Charly Ch. 04

byPandoras Desire©

In the last chapter we found Charly in the studio working on her next album, "Paradise." Charly got through it this time with hardly an interruption. Then at the end we found Charly begging her husband, Wayne for something to eat, because as being a musician it's totally impossible to sing on a full stomach.

Before Wayne finally agreed with Charly, he says, "I've got better plans, than eating.." Then Charly says, "Oh Wayne, you can have me anytime, you big hunk of a man you. But I'm hungry." So after some pleading from Charly, Wayne finally obliges his wife's request. With one condition.. "When we get home, you're all mine," he said, as he winked at his wife.

Charly blushed, and as she got into their car, she said, "is a little romp in the hay, all you think about, Wayne?" Charly said with a mock/kidding tone in her voice.

Wayne says, "when I have the most beautiful wife on this here planet, I sure do."

They strapped on their seat belts, and drove off into the Memphis sunset, searching for a place to satisfy Charly's hunger.

Once finding a place, then settling down and looking carefully at the menu, they finally ordered. This time Charly was able to have that Salmon dinner she wanted, and Wayne ordered his usual, steak and potato. Both meals with a salad with Italian dressing. One diet coke for Charly, and a cold beer for Wayne.

When their salad finally arrived, Charly placed her cloth napkin in her lap. And picked up her fork and started eating her salad. As did Wayne. Through their bites of the salad they discussed the events of the day, in the recording studio. Charly blushed at the fact that she stopped the production of the first song, "Meet Me In The Middle Of The Bed." Remembering the reason why she stopped the production. Then after calming herself, she said, "OK, ready." And the song as well as the rest of the album went smoothly. And they finally finished the album.

After their salads were finished, both Charly and Wayne pushed their plates aside with their salad forks atop them. The waiter soon came for their plates and silverware, then told them, "Your dinner will be here shortly," as he then whisked away their salad plates. A few minutes later, the waiter returned with their dinners.

He placed the salmon dinner on the table in front of Charly, and the steak and potato dinner in front of Wayne. The waiter says, "Will that be all ma'am? Sir?"

"Yes, that will be all for now, thank you," Charly and Wayne said in unison. With that, the waiter left them to eat their dinners.

While during dinner, the two made some more small talk. Then Wayne got a little bold and daring. Once in a while during their conversation, he'd sneak in something that he was gonna do to Charly when they got home. Each time Charly would hear something that Wayne had planned for her, her beautiful face would completely blush. Then Charly would speak up and say, "oh Wayne, you're embarrassing me."

Wayne would then say to Charly, "Aww, am I'm embarrassing you Charly belle?" Then he would sort of laugh and continue eating. Totally ignoring his wife's pleas to stop embarrassing her. He'd just continue eating his steak and potato dinner. Once in a while Wayne would clear his throat, and Charly would look at him, and he'd take something off his plate with his fork and slide it in his mouth and chew it very sensually. All the while watching Charly's face get redder and redder. And right on cue, Charly would say in her Memphis drawl, "Wayne, stop it."

Wayne then took his shoe off under the table, knowing that Charly had three inch heels on, so that meant that the top of her feet were exposed. Wayne then rubbed his foot against the top of Charly's foot, and then up her jean covered pant leg. She tried to put her legs closer together than they already were, but Charly being only 5 feet 1, and Wayne being much taller, and stronger, that meant that Charly's plan wasn't working out to well.

Wayne was sure persistent with his actions. Wayne's foot finally reached it's destination. Right between Charly's legs. Charly was so truly embarrassed by now, her face was so red. But at the same time she was enjoying Wayne's foot massage, that she finally realized that she wasn't winning this battle, so she gave in and let him continue. And trying not to make a scene, or utter a sound, to draw attention to themselves. Of course, at the rate that Wayne was going at embarrassing his wife Charly, if a little scene were to happen?, He wouldn't have mined a bit. Wayne loved seeing his wife totally embarrassed. All in fun of course.

Then after while, Wayne would say something like, "that's just the tip of the iceberg honey." And again, right on cue, Charly's beautiful face would blush.

Charly finally finished her salmon dinner, and placed her fork atop her plate with her knife and spoon. Then taking her cloth napkin that she had earlier placed in her lap, and wiped the corners of her mouth with it. Before placing it on the table. She then took a sip of her diet Coke.

Wayne then placed his silverware atop his plate and pushed it aside. Then taking his napkin and wiping the corners of his mouth. Then motioning the waiter to the table. Before Wayne could say "check please," Charly speaks up and says, "I'd like a desert menu please."

"Right away, ma'am," said the waiter. As he whisked away to retrieve a desert menu for Charly.

Wayne looked at Charly, and said, "you're stalling." Charly just blushed.

Then the waiter appeared with her desert menu and placed it in front of her. He then said, "would you like a few minutes to decide ma'am?"

After looking over the menu, Charly says, "no, I think I know what I want, a piece of strawberry cheesecake, please."

The waiter then looks at Wayne and says, "and for you sir?"

"Oh, nothing for me, sir," said Wayne.

"All right then, I will return with your strawberry cheesecake, ma'am." And then the waiter disappeared. Wayne looked at his beautiful wife, Charly, and smiled. Charly smiled in return, she then leaned in and placed her arms around Wayne's neck and kissed him on his mouth, then in a soft voice, telling him, "I love you."

Wayne says, "I love you too, Charly belle," with a broad smile across his face.

With that, the waiter appears with Charly's strawberry cheesecake. And places it down in front of her. "Will that be all ma'am?," said the waiter.

"Yes, that will be all, and thank you," said Charly.

"My pleasure, ma'am." And with that, the waiter placed the bill on the table. Wayne took out his wallet and placed his credit card atop the bill. The waiter then took Wayne's credit card and the bill away for processing. Then came back for his signature.

After that, as Charly was eating her strawberry cheesecake, she sliced a little piece onto her fork and placed the fork in front of Wayne. He readily accepted, with a smile upon his handsome face. Wayne was finally giving Charly a little reprieve from his actions. But the night was far from over. Finally after Charly was finished with her cheesecake, and took a sip of her diet Coke, they got up from the table and Charly grabbed her purse, and they headed out of the restaurant. Once outside, they walked to their car, and hopped in. Strapped on their seat belts, and headed out of the parking lot, and down the road. Charly notices that Wayne missed the exit to the freeway. And says, "honey, I think you missed the turn."

Wayne speaks up and says, "no honey, I missed it on purpose."

Charly became puzzled, as to why if Wayne was in such a hurry to get her home and have his way with her, that he was taking the long way home. Wayne finally pulls the car to a stop, and places it in park. He then says to Charly, "I will be right back," and gave her a wink. Charly blushed. And within a few minutes, Wayne appeared, and got into the car. And handed Charly a dozen red roses, with a note attached. Charly just burst into tears. She then quickly grabbed the note attached and read it. It said, "I love you Charly belle, Love forever, Wayne." Charly was so happy, that she placed her roses in her lap, and took her arms and placed them around Wayne's neck and laid a deep kiss on his lips, and then spoke up and said, "I love you too Wayne Massey, now take me home big boy," she said with a smile across her beautiful face. Wayne did as he was told. He started the car and looked back to see if anyone was coming in the other direction, and when it was clear, he headed back own the road and hit the freeway, heading home.

Charly now over her embarrassment in the restaurant, was holding onto her dozen red roses, and over and over again she read the card.. "I love you Charly belle, Love forever, Wayne." Charly's eyes were so wet from crying that she could barely see his written words. But Charly was happy nonetheless. She felt so surrounded with love, that she couldn't wait to get home and put her roses in some water, and head up stairs with Wayne

Charly and Wayne finally arrived on their street, and turned into the driveway. After turning the car off, Wayne said to Charly, "don't get out yet." Charly looked at him puzzled, but did as she was told. Wayne gets out of the car and walks over to Charly's side of the car and opens the door for her. Holding out his hand. Charly strapped her purse onto her shoulder and with her dozen red roses in her left hand, she places her right hand in Wayne's and gets out of the car. Wayne shuts the car door behind her, once Charly is out of the way. They then walked to the front door, hand in hand. Wayne puts the key in the lock, and opens the door. Then says, "wait a moment." He then picks up Charly and carries her over the threshold, just like on their wedding night. He then shuts the door behind them with his foot, and carries Charly up the stairs and up to their room.

Charly says, "these need to be in some water, honey." Wayne places Charly down on their bed. And before Wayne took the beautiful red roses from Charly, she takes one out of the bunch and brings it to her nose and sniffs if, taking in it's aroma. Then Wayne takes the rest of her beautiful red roses from her other hand and says, "I'll be right back sweetheart."

Wayne then leaves the room, and heads down stairs, and into the kitchen searching for a vase.

Meanwhile upstairs, Charly heads to the bathroom and brushes her teeth, and then heads back to the bedroom, and to her dresser, and takes out a very shiny red satin negligée with the robe atop it, and puts it on herself, then pulls down the blankets and sheets and lays herself down on her side, one leg bent over the other, on the bed, with her arm bent and her hand holding her head up, so she was the first thing Wayne saw when he appeared from down stairs.

Charly finally heard Wayne's footsteps on the stairs, and started to blush. But when he appeared, she was calm. Charly says, "come'ere big boy." Wayne did as he was commanded, and went to his beautiful wife. His mouth just gaping on the floor, because Charly was so beautiful in that bright red gown. Charly just placed her hands around Wayne's neck and pulled him down to her, and laid a huge kiss upon his lips. Which he readily accepted. They stayed like that for a few minutes. Before Wayne broke the kiss, which Charly immediately protested. Wayne then pulled his shirt off, and laid it aside. Then Charly undid his belt and his jeans, and then Wayne took one leg out of his jeans and then the other laying them aside also. Charly then schooched herself over to the other side of the bed, and patted the side she was on moments before, motioning Wayne to be with her. He the obliged her, and laid down next to her leaning in and kissing her sweetly and deeply upon her beautiful deep red colored lips. His hand atop Charly's shoulders, he takes her robe gently off her and helps Charly out of her robe, then with his hands upon her shoulders again, he takes the straps of her gown and pulls them down, revealing more of her chest than was already revealed. Their lips still meshed together, Charly's hands upon Waynes arms, and his trailing the straps of her negligee' further down her arms. And then completely off them. He then takes his hand and cups one of her breasts, and massages the aureole. Charly let out a slow moan, as Wayne continued his massage. Charly and Wayne still kissing each other, now with tongues in cue. Charly would suck on Waynes tongue, then Wayne would suck on Charlys tongue. His hands still roaming Charly's breasts. Charly's hands still on Wayne arms. Wayne broke his kiss on her lips, and traced her neck with his tongue. Then traveling his tongue to her ear, and sucking her earlobe. Charly again gave out another slow moan. Wayne took his kisses to the hollow between her collar bone, and laved there. Before taking his kisses further down her torso. Then catching her nipple between his lips. His tongue underneath and his mouth clamped over the top, and he began to suckle. Charly placed her hands atop Wayne's head, pushing him closer to her breast. Wayne then suckled a little harder, before switching breasts. After a few minutes of suckling, he traveled his kisses down further, to her belly button, and laved there. He then stopped completely, and looked up at his wife, Charly. Charly looked at him puzzled, and then he just came up and laid a kiss on her so deep, she felt it all the way to her toes. Charly then placed her hands on the waistband of Waynes boxers and started to pull them down. Wayne just smiled at his wife. And when Charly finally had them all the way to the floor. Wayne took them off and set them aside. Charly noticing Wayne standing at attention, as she wrapped her hands around him. Wayne then says, "I'm proud to be an American, let's put our love in motion." And with that Charly let go of him and laid back down on the bed, one leg bent and the other out straight, all the while watching Wayne get into position, he then slowly enters Charly, Letting her get used to him inside her. He then bends down and plants a kiss on her lips, Charly letting him suckle her tongue again. His hands travel her body, not missing a single spot. Once he felt that Charly was used to him inside, he began thrusting. In and out, in and out. Charly's hips meeting each thrust. All the while the two still kissing each other, and Wayne's hands still roaming Charly's beautiful breasts. Finally just as Charly met his last thrust, they climaxed together. He then rolled off Charly, and laid beside her, both breathing heavily, and spent. Charly finally sat upright and pulled the covers up over her and Wayne. She then snuggled close to Wayne before leaning in and kissing him once again. Then laying her head upon his broad chest, her hands resting there also. Then tangling her feet in with his. Wayne placed his arms around his wife, Charly And they soon fell asleep, in each others arms.

The next morning, Charly awoke, then focused her eyes around the room, to find Wayne already up. She could hear the shower running. So Charly got up and went into the bathroom, and surprised him. And entered the shower. As last time, Wayne surprised Charly, but it was actually Wayne that got the surprise of his life. Charly turned the water all the way to cold. Then got out and grabbed her towel and went to the bedroom and dried off and got dressed. All because it was 8:15 am and by 9 am they had to be in the recording studio. This time they had basically all day, to themselves. By nightfall they had the CMA Award show to attend in Nashville. Charly and Wayne already had their outfits picked out. Matching black tie attire, with red bow ties.

Charly and Wayne both finished up in the shower, and dried each other off, before heading into the bedroom again, and getting dressed. Then heading downstairs and into the kitchen for something to eat. Charly and Wayne ate their breakfast together. Then went and did a few errands together. They picked up their outfits for the evening at the CMA's. Then sometime after 2 PM, they grabbed a bite

to eat at their favorite restaurant. Then they came home and did a few things around the house, before they took another shower together. Charly washed and conditioned her hair, as did Wayne. And when they were through, they got out of the tub, and toweled each other off. Charly plugged in her hair dryer, and curling iron. And went to town on styling her hair. Then she applied some make up, while Wayne got dressed. After Charly was finished in the bathroom, she went into he bedroom to get dressed, where Wayne was sitting on the edge of the bed, listening to the TV. Where not to long from now they would be broadcast live on national television. Wayne watched his wife get dressed. Charly caught him watching her, and says, "lay down big boy, we haven't got time." Wayne just grunted his frustration, and said, "you look simply smashing, my dear Charly belle." And with that, Wayne kissed his wifes blush colored lips. Then Charly grabbed her evenings purse, and they headed down the stairs of their home. Wayne grabbed the car keys and both of them headed out the door, and to the car. Once inside they strapped their seat belts on, the Wayne started the car, and headed out of the driveway. Reaching the freeway, and heading to the big city of Nashville, for the show.

When they finally arrived, Wayne stopped the car, and a man opened the door for Wayne, and let him out. Wayne went to the passenger side of the car, and opened the door for Charly, and held out his hand for her. Charly grabbed her purse in one hand then placed her other hand in Wayne's and got out of the car, shutting the door behind her. They walked hand in hand upon the red carpet together. They were greeted with all sort of people milling about. Some other famous musicians they knew, and some reporters. Camera's were flashing in their faces, but they were used to that. A reporter commented on how Charly and Wayne were dressed alike. Once inside the famed Rhyman Auditorium, they were greeted by the emcee, Mr. Ralph Emery, radio and television personality. They exchanged some small talk, before finding their seats, in the auditorium. They were seated in front of Reba McEntire, and her husband Narvel Blackstock. When they arrived at their seats, Reba reached out and gave Charly a hug as well as Wayne. Narvel then shook Waynes hand, and gave Charly a hug They all exchanged small talk before taking their seats. Once in their seats Reba leaned in towards Charly and said good luck or as in show business terms, "break a leg, girlfriend." Then she commented on how awesome Charly looked, and that she thought it was cute that her and Wayne dressed alike. Charly said her thank you's to Reba, and commented on her bright blue dress she was wearing. And wished her good luck as well.

As the show started, there was hush over the crowd as the emcee, Ralph Emery took the stage. He started out with a few jokes, then got into the show. Vince Gill was the first to perform, then an award for vocal group of the year, which went to long time musicians Alabama. After a few more awards were givin' out, and a few more performances were done, Ralph Emery finally announced the final award of the evening. For Most Promising Female Vocalist. The envelope please. Drum roll, and then he announces the winner. The best thing that's come out of Memphis, Tennessee, since Elvis Presley, for Most Promising female Vocalist of the year, is Ms. Charly McClain. The crowd gave Charly a standing ovation. As Charly made her way to the stage, her face was totally blushed. She walked up the steps, and walked the stage towards Ralph Emery and her award. Ralph handed her award to her, which she readily accepted. Charly then took the podium, and waited for the crowd to be seated and to die down its applause. Then she started her speech. Charly says, "I'd like to share this award with someone very special to me. Would you please come up here honey. Please welcome, My husband Wayne Massey." When he comes up to the stage, she lays a sweet kiss on his lips, and says "I love you honey." Wayne says, "I love you too Charly belle." She then thanks the academy, her record label (Epic) her family, friends, fans and the love of her life, her husband Wayne. The audience gave Charly another standing ovation, as she exits the stage. Ralph Emery finished up with some comments, and reminiscences from previous years.

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