pulled his face far enough away from her still spasming cunt to breathe then he looked up into her eyes. She was lying there with the most serene smile on her face. Her body seemed almost boneless she was so relaxed. Charlie broke out into a self-satisfied grin as he rose from his position and crawled up alongside Amanda. He leaned down to her and gave her a small gentle kiss then lay beside her on his side. He wrapped his arm over her torso just under her breasts and hugged her to his body.

Amanda lay almost comatose for a moment longer then turned to her new husband with a gentle smile. "Oh, Charlie that was wonderful but if you ever tease me and leave me hanging that long again I will make you pay." She moved to him and gave him a gentle kiss, then another and another, each growing in intensity.

As they kissed hands began to roam. Amanda grabbed Charlie's almost painfully hard erection and marveled once again at its girth and length. It must be at least 7 inches and almost as big around as a shaving cream can. She sighed and thought to herself I really don't care. It fits perfectly and oh, my god, how he can use it. I've never been so well loved as I am when he finishes with me.

Charlie rose up supporting him self on his arm as he began giving deeper kisses, then he began nibbling and sucking on her nipples. Amanda felt herself begin the climb back toward a peak just from having her nipples sucked. With a moan she reached her hand around Charlie's neck and pulled him to her. "Please Charlie," she said. She laid her left leg flat on the bed and splayed her bent right one as far apart as she could. She pulled Charlie toward her and continued, "Please do me now. I need you in me so badly."

Charlie grinned once more, gave her another kiss and began to move over her. Amanda gasped when she felt the head of Charlie's cock nudge up against her lubricious cunt. She gave an involuntary thrust and moaned in her need. Charlie set his knees and flexed his hips as he drove about a third of his rigid manhood into her dripping cunt. Amanda thrust upward to meet him just as he made his next thrust and they slammed together with Charlie fully inserted in his lover.

Amanda locked her heels behind Charlie's thighs and her arms around his back as she tried to force even more of his manhood into her flower of desire, into the core of her being. Amanda existed right now for this man, for this moment, to share all she was and would be with her man.

Slowly, then with more passion and urgency they began to move, thrusting against one another. Charlie braced himself on his arms and locked them tightly against Amanda's hipbones so he could hold her steady as he slammed into her. His need was so great now she had trouble matching his thrusts. All at once Amanda let out a keening wail and slammed her hips up against Charlie. She strained against him for a moment. She screamed once more and began uttering a guttural "Unh, unh, unh" as she rapidly and repeatedly slammed her pelvis upward trying to force even a millimeter more of Charlie's steel hard cock into her throbbing, clasping cunt.

Finally Amanda's orgasm ran it's course and she held herself tightly against Charlie. That last move she made was all it took. Charlie pulled back slightly and rammed his cock as deeply into Amanda as he could. He felt his balls draw up and the throbbing as he pumped his seed deeply into her still pulsating pussy. "UNHHHH" he moaned out as he collapsed against her and began once more kissing her gently. As he held himself over Amanda with his elbows he could feel her breasts gently rubbing against his chest as she breathed.

Charlie whispered, "I love you Amanda" then rolled off to the side and lay on his back recovering. Finally he rolled to her once more and placed his arm over her torso under her breasts pulling her tightly against his body once again. They turned to kiss gently and Amanda covered them with the blanket. They drifted off to sleep holding each other and basking in their love.

Charlie woke the next morning cool and alone. The blanket he and Amanda had slept under during the cool night was piled up on the floor at the foot of the bed. Amanda was not in the bed or, for that matter even in the cabin. The sun was streaming in the cabins front windows and shining into his eyes.

Charlie rose and tried to find his clothes to dress then remembered Amanda had thrown them into his truck before they came into the building the night before. With a grimace Charlie sat on the edge of the bed and put his shoes on. He stood and walked toward the wide opened door in the southeast-facing wall of the small line cabin. Sunlight mottled by shade was streaming through it. About twenty feet in front of the open door Charlie could see a fire burning in the fire circle. There was a coffee pot hanging over the fire with steam rising from it.

Charlie walked outside and saw Amanda was on a padded bench, her feet pulled up on the edge and her arms wrapped around her knees. She was sitting watching the sun come up over the mountains and sipping on a cup of coffee. Charlie walked to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup. After he stood to walk to Amanda he stopped and stared at her. He had come face to face with her beautiful cunt. She smiled when she saw where his eyes were staring and splayed her legs slightly so he could get a better look. Her cunt lips were still puffy and red either from their love making of the night before or because she was aroused once more. From where he stood Charlie could see a slight milky drainage mixed with her clear fluid coming from her cunt.

Charlie looked at his watch as he walked toward his new wife. It was only 7 a.m. They had probably not gotten over 4 hours sleep the night before but for some reason he felt relaxed and energized. He walked up to Amanda slowly, still admiring her body as he went.

Charlie stopped slightly in front of her for a final look at her cunt then sat on the bench beside her. He turned and wrapped his left arm over her shoulders and pulled her to him. He gave her a gentle kiss as he murmured "Good morning Honey."

Amanda smiled and said, "Good morning to you too husband. I love you so much."

No more need be said. They sat, still naked; sipping their coffee and enjoying the soft, quiet morning and each other's company. Amanda made no effort to dress so neither did Charlie.

After a couple cups of coffee Charlie's stomach began growling. Amanda giggled and leaned to him for a kiss. When she pulled back she said, "I heard that husband. You just rest here and I'll make our breakfast. We can't have you growling at me like that this early in our marriage. Charlie smiled then watched in admiration, his lust building, as Amanda efficiently cooked their breakfast over the open fire. When she squatted to tend the food she made sure she was facing Charlie and her knees were splayed open. Charlie stared at her glistening cunt and felt his cock rise. Her gloriously naked breasts swayed with her every movement. Amanda watched her new husband covertly and smiled when she caught Charlie watching her movements so carefully. Finally she returned to their seat with full plates and they ate in companionable silence.

Before Amanda had served the meal she had put water on to heat. As soon as the meal was consumed Amanda washed the plates and utensils before returning them to their proper place inside the cabin. She returned to Charlie's seat and stood in front of him, a beautiful woman proud of her femininity and reveling in the lustful looks she was receiving from her man. She smiled and held her hand out for Charlie to take. He took her hand and followed as she gently pulled him from the seat and led him back inside the cabin to their bed.

Charlie and Amanda fell into bed and began caressing, kissing each other. Their breathing began to become heavier, their passion building. They began pressing their bodies against each other more urgently. Finally Charlie rose and once again moved between Amanda's widely splayed thighs. His cock needed no guidance. It knew where it belonged, where it was going and neither of them had to help it find it's proper place. Charlie felt the head of his cock nudge just into the right place and thrust gently. The first inch disappeared into Amanda's very wet hole.

Gently but rapidly Charlie fed the rest of his cock into Amanda. There was gentleness yet urgency this time. They both had a deep-seated need and they rushed to completion, arriving at the ultimate point at the same time. As Charlie pumped his love into Amanda they fell into a gentle series of kisses. Finally after he was completely spent Charlie fell to the side once more and they drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep.

Charlie woke slowly. He stretched languidly and turned his head. He found himself looking deeply into a pair of beautiful blue eyes. Then he saw the tears and felt fear. He reached for Amanda and wiped the tears with his fingers then pulled her down to lie against his chest. He felt her incredibly soft breasts compress against his chest and he whispered, "What's the matter Honey? Did I hurt you?"

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