tagNonHumanCharlotte's Night Out Ch. 02

Charlotte's Night Out Ch. 02


They left the club. His hand still holding her arm, Charlotte and this strange man walked across the small parking lot. As they neared his car, a long black sedan, she suddenly realized she didn't even know his name.

"I'm Charlotte." She said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"I know your name. I've been watching you for far longer than tonight my sweet." He answered just as softly.

" And who are you?" She asked, a little more frightened at his revelation.

"My name is Damen." He answered. They spoke no more until they were inside the backseat of his car. Charlotte watched through the darkened window as another form walked up to the car and sat in the front seat behind the wheel.

"And I am Kristoff." Said the other man as he turned to face her. Charlotte instantly recognized him as the man with long dark ponytail from across the club. Inside the car, with the interior light still on, Charlotte could now see that his hair was black. His eyes as they burned into her flesh, were a deep silvery blue.

As she sat in the back seat next to Damen, her mind raced. 'What have I gotten myself into?' She thought. Her body was humming, she could see the lust in Damen's green eyes every time she let her gaze wander to his. The same lust and desire were mirrored in Kristoff's eyes as he watched from the rear view mirror.

She jerked away slightly when she felt his hand on her knee. He moved his strong hand slowly up her thigh to the hem of her skirt. She put her hand over his to stop him.

"No, no. None of that. You are mine now." Damen said as he continued his movements up her thigh under the thin skirt. Charlotte's breath caught in her throat as his hand moved over the top of the stocking and made contact with her bare flesh. She realized she had quit resisting this man. The feel of his hand on her skin made her whole body light up in arousal. She hissed in a breath as his finger ran up and down her soaking slit through her flimsy thong underwear. After a few moments her hips were rocking into his hand. She needed more.

His fingers moved the thin fabric to the side and with no warning he shoved two fingers deep inside her hot warmth. She cried out as he penetrated her. Her hips bucking against his hand. She was so close to the edge.

"More." She cried out.

"Are you going to cum for me, my sweetling?" Damen whispered deeply in her ear.

"Yes." She responded riding his fingers still. With that he bent his head and took a nipple into his mouth through the fabric of her bra and top. His teeth grazed it and Charlotte screamed her pleasure as she came on his hand. The waves of pleasure crashing over her. She watched as he brought his fingers to his lips and tasted her. His eyes closed as her taste flowed over his lips.

"We're here." Kristoff said from the front seat.

As Charlotte composed herself and fixed her clothing, she looked out the window at the house they had arrived at. Mansion was actually a better word for it. It was huge. At least three stories high. Tall columns in front covered a beautiful front porch and held up a second floor balcony. This place was amazing. she thought to herself as she examined it.

Damen exited the car and pulled her to her feet. They walked toward the front door as Kristoff walked on her other side. As they reached the door Charlotte thought about the evening so far and fear suddenly filled her. Quickly she turned and tried to run. She had taken less than ten steps and ran solidly into Kristoff's chest. She was very confused. With no idea how he had gotten in front of her she looked up into her face.

"Are you wondering what I am?" He said in a deep husky voice.

"No need to answer I will tell you. We, Myself and Damen over there are Vampires. And we have decided that you are to be our mate." As he spoke, Charlotte shuddered. With fear at the revelation that she was in the company of vampires, and she shivered with something else altogether as she heard the word mate.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Anything we want. And soon you will be begging us for more." Damen answered in her ear. He had come up behind her as she looked at Kristoff. She felt Damen's tongue flick at her earlobe and her own desire returned to the surface.

"Shall we go inside now and have our fun?" Damen asked her. Slowly she nodded her head. The desire he had coaxed to the surface in the car was now taking over and she felt herself following these two very attractive men inside their lair.

Inside, the rooms were lavishly furnished, silks, satin, velvet and the finest lace covered everything in sight. She was mesmerized by a painting on the wall of a beautiful female wood fairy, when she felt hands circling her stomach. She leaned back into the solid chest behind her. The hands on her stomach each went a different direction. One went north, searching out her nipples and finding them began to twist and rub and pinch them bringing a contented moan to Charlotte's lips.

The other hand wandered south down across her mound to the bottom of her skirt and under then back up to her wet slit. The thumb began rubbing tiny fire laced circles around her clit. Charlotte moaned again at the contact there. Then she was screaming her orgasm as two fingers plunged inside her moist folds.

She only knew that it was Damen teasing her because Kristoff then stepped in front of her. He began slowly undressing her. First her top and skirt, then her underthings went and soon she was totally naked before these two men.

"We want a show." Damen said as he carried her across the room and placed her on a velvet covered sofa.

"What do you mean?" She asked, a little confused.

" We watched you earlier in your bath. We want to watch you bring yourself pleasure again." Answered Kristoff. He leaned down and punctuated the statement with a hot kiss against her neck. He raked his fangs against the skin there, barely holding back the urge to drink from this beautiful creature. That would come in time, he thought to himself.

She hesitated, and Kristoff decided to help her out a bit. He walked around to her front and removed his clothes. She looked him over again, this time nude. He was as muscular as she had imagined and his engorged cock was huge. She stared at it silently and licked her lips absently.

"You give us what we want and we'll give you what you want and more." Said Damen from across the small room, noticing the lust in her eyes at the sight of his companions cock.

Kristoff sat next to her and pulled her onto his lap. His hard rod nestled between her ass cheeks and his stomach. He took one of her hands and placed It near her mound. He took the other and cupped her breast with it. HE began to slowly rock his hips sliding his cock against her ass. She looked over and saw that Damen also had shed his clothing and was sitting in an armchair with his stiff erection clear for her to see. She again licked her lips at the sight of it.

Her fingers began rubbing against her clit and twisting at her nipples. And then she heard Kristoff's deep voice in her ear, huskier than before.

"You are so beautiful, Charlotte. Your pussy is sopping wet and waiting for us to fuck you isn't it. And we are going to fuck you, Charlotte. I'm going to fuck your sweet pussy hard and fast all night. But not before I taste you my sweet. And I will taste you very soon. But you are going to cum for us first aren't darling?"

His words were like fire in her ear. They were driving her closer to the edge, and he continued to rub his cock up and down the crack of her ass.

She looked over at Damen and saw that he was indeed enjoying the show. He had taken his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking up and down the long length of it. She felt kristoff's hand move from hers and for a moment she did nothing. Then she felt his finger at her hot opening. He slowly dipped it inside her and she gasped at the feel of it.

"Fuck you are tight." Kristoff hissed in her ear.

"Are you going to come for us baby?" He asked. Then plunged a second digit inside along with the first. He began thrusting into her hard and fast.

"Yes, More! Faster! Harder! I'm cumming." She cried out as she came on his fingers clenching her muscles around him. After the waves of pleasure passed and body stopped spasming, Kristoff sat up and lifted her in his arms.

"Let's Relocate shall we?" He said to Damen as he carried Charlotte to the stair case. Damen rose and the three of them went up.

Charlotte looked around the room as Kristoff crossed to the very large bed in the center of the room. It was decorated much the same as the downstairs. Then she was lying naked on the bed. Kristoff moved onto the bed at her feet and slowly moved up her length until he was eye level with her dripping sex.

Damen sat on the bed next to her head and leaned down to take her mouth with his. It was a rough kiss. Full of passion and lust and need. She returned it hungrily. He broke the kiss and turned so he positioned his large member at her mouth.

"I need to feel your lips and tongue on my cock." He said as he pressed the tip of it to her lips. She opened her mouth and snaked her tongue out, tasting him. She was rewarded with a his of breath between his teeth. She opened further and took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around as much of it as she could. She felt wonderful around him, the hot silk of her mouth was intoxicating as she moved over the length of him. Taking him inch by inch into her throat. She kept going until her nose was pressed against his soft pubic hair.

He tasted delicious. The feel of his cock in her mouth was turning her on more than any other blow job she had given ever had. Then she felt Kristoff's hands on her thighs. Rubbing up and down and then slowly parting them. She felt his breath on her nether lips a moment before she felt his tongue swipe between them, slowly all the way from bottom to top. Then The tip of his tongue hardened and he swiped at her hard clit. Her hips rose to meet his mouth. She tried hard to concentrate on the cock in mouth, the feelings Kristoff was causing in her clit made it hard to focus on much else. Then she cried out as she felt his fingers again inside her thrusting hard and fast. Soon she had to release Damen's cock from her mouth so she could cry out her pleasure. She was cumming all over Kristoff's face and he was trying to lick up every drop of her sweet honey.

He rose to his knees and moved further up her body. His cock rubbing against her tight hole. Her hips rose as she continued pleasing Damen with her tongue. She whimpered in need when at first Kristoff wouldn't enter her. Then, without warning he thrust once, hard pushing his entire length inside her. She cried out again and instantly came again. He thrust in and out of her silky sheath for several minutes. Then he stopped and pulled away from her.

Again she whimpered and mewled at the loss of him inside. But Damen was there whispering in her ear.

"Turn around." He said. And she did. She turned to face him and he maneuvered underneath her. He puled her legs so that she was straddling his hips. He held her hips and positioned her over the tip of his cock. Then quickly he pulled her down on him as he thrust his hips up to meet her. And again she was cumming all over him. Her juices flowing over his balls and thighs and down onto the bed.

She Felt Kristoff moving behind her ad then felt his thighs against hers. Then she felt his cock rubbing against her. His cock now slick with her, moved and now pushed against her tight anus. Slowly he pushed until the head of his rod popped through the muscle ring there. Then He felt Damen Pull out of her pussy until only the head of his throbbing cock was inside her. Then when she was crying out to be fucked. And pushing trying to get at least one of the cocks into her.

Kristoff looked at Damen and with the slightest nod they both slammed into her, and began thrusting hard and fast. Charlotte's body was so sensitive to the previous treatment by these men it responded instantly. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. She was writhing over both cocks as the waves and spasms rippled through her from head to toe.

She felt both cocks stiffen and plunge deep inside and hold still. Then both men had their mouths on either side of her neck. She felt the sudden pain as Kristoff and Damen plunged their fangs into her neck and sucked at her blood as both cocks were filling her with their hot cum. The pain of the bites turned to instant pleasure and she came yet again around them.

Charlotte had had her fill, and she couldn't even hold herself up. She fell onto Damen as Kristoff pulled slowly out of her ass. Damen rolled her onto her back and slid out of her pussy to lie next to her. Both men bit their wrist enough to draw blood and held it to Charlotte's lips for her to drink. It would take a three day cycle of drinking her blood and replacing it with their own for her to be completely theirs but this was the most important night. The first time always was.

She drank from their wrists one after the other. Until they had to stop her.

Kristoff told her to sleep. And sleep she did. The rest of the night and all the next day

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