Charlotte’s Got Game Ch. 01

byGrandflasher C.©

"Good golly, Miss Molly! You guys should feel this bitch's sweet little asshole! It's so fucking tight! I can't even stick a second finger in!"

"Let me try, Dylan!" the player next to the first man said. His finger replaced his friend's, and he pushed it hard up Charlotte's resisting anal-sphincter until he was knuckle deep. "Sweet baby Jesus! You're right! This slut is tight!"

"Fuck - with this ass she can join the team! This bitch can be our tight end!"

"Ha ha! Our sweet little British tight-end!"

Some callous sniggers followed that lewd remark, but the end result was that all the other nine men had to ram their fingers up Charlotte's rear end, so that they could get a piece of the action as well. All the brunette could do was endure the torment, as she writhed in middle of the circle of men as they took turns finger-fucking her in all her three orifices. By this time, Charlotte couldn't hold back her moaning; eleven horny guys, twenty-two pairs of hands and countless fingers drove the poor lass mad with desire, whipping her voluptuous body up into a sexual frenzy.

Charlotte breathed heavily, mindlessly sucking away on whoever's fingers were thrust between her lips. Her velvety snatch was sopping wet and a convulsing mess, but it also had no fewer than four digits crammed into it at the same time. The girl's vice-like anus was in an even worse state with five fingers shoved up it, wriggling away mercilessly. A light shimmer of sweat formed all over Charlotte's slim, nubile body, as she squirmed and quivered in the arms of her relentless tormentors. However, the glistening sweat only made her smooth skin seem even more creamy and desirable, which made the team desire her even more.

They pushed the model onto her knees suddenly. Charlotte knelt on the floor docilely, knowing that there was nothing in her power to stop what was coming next. Biting her lower lip rather cutely, the young beauty watched in lurid fascination as all eleven football players undressed as fast as they could. Despite her awful situation, Charlotte couldn't help but notice how hot the guys were; they all had rock-hard bodies with well-defined pecs and smoking six-pack abs.

But what really held the girl's rapt attention was the thick, rather huge cocks that the players all sported. In fact, it seemed rather ridiculous how big those cocks were! Pink, flesh colored cocks from the white players. Light brown cocks from the Hispanics. Humungous dark cocks from the blacks. The shortest cock seemed to about eight inches in length, which in itself would have been good enough length for Charlotte. It really didn't help that all the cocks were huge!

Her pussy felt feverishly wet and pulsed in heat not only from the savage finger-fucking, but also from the thought of all those incredible erections, which were surrounding her in a circle even as she struggled with her licentious thoughts. It wasn't as if Charlotte had meant to be an icy, frigid bitch to all the men in campus. The gorgeous Brit simply had a boyfriend back at home and wanted to be loyal to him. She actually loved sex, and so past few months had been quite hard on the girl.

But now an entire team of American college football players had defiled her with their hands and fingers, and there was more to come. Charlotte's pussy quivered at those thoughts, emanating a creamy lather that couldn't be ignored much longer; she was really fucking horny!

All the licentious thoughts that swirled around in Charlotte's mind were abruptly interrupted by a loud smack on her pretty cheek. One of the players had slapped her with his rigid dick! Her reverie was completely shattered as the reality of her situation reared up once again. About seven or eight of the cocks before her began smacking her in the face - or at least they all tried to. With that many erections being waved around, it was pretty crowded to say the least. The guys behind Charlotte were content to fondle her big titties, and two of them knelt down so that they were both able to reach her lower orifices.

"Oh God - please stop that!" Charlotte wailed. "Stop it!"

Her face twisted left and right, but there was no place to hide from the big dicks that swung right at her. It was one swollen penis after the other, battering her face mercilessly. The players all laughed at the model's predicament, and the expression of misery on her face. Meanwhile, Charlotte was getting harshly finger-fucked once more, as the two beefy men behind her worked her two lower holes ferociously.

The lovely brunette couldn't take it any longer. Tensing up, she made to scream out as loud as she could. However, as soon as she opened her mouth, a cock was swiftly stuffed inside of it! Charlotte was stunned, and in first few moments did nothing as the football player started to fuck her succulent lips. It had happened so fast! All of a sudden there was a gigantic, fleshy piece of man-meat in her mouth. It tasted sweaty and nasty, and seemed ludicrously big.

If looks could have killed, Charlotte's indignant glare would have struck down the player whose dick was in her mouth. She scowled at him but knew that she was ultimately helpless, and so had no choice but tried to become accustomed to the big fat cock stuffed into her stretched mouth. Soon her jaw was stretched wide open - to the max - and somehow her molester was able to cram his big dick all the way to the back of her throat, battering it ruthlessly.

Charlotte let out some muffled moans of outrage, but accepted the cock-pounding until the man withdrew after a few minutes time. She was only able to suck in a few desperate gulps of air before another player - a giant Hispanic with a penis to match his size - stabbed his rigid pole back between the girl's lips. Then Charlotte realized that it was going to be only the start of her ordeal.

The model endured this lewd oral act as all eleven teammates got their turn with her pretty mouth. It seemed to Charlotte that there was a never-ending stream of cocks that she was forced to suck. Big cocks. Thick cocks. Long cocks. Dark cocks. Black cocks. Cocks that were circumcised, with bulbous heads. Uncircumcised cocks. Cocks with small heads but massively thick.

But unfortunately for Charlotte - there wasn't a normal sized cock. The common theme seemed to be that this team had big buys with big boners, much to the young woman's dismay.

And they were rough as well. The Alabama Tech Panthers main football players didn't seem to care much about the slow, erotic art of sex. They fucked like they played ball: as hard and as fast as they could go, apparently. And the poor girl was on the receiving end of this fast and furious oral fucking was Charlotte. The players crammed as much cock as they could inside the brunette's small mouth. They hammered the back of her throat, stretching it out bit-by-bit so that they could stuff even more cock into her.

Charlotte was literally choking on dick! They tasted horrible - sweaty and unclean - and they smelled even worst. She could only guess how many hours of practice the team had before ramming their nasty erections into her mouth. It wasn't long before the gorgeous Brit's breasts - heaving from her efforts – became all slick and gleaming from the great gobs of her saliva that spewed out from the forced mouth-fucking and down her pert chin.

They kept switching and taking turns, and after each player had fucked the girl orally at least three times each, Charlotte's mind became a bit lost in a sexual daze. It was literally cock after cock after cock, finding its way into Charlotte's mouth in order to abuse her as much as possible. She actually became used to the thickness of most of the erections, and the vulgar feeling of a throbbing, pulsating pecker crammed into her mouth became a familiar one. The girl sucked cock when she had, choked a lot of the time from the team's brutality, and she gulped in air when she had a chance.

Mostly she was forced to breathe through her nostrils. Her frantic breathing, combined with her deep moans and heavenly feel of her mouth, created an extremely sordid atmosphere within the locker. The sound of rigid man-flesh slapping away at softer feminine flesh, and the squelch of a sloppy blowjob, was something that could not be mistaken for anything else except sex.

The model cheerleader was forced to jack-off random cocks with both her hands as well – whatever was within reach. Since all eleven erections were already dripping with Charlotte's saliva, it turned out to be easy work for her. Most of the players helped by gripping her hands and made sure she gave them a frenzied hand-job.

It wasn't long that the group wanted to fuck the young woman, after another round of servicing all eleven football players with her lips and hands. Receiving head was just the appetizer, while the main course was about to begin!

Matt stopped his teammates and picked up Charlotte so she could stand once more. Whispering in her ear, he asked, "Are you okay, doll?"

The trembling girl held onto the quarterback's arms and replied, "Yes! Please, I've learned my lesson! Just let me go!"

Grinning, Matt tenderly wrapped his hands around Charlotte's slim waist and answered, "Yes, of course!"

Taken aback, Charlotte was elated and hugged Matt back fiercely. "Oh - thank you!"

"But first ..." said Matt ominously.

Charlotte froze in the man's arms. "But first?" she replied in confusion and dread.

He pulled the brunette up against him so that his erection bobbed beneath her slippery slit. His friends beside him helped the quarterback by holding Charlotte for a few seconds up in the air, letting Matt slip his forearms under her thighs and cute butt, while allowing his hands access to fondle the girl's ass and pull apart her ass-cheeks. The rest of the team giggled like horny little schoolboys as Charlotte let out a low wail of fear.

"We're all horny as hell for you, Charlotte!" Matt grinned, ogling the girl's magnificent tits which were thrust in his face in this lewd position. "Before we let you go, you're going to have to fuck all of us first, of course! You can't leave us in this condition!"

"Oh God ..." whimpered Charlotte, before she let out a shriek.

The reason for her sudden outburst was because the quarterback's cock-head was nudging against the entrance of the model's pussy lips. It felt humungous and oh-so-hard, and seemed to split her wide open as Matt gradually eased the girl onto his dick. Charlotte's twat was a tight fit, and she wrapped her arms around Matt's shoulders tightly. However, since he held most of her weight in his arms, there was no stopping the inevitable. She slowly slid down that big shaft until she reached its base.

The expression on Charlotte's face was priceless. Her quivering snatch had never felt this full ever! She was wild-eyed and glazed over in lust, slack-jawed and unknowingly groaning in a low, guttural tone. The nine-inch schlong inside of her had stretched her insides like nothing she could imagine before.

Matt grinned sadistically. "Fuck you've got such a tight little pussy! Don't worry, babe - we'll loosen it up for you! Consider it a community service!"

With that said, and the accompanying barrage of laughter, Matt jerked the gorgeous brunette up in his powerful arms, effortlessly, almost as if Charlotte was as light as a feather. Then he dropped her back down while she was still pinned to his cock. Gravity did its work well, and the girl slid back down rather hard, pounding against Matt's athletic body. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed harshly in the locker room, along with the wails of a young woman in sexual anguish.


She was impaled on nine-inches of monster cock and then ruthlessly bounced up and down on it, without any say in the matter. Matt didn't care if she came on his dick - which was what happened after two minutes of fucking - he simply wanted to see Charlotte suffer. The quarterback fucked the girl ferociously, relishing the sweet feel of her tight cunt, before handing her off to his closest teammate.

This player was more than happy to take over the fornication duties. He had sex with Charlotte the same way as Matt did - standing up - so all she could do was wrap her legs and arms around the man and hold on for dear life while he gripped her luscious ass and moved her up and down on his swollen member.

Charlotte was passed around in this manner between all eleven teammates, and by it wasn't long before she was a mewling, incoherent mess. The brunette had cum three times already, and there was no end in sight as none of the men had shot their loads yet. It was a game for team - almost like a contest - as they each tried to make Charlotte scream out the loudest as they fucked her. They each in turn slammed her down savagely on their dicks, unconcerned with the girl's wails of despair.

After she was fucked by the whole group and was given back to Matt, he rammed into her so hard that Charlotte screamed out in intense ecstasy. She experienced an orgasm like none other before, cumming so hard that her pussy - clenched so tight around Matt's pecker - literally expelled his dick. This meant that Charlotte had no choice but to push herself away from the quarterback - her supple figure appeared to "bounce" off Matt all of a sudden, and she was lucky for the two football players were able to catch her from behind.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she squealed passionately.

Grinning, the two men set Charlotte back onto her feet, but her trembling legs couldn't hold her up and she crumpled to the ground in a sultry, convulsing heap. Tremors of incredible pleasure rippled throughout the young woman's flushed, red-hot body. Charlotte's cunt had never felt so scalding hot or sopping wet; she was really drenched down there, and there seemed no end to the leaking juices that spilled down her inner thighs and then onto the floor. In the back of the brunette's mind, she realized that she felt like that because she had just been gang-banged by eleven men.

"Holy Shit!" Charlotte exclaimed, talking with a bit of slur. "I've never cum so hard in my life!"

Unfortunately, she didn't realize that there was a wide grin on her pretty face. At that particular moment, the voluptuous Brit seemed to forget her rather lurid circumstances, and the only thing Charlotte could think about was the fantastic orgasm that she had just experienced. The grin on her face made her appear pretty slutty.

In the meantime, the girl was still surrounded by eleven still achingly horny football players. They only one thing on their minds: fucking Charlotte's brains out. They let the girl soak in the moment for a minute, before they picked her up off of the ground. She didn't even seem to register what was happening until they positioned her facing forward against one of the lockers, slightly bent over with her ass sticking out. By the time they spread her legs apart it was too late, one of the big Hispanic players had entered her from behind. A howling squeal erupted from Charlotte, much to the entertainment of the entire team.

"Fucking Christ! This cooze's cunt is even tighter now!" the Hispanic player told his teammates.

Charlotte was abused even harsher than before. Forming a ragged line, the players took turns drilling the brunette's incredibly spastic pussy as deep and as hard as they could. Their huge fuck-sticks dug deeper into Charlotte's love-hole than she had ever thought possible, stretching her tiny lower slit to eye-popping extremes. With her face and hands pushed up against the lockers, the men had free reign to do whatever they wanted, so they fucked her raw. At the same time, some of them played with her deliciously hanging titties - which flopped vigorously back and forth in sync with their ferocious union - and some even molested the young woman's vulnerable asshole. Her sweet rear end squirmed and twisted about in desperation, trying in vain to squirm away from her tormentor's evil fingers.

All in all, it was a repugnant, raunchy, and nasty little gang-bang, with eleven enormous football players having their way with a hot, little English lass. It didn't take long for Charlotte to begin experiencing wave after wave of gut-wrenching orgasms that took place every few minutes. The team was merciless, each thrust of cock slammed into the poor Brit with pussy-churning, ass-rippling power; she was fucked so forcefully that her slim body was actually bounced up into the air by a few inches.

Whether the dick was eight-inches, nine-inches, ten-inches, or eleven-inches long - Charlotte's snatch had no choice but to take in and accept every inch that was offered. Whatever its size, that cock buried itself deeply within her cunt. And the players themselves didn't care if she had just cum or not - if Charlotte's pussy was spewing out her fiery juices, they crammed their thick erections into her regardless, ignoring her pleas of respite.

And then, after what seemed like an eternity for the young woman from being defiled and violated, a peculiar sentiment came over her, slowly but surely. Through her befuddled, sex-drunk mind, came the awareness of the strong tingling emanating from her body, stemming from the intense pleasure she was receiving. Yes, the orgasms she had experienced had been violent and nearly overwhelming, but part of it was because of her innate stubbornness and strong will - to deny that pleasure, to fight against that depraved gratification, because it was incredibly humiliating.

But it was becoming increasingly impossible to ignore the hedonistic arousal that coursed throughout Charlotte's slim figure. The wickedness of feeling every nasty inch from the multiple giant dicks that rammed into her, the filthy stench of the men's locker room clinging to her nostrils, the sensation of nearly a dozen rock-hard and sweat masculine bodies pressed against her lone nubile form - drowned Charlotte's senses to the sinful immorality of her situation.

At that point Charlotte stopped fighting her base instincts and gave into her own lecherous desires. It helped that every orgasm felt better than the last one. Even the monstrous erections - that penetrated her so deeply and stretched her out so fully - felt less painful, and instead more gratifying. She realized that big dicks were something that she could get used to, that perhaps her boyfriend back in England wouldn't be able to satisfy her any longer. That thought nearly shamed the young woman.

Charlotte realized that she loved the vulgar sex, loved being roughed up, and loved being taken against her will. She didn't dwell on those thoughts - couldn't dwell on them - and what that could ultimately mean for her. Instead, the gorgeous Brit surrendered herself to those scandalous cravings, indecent and degrading as they were.


"Holy fuck!" cried the man whose shaft was pumping into Charlotte, caught off guard by her change in attitude.

Not only was the girl simply stunning - her mouth spewed out a litany of naughty words that would make an army sergeant blush! He didn't mind, however, as it only served to increase his desire. Slapping her ass, the black football player grunted loudly as he pistoned in and out of that incredibly sweet pussy even harder than before.

Suddenly, a loud, commanding voice rang out in the locker room. "What the HELL is going on!"

(End of Ch. 01)

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