tagInterracial LoveCharlotte & The Pirate Ch. 06

Charlotte & The Pirate Ch. 06


The following story is going to be at least a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I'm afraid you'll have to go find each part. Hope it's worth it.

Part 1: Non-Erotic.

Part 2: First Time

Part 3: Loving Wives

Part 4: Exhib & Voy

Part 5: Lesbian

* * * * *

Jacques Sartan. That was the name of the man Charlotte had given her journal to. Jacques had indeed been sent by the Comte de Filleaux. He was a new squire on the Count's lands, and he had indicated that he wanted to see the world. So his master had sent him on a trip to St. Dominique to check on his daughter. He was to take his greetings to Charlotte and report back on how she and her husband were doing.

The trip to the island had been quite uneventful, but to his surprise, Jacques had been unable to find the governor's wife. She never left the estate, and no one on the island had seen her in months. Finally, completely confused, Mssr. Sartan decided to pay a visit to the governor.

Presenting himself at the estate, Jacques simply announced that he was a visitor from Paris. Within moments he was being taken to the governor. The next three days were spent talking with Lord Panvois, and learning what had happened to his wife. When he was convinced he understood everything, Mssr. Sartan sailed back to France. As they were going through pirate waters, the governor had insisted that Jacques be taken on one of his warships. No pirates were sighted, however, and a few weeks later, Jacques Sartan arrived back in France.

As soon as the ship had docked, the squire had ridden back to his master's lands as fast as he could. The roads were dangerous, but Jacques had two of Lord Panvois' personal guards with him. Upon arriving, Jacques found the count as quickly as possible. Frantically, he told the old man how his beautiful daughter had been sold into slavery in Africa. The Comte D'Ormond had wanted to gather his men, but Jacques convinced him there was no time. They needed to get to Paris quickly and see the king. Charlotte had to be rescued as soon as possible. God knew what terrible things she was enduring.

Francois D'Ormond couldn't bear to think of his lovely Charlotte as a slave. He grabbed his coat, and followed the men to their horses. He had a stableboy bring him his mount, and within minutes the four men were on the road to Paris. At top speed, the ride would take over a day, and the men pushed their horses as hard as they could.

About twenty miles away from the D'Ormond estate, Jacques' horse pulled up lame. He dismounted and went to check the horse's leg. He cursed, and declared that the horse had broken the leg and was useless. The count dismounted as well, and went over to check the horse himself. He had just lifted the leg up to check the horse's hoof, when Jacques Sartan ran his sword through his body from behind. The count was dead before he even had a chance to be surprised.

Mssr. Sartan had indeed been horrified when he had first heard what happened to Charlotte D'Ormond. But over time, the governor had managed to explain the situation to him. Charlotte had become an obstacle to his success, and no man should allow a woman to stand in the way of his destiny. And Jacques himself was under-appreciated. Surely, the Count did not realize how important Mssr. Sartan was, or he would have made him a knight by now. Well, that was an oversight that the governor would be delighted to make right.

For the next couple of days, Jacques and the governor had planned what to do. There was a great deal of gold to be made, but Charlotte was still a problem. Surely her father would expect to hear from her sooner or later, and when he didn't he would become concerned. If he took it upon himself to investigate, things could become awkward. And awkwardness was bad for business. Of course they could stage an accident and pretend that the Lady Charlotte was killed, but that might still bring her father to the island. No, an accident was indeed called for, but it must be the Comte de Filleaux himself who met with misfortune.

Their plans laid, Jacques had sailed back to France. With him were the governor's retainers and a great deal of gold as payment.

After they had killed the count, Jacques reported that they had been waylaid by bandits. They had fought them off, but in the struggle, the count had been tragically killed. No one had any reason to suspect any treachery, so the Comte D'Ormond was laid to rest and Jacques and his companions departed France.

Their next stop was Africa. Lord Andre had suggested that as long as they were travelling, they might as well check on Charlotte. He didn't really care what had happened to her, as long as there was no chance of her escaping. If Jacques needed to kill her that was fine, but if she was safely locked away that was even better.

So Jacques and his crew had spent the next few weeks sailing to northern Africa. His fondest memory of the whole trip, was sitting there with Charlotte on top of him, while he had his cock all the way up her tight ass. The stupid woman thought he was there to help her. But stupid or not, she had a fantastic pair of tits and one really nice butt.

Now, however, it was time to head back home. Normally the trip would be incredibly boring, but his master's friend the sheik and given him a present to take along.

She was black as night, and Jacques had no idea what her name was. It didn't matter, anyway. She couldn't speak French, and he didn't speak whatever God forsaken tongue it was that she kept speaking in. What did matter was that she was beautiful. Her hair was wiry and coarse, and absolutely jet-black. Her face was lovely and she had the biggest set of boobs Jacques had ever seen. He didn't have to be able to talk to her, she knew what she was there for and Jacques didn't expect to have any problems making it clear exactly what he wanted. As a matter of fact, since they were already underway, he might as well go below and break her in.

Jacques did just that. He escorted his new toy down to his cabin. There he proceeded to unwrap it. The girl didn't seem overly happy about that, but that wasn't his problem. Mssr. Sartan couldn't believe it when he finally had those breasts out. They were enormous, the size of cannon balls, or even bigger. Jacques lost track of how much time he just spent playing with those things. He'd bounce them, squeeze them, jiggle them around, God!, they were simply amazing.

After a while, however, he put the girl to work. He took of his pants, and had the girl start sucking. Jacques had no problem making the girl understand what she was supposed to do, and quickly she was kneeling in front of him with his cock in her mouth. She was quite good at it. Jacques loved the way she moved her mouth up and down, while she sucked. She didn't use her tongue much, but he figured he could teach her that on the trip. In the meantime, he just sat back and let the girl work.

It felt wonderful, and Jacques tried to relax and just make it last as long as he could. Finally, though, he thrust forward, and began to shoot his load into the girl's mouth. She dutifully stayed where she was and took every drop. After she had swallowed everything down, Jacques pulled her up onto his bed. Then he literally used one of those huge breasts as a pillow and went to sleep.

The next morning, Jacques woke with his new slave. She was asleep, but he tweaked the nipple near where he was sleeping, and she quickly awoke. After that, Jacques just laid the girl down and spread her legs. Then he reached in and spread her open, the equipment was just fascinating.

The fur around her lips was that same dark, crinkly stuff, and it was fun to just run his hand over and pet it. It was soft and bouncy, and very different from that on other women he had been with. Then there was her quim itself. The outer lips were as black as the rest of the girl, but the inside was bright pink. For some reason, the color contrast really amused Jacques and he just kept the slave's lips pulled apart so he could look at it.

When he was done starting at her cunny, Jacques wanted to use it. He just climbed on the girl, and stuck his rod into the hole. The girl was particularly wet, but that wasn't his problem. He began to thrust away into her quim, and after a while, he shot a load up in there. The girl didn't react much while he used her, and frankly, Jacques didn't care. After all, she was there for his pleasure not hers.

The rest of the day was spent discussing business with the ship's captain, so Jacques didn't get back to his slave until that night. There was one more hole Jacques hadn't used, so he just bent the girl over and pulled her bottom apart. When she felt him poke a finger up her behind, the slave girl knew what was coming. Jacques didn't speak her language, but the whimpering sounds she made easily made him understand that she wasn't happy about what was going to happen. Not that he cared of course. He just set the head of his penis right at the anal dimple. Then he pushed as hard as he could, until the rod made its way up her back channel.

The slave couldn't help it, she let a little scream and began to cry, as that awful thing worked its way up her insides. It was dry and it hurt. It didn't matter though, the rod kept plowing up her bottom hole, makings its way through her body. The girl desperately tried not to be sick, as she felt it worming around farther and farther up inside her. She knew that if she became physically ill, she would be punished horribly. So she struggled to simply accept that horrible man's thing going up her backside. It wasn't like this was the first time someone had done this to her, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Jacques knew the girl wasn't happy about what he was doing, but what did that matter? Her ass felt great. He pushed up against her, to get every last inch that he could up her tight bottomhole. Then he just began to drive in and out. The girl would let out this sort of squeaky moan, every time he drove back into her ass. It was a really cute noise. After a while, Jacques relaxed and just let himself shoot up her butt. After that, he just laid down on the bed, pulled the girl up and stuck his cock in her mouth, and went to sleep. The poor girl spent the entire night with that filthy man's rod in her mouth, but she didn't dare let it fall out. She had been punished by other masters, and she knew how brutal a master could be.

In the morning, Jacques awoke with his cock still in the girl's mouth. She had actually managed to fall asleep that way. Jacques woke her up, got her sucking, and left a load in her mouth. Then he went off to find the captain and discuss more business.

The next several weeks passed just like that. Jacques would alternate his time between speaking with the captain, and finding new and interesting things to do with the beautiful black girl. By the time they reached the Caribbean, Jacques had used every orifice she had in every position he could imagine. Frequently, he would shoot a load into the girl, and then spend the entire night with his rod just stuck into one of her holes. She seemed to particularly hate the times that he made her keep it stuffed up her butt, so he had begun to do that more and more often.

The only thing more exciting to Jacques than his black toy, was the thought of how rich he would be at the end of this voyage. The governor had already paid him a substantial sum, and the balance that he had been promised would set him up for life. Then, just when he thought it couldn't get better, the lookout spotted something which would make both he and the captain even richer.

She was a small ship. They couldn't make out a name or a flag. She had obviously been in a battle and had been abandoned. The main mast was lying across the deck, and canvas was everywhere. The mast had clearly been broken in battle, and the sails collapsed on the deck. There didn't appear to be a soul on board, so the crew must have taken to the boats and abandoned her after she could no longer sail. Of her enemy there was no sign, perhaps she had done enough damage to drive him off before she was abandoned.

Under the laws of the sea, the ship was legal salvage. While her sails were down, she appeared seaworthy. There was a little smoke coming from her stern, but there was no major fire, and she didn't appear to be sinking. The much larger ship that Mssr. Sartan was on, would easily be able to tow her into port. And a seaworthy ship would fetch a great deal of additional gold. With that in mind, the captain set a course right for the derelict.

They were less than a thousand yards from the ship, when the captain realized something was wrong. All of a sudden he could see men scrambling on the deck. And under the canvas he could see cannon being readied. The little ship only had about 12 or 14 guns, to his 36, but he was sailing right at her and couldn't bring his guns to bear. The captain had to turn his ship so that he could fight. Quickly he shouted to the helm to turn hard to starboard. A moment later, the ship began a sharp turn. It was then that the captain realized what a horrible mistake he had just made. But it was too late. A second later, the little ship fired seven guns right at him.

This was the second time Black Bill had tried this trick. It had worked perfectly the first time, and he figured he had one more opportunity to use it before word got around. He had outfitted the Anvil with an extra mast and lots of extra canvas. Then they just sailed her into open water. William figured any passing merchant vessel would stop and try for salvage. Warships, on the other hand, would probably ignore her. There would appear to be no one to rescue, and a military crew would get no part of the salvage rights.

After all, the hardest part of taking a prize was catching her. Many times the Anvil had spotted a likely target, and it had taken a day or two to chase her down. During that time, there was always the risk that a warship would show up, and they would have to abandon their prize. If the Anvil could get her quarry to come to her, so much the better.

With the ship in the open ocean, William ordered the extra mast laid across the deck. Then the extra canvas was unfurled and just laid out covering as much of the ship as it could. Finally, a small fire was started in the rear. They used wet wood to make it as smoky as possible. The smoke also helped to obscure the ship.

The first time they had done this, a lovely fat merchant ship had come right to them. This time, to William's surprise, a French warship was closing. She outgunned him three to one. But from a complete stop, there was no chance to run away. The Anvil only had one chance. Perhaps the French captain was a bit inexperienced, and would make a mistake if they surprised him. So when the warship was in range, instead of firing, he ordered his men on deck. Hopefully, when the French officer saw the trap, he would turn instead of continuing right at them.

A more experienced officer would have kept coming. He would have known that his best chance at that point was to ram the much smaller ship. The huge warship could easily absorb one broadside fired straight into her bow. But this captain hadn't been put on this ship because of his experience, he had been put there because of his loyalty to the governor's gold.

A moment after he gave the order to turn, the captain realized it was pointless. His crew were not manning the guns, and it would take several minutes before they could fire. Then, as the ship turned hard to the right, she began to list a little to the right as well. As she continued the sharp turn, her port side lifted out of the water a bit.

When Bill saw his adversary do what he had hoped he ordered all guns fired. If the ship had come straight at him, he would have had a very narrow target, but now he had her port side to shoot at, with her keel coming out of the water. Five of the seven guns hit either below the waterline, or what would be below the waterline when the ship finished her turn. Bill then ordered full sail, and hard to port. It would take a little while for the ship to make speed, but the French ship was in no condition to fire. He would move out of range and see what happened.

The French captain was beside himself. He had been beaten without ever firing a shot. His ship was doomed. Five balls had penetrated her keel and she was going down by the head. There was no way to stop it. They could fight the pirates off, but the ship would sink. At that point, they would either go down with her, or take to the boats. Either way they would be at the pirates' mercy. Finally, he called Jacques up to discuss it with him. After all, he was the governor's envoy.

Jacques was terrified. Like most people who are delighted to take advantage of those weaker than they are, he was an abject coward. When the captain said that if they surrendered, the pirates would probably just seize the ship and take them prisoner, he immediately demanded that the captain do just that. Well the captain wasn't a much braver man than Jacques, so if the governor's man wanted him to surrender, than by God that's what he'd do. So the captain gave the order to strike the French colors.

When the ship struck its flag, William moved the Anvil back in. He had his men board the French ship and disarm the crew. Then the French sailors were quickly taken over to the Anvil. The prisoners were quite orderly. They had no great love for their captain, and the pirates had not threatened to harm any of them. After that, the captain and Jacques were escorted to meet William. They were introduced to the pirate captain. William had no real interest in the French sea captain, but when he asked Jacques where he was sailing from, the man told Bill that he had been checking on the wife of the governor of St. Dominique.

William desperately tried to not show how shocked he was by that statement. Why was this man checking on Charlotte? And where was he checking on her? The ship had come from the east. According to the captain, they had just come from Africa. What was going on, and where was Charlotte?

Then things got even more confusing. One of William's men came running up with a beautiful black woman in tow. He told his captain, that he had found the girl locked in a cabin on the sinking ship. William eyes flashed, and he asked the two men how they could have allowed a lady to be left behind to drown.

Jacques didn't understand. "She's not a lady! She's a slave. She's just property for God's sake. Just like the stupid governor's wife!"

Mssr. Sartan didn't understand what he had just done. A person unacquainted with both groups might think that slavers and pirates would work together, both being basically outlaws. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. A pirate crew was basically a democracy. Captains were elected by the crew, and stayed captain as long as they were successful. If the crew became unhappy with a captain, he was simply removed and another man elected in his place. Not only did all pirates consider themselves free men owing to no one, but many of them were escaped slaves themselves. On the Anvil, five of William's men were former slaves. While William never killed honest sailors if he could avoid it, when they captured a slave ship the crew was invariably sent swimming home. Of course, as far as William knew none of them had actually made it home.

The men around Jacques, started to grab him, but William stopped them. The men had no idea why William wasn't allowing them to deal with this bastard, but if the captain wanted him spared he must have a reason. The men stepped back and let their captain do as he wished.

William just smiled and told Jacques that of course he was right. And he asked him how he knew that the governor's wife was a slave. Well, the man told William everything that he had done. From killing Charlotte's father to using her body in Africa. He even told William that he had brought two special presents for the governor. It was a shame that one of them was going to sink with the ship, though. When William asked him what they were, Jacques told him: The Count's personal ring and Charlotte's diary. It was really a shame, too. The diary would really have amused Lord Andre.

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